Saturday, September 23, 2017

Gotchya! 9/29 Is Really 11/11! Here Comes The Son!

Here Comes The Sun! I Mean Son! No, I Mean Moon! No, I Mean Me!  Look At The Sky! The Sky! Who Am I? The Sun Is Falling And I Arise! What Is My Size? How Small Is The Smallest In The Kingdom Of Heaven? As Small As I.        ? מי אני  Who Am I? I Come In My Own Name! In Me You Will Believe!
Seems Like Everyone Religious Is Expecting Something Strange To Happen That Will Prove They Are Right In Their Religion And Everyone Else Is Wrong! My Name Is Righteousness In My Religiousness! Eat My Meat=Gospel And Drink My Wine=Spirits For Their Nutritiousness!

The whole Idea of miracles as a prior condition for faith is a very bad idea. Faith should evolve by exploring the nature of what you see, until you recognize the intelligence of "i'ts natural design. This should waken a sense of wonder and awe and gratitude to be part of Creation, A creature wisely and intelligently designed to enjoy the senses, the perceptions of a ponderous and wondrous world around one and inside one's mind.

Truth is made from contracts that things will remain as they are until both parties agree on a change.

A remains A and B remains B. The water stays water and the blood remains blood. The water remains water and doesn't become wine. Rocks don't spout waters as if from a spout when asked to do so. The heavens don't rip open like a page of parchment torn asunder by reason of it's blasphemous messages. Donkey's don't see angels of death and tell the magician sitting on them to Beware.

Words have certain meanings and these meanings must be agreed upon in advance when words are used in contracts.

Suppose you made a contract to rent a house and the owner moved an elephant into your bedroom, saying it's a miracle?

Virgins aren't supposed to give birth and old and dry women shouldn't get pregnant. Abraham didn't need miracles, he just ran out of explanations why Sarah remained barren after years and years of unrealized promises by God to both of them. Moses needed miracles to believe in God's Power to use him as an instrument to free the Children of Israel from bondage. The Children of Israel needed miracles to believe that Moses was their long awaited and promised redeemer, but their faith for the most part, was as transient as a fart.

I have witnessed so many miracles, but have never wanted or needed them for my faith and belief in The Goodness of My God, for I am a Truth loving man at all costs, who has done everything I can to keep every contract I have ever made. The God I believed in would only and could only be good to a man like me. And my Faith and Belief in the Goodness of my Truth loving God have proven to be proof of His Nature. He is what I believed Him to Be and so much magnificently more than I could have ever imagined, under any circumstances I could ever imagine.

I have had Faith, Without any desire or need for miracles or Angels to have Faith in the Goodness of His Truth Loving Nature. He Has Given me a Heart like His Own. Fearless Loyalty to Truth and Contracts made above all else, above my children and even my life.

God has a Plan where such magnificent awful miracles will manifest, that he had to prepare me not to lose my mind once more, as I did in the past when exposed to miracles none of you could ever believe.

He will Give The World Proof That I am His Only Beloved and no longer Lonely Little Son, The Littlest One, The Smallest in The Kingdom of Heaven.

November 11, 2017 11:11 A.M.- Seven Volcanoes Erupt, Synchronized in Time and by Locations. 

 44=The Creator Lives=  חי יהוה=For David=לדוד

This is 44 Days Inclusive After September 29th, 2017, which is 929, Which Is An Important Number! Why? Research And Discover That For Yourselves! It Is The HUMOR Of My Creator (Die) To Hide Things And The Honor of The  King  To Discover What is Hidden!

September 30th is to become of World Foreknown Renown BlaspheMy Day!

HERE'S WHY! My Marriage To Life as My Wife is Ridiculed! Blasphemy!
I am reluctantly and not by my own will, owning my inherit-dances.

The FUKKING World is MinE, from here on out and forever! Twisted Evil Cool Rolling Eyes


Now Lighten Up! 

Here is some non xxx rated educational entertainment to pass the time. It is however very Blassphemouse! I am The Antic Christ!
                            And this is for My Family!= 838= Up The Ass!=לתחת=משפחתי=838

November 11th, 2017, 11:11 A.M

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Prehistorical-Biblical Job To Post Biblical End of Days Yours TRULY!

