Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Let Your Mind Come Together- Ever Better

Letting Go and Letting God
Look In And Let Go of All You Perceive.   Let Your Attention Expand Equally in All Directions, Like Light From A Bulb

The universe is incomprehensibly vast and yet makes perfect sense. If this seems for certain to be a contradiction, it definitely isn't. In all the immeasurably vast expanse of all there is, there is neither wave nor particle that isn't going someplace else. Everything is an end and all ends are a means to move on. There is nothing that is not the product of intent and there is nothing that is not intended to change.  In all of this churning commotion, exists the reason for everything wrong with your life as well as the resolution of all that troubles you, and it is in your mind.

In your mind resides a sense of stillness that makes no sense whatsoever unless it is intended, created, something from nothing.  Look at all the things in motion that produce your mind. The electric currents oscillating in your brain between neurons and the waves promulgated that ebb and swell in constant flux. The flow of your blood and your heart beat. The metabolism of your cells, all like the universe itself, in unceasing motion where all that comes to be, becomes something else. And yet, you are able to experience a stillness that cannot logically exist as a product of the motion that makes that mental stillness possible.

 Motion can only produce motion.

Where does your sense of stillness come from?

Everything we might consider to be still is not, rather it is a repetitive pulsating pattern of motion, and the stillness we perceive derives from the  duration of that repetition of motion and not from any kind of innate stillness. Our mind translates repetition of motion into unchanging sameness, once we recognize and label  the pattern of motion we are observing. Stillness is the unchanging of location, a condition that exists only in the mind that must define everything in a context. Stillness is determined when an object's location remains the same distance from another object.
Stillness is always relative. 

 Objects are all composed from unique repetitive patterns of motion that serve a purpose as regards life, with labels on them, which gives them an identity. There is nothing labeled in the mind that does not have an affect on the mind labeling it. 

 Everything that affects life has a purpose as does life itself.

Space, as empty as space can possibly be, looks like this:

Mentally, To Be Still is to have a relatively unchanging sense of self which is detached from all that is moving through our minds. It derives from a desire not to be moved against one's will. It derives from a desire not to be labeled and moved by others, against one's own sense of self and identity, in disregard for one's own self determinism.
We have an identity because our lives are composed of repetitive patterns of motion in our bodies. We each have a name that represents patterns of motion nonidentical to  anyone else.

Of The Unmoving ONE That Moves All Else

The Creator creates unceasing motion and amidst all that is moving, are motions that repeat themselves for a finite duration of time, allowing the mind to label such patterns of repetition with unchanging names, giving birth to the language of the mind. The function of language is to describe the history of objects and calculate the potentials in the relationships between them, to affect life.

A sense of stillness is achieved when one let's go of all one can of that which is moving in one's mind.

 It is impossible to do this absolutely. A mind, like the universe itself,  does not exist without motion. Never the less, by striving to let go of all one's thoughts and the flow and pulsation of one's feelings,  one's sense of self in one's mind is less moved by all that is spinning around it, and therefor more still than anything else in the context of what one is conscious of.  Much like the eye of a storm is the stillness of the inner eye, which through stillness achieves insight as to what is going on around it. 
The Name of The Great Hebrew Prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, is Used Once in This Song as The Lord. He wouldn't have liked that, but as Jesus, Yeshuah, means Salvation, I Leave His Name as Representing What His Teachings Help Bring About!

The Hebrew Verse 11 of Psalm 46 reads, "Let go, and all of you know, I am The Lord!"

 א  למנצח לבני-קרח--    על-עלמות שיר.
1. To The Victorious Orchestrator, To The Children of Ice (Ice is unmoving, frozen, water), A Song of Being Silence
ב  אלהים לנו, מחסה ועז;    עזרה בצרות, נמצא מאד
.2. The Lord is For Us, Shelter and Bold
ג  על-כן לא-נירא, בהמיר ארץ;    ובמוט הרים, בלב ימים
3. On this platform we will not be frightened when the earth convolutes, when mountains collapse in the heart of the seas. 
ד  יהמו יחמרו מימיו;    ירעשו הרים בגאותו סלה
4. His Waters Will Roar and Become Solid, Mountains Will Quake In His Honor.
ה  נהר--פלגיו, ישמחו עיר-אלהים;    קדש, משכני עליון
5. A River and It's Tributaries Will Rejoice a City of The Lord, Holy, Those That Abide Above.
ו  אלהים בקרבה, בל-תמוט;    יעזרה אלהים, לפנות בקר
6. The Lord is in Her Midst, She Will Not Fall.
ז  המו גוים, מטו ממלכות;    נתן בקולו, תמוג ארץ
7. Nations Roar, Kingdoms Collapse, He Has Given This With His Voice, A Land Will Come To An End.
ח  יהוה צבאות עמנו;    משגב-לנו אלהי יעקב סלה
8. The Creator of Armies is With Us, Above Us The Lord of Jacob.
ט  לכו-חזו, מפעלות יהוה--    אשר-שם שמות בארץ
9. Go, See For Yourselves, The Industries of The Creator, Who Puts Names in The World
י  משבית מלחמות,    עד-קצה הארץ
10. Who Puts An End To Wars, To The End of The  World.
קשת ישבר, וקצץ חנית;    עגלות, ישרף באש
He will break The Bow and Crush The Spear, Wagons- He Will Burn With Fire.
יא  הרפו ודעו, כי-אנכי אלהים;    ארום בגוים, ארום בארץ
11. Let Go and Know, Because I Am Your Lord, Cunning Among Nations, Cunning In The Earth!
יב  יהוה צבאות עמנו;    משגב-לנו אלהי יעקב סלה
12.  The Creator of Armies is With Us, Above Us The Lord of Jacob.


