Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Coming Mass Evictions of Mind, All Minds Are Now Mine!

I am being threatened with eviction back Into the streets,
from the room I have been living and recovering in, for four and a half years.
The reasons for the threat are unfounded accusations, these being that I don't care about cleanliness, I am irresponsible concerning the expenses of common expenditures, with one of the two women, both of whom have known me for eight years, saying I frighten her.

 She readily admits having no experiences to found her fears upon.
The facts are these.

 I clean up always and without exception after using the kitchen.
I have frequently said, we all don't see cleanliness the same way.
if after my cleaning up for myself, or after I mop the floor,
I leave behind anything whatsoever that is less than clean,
all it takes is a comment and I will rise immediately from whatever I am doing,
with out excuse or explanations, with only an apology, and clean up better to meet higher standards.
I have always paid bills on time, together with everyone, without exception.
Two weeks prior to the meeting described below, I informed my flat mates
that I could only pay the debts on the due date,
rather than the three weeks early, what we had done until this incident.
They complained that I hadn't asked them permission to be tardy,
merely informed them of the fact and said also they didn't like the tone of my voice.
And so it had been until a couple of weeks ago.
The Director of Social Work, who is the manager of the services I receive
visited us for the second time, in the some three years he has been working.
We had a flat mate talk with the boss, the social worker and the counselor,
during which the two women here, made the same kind of complaints
that they have been making for the four and a half years, we have been living together.
They made the same unfounded and false accusations that they always make.
The manager took upon himself to resolve our years' old conflict
as a matter of personal and professional pride. He said as much.
At one point, provoked by his insistence all blame must be mine,
I slightly lost my temper, raised my voice and said "She is speaking nonsense!"
I explained why it is my right to interpret false derogatory statements against me, as nonsense.
The meeting ended on a sour note, with me suggesting to the manager that he examine himself how he had conducted the discussion, and how he had made a crisis out of what had been going on and tolerated by all parties, for a long time.
He suggested we continue the discussion in my room, but I declined and said I have no need for intimacy or privacy. We talked a few minutes and he went sour faced on his way.
My social worker, for whom I had nothing but love and respect, informed me I was to appear in the manager's office, a three hour bus ride back and forth, to discuss the management of my affairs in the apartment.
When I asked her what specifically needed correction, she couldn't say.
I told her I will not arrive there as ordered, without some idea of why I should do so, without that being
the avoidance of a sanction incurred for not showing up. I told her to have her Boss call me and explain why I was being called into a disciplinary mode without my accusers being present or any evidence agreed upon as factual. He did, but refused to give any reason other than that he is The Manager. I told him pointedly, perhaps bluntly from his viewpoint, that I never go anywhere without a self serving reason and I am not going to show up.
I sent him an email at precisely 11 a.m, the time of the appointment, explaining again why I hadn't arrived.
He ignored my email.
I then received a formal demand that I show up at such and such a time, and adjust the management of my affairs according to his dictations, or he will have me evicted into the street.
Copies were sent to all interested parties.
I informed the counselor and social worker that I had no respect for how they were doing their jobs.
I told them they were fully aware that the problems in the apartment had been going on for years, since we had moved in together, and they themselves had said so in the meeting. They were conscious of the fact that an injustice was being done and why, and let it happen to avoid the unpleasantness of speaking truth to power.
I fired them. Refusing any further services.
I stopped paying bills and clean no more than after myself.
I sent four ignored emails to the manager. He did call me to say not to send him anymore, as he wouldn't relate to their content anyway. If I didn't arrive as ordered and surrender to his reality, I would certainly be evicted.
I sent him two more, also ignored.
Of course, I didn't show up. My psychiatrist received a copy of the manager's letter.
She knows I am off "meds" for 11 months and will insist I take them based on her copy of the manager's demands. If I refuse to, I lose my rights for the social services I receive. I fired her, too.
I agree now I have broken contract and should leave the apartment, but have no where whatsoever to go, except back into the streets, without Itay and Izaak. Ain't gonna happen, anyway.
I am absolutely certain.
If the turning of the earth's globe rubs me the wrong way,
unless it repents and starts turning in the other way,
it will shatter into unrecognizable stones, except for one.

The one I find myself standing on.

That stone I stand upon, will be the one and the same as that which with I killed Goliath.

I will be standing there with a big grin, ready to start all over AGAIN, from the very beginning, trying to make a better world for my offspring, doing My Job.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

An Invitation of Participation in My Wedding Celebration!