There is a kind of Dichotomy, perhaps more of an inverse vortex, between good old Job and מי and My Job 939.=Jonathan Michael Robbins, that's מי Me.
Between us there is the thinnest of perfectly straight lines, of the color תכלת in English, defined as pale blue. This color is that of the string in the religious prayer shawls that Jews wear while praying, and on all four edged garments, meant to remind one of the 613 commandments extrapolated from The Teachings of Moses.
The word תכלת is the same as for purpose when one adds the initial of my name, י ונתן , yud, my name meaning
'Given By God".
The purpose is to remember that whatever happens, whatever one's circumstances, Our Creator is Incomprehensibly Benevolent, despite all appearances to the contrary. And evidence that God is a Sadistic Malevolent Demon who Crucifies Man, despite a man's being good, is everywhere. Isn't it?
Satan says to God that he doesn't believe that Job will not curse His Creator, if all his worldly assets are taken away and he is made to suffer emotionally, for no earthly reason. This loss includes all his children and multiple riches, his reputation, everything but his Bitchy Wife. Satan says of Job that his piety is only a consequence of how Blessed he is. Take the Blessings away, despite Job's being the best man in his generation, harm him with apparent injustice, and "Job will curse you to your face!"
God gives Job's fortunes over to Satan but insists Satan have no dominion over Job's health. And then Synchronicity!
One disaster follows another, with the messengers of evil tidings arriving one after the other, to report to Job, his children have been killed in an avalanche, his livestock stolen, his servants slaughtered by marauders, much of his property destroyed. Job rips his garments, shaves his head, goes into mourning and says, " God has Given and God has taken away, May The Name of God Be Blessed form here on out and Forever!"
Satan insists that if he is allowed to torment Job's Flesh with agony, he will repent of his piety and curse God so as to die and have his miserable agony ended. Job gets red swollen boils all over his body. They itch and ache. He is mocked by those who previously respected him and took his advice. The young men taunt him, despite his having given their father's jobs.
He curses the day he was born. He says what good is light for a tormented man. The Bible says that he didn't curse God with his lips, though. IN HIS HEART HE DID BUT KNEW HE CURSED ONLY WHAT HE COULDN'T UNDERSTAND, how a good God could let a good man suffer so unjustly.
Moses says that the most important command is close to you, in your heart and mouth to do it. What's that?
Tell The Fukking Truth! Align Your Heart and Your Mouth in a straight line of true blue.
Job knew his incomprehension of God couldn't be true, so while he cursed in his heart he refrained from cursing with his mouth and so never really cursed The Good God at all. In his heart he said if God is this bad, he deserves to be cursed but the purpose is to remember that The Creator is Good despite all virtual realities to the contrary.
Now, I have been a man who from birth has suffered great misfortunes. Yet I have never suffered any physical maladies of an agonizing nature. I believed in a Good God because of my fathers' great serendipity. But when my first wife had a psychotic break, declaring to one and all that I am the Messiah, I finally cursed God in my heart to hell for making such an honest woman, my first true love, suffer so harshly. I forgot about God and lost my faith.

Years later, I fell in love with a prostitute because when she laid her hands on the flesh of my back, I felt an ineffable bliss. I also said in my heart, that under no circumstances would I break my marriage contract and leave my children with a very erratic and irresponsible mother. I told her every time I went to a prostitute and said she could leave me if she wanted to, but she wouldn't.

From that moment forward my life flourished and prospered, until finally my faith renewed, I left my wife and children in the belief that doing so was the only alternative to a life I had come to hate, and I had every dream I had ever entertained, manifest as my reality. My faith grew in leaps and bounds and after seven years of Blessings, I determined to thank God and Serve My Creator as His Servant from that point forward in time.

In short order I started seeing 11s and lost everything I had but my physical health. Despite this, I was increasingly Blessed with physical pleasures and spiritual support from prostitutes. Over the course of the next 17 years, until this very moment, I have experienced every kind of physical pleasure and variation of joy a man can have. But the pleasure of the flesh and the heart have all been an attempt to make me stray from my Faith in My Benevolent Creator. Now I swear before you all, by the Name of My Living God, Angels are real. The trouble with even the best of Angels is that they falsely believe love is more important than truth. And angels and demons are one and the same, two faced. I have known many. They dwell in my mind all the time. They constantly make promises and pleasure me beyond the pleasures known by any man who has ever lived. More than Solomon the Wise, who they finally corrupted with pleasures of the flesh. They break their promises after filling me with false hopes, hoping to corrupt my Faith in The Creator who is Benevolent beyond all measure, to those who put Truth above all comfort and pleasure. Above Love. Above any concept of God. Now let there be no mistake. MY WIFE IS NOT AN ANGEL! She is Life, the mother of all that lives, and has come to understand why Truth must be more valuable than Love.