Monday, May 22, 2017

An Ace and The King Messiah 1111

It all starts out like this. 1

 Or maybe like this.

Two Lights Become One More Bright

Listen to The Song Above       ⇈⇈⇈⇈
That is to say, there only is,  will only ever be, just1exact example of me. I am One example of something that can be. So are you. This is true. We are equally unique. Everything is equally unique and that is the only common identity. There is nothing in creation that isn't singularly itself. Unique is The One Common Identity of All.

Shortly after my conception, my heart started to beat as my brain became an electronic mind producing phenomenon and no one to this day can say how this all happens. How do chemical electric impulses that never cease as long as I live, become a sense of self with thoughts, feelings, memories and an imagination of the future?

 No One Knows for Now.

 No One Knows Enough To Say If Any One Ever Will Explain For Sure, How Electricity and Biological Electric Phenomena become self aware and able to say, "There is just 1 of me."

Between my conception until now, there is an unceasing oscillating coalescent synchronized incidence of electronic impulses ebbing and swelling creating a chain of moments, each one I know as NOW, arranged in a temporal sequence from my first memories, in a chain of events until this very moment itself. The Present Moment "Now" ever changing, ever becoming a self recording NOW that once recorded- recedes, and becomes a moment past, a memory.

Moment after moment of Now becoming Memory, surrounded by imaginations of what is going on surrounding me, in all the times and places I can't see for myself.

I am in Now surrounded by memories and imaginations in an evolving story. A story that seeks to resolve how and why I came to be. All about me. A metaphysical and  electric singularity of what can happen for example, between countless cross referenced locations of oscillating polarity in a web of temporal and spatial diversities of different kinds of duality, and dichotomies of ideas. A constant unceasing flow back and forth, in and out, of  sparks so infinitesimal and short lived no one can ever say for certain when or where they are at once.

 Oh, what an electronic wonder is The Brain! What astonishing metaphysical phenomena happen in a mind! And how are they synchronized in inverse mutual influence? Fields of electromagnetic waves, standing, mutually annihilating, dispersing and co-enhancing, ever mysteriously enchanting, coming to chant in unity in whose ear? Where is here without there? Here is everywhere. Here is One, One is There.

 Nowhere has none and knows it's there while alone without anyone somewhere else, even itself.
To be Just 1 is to be lonely. 1 wants to resonate in harmony with another 1. Not exactly identical because that would make no sense. One is too unique to happen twice. 

It can't be 1+1 because  in 2 both ones disappear and the + between them ever holds them apart  in the fear that should they come together, each will be lost as a singular example of what must be unique to be truly itself.  2 is just alone, just as lonely as 1.

It is not 1 + 1, Not One Plus One, but  a self evident  one and one together that looks like this. 11

What you see above was started by what you see below.

So who is the other One beside me? Could it be The One  that Creates Me? I am created, after all is said and done. Can a created one  be created by an uncreated other One, to resonate in growing harmony and diminishing dissonance as a resolution to the conundrum of lonely uniqueness? Can a heart beat like a drum without an other's ear to hear and say Art? Can I resonate in harmony with only my own lonely HeArt?  

One with no context cannot be seen. It is off screen.  Out of the scene. So 11. They look the same in SYNCHRONIZED time but each has it's own place, existing in it's own space. Each twice an Ace. They are not identical so each has it's own reflections, card 11 twice, each with a unique chain of memory. 

 Each card carries a trace of every game its ever been in.  Of every card that has ever been at it's side, left or right, or the empty anticipation of  a card coming, perhaps to come together as 21, "I Will Be!"

For this Must Be The Coming of The Dealer King, and The One Coming might just be a Black Jack, a Ten.