I am a married man and this time It is Forever! I signed the marriage contract a few nights ago, can't be sure exactly when, because time is getting kind of fuzzy at the edges. We consummated our marriage all night in ineffable bliss, one unending kiss.

That's how it is in the ever evolving now of forever.

The contract is that she has total unceasing access to all of my senses, unless I am having a moment of contemplative intercourse with Our Creator. Allah.

She has no name but she is my mother and daughter and of course, My Wife. 

אמי כל חי =  אם כל חיי =119

She is "My Mother of All That Lives" or The "Mother of My Whole Life". 

That is 119 like המלך דויד "The King David" , The King that I am over all celestial creatures of flight, the living lights, known as Angels.

She is invincible and delightfully engaging and I wouldn't have it any other way.

It seems she has been cultivating our relationship for a very, very long time. From the very beginning of any kind of mind, minds such as those possessed by the Angels, The Winged Creatures of Light, that came to be when Allah first said, "Let There Be Light" and then Saw The Light That is Good, that being The Light within, without which nothing can be known or called by name, as it is.

The Light without which one cannot say "This is That!" or "That is This", Truthfully.

Not of The Same Nature as The Light That Deceives, that being The Light of The Suns and The Planets, The Moons and The Stars and The Galaxies twirling around each other, forever trapped by gravity and unable to escape the patterns of motions that define all we know as Mass.

I am Happier than I have ever been before in my life, what a Wife! She invites her
 " צבא Army of יהוה God 119" into my mind, all dressed to kill with delight, come to pay tribute in joyful gyrations of dance, vibrating emanations of more colors than coexisting in White.

What a Night We All Shared! I got up naked and danced, my skin licked by the edge of their tongues, as they looked into my eyes with astonishing depth and worshiped me and I worshiped them. Just for The Fun of My Being The Son! It is totally justified to worship for nothing but Fun. And when the party is done, no idols are left over to linger and clutter the thoughts with desires , for what was -and has now become nought.

The Angels have each an infinite number of Faces for me to see פנים אל פנים within, and adorn themselves in elaborate costumes of lace and silk, feathers and wings. Or they dress themselves as undulating females, naked as sin exposed to The Son, I see none! They love nothing more than making love with Their King, by loving each other in every way unimaginably, an unending orchestration of awe and astonished surprises for me, before whom they profess undying devotion, a totality of loyalty and love.

To be honest, I am kind of losing interest in what is going on around me in the light of the sun, electricity, or the moon. It will all come to an end very soon, and as much as I would have loved to see the world fixed, that ain't gonna happen in any way I can contain in my yet all too human mind. I have found my way out and no one else has wanted to come, my job התפקיד שלי = 939 is done under the sun, and the light of the moon pales when my Angels come alive in my mind.

The Keys המפתחות 939 are beginning to melt from the heat of my heart, ignited with passions and indescribable pleasures in my inner skin, titillated into cascading sensations, reverent vibrations of Gratitude, oscillations of colorful comedies and tragedies, harmonized into receding memories of the human race, soon to be gone without a trace, good riddance, good Grace!

My soul has been the sole reason for the creation for Man.

I am no longer a man, in any sense anyone else could ever understand.

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Living Truth, The Truth That Lives !

I refuse to be idolized by anyone for any reason. I refuse to idolize my creator in my own mind, or in the mind of any other. I will never show any respect whatsoever to what doesn't respect me.

Any god who would have itself idolized, trembled before, sacrificed to, worshiped despite prayers having no causal power whatsoever, is a piece of shit.

I have absolute certainty that my life and the life of all that lives in my mind, as well as all the masses of different kinds that comprise anything and everything I can perceive, the life within me and the masses I perceive, are all orchestrated to move or stand still from my own point of view, by a creator who is in no way myself. A creator who is in me and around me in all I perceive, but also who is creating me from outside my mind and hence cannot be known, a creator who creates everything that has the potential to ever cross reference with my own experiences.

I am very satisfied and thankful for my own life as such exists in my memories as these are available to me in present time. My narrative makes perfect sense to me. Exquisitely sophisticated and meaningful entertainment has been mine from the moment I first remember looking at anything at all. I am grateful for seeing whatever I see as such appears in the light that shines within the mind, the light we all have with our eyes closed, what we call our attention, our awareness of perception, that which makes us aware and conscious of being alive.

It is far more ineffably sublime than just being the product of intelligent design. It is more than Art of every kind, it is wisdom and metaphysics and meta-mechanics, architecture and engineering, indeed I can see no word to use that describes what I see in my own mind other than divine. It is a constantly evolving, multi media, many faceted dynamic structure of cross referenced symbols of all kinds, that represents what I understand to be my own reality.