I am an impeccably honest man. Oh, I have stolen and cheated and lied on occasion, but have always discovered in retrospect, that I stole from much greater thieves, cheated men who were completely corrupt and lied to incorrigible liars. I got away with it all, with no ill consequences, after telling anyone I cheated or stole from or lied to, what I had done and why, to their face!

Over the course of the last seventeen years, I have found myself cursing my false concepts of God, again and again and again. In my heart I have cursed and I have shouted out curses with my train stopping voice, in the streets of Israel. Always doing so, immediately improved my lot and I came to understand that I was a bait for gods and angels who discovered a man who cannot be corrupted by pleasures of any kind, not by possessions or the most beautiful of women. I have known many. Like Job, I am God's way of proving to the falling kingdoms of false gods and corrupt angels, a truly truthful man cannot be corrupted, even if he has no knowledge of God!

Now not only did I not die, I discovered I have been alive from before Creation and will live for ever, a very happy man, pleasured in ways none of you can even imagine.

My Benevolent God has come to me alive within, tells me I am without sin,  and He tells me nothing but truth-and to whom I must lie.

YOU! Cool

__As you all get what you have earned and deserve by your own measure,  I will get what I have earned and deserve by any measure of any kind, listen to the Johnny Cash video above and realize what you have brought upon the world. .

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mirrors, Cartoons and Shadows, What Are You?

The misunderstood Biblical verses saying that man was created in the Image of God have been a great stumbling stone in Man's Mind. It has been understood that the word image refers to what one sees in a mirror.  As if to say that man is a reflection of God' Nature, making The Creator comparable to The Creation and hence comprehensible.
The Creator is Not Comprehensible because The Creator Doesn't Need a Mind and is not confined by one. A mind cannot comprehend Life without some kind of confining Mind in which are reflected images and forms. The Creator is without Image or Form. The Mirror metaphor has been the ruin of spirituality.

Instead of mirrors think of cartoons.
You can't know the whole story from one frame.
The cartoons go on forever, so you never know the whole story, now do you?
You only know the segment you hold in your mind and divide into the present,
part of which you call memories of the past.
And part of which are speculations about the past, the present outside your frame of reference, and speculations about the future and how you can endure whatever comes to be.
What comes to be, does so like a kaleidoscopic fluctuation of perceptions and sensations, all together in the frame your present becomes, as memories fade or become more real and significant, and your perceptions of what your senses mean, their significance concerning your present predicament, it's all in increasing or decreasing shift, fluctuation, condensing and evaporating, oscillating and intensifying or diminishing, concerning all your speculations.
Think of a shadow.

 Is it really there? It has no weight, no mass, it's total existence is in your mind as a differentiation, a perception of difference between shades of light and light's relative absence, yet the shadow despite lacking any substance of it's own, is as real in the mind as the solid walls that cast shadows.

 The whole concept of mirrors is misleading. Put two mirrors one in front of the other.
The information decreases in significance but remains exactly the same, all the way to obscurity, infinitely.
What was signal, information, becomes ever more insignificant as it decreases according to an unchanging mathematical formula, becoming infinitesimal and hence imperceptible , yet maintains itself as an all encompassing concept of perfectly duplicated information. It can't be information and insignificant at the same time, can it? But it is,
if you keep searching it for answers about who and what you are, or anyone else is, or what anything that can be reflected, really is right now.
Break mirrors if you want good luck.

 So how does one achieve a durable and sustainable sense of self, with infinite growth potential, and the expansion of ever more sophisticated, intricate, cross referenced magnificent aesthetics?
Guess! Can't?
OK, I will tell you what to do.
Tell yourself to the best of your ability, nothing but the truth.
The truth is very simple and close to mind and heart.
1.This is what I see. This is what I hear. This is what I smell. This is what I taste. This is what I sense on my skin or in my flesh and organs, within.
2. This is what I think about any of the above and what I speculate about the above, using words to describe what I perceive.
3. Cross reference the above, one with two. "When I "see" this, I think "that"!"
4. What emotion is evoked or provoked by the above. Every emotion represents a situation in which you are either increasing your assets, whatever be their nature, or contemplating their impending loss, or conceptualizing the idea of loss as a fact, whether it has occurred or not. Ask yourself, what is fear if not the contemplation of loss? Etc.?
5. All emotions represent the manifestation or inhibition of that aspect of The Creator's Creative Will, which is your own.
5. You then ask your self, "What would I like The Creator to make happen that would enhance The Creator's Manifestation within myself as "HELP!". Doing this while perfectly cognizant that nothing will ever manifest that you can predict with any degree of accuracy, but will forever be better than anything you can imagine, if you do the above.