If life like Black Jack, is a Card Game of Chance, Ask Any Politician What to Do. "Bet On The Banks and Bribe All The Dealers"
 Whatever time be your now from my now in the future, this is how long you have before September 29th, 2017. After that, it might be too late, you might have made a big mistake by ignoring my Sign and Wonder 939

See How Fast Time is Running Out Before The Game of Flaming Blame and Shame Begins on 929

In Tribute To Leonard Cohen Who  Wrote "The Future 484" and Finally "You Want it Darker!" 

 Listen to The Song Below.                         ↓↓↓↓


Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Wildest Time Ever is Becoming Now יהוהיה

A revolutionary act of evolution is about to take place in your mind and the minds of some of the people around you. The Power of The Story Line emanates as the smallest details of your life, make choices as you will, you are being drawn into the future where resides a great black hole, sucking you into oblivion, whatever you do, whatever you think, whatever you feel, whatever you pray, all gone as if it had never been. Perhaps this is your fate and the fate of some others. Perhaps

What is above is coming down, The Kingdom of Heaven, manifest as The Reality in all your collective minds, all your races and colors and cultures, in all your cross referenced civilizations.

I tell you this  with more certainty than I will enjoy another breath, The Wildest Time Ever is Becoming Agitated. Whatever you think is certain will certainly dissipate and disappear, together with your self confidence and your belief in your self.

"You can have Hell on Earth that will make the Holocaust look mild for its injustice.

Or you can Have The Son, The Little One of My Family of Man."

That's Me, The Messiah, The Chosen by Design Sign and Wonder.

Learn my story and pass around the links. Have doubts? Ask for a sign and it will come as certainly as my next breath.

You can have this:
Or This:
It's all in the numbers spinning around in your mind, adding up to a sum you can't find, because by the time you finishing counting, there is 11 times more to count.
by 939
who is 838
according to 292
and 273 and 838 are "1111"to you.
So 242 for 424
who is 363
The 617, 
Like a 716
sheds his blindness like a 358 to tell you,

My Son Of Their Sun, Circumsize Your Sons

I have had my insides inspected by fiery flying serpents
with colorful fractal designs on their skins, creatures of Great Wisdom,
whose tongues speak sweet temptations such as exemptions from the consequence of sin!
"Eat this gospel and you will become like a god and live forever!" "Tell us what to do next and we will do anything and everything you ask, for you or many others!"
I am found constantly wanting and The Seraphim began to worship me.

I cringed and wanted to disappear,
" I have nothing to do with what you see, the wanting in me is not mine,  it is Sublime, God puts it inside me and I wonder at it myself."
"All you see that's me must be a blemish, I am a construct of sin, a flammable configuration of limitations holding on to each other as proof that they exist. I can't resist what The Creator God Artist is Making of me, every day greater more!"
I am constantly overwhelmed by my limitations being overcome. God tells me, "Lay back, have fun! Your immortal happiness has just begun! I will call you my Son of Their Sun!"

I don't look very happy, now do I? The Book? That's What This is All About, Just Like Moses Said!

"Circumcise your sons. In The Flesh, like the Jews do. At Eight days, indeed.
This is my covenant with all who would assume the name "Children of The Living God."
This is an act of Art and demonstrates your acceptance and understanding that as a Child of Israel, you have skin in the game. There are ideals here you must be willing to live and die for, to see them manifest in the common mind of man. There are ideals here you must be willing to send your sons to kill for. The little mutilation of circumcision symbolizes an acceptance that far more destructive mutilations of flesh might be necessary for you to do what it takes to survive and stay alive and flourish and prosper. 

    That is What Jews are meant to do and anyone can become a Jew.   But no one has too." 1111 

"For Salvation is of The Jews!" said Jesus of Nazareth and The Jews are The Jesus of History!
Who on earth can truthfully imagine what is going on in a Jewish mind but a Jew, except you?
The number 938 in the year 1938 means, "I Am יהוה, When it's time comes, I will quicken it!"
Joseph's wonderful multi colored dress, fabricated with yarn from his father's heart. Ready to mutilate and be mutilated until death. 
Now pick a random Jew from anywhere at any time and a random Gentile. The Jew is not innately better nor is he worse. To whatever degree the Jews excel for the better, they excel for the worse.
They do seem to have an influence in the culture and civilizations they have lived among as perpetual poetic reminders, that history is a narrative about How and Why God manipulates History The Bloody Way He Does. Is it for better or is it for worse? The Hebrew Bible has put it all to poetic verse, an explanation for a delivery system of a vital message at the end of days. From God to His peoples, for only his multi colored, diversely cultured children will survive the coming flames.

September 29th, 2017  Friday Morning at 9:39 North Western Time, "Like a Volcano will יהוה arise, to do His Deed, Strange is His Deed, and Do His Work, Foreign is His Work!" 939