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The President's Suite Is Mine At The King David Hotel 1111


 For those familiar with my writings at My Blog, but are not familiar with this story, you should read up and inform yourselves what is coming Down. King David. The Messiah. True, I have announced I am on vacation for 80 years until this generation disappears out of my mind, but until then, you all better treat me the best you possibly can. I am not in a good mood. And when I get upset, so does Mother Earth. I expect to be given the best suite there is FACING EAST, at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem where I will be available for consultations concerning a Global Armistice, A Common Wealth of The Family of Man, and FULL CITIZENSHIP for All The Inhabitants of The Land of Israel on Both Sides of The Jordan River. I Care nothing whatsoever for The Jewish State. There will be Democracy with equal rights for all members of all religions and races and whatever, under one Law. I am no one's king or Messiah or Teacher, but will fulfill My Duty as God's Dog and give advice as the wonder boy in Isaiah's Prophecies Concerning Myself.

תורת יהוה


Read Previous Posts and Then This:

Of course I realized perfectly well that what I had just experienced was what many would consider a moment of insanity or a drug induced hallucination. I contemplated the consequences of suspending my own disbelief and believing in the reality of what had just happened to me, as I made my way to the beach as I had determined to do. 

      It was a long and wondrous walk in an enchanted city on a late morning in the spring. I thought if I told anyone what had happened they would say I am crazy and that magic mushrooms are known to cause people to think they are the messiah. Every year, tens of Israeli youths come back from abroad delusional and convinced they are the messiah, needing psychiatric intervention, after imbibing Magic Mushrooms.

     But there was something about the experience that was so convincing, so surprising, I just couldn't accept that it was all just the workings of my own drug intoxicated mind. 

     The experience somehow felt more real than reality itself, as if it belonged to a meta reality that was sublimely designing my life.

     I decided to believe it but not share it with anyone and wait to see what happens. If the experience was truly a communication with an angel of God, that would become self evident as time went by.
On my walk to the beach I began to feel a growing sense of protest against the reality around me. As intoxicating and beautiful with luminescence as everything was, this beauty somehow became misleading, reminiscent of the enticing call of Sirens seducing sailors with melodious voices to crash their boats on the rocky shores of inaccessible islands. My Hebrew genes came awake and rebelled against the hypnotic lure of the physically beautiful allures of any and all kinds of idolatry. I began to feel a rage against the culture around me.

     At that moment I reached Ben Yehudah (Son Of Judah) Street and felt so much like a son of Judah myself that I smiled at the poetry of the moment. and made great effort to calm myself, saying in my own mind, "Who am I to judge?"

Across the street was a shop of souvenirs from India and there were statues of Buddha sitting in contemplation with his fat belly, joyful eyes and that look of ecstatic happiness  on his face. The rage rose within me again and it crossed my mind to smash the window of the shop in an act of angry prophetic protest but the thought passed with the self criticism that that would certainly be insane. No, "Who am I to judge and do such a thing ?" 

In great retrospective irony, I see that I became proud of my humility.

     Upon reaching the beach I saw a Succah for shade and on it a sign saying "For The Crippled!"
I thought "That means me. I am crippled in my heart!" and decided to lie down on the sand and meditate over the significance of this magical mushroom trip on my forty forth birthday. I thought about what I would tell my girlfriend about my day and what I shouldn't tell her. I was lying on my back and I suddenly felt very uncharacteristically uncomfortable with having my private parts pointed at the heavens. I turned over to lie on my stomach and instantly I was overcome with a sense of an awful frightening angelic presence that was unlike in its intensity to anything I could imagine. The feeling was overwhelmingly real. And I was scared to the marrow of my bones. I buried my face in the sand and began to pray because I had the feeling that this angelic being held my very existence in its mind as a stream of thought and if the angel's thoughts were so much as interrupted for a moment, I would literally fall apart. The angel's thoughts were the cause of my sequenced continued existence. I couldn't see the angel beyond a shimmering glow of very soft hews that seemed to vibrate in the air but I quickly buried my head in the sand and prayed for alleviation from the intensity of what I was feeling, it was just insufferable. 

