Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Future Coming Will Change You!

The future is coming from just beyond the event horizon,
where lands are still sleeping and darkness covers the different worlds.
Do you and I have the same world in our minds? Do you have the same world in your mind as an Australian Aborigine? As a convict on death row? 

Witness what happens, every full moon.

People are dreaming together a vast conspiracy, a web of deceit has been designed.
It fills the eyes and ears and revolves with oscillating currents of electricity, shot  directly into the brain. All calculated  to ensnare vast numbers of sleepers with logarithms, dynamic architectures which reward mental integration into venal complacence and instigate fearful compliance with corrupt political agendas.

 "Eat and drink and make merry! Live in debt and pay all your bills, your mortgage and taxes and if you feel bad, why just take these pills!" because your days are numbered, you are surrounded by disease, terrorism, depravity and corruption, the forests are being burned away, forest animals are going extinct, millions and millions die from air pollution, hundreds of millions live without electricity or sewerage, countless children have no schools to go to and corporations get away with mass murder, mass lethal poisoning, mass grand larceny, mass corruption of the human heart with venality and mass corruption of the mind by teaching chaos is the creator of order.

He said this a long time ago. What has actually happened since then?

Things are getting far worse, far faster than they are getting better.

This is not something anyone wants to believe.  But it is true.

Is this an imploding building or an exploding building?

The Banks are where all the money flows, eventually all cash comes home to a bank. If it doesn't, that's because it has become worthless.

The Banks hold everyone else by their golden balls. If your capital increases, it becomes too big a ball to be removed in cash without drawing attention. Deposits are like the fat fox in the vineyard. You accumulate deposits to earn free money, interest, but for this you have to stay in The Bank.  Large cash deposits awaken suspicions of money laundering.

The Black Market becomes ever more difficult to profit from, unless you have integrated your black market interests with political interests and you are protected from  financial law keeping authorities.

 Currency inflation is engineered into the financial markets so that one needs bank paid interest to maintain the value of one's currency accounts.

This web of rotting corruption in peoples minds causes a conflation of ideas, discernment is lost, moral authority is aborted by hypocrisy. People who begin to realize what is really going on, are presented with the fact that their every electronic communication has been, and is still, somewhere in storage, and is available for law enforcement perusal by authority of a  rubber stamp secret court.

Things are going to get a loss worse, very quickly, very soon.

 I can't say just how bad, but very bad. And for quite a long time, too.

I wish I had more encouraging news. I do, but it's not for everyone. It's for a very small minority, as a matter of fact, just for a select sacred few.
And I am hoping this means you, you who are reading my writing right now, know I am in your mind. In this moment, so do you.

"How do you do?

Whatever it is you do in your life, just how do you do it?

With great effort? Or does it come easy?

 Do you pray for things to happen a certain way and sometimes they do?

 Do you believe in yourself, some vision of the future and work hard to achieve it? Are you an aspiring artist going with the flow?

 What do you know for certain is true? Is everything at all, relative to who is looking, when and where and how and why? 

Why are you where you are right now? Where will you be next and what purpose does that serve?

Whose purpose do you serve?

Do you consider yourself to be free thinking? Free from what? Free to think what?"

The facts you think with, what makes you believe them to be true? Authorities? Why do you believe them? Do they have your best interests at heart? If so, why do you believe that?

Do you understand that you know very little and believe with certainty in things that aren't true?

The time has come for a great change of mind. It will happen whether you are happy with things as they are, or not.

The coming upheaval will have influence over every living creature on dry land as well as many in the sea.

One way you might notice yourself being called upon to fulfill a predestined duty of service to mankind's enlightenment, is the anomalous appearance of two, three and four digit sequences of numbers.

All these numbers have specific meanings as Biblical Phrases in The Hebrew Bible.