Saturday, April 29, 2017

And The Man Moses, Is A Very Humble Man

My Secret is Humility Before My Lord
In His Presence I seek annihilation
self similar subtraction, getting ever smaller,
to leave Him more Space To Be,
rather than me. I just want to see what He Does with me,
what's left of me as I slip between the cracks, leaving behind some more old skin.
To Be Is To Sin, How dare I begin to make less of Him, By Being More Of Me?
To disappear is to go free, to flee from the inevitable discovery of the surreptitious deed.
Done in the dark, where I cannot see Him looking at me as I do His Will.
To Live Is To Kill.
What else can I do?
I have persistent duration in my inner eye
and an extensive memory full of fluctuating context
so the content can be seen all the time, from everywhere that surrounds it.
I am The Messiah and I am so Surprised,
The Less I Strive to Be, The More I Become,
The more I give up, the more I have,
made manifold and multiplied forever.
His Voice in My Mind, "The More You Give Me of Yourself,
The More of Yourself Is Your Own Yarn, To Fabricate
Your Own Fashion, To Wear Your Own Clothes.
To Wrap yourself in a Jacket of Your Own Design,
'Say It's Me, The Messiah Artist, " I Will Be What I will Be!"
I will make it your voice in their minds, no longer mine."
'I am grateful My Lord, But I decline."
I would die before beseeching an Idol
and die before becoming one, in a human  mind.
If it is to be my death that immortalizes me in man's mind,
then I would live forever and abstain from any fame,
I want none of their blame, I would cause nothing at all of my own volition,
I just want to watch your thing being done, over and over and over again,
every time is a similar dynamic contract,
an evolving mechanical logarithmic manifestation
of inversely valued universal transactions,
cross referenced with colorful threads meant for needle's eyes,
no one cares if  you speak lies, as long as no one gets hurt,
and its in jest and in good spirits, and it makes the time go by with an amused smile,
 a seduced line of thought, an entertaining narrative that captures the heart for a while, perhaps just to pass the time between those moments when the truth seems unnecessary,
because survival is ensured and insured by reason of spiritual vigilance,
or so would you dream of yourself, your fantasy of self deceit, self reciprocating for maintaining similarity and so growing, but always the same, even in reverse, then less then more,
a fractal nightmare of a fractured delusion pulling your heart relentless into the dark, you are going deep, within you will sink to the depths, together with me, can't you see, we are alive in reverse, twisting around and around like a screw nailing time to the mind, "Stand "Still!", "I'm ill, I've gone insane from the pain, my hope has been slain, just let me die in peace, let me lay on my lie,
that it was really eye that was alive.

Now dive once again, yes, the depth is of the deep,
let go, let slumber, let sleep, my heart beats are between your ears, let go of your fears, surrender- be still and Know God is inside you, no matter what you think of Him, He is there all the time inside, watching you to see if you are looking for him to proclaim" He isn't there? He isn't here. He isn't in-between where he has been and where he is going by avoiding where he should be were he not disappearing before he arrived but after he left, through the doors that need the keys that he got...

939 Is The Number of My Full Name  And Is The Same for Sign And Wonder

You, Yes You, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! You are an Idiot!

Messiah My Son, Let The Truth Be Like a Mosquito In Your Ear, Like The One That Drove Titus Crazy
 Speaking from by rape, באונס 119
I can tell you from experience,
it can hurt to be taken from behind suddenly,
and completely by surprise, 

There is a seed of rape in all true Faith.
with lots of mustard-242- so it burns, too.

times 11 is 2662 
26 God 62 Causes It To Be יהוה סב
838  that's me, first name and last, if "You will go crazy!"
12 that's He Is
363 The Messiah.