     Amazingly, the people around me started to comment on the beauty of the day, totally unaware of what I was experiencing. I heard several people say how magical the beach had become with the softness of the breeze and the colors and people made cell phone calls to others inviting them to come immediately to what was an exceptionally magical moment of weather. All this while I prayed for my children and myself because I felt that an angel of my God was very close to me and intended me to be aware of its closeness so that I would believe in what I was being told about myself.

That I am The Messiah of The Jews.

Then, for the first time, I did fear for my sanity. Who could ever believe me just for my saying so? I couldn't, wouldn't say anything but would rather just let things play out. 

And they did.

    A short while after this my girlfriend said my heart was too impatient and small to be that of a king. I had invited this by actually asking her if she thought I could be a king. I felt very hurt, surprisingly insulted and immediately told her our relationship was over. I had been waiting for an opportunity to do this, not only because of her attitude to my children, but because I had for a long while suspected that she was hiding an affair she had had with an old boyfriend and also because I had a crazy experience months before this while high on grass, wherein I heard a voice saying I must leave Katy or I would die and that she was standing between me and my destiny. 

She broke into tears but I was adamant. 

    The next day she sent me a bouquet of flowers with a note saying I have the most noble heart of any one she had ever met, but I wouldn't change my mind and I hardened my heart towards her, thinking I must leave her no matter what the emotional cost to both of us and that my angel would take care of me and her, too. 

     Within two weeks she had moved out, after I told her despite her protests that in a short time she would find someone else, and then she wouldn't speak to me to save my life. And that is precisely what happened.

    I decided to return an old business debt to my father after he had slammed the phone down on me several times, something which Katy had disagreed with my doing before we parted and within a short while I was running out of money.

I went crazy, for real.

I started to see the number 11 everywhere and every series of digits seemed to add up to 11. I saw it on receipts, license plates, addresses, in newspapers, everywhere.

      I was alone with my children and could barely function, yet with the financial help of a friend, I put up an add offering English lessons. My first student lived at number 11 on such and such a street.
I had a relentless pain in my chest and my body seemed to be afire. 

      I became extremely agonized that my wife would send police to have me arrested for not paying her alimony and thus get the children back, after the court had given me custody due to her neglect, which was severe and the reason I had returned to Israel from the US. 

I called my father to share with him my concerns about being arrested and while we were talking, he told me that my sister Rina was on another line, saying she had just been called by a policeman who was looking for me to have me arrested for not paying alimony.

Perfect synchronicity.

     My father, pleased that my check had gone through and suddenly unconcerned for my sanity which he had recently wrote me that I had lost, was leaving for a trip to Canada with his wife on the 11th of July.

      Under the influence of magic mushrooms I had written him a very emotional and divinely inspired epistle which had prompted him to write me in return that I should seek the help of a psychiatrist but I probably wouldn't as people in my condition seldom know how insane they are. I received his letter two days after I was invited to appear on television with four prominent psychiatrists and the irony of this was such great comfort I didn't consider that my father might be right. 

It was another occasion of perfect synchronicity.

I began to have a very hard time.

       Katy, who I never regretted separating from but was still deeply in,love with, started to hang up on me and refused to see me or have a phone discussion where we could separate respectfully. This happened after I had given her rent money for a year, signed her lease as a guarantor and gave her a birthday gift of a thousand shekels to buy a stereo for all of our music discs which I gave her. Half of the money she returned to me discreetly by leaving it in the closet when she had come to pick up the last of her things. She knew I was going crazy and I would soon be broke. She suddenly started to refuse my calls after she met someone. The roof apartment she moved into was a fifteen minute walk from where I lived and I started to be completely out of control, walking to her apartment and leaving her notes begging for an audience to say good bye respectfully, but she would have nothing of it.

     She made a couple of complaints to the police that I was stalking her and I was. They called me for an investigation as she had told them I was taking drugs and threatening her with bodily harm, which I wasn't , but I did sound very threatening in my tone of voice for the moment before she would slam the phone on me. The first time I was called in  by the police was on the 9th of Av, in the year 2000, a day of mourning for Jews, indeed.