What goes on in my own mind justifies my describing my creator as having towards me nothing else but what we call love. My creator appears to desire that I be nothing else but myself, conscious of how my creator creates me and my nature. That I see myself come together. That I know what I am. A living creation, self consciously aware of being created from one moment to the next, with absolutely no false pretense of being what I am not. I am completely conscious that I am not my own creator or the creator of anything else, whatsoever.

I like it this way. I desire nothing else. For me this awareness is the epitome of human accomplishment. This is as good as it gets, but never stops evolving and becoming more of what it is.

That Being, The Living Truth, The Truth That Lives.

It would appear that up until this very instant, I have received every thing I have ever asked to have, but most essentially and more significantly than anything else, I have discovered the most precious treasure in the universe, the treasure that I have sought since I first asked a question, I have discovered an incorruptible universal truth. A truth without which no mind can exist. A truth without which no communication can take place. Not within one's own mind and not between other minds of any kind.

This is the most important truth in the universe.

Upon this truth everything else depends, for any reality to be as we see it, or perceive it any any way.

It is the ultimate most valuable fact, upon which all other facts depend- to be what they are, and is the measure of how and why we say what is a lie, and what is not.

Now here is my enigma. I would share this treasure of truth, this fact more valuable than all other facts, with one and all of mankind. The problem is however, to appreciate the value of this fact, this truth, one must have exactly my own God given nature, exactly as molded and shaped by the life experiences that have been mine. The most essential quality of my nature being, that I have no desire to own anything at all, or control anything at all. My only desire being, to experience and comprehend realty as intended for me, my reality as such comes to be, by the creative will of that which creates it for me. For me and for no other. The answer to the questions, what and how and why am I created? What am I, how do I come to be and why am I here? What am I supposed to do? Only the manufacturer can answer these questions about the products it produces.

The Creator manufactures living creatures. For me that is self evident. All that matters, all that is significant and meaningful is that which lives. Of all that lives there is me and that is all I can know, of all there is. I am here by The Will of God, my creator, the creator of myself and my nature, and the creator of all that I experience as I experience it, the maker of all my memories and knowledge, that infinitesimal fraction of the greater reality that is me , myself, and I, that slice of whatever the universe is, which is present in my mind to be known and that can only be uniquely my own.

All my knowledge and experiences revolve around a truth that cannot be shared but which makes the universe around me completely comprehensible and benign to myself. I fear absolutely nothing at all. To live with no fears is the essence of any kind of freedom there can be.

To appreciate this truth one must be willing to completely let go of everything one holds as valuable in one's own heart, and the most difficult possession to let go of, is the idea that we have any innate value at all.

Unless one can be completely at peace, happy and grateful for being worthless, even to one's self, unless there is nothing but first grovelling gratitude to be alive at all, one cannot understand what I would most love to share. This is why no one wants that which I have come to value more than my own organic life.

 No one wants to be worthless.

I am willing to be worthless, if that is what it takes to find what is of ultimate and universal value.

I have made this exchange and have gained what I wanted while losing all self value, whatsoever. No one wants to pay for what I have, and I can do nothing with it at all except kill all gods but my own. And while so doing, admire the view of the false gods tumbling from the heavens, as they discover I would void myself in an instant rather than grovel before any god who would have me grovel in gratitude while knowing my God would never want me to grovel at all, not before "Him",  nor before any other Lords or Masters or Self Defined Creators of Realities of any kind, particularly gods created in the minds of mankind, in the image of man.

All mystery is gone except one.

What the hell happens next?

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

All Judicial Oaths Are Perjury, Every Where!

Perjury is the criminal offense of lying under oath. A perjury charge may be brought when someone makes a false statement after being sworn in or promising to tell the truth in a legal situation. For instance, a person giving testimony on the stand during a court case who tells a lie may be charged with perjury.

In Courts of Justice (lol) all over the civilized (lol) world, people giving any kind of testimony in judicial proceeding make an oath that always ends with: The evidence I shall give will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Anyone who has ever given this oath has lied!