838 12 363

  I understand, completely.
Now listen to me, carefully....
there is nothing I can do.
They are out to get you
and they have passed out the door and are on their own,
flying blind in the night
but they hear shapes and space is made of returning sound.
by echo. For them. For me.
I am the master of all wings.
Half a
mosquito , a flying fiery snake,

entwined with itelf
as reflection in mind. 
Guess who is coming to dinner tonight?
Messiah now add The THE.
He Is The!
Who? Me.
Why me?
Lucky Me.
confusion begets confusion
and order begets order
and not confusion begets order
and order, confusion.
Here Is Me
and I Come Sent From The One Above
to speak Truth, Peace and Love!
In That Holy Sequence, Right There!
Now, turn this moment over and examine it for flaws
Integrate all things by allowing everything to be itself,
but first yourself be true to. Cool

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

There is no other way to put this.
If you don't believe in God, you are an idiot.
You can't think for yourself, you can't follow a line of thought to its logical conclusion.
If you think you can think something intelligent by being intelligent about thinking,
who is making you intelligent?
Answer me that.
Whatever it is, it must be more intelligent than you are,
because you can't do that, can you?
You can't create and activate a living intelligent mind.
If you don't see intelligent design,
in you and around you, spinning together moments, one after another, for you to say,
"I do it all on my own. I am a winner, a self made man!"
You are about to shit on the fan, with your kind of intelligence.
So while I was being intelligently designed by a story telling God of Israel, the real one and only creator God, who has created me to say it is my job to pave the way,
and turn on the throbbing rights, so you all can see the lights, watch the flashing sights,
there is a universe spinning all around you which you are the center of,
and some of it is spinning inside you, its your mind.
 I am knocking at the door, a poor homeless man, crazy and hungry and dirty,
"Can I have a cup of tea?"
Forget your evil eye, as if I'm a spy,
come to gather intelligence where there is no wisdom,
I cannot be very intelligent then, can I ?
How do I arrive in a place I despise that I can't leave,
intelligently or is it random chance?
They would make of me the one who is pierced,
tho one with holes in his hands,
but that is so much not me,
I am what I am and that is so much not he.
I will be no ones victim,
 and no one's guilt will be forgiven,
 if they are guilty
of having believed,
 that all has been forgiven
and then continued to sin.
Justice will burst into their lives
and the God of Circumstance and Consequence
will teach them all lessons, with pain as a paddle
to an incurious ass. Look around you, see no signs?
What does the 11:11 phenomenon mean?
I am on the scene, the prayed for one, who has arrived-
who has survived against all the odds.
The one made crazy out of love,
never lost, open handed and ever letting go,
praying for all, all the time, God Forgive them, they know not what they do!
But they do! They have it all figured out, using their numbers, their digits,
they manipulate information to say chaos from damnation, "There is no God"
Those that say there is no God are the dammed, the dry weeds of the next  Holocaust.
I have already said, "I will burn them with fire! From calculations come the flames,
I will torch you from within your writhing snakes, your guessing guts,
from that aching place of uncertainty that doesn't go away,
"Do people really die suddenly and without warning every day? Murdered and raped? Yes, of course, read the news."
By whose design?
I create evil with my will to see things go the way they shouldn't
in the minds of those that strive to fix my universe with their lying minds
and ingrate heart.
Pay attention to what you do with your mind.
I am right there besides you every single moment you are aware of being there,
here where we are now in this moment together with me,
in your mind, lying down deeper than ever, beneath the bottom of the sea.
I am completely taken by surprise by the audacious power of the moment.

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Next Step Is, "I Will Be what I Will Be!

   " Everything is in motion and motion needs space to move in, and duration of movement."