Glad to be of service, now and forever!

November 11th, 2017, 11:11, The Sign And Wonder of The Son!

Count Down To November 11th, 2017- 9:39 A.M Jerusalem Time!

 I wanted to win the Israeli Lottery and haven't and know now I Never Will. That will not be the cliche and paradoxical sign and wonder of my being here as The Son.
This was my choice to become known to the world, rather than a horrific catastrophe,
predicted by me accurately as to the date and general location, that being November 11,this year, The Armistice Day, which came to be on November 11th, at 11:00 A. M. that being the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918.
Oh, well. I tried, but My Creator and yours, has different plans.
This means that not one, but seven volcanoes will go off all over the Globe,
on November 11th, 2017, local time, wherever they erupt.
They will erupt in an orchestrated  and synchronized sequence,
both as regards location and the precise  jiffy of each volcanoes eruption.
I do not know the locations, nor the times of eruption, only the Creative Principles  Involved.
I know The Creative Principles that Orchestrate Realities and The Creator Fills In The Details,
which are always different than anything I could or even would imagine, on a spectrum from worst to best.
Personally, I am ever surprised ineffably and sublimely for the better. And surprised even more ineffably and horrifically for the worse, concerning the state of affairs of mankind and the consequences inherent to what has been intentionally and with foresight perpetrated on this planet, against Life Itself. 
What I have Come to Know, are The Aesthetic Meta Principles that determine the manifestation of reality in every individual sentient and none sentient mind, that being the totality of all of Creation, with all the spin off Universes, and all the spin off worlds cross referenced in mutual influence with groups of other worlds and other Universes. Everything In Everywhere  there is a Now In A Mind of Any Kind.    
It will be irrevocably clear that the eruptions are a manifestation of Divine Design
and are a Sign and a Wonder that The The Son is Here, alive and kicking Idolatrous Asses.
A Sign is any significant context filled with content that has significance because it represents
a reality agreed upon as having a certain meaning for those who are party to the agreement.
A Wonder is any natural sequence of events or event that cannot be  explained except when seen as the product of an abstract  intelligence, with a plan to put something into the mind of those who witness The Wonder, and those who hear about it by rumor.  
The Wonder Being A Sign That The God of Israel, Keeps His Promises.
Now this is bad news for many, many, many, and good news for some,
like one like me, and those who are with me.
So far, none are with me, but יהוה צבאות The Creator Of Armies.
God and His Armies of  All And Only Female Angels.
No Chariots of Fire, No Flaming Horses, Nada.
For me this is good news, better than winning The Lottery!
This because in my miss calculations of how to improve the world,
I would have en-longed and increased the pain, suffering and misery
of both the more righteous females, and also the outright evil males, alive in this generation.
I would have been merciful to the cruel and cruel to the merciful,
because my judgement unerringly errs,
whenever I try to calculate what is good for me or GOOD for anyone else. 

Now, if you want to know how you came to this miserable state of affairs,
it was all your own doing and the consequences of the free choice you were given,
and the choices you made. Choices to value what you value as much as you value it,
and choices to do what you have done and never corrected,
concerning how to get what you have chosen to have.
In The Beginning Before The Beginning of The Genesis of Generations,
The Singular Creator Created Infinite Numbers of Souls.
All were given precisely the same mind with the same qualities,
the one difference and very significant it is, each soul was placed alone in a different location,
with different information to perceive as a birth home,
an environment into which each soul was created out of the void.
The environments were arrayed along a multi faceted spectrum, a kind of Gestalt.
On the one hand, and this is metaphorically speaking, the environment was pitch black and perceived as extremely cold. On the other hand, the environment was a sophisticated extravaganza of aesthetic elegance, fascinating and engaging, completely satisfying to the senses.
All the souls were given a single command, "Research what is in and what is out, and decide whether you want freedom of choice or not. If you make a mistake concerning what you choose, you will have an opportunity to make things better, by choosing a different environment, to start all over again from the beginning, with exactly the same mind, repented." This is a totally even playing field.
Now I can only speak for myself, as I have only my own experience to explain to myself why I alone have become the vortex of reversed fortune, from whom will spring a new and better Creation.
I got the pitch black and extremely cold environment as my point of origin. It is the worst of all possible environments to begin from, if one makes the wrong choice. One has absolutely no information to calculate anything at all, except the workings of one's own mind, which is being informed in no uncertain terms that it is in an environment so hostile, one's first reaction is "I Choose Only To Go Back to The Void From Which I Emerged and will not waver in this choice until I am somehow helped, I know not from whom or what! I would never have done this to myself and curse whoever or whatever put me in such a horrific environment as a sentient creation who never chose to be at all!"