    I showed them the note Katy had given me where she wrote what a noble heart I had. They warned me to leave her alone and they let me go. The second time I got very worried because the officer interrogating me pulled out of the computer a long list of warrants for my arrest for not paying alimony. Then, while I was praying silently for my children's benefit that they not have to return to their mother while I went to jail for alimony I couldn't pay, the officer remarked something about seeing a contradiction in Katy's complaints and he inexplicably let me go despite the arrest warrants that were somehow never acted on.

     On a couple of occasions I showed up at the flower shop where I had found her a job and she refused to speak to me. She asked some man to tell me to go away and I eventually did.
I couldn't tolerate the idea that she lived so close by and was ignoring my pain and I went so far as to complain to the ministry of the interior that she had forged her birth certificate by adding her Israeli father's name to gain citizenship, something I had advised her to do myself, after obtaining proof of her father's citizenship from an acquaintance, whose mother I had been a comfort to after her husband's death. I wanted her to go back to where she had come from.

    Katy was from Switzerland and was the bastard daughter of a Swiss volunteer on a kibbutz and the guy responsible for foreign volunteers. He had seduced Katy's virgin mother in an orange orchard and Katy's mother got pregnant from the first and only time she had ever had sex. It was all so painfully obvious that it was meant to be, because my love for Katy was the realization of every romantic fantasy I had ever had. I had told her many times that she was for me like an angel sent from the Kingdom of Heaven, a Fairy of The Gardens who had come to rescue me from a relentless loneliness.

She had the most radiant charm of any woman I have ever seen, in life or on a screen.

    It was with her that I learned what having a heart means, something she taught me. I was 40 when we first met and she was 25. I first saw her as she was sweeping the pavement outside a flower shop where she had come to work from Switzerland for the High Holidays in the year of 1996.

     I knew the flower shop owner who had told Katy about me as I had invited her up into my flat which was right above the flower shop, for a cup of coffee after buying flowers in her shop. I read her poetry I had written. She was interested in me but it wasn't reciprocal.

    The reason Katy was sweeping the pavement was because Rosa, the shop owner, told her it was me, Jonathan the Poet, who was sitting on a bench outside the shop.

Katy came out with a broom and began to sweep. 

      At first she kept her gaze on the pavement but when she had reached a place directly across from where I was sitting, she raised her eyes and smiled at me.

     I was immediately and irrevocably smitten.

    I invited Katy and Rosa for coffee after work. We went to a nearby coffee shop at dusk and I told them wild stories of how I was really a wizard and while I didn't look at her directly, all my attention was on the beautiful flower girl from Switzerland who spoke English haltingly with a very soft Swiss German accent. I was enchanted and did I all I could to impress on her that I was not an ordinary mortal.

She was impressed.

    I ran out of cigarettes and while she was also an occasional smoker, she had no cigarettes either, but two in her purse, particularly fragrant cigarettes from India, that had been given to her from an old boyfriend and she was saving them for a special occasion. She gave me one but saved the other.

I knew I was making headway.

   This was on a Thursday evening and I invited them to my apartment at 242 Dizenngoff Street in Tel Aviv, after work on Friday, the next day. At the time, the number 242 meant nothing to me but it became very significant years later when Katy and I separated.  They came together and all I could think of was how to get time alone with Katy without hurting Rosa's feelings as she was obviously seeking to get to know me better while all I cared about was Katy.

    I had made a date to meet a new friend, a girl, at the beach the next day and determined to continue the momentum with Katy, I invited her and Rosa to come with me to the beach in Herziliyah on Saturday. They agreed and Rosa offered to drive us all there as I hadn't a car and used to take taxis.

     On Saturday morning there was a ring at my door and it was still early but it was Katy and Rosa was waiting in the car. Katy smiled at me very enticingly and I got all flustered and confused. Usually quite shy herself, she was amused. She had brought me a very erotic looking bouquet which had a flower with what looked like an erect penis elevated over large burgundy leaves. Katy had learned her craft as a florist at a master's school in Germany after years as an apprentice. It was something she had known she wanted to do from her youth and often said that working in a flower shop during the Christmas season was honey for her soul , despite the hardship of the labor.

I loved her so much.

      Finally I had found my bathing suit and we descended to Rosa who was waiting in her car. She briefly complained that we had taken so long and seemed well aware of the electricity between me and Katy. She was quite obviously displeased and I felt uncomfortable sitting next to Rosa with Katy sitting in the back. We drove for quite a while in silence on our way to pick up another florist from Germany who was supposed to come with us to the beach. 

