Thursday, August 31, 2017

No More Mystery! God Orchestrates Everything 1111

Let me take the mystery away, from synchronicity and all kinds of meaningful coincidence, once and for all

Poor Dr. Jew Hating Carl Yung. You got it almost right, but all wrong. You were an intelligent man, in many ways more intelligent than me and far more educated, inestimably. You should have just come out and said. "There must be a God!" But unfortunately Christianity had Him killed, as announced by Nietzsche, and being a western man of science, in the context and light of Descartes' enlightening philosophy, that human perceptions are demon controlled, God can't be the singular cause of anything at all!

  So you denied saying the only  truth that could intelligently explain all the outrageous synchronicity you experienced. You went Insane! For four years or so, you stopped   your practice. Why couldn't you just come out and say the Jews and Islam must be right about One God orchestrating what goes on in our mind. And outside, nothing we know of in our mind is with any certainty, outside our mind in any way we can know with certainty. That Descartes guy again, who said we might just be the plaything of demons.

Play things Of God? Unthinkable!

 Christianity had a good man become a dead man become a god, who left the world off in the hands of Satan and told everyone, "You get rewarded after  you die and if you truly believe in me, why, I don't give a holy shit if  you murder, rape and pillage, steal and cheat, as long as you Believe in  me, put your cross on your back, and follow me up the hill to Golgotha, where they will hang you on a cross and pierce you with a sword until blood and waters pour from your wounds, and before you die, an instant before your soul departs to it's deserved reward at Christ's side, you will say, "God, why have you fukking forsaken me?" Christ says, "That's what happens to GOOD honest men like me, Who Speak Truth to Power. True Prophets? They get crucified! So go out and murder and pillage and rape some young virgin boys in the ass, you know, the castrated  boys with high voices from the choir, and don't forget to say Hail Mary in repentance like you forgot last time. Jesus Christ, I have to tell them Christian Faggots everything!"

No wonder Nietzsche declared god dead, the christian world he lived in could only be hell, and he saw it for what it is, and foresaw with the sight of the prophets, how much worse it would yet become.  

Imagine you and your soul are one and the same. 

Instead of it being something you have, it is "what" has, whatever it is that you believe belongs to you, is what your soul has/things it might be able to take away when the body dies. The soul sees and has thoughts and feelings and possesses things. And decides what to own and what to let go and also what belongs to someone else. The soul knows all there is to know about possessions and the search for the most valuable things one can have. 

Maybe life is  a game of priorities? And if it is, is there  something so valuable that if I possesses it, I can become eternally happy? Or at least HAPPY until my next funeral?  

Now for a soul to know it is here, it needs two mirrors to look at.

On one mirror appears all you consider to be outside of your body.
On the other mirror appears whatever you believe is going on in your body, but particularly in your head.  One mirror can't exist in your mind without the other, but really there is no way to avoid the fact that both mirrors are in you  mind. That is all that's in your mind.That and "you". But without mirrors to see yourself in, how could you know you are there. Nothing going on inside and nothing going on outside. Now how do you know you are there with absolutely nothing going on, but if something happens, you need a mirror to perceive and determine, "in" or"out"? What is between the "inside me" and "outside you"? Only You!

Or are there Two where only one should be? Like this 11, instead of only this 1. How about
if your Creator is in there, together with you? How does that make you feel? I am sure that whatever you feel with this thought in your mind,pretty much defines your
life style.
 Or strife style.
 Turn the other cheek or any eye for an eye? I 'll break something in your mirrors cause I want it in mine, and mine alone! Take anything you want out of my mirror but me! I'll give you anything you want, all my gold, my virgin daughter, the ass of my fourteen year old son, just please, please don't kill me!

Yes, the souls decided what is most precious. And they have all made the wrong decisions but me. מי 


Now it goes without saying, there is a relationship happening between these two mirrors and what you see in them, at any given moment.

When the mirror of what's inside says, "Horny!" and you see an attractive woman and some cleavage reflected in the mirror of what's outside, you might get an erection, which is kind of on the outside, or is it?

 I digress.