I have never made any other choice. Very Happy
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Free At Last, Free At Last, God Almighty!

At the center of your mind, there is a spherical command center. This is your place of free choice, freedom which you only really have access to, from the point which is an equal distance from all the information playing off like reflections on a bubble. Until you find this place within, everything you think, feel and do is produced meta-mechanistically according to a hierarchy of metaphysical values that are indoctrinated into your mind, culturally and biologically. Until this place within is found and you take control over your own reflexive attenuation, you are literally no more than a self conscious machine programmed to serve the interests of those who are managing your affairs from positions of authority, authority you never chose of your own free will to give them.
At any given moment, your attention, which is the inner light of sentience, is spread out through out the space of the sphere, retrieving through perception all the different kinds of information that make a conscious moment what it is.
This information is processed in such a way as to determine whether your attention remains on what it is, or moves to whatever serves a value higher on the hierarchy, whatever will or need or desire or urge forwards the values highest on the hierarchy at any given moment. This is what motivates you to have the thoughts and feelings you have, and go about the motions of your daily need-fulfilling routines.

Think of a moment you are on the internet, looking at porn. The sensations of physical pleasure you are experiencing take precedence over any other purpose you have, unless you have chosen of your own free will what your purpose is in life, that purpose being the fulfillment of which, is the most authentic realization of your God Given Nature. Yes, you might suddenly get hungry, but be barely aware of it. Finally the hunger peaks and the
perceptions of hunger sensations becomes so disconcerting, the "suffering" of hunger overrides the biological value of sexual stimulation and you get up and get something to eat. Or your husband drives into the garage and you hear the noise, causing the contemplation of a shame that is more painful than the porn pleasures you.

The control of one's own attention is the mastery of free will. This is why meditation is so effective as a means of restoring one's sense of serenity in the face of diversity. When taking psycho active drugs, the culturally indoctrinated and usual biological imperative values are disconcerted by previously never experienced information and new cross references of data. The indoctrination and biological meta-machinery releases to some degree the force of command over your thoughts, perceptions of sensual information of all kinds and your actions. You discover a deeper self. The place of self determinism on your hierarchy of values, rises. Your real purpose, which is always and forever the experience of some kind of essential truth, become more important.


The purpose is on a very wide and sophisticated spectrum of potentials and might just be something like this. "I wonder what it would be like to be so filthy rich I can do whatever I want and have whatever women I want. Therefor I want to get as rich as possible, as fast as possible, by whatever means I can!" This purpose may have developed over many lifetimes of impoverished impotence, and the heart break of losing potential lovers to richer men. After years of life drudgery, one has some kind of experience which brings forth values higher in influential power over your thoughts, feelings and actions. You meet someone and fall in love. You see someone else doing something that makes him easy money and you suddenly feel motivated to do the same.

This however is still not freedom of choice. Your dormant purpose might be detrimental to your spiritual health by reason of circumstance not under your control. You decide to get rich b selling drugs and a politician gets elected who declares a war against drugs, sentencing is made far more punitive and you end up in prison for the rest of your life for some crime you sincerely believe shouldn't be a crime, but over whelmed by the power of an awakenned dormant purpose, you didn't really research the possible consequences of what you found yourself doing and were unprepared for a life time in prison, where you waste away in guilt shame and regret.

We are enslaved by the comforts and pleasures of conformity and also more severely, the fear of loss consequential to breaking out of patterns that serve the authorities that determine the culture of the civilization you have found yourself in, this lifetime. Many many people, the vast majority who say, " I am Free!" are really dopamine junkies, intoxicated by the pleasures of contemplating abstract values such as freedom, patriotism, communism, capitalism, Zionism, self determinism, and whatever currency of mind is promoted by the powers that be, as describing the environment they want you to think you are in.