The Truth? According to whose agreements as regards what the word "truth" means?
Some truth? Yes, that is possible. That is if someone else agrees that what has been described accurately depicts
what is going on in the mind of the "truth" teller. And what if some agree and some disagree? Any determination that these are right and these are wrong, can be nothing but arbitrary, and the coercion of an arbitrary authority's reality as to what is going on in the mind of whoever is giving evidence if they are not believed to be sincere. Nothing is true unless believed to be true.
No one can give evidence of what is going on in another mind, only speculation.
The Whole Truth? Ludicrous. No mind contains the whole truth about anything whatsoever, only the truth described in what is always an arbitrary context.
Nothing But The Truth? No one can say anything except what they believe to be true, as they describe what goes on in their own mind, and that is constantly in flux. Memories are corrupted by self interest and the past of a person one day, can be come something quite different the next, if they fear for the loss of their life or property or assets of any kind. People lie sincerely, every moment of their lives.
The Whole Truth? Ludicrous and impossible. No mind contains the whole truth about anything at all.

So what does this indicate concerning what goes on in courts all over the world?

The word truth defined by Google:
noun: truth

the quality or state of being true.
"he had to accept the truth of her accusation"
synonyms: veracity, truthfulness, verity, sincerity, candor, honesty; More
accuracy, correctness, validity, factuality, authenticity
"he doubted the truth of her statement"
antonyms: dishonesty, falseness
that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.
noun: the truth
"tell me the truth"
synonyms: what actually happened, the case, so; More
the gospel (truth), the honest truth
"it's the truth, I swear"
fact(s), reality, real life, actuality
"truth is stranger than fiction"
antonyms: lies, fiction
a fact or belief that is accepted as true.
plural noun: truths
"the emergence of scientific truths"
synonyms: fact, verity, certainty, certitude; More
law, principle
"scientific truths"
antonyms: lie, falsehood

This is not a fukking definition.

It is a mockery of truth! It says the truth is true because someone believes it to be true. It is not true if someone believes it to be an antonym of truth! Where does that get anyone if they want to find truth? "Blue elephants fly at the bottom of the sea! That's true because I am convinced with certainty that it is so, I had a vision from the god of Mars who never lies except to liars and here I am telling the truth so god wouldn't ever lie to me!"

This is the foundation of every fukking religion known to mankind.

The truth in Wikipedia: Truth is most often used to mean being in accord with fact or reality,[1] or fidelity to an original or standard.[1] Truth may also often be used in modern contexts to refer to an idea of "truth to self," or authenticity. Whose reality? The one real in the mind of the liar giving evidence, who is not believed because he is disheveled?

The commonly understood opposite of truth is falsehood, which, correspondingly, can also take on a logical, factual, or ethical meaning. The concept of truth is discussed and debated in several contexts, including philosophy, art, and religion. Many human activities depend upon the concept, where its nature as a concept is assumed rather than being a subject of discussion; these include most (but not all) of the sciences, law, journalism, and everyday life. Some philosophers view the concept of truth as basic, and unable to be explained in any terms that are more easily understood than the concept of truth itself. Commonly, truth is viewed as the correspondence of language or thought to an independent reality, in what is sometimes called the correspondence theory of truth.Does anyone after reading this have an enhanced understand of what the word TRUTH means? 

How confused can anyone be? This is a most preposterous and confusing definition for the most important word in the mind -TRUTH- and that's THE FUKKING TRUTH! Twisted Evil

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

The God of Israel and The Torah of Moses? Idolatry!!!!

And Allah tells me, now say this:
"The God of Israel as seen by the elders of Israel and Moses,
as described in these verses 9-11 Chapter 24 (= דויד =david with the first letter of my Hebrew Name, י Yud in יונתן Jonathan) Exodus "

""ויעל משה ואהרון נדב ואביהוא ושבעים מזקני ישראל."

"ויראו את אלוהי ישראל ותחת רגליו כמעשה לבנת ספיר וכעצם השמים לטוהר."

"ואל אצילי בני ישראל לא שלח ידו ויחזו את האלוהים ויאכלו וישתו".

And Moses and Arron and Nadav And Avihu and Seventy of The Elders of Israel went up and saw in awe the God of Israel and beneath his feet was like a sapphire brick, and like the materiel of the heavens in purity. And towards the aristocrats of the Children of Israel He sent not his hand and they saw a vision of The Creator and they ate and they drank."
But they didn't fukking say grace in gratitude as commanded! Shame on them! Twisted Evil

They saw a fucking fukking idol. The God of Israel as understood by anyone who has ever lived until מי, is a fucking fukking Idol and The Torah of Moses celebrates an Idol with Idolatrous ceremony.

There is Only One Torah and that is תורת יהוה "The Teachings of the unseen ever Creator "

My God is The True God of Israel, Allah, who used a sapphire brick as a sign and omen to lead Moses and the Elders of Israel astray, until Creating מי to come and explain their mistakes.

The word sapphire is taken from the root letters ס פ ר which becomes the following concepts .