When something going on in the mirror reflecting what's "outside", like a word you hear, coincides with something reflected in the mirror of what is going on "inside", like a word you are thinking, it either means nothing- or both what goes on "inside" and what goes on "outside" is being intent-fully orchestrated by the Creator of All.
God, Allah, The Singular Cause of All you perceive, "in" or "out".
Now you, who are your Soul, is supposed to "figure out" who is really In Charge, before both mirrors are removed and you have no way to know you are here. Or not.
Without mirrors there is only Oblivion. 1111

"Sometimes a person no one can imagine anything of, does something no one can imagine." 

Alan Turing cracked the uncrackable code machine called Enigma and by so doing shortened WW11 by two years and saved an estimated 14 million lives.

Alan Turing "figured out" how to turn the manipulation of digits electronically, into computations that produce knowledge that is worth more than the information fed into the electronic machine. A machine that computes immeasurably faster than the best brain can think! He invented the computer, as we know it today.

He committed suicide by taking a bite out an apple stuffed with cyanide, because he had been ordered by a British Court to be chemically castrated for his homosexuality, causing him the loss of his intelligence. The Company we all know as Apple, with the apple that is missing a bite, was inspired by the bite that killed Turing.

Alan Turing found patterns in what looked like to anyone else, chaotic gibberish. Kind of like with the Number 11 and yours truly. Or 11:11, if you insist.

An Enigma of digital sequences, what do they mean? Do they mean anything? Must they mean something? Can't it be random chance?

Alan Turing knew that on both sides of a code their must be an intelligent mind. A person doesn't need a code to hide something from themselves. What a wonderful world that would be! People just need to deny something is there and they stop seeing it, or hearing it, or whatever. Rolling Eyes
With intelligence only being what is enabling the receiver to make sense of what the sender sent, the sender must be intelligent too!
Now I ain't nothing if I ain't intelligent, now am I? Very Happy
There is not a person who has met me from the moment I learned to listen, that didn't say, "I don't know if he understood a word that I said, but he sure has an intelligent way of listening!"
And when I learned to speak people said, "He sure is pretty wise for a kid his age. How did he know that?"
So I saw patterns of digits come in sequences that seemed to be designed. I was more than engaged, I was intrigued, sucked into a black hole of ever more intense and meaningful moments when sequences of digits became phrases in Hebrew became messages intelligently received, acknowledged and then came more sequenced digits which equal phrases from The Hebrew Bible and a two way connection is established between Myself And My Father, who just by the way, and with no Intent To Drop Names, My Father is The Creator Of The Universe. That means, simply, put, whoever you are, wherever you are and whenever you read this, I do mean YOU, My Father Creates You.
And He Loves מי Me More Than You,
no matter what you say or do,
My Daddy Loves Me More Than You!! 1111

No war was ever really won, if the violent CALCULATED slaughter of men who don't know each other, can ever be any kind of victory. Now a war NOT like any before seen in the whole universe, is about to unfold in your mind. Yes, yours. I mean you and only you as this word comes into your mind from ME AND MINE. I am in you, now, you can't deny it's my thought now in your mind that I am telling you is there. You can't possibly tell me you are not reading the exact same thing that I am writing right now, HERE. I am doing it right now and right now I have my thought in your mind and guess what?

I am Absolutely Insane! Nuts! Crazy. Mad! Unhinged. Psychotic! ...........

 Non violently engaged in a Battle Called Jihad against the infidels in my own mind.
And who are the infidels in my mind?
Anyone who spills blood or has blood spilled, in service to the idolatrous ideologies of any kind, in their god forsaken mind.
These are the people I shall kill first. Strike them down with scathing tempest winds and then turn them to dust with tornadoes of flame. And all their sophisticated automated murder machines I shall turn to ashes.

All the soldiers of all the armies in the world, put down your weapons and flee, or say your good byes and farewells.

But not Shalom.

Israeli Soldiers and The Israeli Army, I order you to stay at high alert and fully armed and ready to kill on the spot anyone who so much as raises a stone with a dirty look.

For all their endless and many faults, if there is any group of people on earth that can save it, it can only be The Jews.

I trust, if left to The Jews, there would be peace on earth in short order. Everyone's Atom Bombs will melt, but those in the hands of The True Israeli Defense Armies ( צבא יהוה).

I am King David, המלך דויד King of The Jews 1111 Cool

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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