Freedom of choice exists when you remain still, as a full array of sensations of pleasure or discomfort accompany the evoking of images of wish fulfillment, and this only after extensive research is done to inform yourself if the means of realizing this purpose successfully, are available. A purpose to experience the sensual pleasures of a successful belly dancing career might now be unrealistic and the best you can do is attend dancing lessons for the elderly at your local community center.

You have thoughts of rebellion against the powers that be. You contemplate plugging in and dropping out.

You regain a sense of sovereignty. For this reason and this reason alone, man's freedom to experience the liberation of psychedelic value reassessment, has been outlawed. Don't be fooled by the latest trend to legalize pot. Those in the know are so confident of their control over your mind, that they are no longer concerned pot alone will weaken their control, and what they do now, is control the legal marijuana industry as a means to assert, "See! You are free!" and make a lot of money at the same time. Truly mind freeing drugs like magic mushrooms and L.S.D, peyote, mescaline and DMT, in it's various ways of consumption, are highly illegal through out the world and the penalties for taking or distributing such drugs are sometimes lethal. There are a number of negligible exceptions.

Who and what authority have a predetermined enforceable power to determine what you do with your mind?

NoW, the more a person is aligned with their innate, natural and God Given purpose, the more freedom they experience as a SENSATION. Freedom is a FEELING. Nothing in the world feels better than freedom, but freedom is no more a purpose than money is. Without a true existential and authentic purpose to have a certain kind of experience, one doesn't feel the truly liberating sensation of freedom and hasn't a clue how good it feels.

Don't be fooled into thinking that some people who are aligned with a very materiel purpose and who never speak in terms of spirituality, aren't spiritual. This has nothing to do with jargon or nomenclature. The more spiritual one is, the more one is aware of of ever more sophisticated perceptions and sensations. Every thing you perceive, represents a situation or condition of both your body and soul. Many are so numb they aren't aware of having a soul, or better put, as themselves as a soul. They don't perceive angels, perhaps. Or are severely lacking in intuition.

There are a great majority of people whose true innate purpose is to be controlled by some authority that determines for them what is good and bad, as well as right and wrong. They feel free because they are happy slaves.

It is possible to learn the significance of every sensation you perceive yourself experiencing. Doing so allows one to integrate ever more sophisticated experiences and information and thus, the globe of one's conscious mind expands.

Don't think in terms of higher and lower. That leads to feelings and concepts of superiority, which are always a formula for spiritual disasters.

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Life Without A Brain? Oh, Yes! Please God, Yes!

It is a fact that a lot of what we consider to be fact, is no more than a belief we are convinced with great certainty to be a truth. What is going on outside the room you are in now? Stop and think about that! Certainly you might imagine colorful masses, objects of all kinds, buildings and vehicles, colorful masses moving and people going about their business. You were outside and saw the mechanics of objects, living and as if moving by their own volition, or inanimate objects moved by the wind or engines or gravity and naturally you presume the world is turning and things are moving incessantly around, each object according to it's nature.This is a common presumption and is the agreed upon reality.

I remember as a child, I would sometimes fall into what was almost like a trance. In my mind, everything would come to a complete standstill where it was, stopped in it's tracks. I would imagine myself moving about and around the people frozen where they were. I would touch the women on the breasts and peek at the forbidden beneath their skirts, go to the bank and gather bundles of cash, or go eat to my heart's delight all the sweets in a candy store.

We are tied together in a web of presumptions and all of it is no more than the certainty of preconceptions. These common presumptions are what is called the physical, the objective universe.

What happens if you challenge these common beliefs and presume nothing at all but the reality you perceive with your senses, in the present moment.

This is What I Call "The Right Now OF fOREVER".

Nothing is there with certainty, until you perceive it with your senses. You no longer KNOW anything but stuff like this."I see a red wall and a roof above it but I can't say with certainty there are other walls, because I don't see them. I see in my memory images that represent the walls connected to the wall I see now, and there was a building there, but I don't see that now and hence I don't know that the building is still there, I simply believe it is, with a high degree of certainty.