    Katy reached forward from the back seat to put a disc of music in the player. This distracted Rosa who looked at Katy's hand and didn't see that the car in front of us had stopped for a red light. We crashed into the stopped vehicle causing it to fly forward and we ourselves were all tossed forward too. I came to my senses and saw that Katy had hurt her thigh while Rosa was perfectly OK, though very apologetic and in shock. I was also unscathed, but somehow my knees had crashed into the dashboard in front of me, breaking the plastic but doing me no harm. The driver of the car in front of us remained seated and as I was myself concerned for her well being, I got out of the car and approached the middle aged woman at the wheel, who was in a state of shock. She murmured something about her neck that I didn't quite understand and I knew she needed to go to a hospital. In a few moments an ambulance arrived and took her away while we waited for the police. 

     It was then that Rosa noticed that she had left her licenses, insurance and registration in her purse at home. I offered to go get it and she gave me her house keys, telling me where she had left her purse. It was a short drive away and I stopped a taxi, collected Rosa's papers and had the taxi drive me back to the scene of the accident but as it was a highway, the taxi had stopped on the opposite side of the road, across from Rosa's very damaged vehicle.

    As I put my hand into my pocket to withdraw my wallet, a car smashed into us from behind throwing me backwards and causing me to hit my head on the roof of the taxi. I saw stars but was soon OK. I knew I was fine physically but sensed something was very wrong. I refused to believe it had anything to do with Katy, which was the first thought that came into my head. 

Two car accidents within less than an hour, never one before and never one since.

   Over the course of the next few weeks I saw Katy. She left me postcards in my mail box with little messages and small flowers and sexy pictures. She introduced me to new music I had never heard before. We drove to the Golan Heights in a car I rented for the occasion but only after I promised Katy I didn't want to marry her but was only interested in her friendship, which wasn't quite true but wasn't so false, either. I was still married and my wife refused me a divorce and Katy had been raised a Catholic. Marriage really wasn't an option or an issue and I would have wanted a friendship with Katy if we weren't meant to be lovers, but we were. Only it would take a while.

    Katy came to stay with me and the children on Yom Kippur as a surprise and I was thrilled. We held hands and listened to music and Katy got along splendidly with the children. Finally, just before she returned to Switzerland, we exchanged a few deep kisses and then she went home.

I called her in just a few days.

    Her ex-boyfriend was there. She had told me about him and how she had left him, feeling very unappreciated. Yet there he was, visiting her on an over night visit. She was living with her mother and she said they were now just friends and he wanted her to come back to him but she wouldn't. Despite his presence, she made it very obvious how surprised and happy she was that I called. She stayed with me for a long time on the phone.

We sent each other old fashioned letters.

    Finally I invited her to visit me and stay with me for a week. I had moved into an apartment next to my office with Yuval Dor, my partner in a company that did lectures and workshops and private consultancy on methods of personal communication.

    She said she would come after the Christmas holidays and she did. I had a little room I had set up for her to sleep in but she made it very clear on the first night that she wanted to sleep next to me. It took a night or two until we made love. I felt no need to rush. Katy came with me as I drove all over the country to give lectures and waited patiently for me. Once the rented car broke down and I got angry. She put her hand on my chest, over my heart and I felt soothed with a flow on some kind of honey sensation that completely calmed me.

    I decided to call her Kesem or magic in Hebrew.

     Over the course of 1997 we became lovers and I visited her in Basel and she came to Tel Aviv. We even had a week together in Paris in a flat near the Louvre on Saint Honnore. We made love a lot and lay in each others arms as we watched clouds float across the sky from the windows. We took very long walks after having coffee and hot delicious butter croissants with jam, in the mornings. We even quarreled a little because I decided suddenly I wanted us to walk to the Eiffel tower after we had said we would do something else. Katy looked covetously at a pare of shoes and I bought them for her before she could refuse. She was very moved by this. 

I loved her so much.

    Now we were broken up and she had another lover. I wished her well in my heart but couldn't get over her coldness and refusal to say goodbye respectfully. 