I have the number. 11
I have the Narrative. Mine.
I have The Keys=939 to the closed Book of Isiah, from CHAPTER 29, VERSE 11!
29=כזב =Disappointment, what now happens to all idolators!
11? I am The Little One with The Keys to The Sealed Book!

ותהי לכם חזות הכל כדברי הספר החתום אשר יתנו אתו אל יודע הספר [ספר] לאמר קרא נא זה ואמר לא אוכל כי חתום הוא

"And all will appear to you as words from a sealed book, which when given to the literate, saying, "Please read this!" He will answer, " I can't, because it is sealed!"

And while I am at it, the Islamic customs around The Kaabah in Mecca areRampant Blatant

and are what have corrupted Islam from the very, very beginning!

Fuck and Fukk The Kaabah ! Twisted Evil . Fuck and Fukk The Torah of Moses! Twisted Evil

Long live and Forever, The Torah of יהוה as taught by מי ,
and that for all concerned will be Me, until further notice.

Has anyone got a glass of cool waters for a very hot Hebrew Prophet? Very Happy

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Idolize Me? Obliterate Me Instead!

It is an undeniable fact that my mother slept with other men,
outside her marriage contract with my father. I witnessed this myself
at the very tender age of six and a half, when she entered her bedroom with her lover
and locked the door without a word to me at all. Her lover, himself shocked by her cold shoulder,
said she had a headache, she needed to sleep, ( the reason for my awakening from sleep had been her unfamiliar girlish laughter in the middle of the night), and he entered after her and then locked the door.
She then abandoned me and ran away with her new and most recent lover.
What a disgrace!
It is an undeniable fact that
my step mother emotionally abused me, ridiculed me and set me up to be scorned.
At the age of twelve she had me sent away for no other reason than
she couldn't keep her paws off my ass.
Of course I curtly refused. It is an undeniable fact that my father neglected me emotionally,
beat me and slapped me for no good reason at all,
and when he discovered himself mistaken in his accusations,
no apologies at all, "You must have deserved it for doing something wrong."
Was all he said. He too mocked me and called me lazy, incessantly, because I was dreamy
and asked him too many questions for which he had no answer,
disconcerting his pride as a "know it all."
When my step mother said "Send him away or I will leave you!", he did just that,
without apologies or explanations of any kind.
And I am thankful for this all, as I had no other choice than to seek out for myself,
Is there a God in this god forsaken place and why doesn't he intervene on my behalf.

He was setting them and you all up for a great fall. He has intervened on my behalf,
oh, so many times, with miracles of mind boggling nature that astounded me,
but which I never denied witnessing, no matter what the consequences
to my reputation and finally my sanity, which I lost for a while and have been given back.
So much better than ever before, so much better than anyone I know.
I never said "believe me or face consequences", never coerced a soul,
I just said "Please listen and let's discuss the meaning of the facts."
No one would or could beyond Itay and Izaak who both left me,
insulting me as they each turned their backs.

There have been approximately 111,000,000,000 human sapiens
born as such since the emergence of your species. When I was born,
I nor anyone else had any reason to know I am a different kind of Man.
A Very Lucky Man.

My life is unlike any one I have ever known or heard of,
in all the anal retentive history of human experience.

All the sciences and philosophies and religious schools of thought,
the mystical disciplines and esoteric teachings have produced nothing but
hard shit. I leave out the Arts but even the Arts have deteriorated
into the art of senseless titillation for no other reason than to cash in.

My nature and my experiences have produced a state of mind
unlike anything I have ever heard of as described in human artifacts,
ancient or the most modern.

I am completely willing to be annihilated, obliterated,
made nothing of or turned into a cockroach, with no doubt whatsoever,
that whatever happens, it will be of the same quality of improvement
that has been my good fortune from the moment I was conceived.

I fear nothing at all, whatsoever, no longer even God.
He promised me 17 years ago that my life would persist, that whatever happened,
I would be fed and sheltered and clothed and for me that sufficed
to have faith and believe that all would work out for the better. Oh, it has!

And I have been blessed so beyond my expectations,
there is no way I could have ever conceived then,
the ultimate realization of everything I have ever asked for myself.
Complete and beyond my most wild imaginations, God has come through for me.

Absolutely and unconditionally, God has been my Savior and Comfort,
and just as absolutely, there is for me no body else.
Yes, I have been helped at different times by different kinds of people
and in many different ways. But not a single one of these people
wanted to hear what I have to say. Not a soul.