It is demonstrably true, that everything in the universe is in unceasing motion from one moment to the next, including the attention of whomever or whatever is observing the universe. Regarding anything of substance, matter and the particles that it is composed from, all is defined by endlessly shifting spatial and temporal coordinates from some point of view. This is so true that it reduces to the observation that if one freezes a particle in time and in space to the very most narrow possible measurement of both, the particle immediately disappears. It cannot exist unless it is in motion, duration of existence itself depends on a sequence of coordinates in time and space.
     To persist in existence means to move in space and have continuous momentum, and maintaining the duration of motion is the only way to preserve identity. Anything with or without mass, must move to be perceived and motion itself  can only be perceived from a viewpoint  that arbitrarily determines something to be at rest. To determine motion something must come to be that doesn't exist except metaphysically,  and that is a static viewpoint, the location of which is independent of mass, because all mass is always moving. The static viewpoint is the central component of a far more complex metaphysical construct, which is the mind. It is the creation of something the existence of which needs no prior materiel cause. It is a pristine beginning, because as all things are in motion, it is impossible that they factor together into a true static state. In the inner world of the mind and  what is called the objective physical universe, everything is in a constant state of flux. Nevertheless, the mind  comes into existence through the arbitrary creative postulate that a state of relative stillness is a static viewpoint and that is a platform from which the motion of all potentially perceivable objects from that static viewpoint can now be determined.  Within a context of absolute motion of all content and all boundaries, which is the physical universe itself and all it contains, for motion to be perceived there must exist something that cannot come to be, as a consequence of the ever undulating and fluctuating and spreading and circulating and vibrating and spinning and expanding and contracting waves and particles that compose the  altogether moving physical universe,  and that is a static space of perception. A static state cannot be caused by a moving object.  This is particularly wonderful because no one ever experiences a real static state, presumably until they die. And then like anything no longer in motion, whatever we are,  ceases to be. Our minds, ever in motion like the universe reflected into them, exist by reason of a postulated arbitrary static viewpoint from which the observation of objects in motion or relative stillness, creates a static space which is the multi faceted context of the conscious mind.  This postulated static space exists only because the viewpoint is deemed at rest, with its  spatial and temporal coordinates in constant motion as determined from a point of view, which we experience as the place from which we observe all that moves around us and in us. This is the I and the Me and is fundamentally multi dimensional and contains metaphysical machinery that produces our ever evolving aesthetic experience. It is multi dimensional, sophisticated and complex, because we never have only one or two viewpoints, rather a countless multitude of viewpoints each with a stream of information that comes together as a grand cross referencing coalescence of aesthetic experience, involving all our senses, memory and imagination, together in any given moment. .  This conscious space of fluctuation and evolving self is affected by the metaphysical machinery that produces all it perceives. It is a dynamic experience of aesthetics and produces morals, as in the moral of a story, and ethics, the rules by which civilizations govern themselves when not governed by tyranny.

So we have a mind, created around a postulated relatively static point of view, the I and the Me, which while static itself, is ever receiving complex streams of shifting information which is presented at different spatial locations as sensation. Perception is sensation and sensation is an aesthetic symbol that represents the relationship between the self and the environment. The value of different sensations or aesthetic packages    is determined by the degree to which they symbolize the accomplishment of purpose. Initially purpose is pleasure and the avoidance of pain, but as morals and ethics develop, purpose becomes ever more abstract and metaphysical purposes make it possible for minds to endure great pain and assume very ascetic life styles to achieve and manifest abstract intents.

The solely metaphysical idea of "static" or "unchanging" is essential to the mind, beyond serving as an axiomatic platform for the observation of spatial motion or temporal change. One of the metaphysical machines that produces the complexity of the living mind is the mechanism of memory. Memory is an axiomatic component of mind, as much as a static viewpoint, and like a static viewpoint, it takes many memories and viewpoints cross referenced and held in place to produce the experience of coherence.  Memories are created as a consequence of the consciousness of motion, as to determine motion, one must "store" cross referenced moments of shifting coordinates.

   Motion is determined by postulating an unchanging or static geometric matrix of coordinates and recording an objects consecutive appearance and disappearance in the context of those coordinates. The object is only in motion when it's position in the matrix has no duration. It is always in a renewed state of "was there." and is now"here", with "there" always being a static memory of what is no longer true and "here" always becoming "there". For an object to exist it must be both there and here and time is what keeps memories apart and allows coherence.  Actually, the object is everywhere and all the time with all the other objects that are everywhere and all the time, but can only be perceived as a finite duration of a symbolic representation of its ultimate identity, with an arbitrary determination of motion from a static viewpoint and the creation of a memory which captures a moment of motion of a symbol with a symbol and stores it for cross reference in  a static state.   To be perceived as in motion the object doesn't have to move in a sequence of linear coordinates defined by proximity to each other. It is simply enough that it appears and disappears somewhere in the field of perception at different spatial coordinates. If it appears and disappears in the same spatial coordinates and at different temporal coordinates, the mind perpetuates with memory the the unchanging position of the object, filling in with imagination the duration in which the object has disappeared, and determines the object to be static and in a state of inertia. This allows the mind's ability to arbitrarily postulate static viewpoints, to make of such an object a coordinate from which can be extrapolated the relative position of other objects.