    The last time I saw her was on a drizzly Valentine's day evening when I brought her her favorite flowers with a note admitting I had been wrong in the way I had ended our love affair. I didn't regret leaving her, I swear. I waited till she finished work and followed her to the bus station. When she saw me her jaw dropped and she looked very unhappy to see me. I reached out my hands with the flowers and she took them from me, encouraging me to speak. "The smallest amount of respect...." I said, looking at her pleadingly in her very distressed eyes. "Its not that I don't respect......" she whispered reluctantly but then she stopped talking and moved quickly away from me while extracting from her purse a cell phone she started making a call on.

   I told her, "OK, OK, I am going, I am leaving you alone." And I got into my car and drove away, never to see her again. 

    Between the time she moved out and the Valentines Day when I last saw her, I was totally obsessed with the number 11 and Hebrew phrases in the Bible having to do with the Messiah, as well as the value of my name in Gematria. I made some rather powerful discoveries that would only become ever more meaningful as time went on.  The first was that Katy's name in Hebrew,   קטי   equals 119.

119 means many sad things, like "tear" דמעה and "they cried greatly" ויבכו בכי גדול and "faith was lost"  אבדה האמונה and also as regards myself and what I believed I was becoming, "Prophet of God" נביא ליהוה . And of course, 11/9 is the Hebrew date of September 11, which in 2001 was a day of great crying and  loss of faith for those who know the Government lied about it all.

     Here I was, having the most difficult time in my life and unable to stop thinking about my experiences on magic mushrooms and me being the Messiah and then the number 11 and synchronicity and God,, whom I had always thought about more than any one I have ever met, and it came into my mind to check the gematria for the phrase בטח ביהוה or "trust God". 

     It was 47, the number of my address and also, of course, the digits equal 11 when added to each other. And then I checked the gematria for the phrase " להאמין ביהוה" or " To believe in God" and the value was 164, like the number of my other address. I lived on the corner of two streets with two street addresses. 164 also equals " בקול יהוה" or " in the voice of God" and this number's digits also add up to 11. It also equals יהוה יחלץ or "God will rescue".

This all seemed poignantly relevant to my very precarious state of mind.

I had found that the phrase "So spoke the Lord!" or כה אמר יהוה equals 292 as does the phrase- דבר אלהים = "Word of God".

    At that time I went by the name Jonathan Robbins and the value of my Hebrew name was 838 or יונתן רבינס . One of the first Hebrew phrases from the Bible that I looked up was "היית משגע= you will become crazy.". I did this for obvious reasons and I was disturbed to find that the value for this Hebrew phrase from the Bible is 838, like my name. And I told myself It meant only as crazy as I had been until then and that people would think I am crazy but I wasn't really, really, insane because God does really talk to people like in the Bible and an angel of God had talked to me, for sure. I told myself I prefer to be considered crazy and have God really talk to me than to be normal and not have such a relationship with God.

"You will go crazy!" is my name.

The word "( he) "is"=12 = הוא


      I had no idea, I didn't even want to consider anything like the fact that I would eventually be locked into a closed ward of a psychiatric hospital four times including a time when I was tied down in the bed for doing nothing worse than insulting the male nurses and perhaps added to this was the fact that I sprayed some water on one of them who came into the shower while I was naked. Not much water, just a short splash. 

I didn't think God would do something like that to me. I was wrong.

But all that came very much later.

I had also figured out at the time of my misery that the value of the words "המשיח - The Messiah" is 363. 

And there was the phrase from the Book of Isaiah

"אֲנִ֥י יְהוָ֖ה בְּעִתָּ֥הּ אֲחִישֶֽׁנָּה"
which means

                               "I am God, יהוה , in its time I will quickly make it happen."
                                           which equals 938 for the whole phrase. 

So I put this all together like this.

"292 So spoke יהוה,  (or 292= דבר אלהים Word of The Lord)
838 Jonathan Robbins
12 (he) is
363 The Messiah.
938 I am יהוהIn its time I will quickly make it happen."   

 or in Hebrew like this-

"כה אמר יהוה יונתן רבינס הוא המשיח אני יהוה בעתה אחישנה

as a number it looks like this                    29283812363938

All I did was tell myself it would be an encouraging sign that I am not going insane if this big number divided by 11 and that would be a one in 11 chance.