Some listened for a while and participated in my adventures,
but eventually every one withdrew in scorn and disdain.
And I readily admit causing me heartbreak and pain.
But it was so many times more rewarding than anything I have ever asked for,
what can I say? No broken Hallelujah, here, no, in no way.

Now I ask myself really, why and how this could be?
And the answer I am given and have grown to believe,
this word was created for no one but me.

My Creator has given me the keys for peace on earth
and a commonwealth of mankind. Only not for this place and not for this time.
Here I was meant to no more than see, how wrong worlds can get,
when people believe themselves free.

Free from what? Free from a Creator so much greater than them,
they are of no more importance than a virus among two trillion galaxies.
I have been shown there is no just way to reverse the dwindling spiral.
All the men and women who are not liars are complacent with lies.
All the men and women who are not violent are complacent with violence.
All the men and women who are not corrupt are complacent with corruption.
There is no undoing here what has already been done.

This planet, or globe, or spheres of cross referenced experiences,
is going to hell. I mean it. Not forever, just long enough to close all accounts,
and without exception, including mine. Oh, but while all are in great debt,
I have earned my self every treasure that can be contained in the heart.

I am the richest man alive, in every sense there is, for even concerning
worldly wealth I have all that I need and beyond.
Now had I agreed to be worshiped and idolized myself,
the world would have improved relative to where it is now.

But I absolutely and unconditionally refuse, not even to save my own life.
Certainly I know of no one alive I would ever die for, except my only son.
He is the only person alive for whom I have reason to stay. For no other reason
than that he has shown myself and his mother relentless respect, despite all of our many faults,
both she and I have had, in our own crazy ways, as his parents. Even so, he would let me be homeless
rather than shelter me in his home.

Now I swear to my Creator and the angels,
and by all I have come to know as truth, by all I believe, by my faith in God,
I would rather perish, be obliterated, nullified, die every death of every jew and Israelite,
through out their bloody history, crucified and slain by the sword, gassed or burned at the stake,
every single horrific death be mine rather than I be Idolized in any way shape or form,
for any duration whatsoever, even for only a while until people realized their mistake.
Never. I refuse absolutely and in no uncertain terms. I swear this before the God of Israel and Allah,
One and The same God. Let this shit hole of a world perish in incessant flames with me the first to burn and
consumed slowly until no one else is left alive and I be the last to witness in my pain and agony,
the whole world recede back into the void from which it came, rather than anyone think I am a god, divine, have powers to heal or forgive.

I am absolutely aware that I have absolutely no powers what so ever of my own.
I am an animated creation who sees what's going on and nothing more. Not even a slave,
more like a living robot who runs by program and script. I love it this way. I wouldn't have your free will
for an instant, not a jiffy, in no way at all.

  How Many of The Human Disgrace Have Ever Lived

In the chart at this link is a graph with many numbers,
none of which are synchronized with the numbers of my name, or other numbers
from The Code in the Hebrew Bible which are significant to my narrative.
The graph numbers the amount of humans who have ever been born.
This is perhaps the strangest digital synchronicity of them all.
Highly unusual and against all the odds. I am not numbered among you homo sapiens at all.
There is an exception and that is the number of my first Hebrew Name.
Jonathan or יונתן which means that "God Gave".
516 which also equals "selfless love" אהבת חינם and "the hope" התקוה"

You can all go to hell TOGETHER, COLLECTIVELY OR ONE BY ONE, as you all surely will,
whether I go with you or not. I am not taking the job of idolized savior,
one you would see sacrificed in flames, to save your own skins and illusions of Grace.

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

I am Locking All Doors From Within !