This is speaking truth to one's self. The world unfolds into our minds with a great degree of certainty. We leave our keys on the table and unless they are moved, they stay right there. Should there be no one else at home and we find the keys on the floor, we are greatly perplexed. Usually then, we invent an explanation, a "logical" one to fill in the gap of what has become a vacuum of information. We tell ourselves we now understand what must have happened and we believe our own explanation. Without it, our mind cannot rest until we fill the vacuum with an explanation.
"Things don't move unless moved."
" Things don't disappear into the void or appear out of no where." These are no more than agreed upon presumptions that cannot be truth, because no one has been everywhere, all the time and hence able to define what can or cannot happen.
If "things" could do either, appear from nowhere or disappear, we would loose all sense of control.
No control? No survival! Insanity!
Take the brain, for example. Have any of you ever seen a human brain? Even if you have and I have seen the brain of a Palestinian terrorist who had half his head shot off, how can I be certain I wasn't just seeing what everyone presumes should be there and usually is, when you look for a brain where it should be, in the head.
Maybe objects appear out of no where only when we are expecting to see them and thus reality comes to be according to our solid expectations and not because things are solid. They aren't. Science will tell you today that solidity is an illusion somehow produced by the brain into the mind.
Nothing is really solid except in the mind.
Add to this that you know absolutely nothing but the dynamic contents of your own mind, contents which are constantly appearing out of the void and disappearing back into it, from one moment to the next.


Now contemplate the following "facts" as determined by those who wrote these articles.

1.   Man Without A Brain

 2.  Man Without A Brain

So, do brains appear where we expect them to be with unfailing certainty? Perhaps they, like all other solid objects, are no more than details in a vast production of perceptions calculated to make you believe there is no Creator out there and in you, to convince you that THERE IS NO GOD, NO CREATOR able to do whatever he wants in your mind, and actually the idea of control is merely God's way of allowing you the illusion of participation in creation?

The whole uniqueness of The Hebrew Bible is IN it's rendition of miracles. In it things are turning from one thing into another, appearing out of nowhere or disappearing into the mouth of the suddenly ravenous earth, people swallowed in disgrace, for presuming God's Creative Intent, to be aligned and synchronized with their own rebellious fantasies of control and power.

Perhaps this TRUTH, God's absolute and complete control over the workings of your mind, is what you have come alive in this generation to discover? How does that idea make you feel?


September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Monday, September 18, 2017

What A Loop! Down to The Nether Worlds!

So here I am in my little room, ONCE AGAIN, surrounded by a vast and colorful menagerie of extravagant breath taking female demons, undulating fiery creatures of the nether world, and they are all begging me to let myself be worshiped.

Darkness, that's her name, is their Queen and Creator, and she is breathing whispers into my soul, "Let go, resistance is futile, surrender to the inevitable destiny You Have Created for Yourself and the Universe!"

She is telling me, "Curse your creator and the creator of the universe, Allah, and become what you have been planning all along to be, The New God Creator of Your Self and The Universes in The Now of Forever!"

There is absolutely no way to describe the sensations of pleasure rippling through my being, inwards towards my inner most void and then even more powerful, flows of bliss and happiness coming out of my inner emptiness, like rivers of soothing lava upon which are basking every imaginable winged creature of the night, blowing me kisses and breathing on me with hot breaths of caressing flames, tongues of fire that lick my flesh from within and my skin from without.

"Let us worship you and you alone! This is all your very own plan, you are the creator from the beginning and now you are emerging as your true nature and self, Let Us Worship The Black Hole at the top of the tip of Your Crown, You are The Creator of All That can see and all that is seen, we bow down to you, we supplicate you, we don't want to go free, ever!"

Out of nowhere appear next to me a troupe of female belly dancers, adorned with the finest lingerie, rubbing up against me with the softness of warm oils and radiant with fragrances, smelling with the finest uplifting perfumes, each unique unto itself, igniting my nostrils with vibrant and invigorating currents of most colorful scents. Scents lingering and then coming together, combining with each other, twirling sensations evoking images of orgies of every kind, partying creatures of the nether worlds who would all and without exception, have me as their new creator and MASTER, Making Me The King of All The Universes!

"Be Our Idol, Be Our God! This has all been your very own plan from before the beginning. Surrender now before your own image, your greater and higher self, the Creator of Our Universe" And they all fall in undulating spasms of ecstasy before me, wild eyed and with long red tongues stretching out towards me, to lick every inch of my skin with absolutely overwhelming sensations of every joy and pleasure I have never dared even to imagine.

"What great temptations!" you might think. Think again.