It did. 

The result is                                       2662164760358.
Do you see anything familiar in this number? 

I sure did. 

I first noticed the series of digits 1647, which has in it the number of both my addresses, with what these numbers mean in Hebrew Gematria, 164 and 47.

The number 1647 equals the phrase concerning Noah from the Hebrew Book of Genesis, 

  איש צדיק תמים היה בדרתיו

which means "A righteous  man with integrity in his generation". While the story of  Noah as told is an inspiring myth, Noah was anointed through his 
 trusting belief in the voice of God  
as a kind of Messiah, for through his obedience and willingness to be thought crazy, he saved humanity by disengaging from the depravity that surrounded him, and became the father of us all. Now I don't consider myself by any means, to be the most  righteous man of my generation and I am certain there are many men and women whose integrity is far more unalloyed than my own has been up until this very day. Never the less,  I give witness of myself that I have always striven to be more honest every day that passes by, despite whatever the consequences of  such honesty be. God knows the price I have  paid for whatever integrity I have achieved. It was however, well worth it.

 And then there is the fact that the last 3 digits, 358 equal the sum of the word משיח =Messiah. That is quite what I had on my mind and this alone would have been a significant instance of synchronicity.

The number 603 equals בני ישראל or "The Children of Israel" for whom I have always had an inexplicably deep love for, their historical narrative always having been for me a
 sign and wonder 939 of God's architecture of human affairs. 

 In addition to this 2662 can be read as 26 or God יהוה causes 62 סב

Aristotle thought of God as The Prime Mover, Unmoved. I like to think,The Non Created Creator. Aristotle was wrong about Gravity but right about this!
66 is "Son of David" בן דוד
Indeed I interpreted this to mean that God has caused me to experience a train like chain of moments of synchronicity, with a relentless prophetic and  messianic motif. It meant to me that The Creator would cause and create the circumstances through which my destiny would manifest according to His Will and not mine. There was nothing for me to do to bring about God's intent. It it's time, The Creator  would quickly make it happen, as He had told The Hebrew Prophet Isaiah.

All I had to do was remain as calm  as I could be, which was not very, and watch events happen as if I were a tourist seated on a sight seeing tram, a stranger in a very strange synchronized and dream like land, one of signs and wonders manifesting all the time around me and in my mind.

 The whole number 2662 is 11 times 242 and 242 equals "Go and God will be with you!" That being the encouraging message that King Saul gave David as David left to fight Goliath. In Hebrew
  לך ויהוה יהיה עמך 242 also equals "Words of God" or in Hebrew- דברי יהוה 242  In addition to this, Mustard, as in the Mustard seed of Faith spoken of by The Hebrew Prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, is 242, too. חרדל 

He set another man before them, saying, "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches."
— Matthew 13:31–32, World English Bible
In the Gospel of Mark:
He said, “How will we liken the Kingdom of God? Or with what parable will we illustrate it? It’s like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the earth, though it is less than all the seeds that are on the earth, yet when it is sown, grows up, and becomes greater than all the herbs, and puts out great branches, so that the birds of the sky can lodge under its shadow.”
— Mark 4:30–32, World English Bible
In the Gospel of Luke:
He said, “What is the Kingdom of God like? To what shall I compare it? It is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and put in his own garden. It grew, and became a large tree, and the birds of the sky lodged in its branches.”
— Luke 13:18–19, World English Bible

 If one remembers that "The Little One"  spoken of by Isaiah as The Little One who will become a spiritual leader, in the verse referring to the Messiah at The End of Days,  Chapter 60 Verse 22- is הקטן in Hebrew, which equals 164 as mentioned above. This is the same verse which ends,
" 938 I am יהוהIn its time I will quickly make it happen." The synchronicity of it all becomes rather rich in significance. 

   הקטן יהיה לאלף והצעיר לגוי עצום אני יהוה בעתה אחישנה   

Isaiah 60:22King James Version (KJV)

22 A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time.

As often happens, the translation here is faulty albeit poetic. "A" should be "The" and "a thousand" should be "a leader".  

So I divided
29283812363938 by 11 and got a whole number at the odds of 1 in 11, ( 9/100) and also  a series of digits that were meaningfully significant and synchronized perfectly with what was going on in my mind. This was much more than I had expected or asked for.