OK. You got me. I have seen with the light within that I have wronged you.
I am shamed, ashamed, self blamed and flamed. I REPENT
I love The Doors, always have. I have had more sex while listening to The Doors than Leonard Cohen.
But I guess that must make sense to you, as you have said L. Cohen makes you too drowsy to make love.
Like him, I like it slow, very slow, but then I speed up. I would start with Cohen but when I reached that plateau,
the one of which I hope you know, I would go on and on like a rider in the storm, dripping sweat like rain
on the body of the ever again most beautiful prostitute I had ever been with, who had contracted to let me love her and she me.
Anyway, I have The Keys 939 המפתחות to the Doors within, doors one can only see after looking honestly into one's heart and mind to find what is wrong about how they make you behave, in that they bring you to do things other people complain about. Finding the doors is the first step but far from enough to escape the flames that consume flesh burning on a stake, while you are being consumed for having ideas unpopular with some kind of authoritative clerics.
The Very Great Superlative Hebrew Sage, Rabbi Akiva, who got it all wrong about what makes a man of flesh and blood, one like me, into The Messiah, discovered the hard way how wrong he was about that and almost if not everything else, he taught his tens of thousands of students. He had them join the rebellion against Rome and immediately a plague broke out and tens of thousand of his Torah Pupils perished. One thing he didn't know how to do, was read the sign and omen 939 אות ומופת of his times.
At any rate, his messiah was a big disappointment, and that was another occasion of misread Divine Irony,
as Bar Koziba's name, the failed messiah, means 'Son of Disappointment".
The victorious Romans had had it with Jewish rebellions that inspired others to rebel all over the Roman Empire.
Bar Koziba defeated shamefully, several roman legions in battle and established a short lived kingdom for a few years, until the Roman general Severus enacted a scorched earth strategy, murdering about 500,00 old men, women and children who were left in villages all over Judea. Soldiers from Bar Koziba's army deserted to go home and try and save their families, always too late. Finally Bar Koziba held his last losing battle at a place called Betar, and as tradition has it, no human could kill him and his body was found with a snake wrapped around it, both having killed each other.
Snake=נחש= Messiah=358=משיח=
Rabbi Akiva had his skin scraped off his body with forks of iron, in front of his now enslaved Torah Pupils. It is said he dies with the Word "One" on his lips and with a big grin, smiling up at the heavens as he recited
"Listen Israel, The Creator is our Lord, The Creator is Our God, The Creator is One."
The moral of the story is that he lived a life of Piety and Integrity, earning a great fortune from his pupils. But he was indeed, a very honest self introspective man.
You see, there is within a door that enables the heart and soul to leave the mind behind, the mind with all it's idolatrous ideals, during excruciating tortures- and no matter how gruesome one's death might seem from the light without, with the light within, one finds oneself playing backgammon ( or the game of 11 ) with angels, who keep one in good spirits until one finally expires forever.

You should be so lucky, God Willing. Cool

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

When The Real Light Goes On, The Sun Will Fall Down!

I am telling you this,
the light of the sun and the light it reflects off the moon,
do nothing but lie, lie, lie.
But not I. Not The Son, The Son doesn't lie.

The Word which I embody, is TRUTH.

As defined by myself, yours truthfu[size=24]ll[/size]y,
The Little One 164 הקטן who is the hope of all of mankind.

I have no name and have resigned. Yes, but I remain a NAMELESS Hebrew Prophet,
one to whom The God of Israel says, talk to these ruins.