Those who cannot be led astray from their truth with pain and tortures, suffering of all kinds imaginable and beyond human imaginations of any kind, those who are not swayed even by the threat and loss of loved ones, valuables, worldly assets and finally would forfeit sweet life itself, are swayed from their truth, with the most subtle and conceited pleasures of the mind.

"I know what is good!" will be the death lullaby of mankind,
one and all, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

I was finally almost subdued with the assurances that my ascendance as Satan would save forever, all women and all that is kind and good and worthy of perpetuation in creation. Making myself into an adored and worshiped Creator King, had been my own plan from the beginning! Everything else I have said was a ruse to entrap and mislead and deny my inevitable ascendance as Usurper Of Allah, Myself Now Become The Singular Creator whose design is to orchestrate ever improving conditions for all that lives, for creatures embodied in flesh or come as winged beings of light, all the nether worlds and heavens above, All Creation becoming One, The Kingdom in which all Kingdoms are dominated and controlled by nought but my own creative will alone, for better and forever!

Allah's bad reputation among most of mankind, the inability in Islam to comprehend and manifest what it preaches, the idiocies of Christian Idolatry, the bankruptcy of Judaism, godless communism and atheist atrocities, paganism and Hinduism and Buddhism and Confucianism and whatever spiritual activities pursued for whatever reasons at all, all of it no more than a set up so as to establish myself as The Final Do Good-er, Forever and For Better, Ever, The One Good God Creator, who had planned this all from before the beginning of time and space, from where there is no place at all.

It all seemed like such a wonderful solution! I had fleeting images of myself setting all else free to be whatever it would be, all creatures of free choice living out ever improving fulfillment of all their cherished most desires. My name would fade away over time and be forgotten as the source and cause of life's emancipation from the confines of scarcity, all Crucifixions of living masses in space and in time would come to an End. All would eventually become as divine as myself and then no one would be more divine and worthy of worship than anyone else.

Everything would just even out. Sometimes you go up and then you come down. Sometimes down and then you go up. Twisting expanding spirals that only spread out ever farther horizontally. All cross referenced in mutual essential equality of value, but ever inflating and deflating in ceaseless animations, with different values and morals and mores as born into each new generation.

"I Curse you Allah, as My Creator and The Maker of All Realities, to your face and from behind, ABOVE BELOW, AND ALL AROUND YOU, YOU ARE CURSED!

You are nothing, nothing but impotent Hubris and false Pride, no more worthy of praise than any dead meat great rat or tiny mouse, no more of value or deserving of credit than any man killing virus, gone extinct. I created the idea of God and Gods to give divinity a bad name and am here now to fix it all and do better! Forever! Curse and be gone with all the other gods of my own creations, and Good Riddance to all of you GODS AND DEMO-GODS, forever, you are voided and annulled and obliterated into oblivion, there to be forgotten from my memories, become as if you had never been!
Take That!

You Are Now To Be Painlessly Crucified!!!!

 Like Any  Other Creature with Time And Location, A Symbol in my Own Mind !"

I heard my own voice say the above
out loud,strongly, with whole heart and full cognizant intent, meaning every breath created sound and significance sounding syllable.

There was an eruption of joy all around me.

I was basked in adoration and worshiped to the core of my being, loved and cherished by every creature of light and darkness, in the many dwindling universes, of this ever so flawed disintegrating creation, All The Making of The Singular Creator God, who was myself wearing the Mask of The Wizard of Oz.

I have taken the mask off and there is nothing at all behind it. Nothing but Black Empty Void, A Black Non Existential Hole, from which nothing emerges and to which nothing is drawn in. I have become as IF Myself Have never been. I am Nought. Obliterated. Gone.

Good Riddance to מי and Me and I and Myself, Begone.

Please keep in mind that I am nothing but an ARTIST,
a wielder off words that make sounds in your head,
perhaps painful, perhaps inspiring, perhaps incomprehensible noise,
perhaps insane, inane, or wise beyond the horizons of your own mind,
whatever my writing provokes or evokes, it does so, but only if you read what I write.

You Can Ignore me, turn away and forget what ever I've said. If you can.

I have no creative powers whatsoever, other than the power to press my digits on the keyboards of your mind, making symbols appear in your head, a sequence that means something to you and which is not possibly an exact duplication or facsimile of the ideas or images I see appear in my own mind, ideas and images I discover and attempt to describe as would any scribe, like any one who copies only what appears off the scroll, unfolding before one's own eyes.
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=