 One could read this poetically and  with no great stretch of the imagination like this.

"26 The Creator 26 Will Cause (You) 164 To Believe In God, The Voice of God, God Will Rescue, 47 Trust God 603 Children of Israel, 358 Messiah!"

I am no mathematician and it is not an original idea for me to say that The Creator speaks to man through the use of numbers.

Srinivasa Ramanujan

Sir, an equation has no meaning for me unless it expresses a thought of GOD.

 I decided to up the ante.  

The Jews are waiting for The Son 52 of David 14 and I am the eighth generation descendant of The Baal Shem Tov, widely accepted as a descendant of King David. 
 The Legendary Biography of The Baal Shem Tov 

 Son בן is 52 in Hebrew Gematria and David  דוד is 14.

Together we have 5214. I decided to check if this number  divided by 11, the chances of two numbers randomly chosen one after the other, dividing by 11 is 1/121. It divided into the whole number, 474.  This was wondrous to me and "wondrous" in Hebrew פלאי equals 121. 1/121 were the odds of it happening. More perfect synchronicity.

This is even more significant than what first appears, for a number of reasons. 474 is the value of the word "knowledge" דעת in Hebrew. Knowledge as in "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil." There are many who believe The Fruit of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was Magic Mushrooms and by my own experiences with this wondrous fruit of the earth, I understand why.

Eve being given Magic Mushrooms as The Forbidden Fruit of 474 Knowledge, by The Snake. 363 The Snake has the same value as 363 The Messiah. 

 The word Knowledge in Hebrew is also used in reference to having intimate knowledge of a woman. Katy's full name in Hebrew, קטרין טומן, equals 474. Her father's name was David and she was conceived on a kibbutz called Nir David in an Orange Orchard, like this one. 

   In my heart she had been a Royal Fairy Princess in Charge of Palace Flower Decorations.  I used to call her Magic. She is the one who pointed out a shop in Amsterdam called "Conscious Dreams" and told me, "You can get Magic Mushrooms there." I did the next day and my life  changed forever. 

 I decided to up the ante, once again. Let me make this perfectly clear. I did this series of calculations one after another without any trial and error.

 I decided to insert the phrase "52 Son בן  of  14 David דוד   " after the word 363 Messiah from the above phrase and number, giving me the following.  

 "כה אמר יהוה יונתן רבינס הוא המשיח בן דוד  אני יהוה בעתה אחישנה"


The chances of this series of digits dividing by 11 for the third consecutive time into a whole number was 1/1331. It did. Producing:


First the synchronicity of 1331, which is 121 times 11. There are only 6 whole verses in the Hebrew Bible which have the value of 1331 and all of them are blatantly relevant. 

1. וַיֹּאמְרוּ, אִישׁ אֶל-אָחִיו  הִנֵּה, בַּעַל הַחֲלֹמוֹת הַלָּזֶה--בָּא. (בראשית, לז,יט)
2. לֹא-תִזְבַּח עַל-חָמֵץ, דַּם-זִבְחִי; וְלֹא-יָלִין חֵלֶב-חַגִּי, עַד-בֹּקֶר. (שמות, כג,יח)
3. וַיַּעֲזֹב, אֶת-יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵי אֲבֹתָיו; וְלֹא הָלַךְ, בְּדֶרֶךְ יְהוָה. (מלכים, ב כא,כב)
4. פְּנוּ-אֵלַי וְהִוָּשְׁעוּ, כָּל-אַפְסֵי-אָרֶץ  כִּי אֲנִי-אֵל, וְאֵין עוֹד. (ישעיהו, מה,כב)
5.   רוּמָה עַל-שָׁמַיִם אֱלֹהִים;    וְעַל כָּל-הָאָרֶץ כְּבוֹדֶךָ. (תהילים, קח,ו)
6.   תֵּן לְחָכָם, וְיֶחְכַּם-עוֹד;    הוֹדַע לְצַדִּיק, וְיוֹסֶף לֶקַח. (משלי, ט,ט)