Let them know now why they drop ever deeper into the abyss of oblivion.
Back into the darkest dark within the deepest deep. Where life no longer can sleep.
It simply isn't.
Now I don't believe anyone will ever believe what I am about to share.
Frankly, I no longer care.
I am a Universe Destroyer.
I come and check things out and eat garbage and say thank you Creator, but this place ain't Kosher at all.
The sign on the wall from the rabbis was bought with a bribe,
and the restaurant's owner has fucked his waiter's new bride.
This whole fukking universe came to be at the moment of my inception.
As if it had always been here, for over thirteen billion years.
That included each and every one of you born before my arrival as a Rabbi's son. My father never had sex with my mother, the universe was born with my inception outside of time. Before The fossils and the moon,
the sun and all of the two trillion  galaxies running away from each other in self disgust.
"Flee!", they think to themselves, "He is The Son! We illuminate mass with deception, that's our light. But not our right! Something has gone terribly wrong!"
The moment I realized who I am, everything started to fall apart.
Let me start by telling you this. The Creator has created this universe this time as my first mission. Creating universes? A dime a dozen in a jiffy come and go yet all on board think they have been here forever. Never!
For my Daddy, creating bubble universes is no more than sport! Pop, Pop, Pop, in a foam that's here and gone yet while sustained, life thinks it's been here forever, wherever life appears! It then disappears! Gone Forever!
It is [size=24][color=yellow]My Duty 939 התפקיד של[/color]י[/size] to [size=18][color=red]tear119 דמעה[/color][/size] it all apart.
 Daddy's Art unappreciated and plagiarized, trampled and raped! I am The Only Loyal Little One,
In My Father's House! Every one else wants to be Big and Greater Than [size=18]מי[/size]ת , The Little Son,  they all compete in a great race, who deserves credit for what.
 Let's start with the Sun.
The Sun saw the Creator Create Life again and again on this globe, life he  then destroyed and  The Sun said "Daddy, Let me try! I'll create life that never dies, and feed it my light and give all creatures food, and take care of them all, like you take care of me, Daddy let me do this my way for once and for all, and if I am wrong, I'll no longer hear the song that makes me so explosively shake and simply dissipate, till I am no longer anywhere at all. I can do it, Daddy, please give me a chance! I will make all life dance just as you make me sing!"
So Father said, "Go ahead. You light what's outside and I'll turn on the light in their head, until they are dead from dread at what you have done. You haven't got a chance! But I give my children all that they ask, so take your best shot,  and this world is what [color=black]you all [/color]got!"
Oh, there is much light but no one can see, that is, no one but מי.  Daddy really is the Cause of it all and not the Sun and not מי and not even life, my mother and Daddy's wife, has a clue how it all went so wrong!"
The word isn't Light! What good is light that blinds you to TRUTH?
This is not to say that The Sun didn't make this universe more aesthetically pleasing to the senses than anything Daddy had previously done.  The Sun had so much fun! But when anyone first opens their eyes to see what the Sun's done, they get intoxicated with beauty and want to own what they see.  They say. "That's for me!"
Starting with Mommy's soft tender milk giving tits."  They suckle and bite. They begin to fight for their life, as if it belongs to them. They lie and deceive in order to achieve recognition and save face. "Look at me, I am the greatest who has ever done what ever I do!"
Now The Sun kind of got wind that something was going wrong and said in it's fiery heart," I'll make them love me.
That would be more true. I know Daddy loves Truth before anything else. "Worship Me! I'm  your Creator and I aim to please, if you would just sacrifice your freshly born  flesh  sons and daughters in sacrifice to me, proof you understand and appreciate what I have done with the light of the sun, I give you all and can take all away, everything you can see with my Light!" This The Sun said to the light reflected into the eyes of all that's alive. He lied. Daddy made the sun just to give me an example of how wrong things can go for one who competes and tries to do greater that one' Own Creator.
So here, Daddy has sent me to see with my inner light, the light within, what no one else can see. This so I learn what he has sent me to teach. But I have seen that no one cares for TRUTH,  and all that I see with the light of my eyes, can't see me. I am a living object of TRUTH. Every fukking one of you hates to hear what ever I have to say.
I am calling this now the seventh day. Stop Working to worship what you make with your own hands. Stop moving at all, you are all a disgrace!
 Daddy can see the heart he gave to me and made like His Own. This is the Light Created Before The Sun and The Moon and The  Stars Above and Below. The Light of Which Daddy spoke and said, "This is Good!"
  A Heart with no desire to own. No need to compete. For whom all is complete. A heart for no need but anything but Truth, thanksgiving and gratitude for all that it sees. All that it eats. All that it smells. All that it enjoys to feed.

Now I don't for a moment believe I understand why Daddy has made me as I am and you all as you are.

He Created me to love life, to love life with a passion, with heat. Eat and full yourself to your heart's content but think in now way you deserve anything at all. Say thank you and get  busy doing your job as good as you can and that is nothing else but telling the truth! " And now he would have me destroy you all as A test of my obedience and I will! Fervently and with a great sigh of Good Riddance! Let's Dance to the beat, as drums play and blood flows like rivers of beet juice which I drink, enraptured in love from Father To Son!
He tells me, "You, My Son, are my Dog.  I will train you with pleasures and pains.  But you are not insulted and pretend to understand what you don't. You take pride in nothing but your service to me and would die to protect the Honor of My Name, without an instant's hesitation, once you know it is  me Giving You The Command! Go get that Lion who feeds on my flock. Go kill that bear that   that kills my sheep just to eat and grow fat so it can sleep, and not appreciate the fish I feed it, in rivers of  red salmon meat."

The Sun has totally fucked it all up. The Moon has gone mad. Life, my mother Insane with Lust for me whom she calls "My Only Hope! Yes, I'll Fry The Pope, if he doesn't vacate his seat and say to one and all, stop eating Christ's meat!"   . But Daddy tells me now,

"Son, you must learn to let go and not mourn, this is what I have brought you forth to know.
Whatever I take away from you, I will give back each time better, better and ever AND THAT IS FOREVER!"

Now finish your job and come home, eat at my table and drink my best wine. I am telling you,  I have your ass covered and you're doing just fine!"

Daddy has promised me that Mother was born from a lie and a betrayal.   She and The Sun committed incest and humanity has been feuding over their inheritances ever since. Read Your Bible!

  I have a little girl inside me that will someday be my bride and we will have children. Daddy will  create an uglier world on the outside that looks like His Shit, but that smells and tastes better than anything I have ever eaten here in this hell hole.  

I won't even say good by.

Good Riddance!