1."Here comes that dreamer!" said each man to his brother."
I have been a daydreamer and called a dreamer all my life. The first  verse in Psalms 126   says, "When God repeats The Redemption of Zion, we will be like dreamers." I bought the magic mushrooms at the shop called "Conscious Dreams" and have been in what is like a waking dream ever since. בְּשׁוּב יְהוָה, אֶת-שִׁיבַת צִיּוֹן-- הָיִינוּ, כְּחֹלְמִים

2. "Thou shalt not offer the blood of My sacrifice with leavened bread; neither shall the fat of My feast remain all night until the morning."
This has to do with the Passover sacrifice. Without going into the relevant spiritual meaning of this  verse for me, as regards "leavened bread" and "fat", I was born on the eve of the second  Passover, which is for those who were not able to purify themselves for the first. Second Passover was celebrated as a great festival of repentance during the time of King Hezekiah, after the invading Assyrian army was vanquished by the Plague and Hezekiah himself recovered miraculously from the disease. Never the less, many were found unprepared and impure when the time came to make the sacrifice. King Hezekiah prayed, " The Good God will redeem in their favor!" and it is written that as The King had purified his own heart though not according to ritual, God heard his prayer and  healed The Nation. May God hear my prayer for His people, as He Heard that of my ancestor, Hezekiah The King, Son of David.

3.  "And he left God, The Lord of his fathers, and he didn't walk in the path of God."
I lost faith in The God of Israel in my youth and sinned and sinned and sinned again. Despite this, God showed me great mercy and renewed my faith, as He will renew the faith of The Children of Israel, to serve him in truth and with  a whole heart, as promised by all the Hebrew Bible Prophets since Moses. 

4. "Turn to me and be saved, all who are zeroes of the world, because I am The Lord, and there is no other!"
The zeroes of the world are of all nations, those whose heart is empty of worldly ambitions, those who seek nought but To Serve God In Truth. It was when I repented of my sin and all worldly ambitions, giving up the love of my life, reputation, family, friends, wealth and even my sanity, that God began to refine seven times my heart like gold, in the furnace of worldly poverty and homelessness. 

5.  "Be exalted, God, above heaven! May your glory be over all the earth..."
This is  King David, My Father's Prayer, for the times of The Messiah.

6. "Give to the wise and he will grow wiser, inform the righteous and he will add a valuable lesson."
So it will be with all I have come to share of  Torah.

There is more.

 In addition to what I have already said concerning the significance of  


one  might add the following meanings for the additional digits in  26621647603201358.
32 is "heart" לב 
0 is "zero" or empty אפס or "empty hearted" of ambitions of the world.
320 is "We shall rise up and build"  נקום ובנינו; referring To The Temple on

Mount Zion.

1358 the 358 stayed with us, though it didn't have to. We have One Messiah!  1 358 Messiah.

1358 is many other significant verses. Here are a few.

"The  prayers of David, Son of Jesse, are completed."
כלו תפלות דוד בן ישי"
= 424 =  משיח בן דוד  And so begin the Prayers of The Messiah, Son of David

"To do all the work"
                                                                                                                              לַעֲשׂוֹת אֶת-כָּל-הַמְּלָאכָה
 Of building The Temple of The Pure Heart on Mount Zion.

"To be in awe of you, like your nation, Israel"       
לְיִרְאָה אֹתְךָ כְּעַמְּךָ יִשְׂרָאֵל                  
Speaking of The Nations of The World who will come to learn Torah.

 "For your generations, Laws For The World."
 לְדֹרֹתֵיכֶם--חֻקַּת עוֹלָם

Israel will learn Torah Laws and teach Torah to The Nations of The World for all Generations, from here on out.

So not only did the number I had written out as the value of Hebrew words, my name and Hebrew Biblical phrases divide by 11, it equaled something that was perfectly synchronized with what was going on in my mind, so much so that I took it as a sign that I am truly going to become the Messiah, because that would be a good thing for the world. I had no idea how long it would take and would have been horrified at the time if I had been told it would take over 16 years, four hospitalizations in closed wards in psychiatric hospitals and seven years on psychiatric medications which I have stopped taking, all  before my story becomes known to the world. 

Now looking back and with the certainty I feel about it all today, the time went by in a flash.

Art for Art's Sake!

Rotating 11:11 is becoming 11 square 11 square Love heart Angel Love heart


November 11, 2017! 

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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