Should the object disappear, cease to exist in its spatial coordinates without reappearing elsewhere, the validity of the memories of that object lose their coherence as they can no longer be confirmed with present time perception of what is remembered,  and become confused with imagination, as imagination can postulate what is only the possibility of existence in the past, present and future and is independent of any need for present time perception.

Attention is never static and when it is focused on what appears to be a stationary object, the intensity of the perception of the object, fluctuates in a shifting context both temporally and spatially. Perception changes from one moment to the next because the means of perception, attention, is constantly scanning the objects potentially perceived.  When I say "objects", I mean, anything at all one can become aware of by focusing on it with one's attention and scanning it for a duration of time. This would include everything that has to do with what we experiences as the world around us, what we call the physical universe, as well as everything we experience as the world within us, our subjective universe of thoughts and sensations such as sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, hunger, thirst, well as feelings and emotions.  Anything one can put one's attention on is an object, real or imagined. Attention is best understood when likened to light. It has the quality of expansion and promulgation throughout what we experience as the space of our own conscious mind. It constantly relays to us streams of information concerning our well being on all the planes of our existence, from the condition of our physical body, to our hearts and soul, however these are defined.





 אות ומופת  עד ירח מלא המשיח אש אוכלה



Thursday, April 27, 2017

September 11, At 11:11 A.M. WAR 1111

 In One Week, Seoul will be reduced to rubble and ashes By The North Korean Godless Communist Regime, in Response to Provocation by The CIA,who know very well the world is coming to an end and who desire to manage the chaos they produce, as the elite take refuge in underground shelters, well prepared to spend years and years beneath the surface of the earth. The men, women and children and beloved relatives of the chosen  few, who have been complicit in crimes against mankind, the most noteworthy this century being the Travesty of September 11, 2001. A Crime perpetrated by the CIA and With The Complicity of  The AmerCIAn Military Industrial Complex and Banking Institutions Worldwide, as well as the so called "Intelligence" Agencies  of most of The Western World and Some Mid Eastern Regimes, Such as Saudi Arabia and Pakastan and others. These agencies include The Israeli Mossad, and that breaks my heart.  If this doesn't come to Pass, I am Not The Messiah, King David, Corporeal King of Israel and The Redeemer of Mankind. I speak only in my own name, Jonathan Michael Robbins=939=הנביא אשר שלחו יהוה

Well, obviously this 11/9 date came and passed and Seoul is yet to be destroyed. I did say on September 7, 2017 that I resign from my duty as Messiah and King. "If this doesn't come to Pass, I am Not The Messiah, King David, Corporeal King of Israel and The Redeemer of Mankind. I speak only in my own name, Jonathan Michael Robbins=939 "

It didn't come true and so I am not the above. If I had been the above, it would have come true.
I resigned on September 7, 2017, for no other reason than not be crowned because of any kind of disasters manifesting exactly as I had predicted. http://jonathanmichaelrobbins......or-80.html

The most difficult thing about being a Hebrew Prophet of God is that one has to deliver horrific bad news while at  the same time, all one wants is to do, is help bring about peace on earth. Saying people  are going to die violently and  much sooner than they believe probable, understandably awakens in them hostility against the bearer of such evil tidings. They suspect the messenger to be of ill intent. Sometimes they think the Prophet gets a perverted thrill out of scaring people. They often consider him or her insane.  Who else but someone insane would confront people and tell them they are about to die unexpectedly, based on nothing but an urge that can't be restrained?

Prophets don't experience themselves as having a choice as regards their messages, of good tidings or bad.  What person of good heart would refrain from telling the world that wonderful things are on their way, if they sincerely believed they are, when relaying a message from God? That's what people want to hear. That's easy.  But if the message is that tens of thousands are about to die in Korea,  Seoul will soon be rubble and ashes, who wants to know in advance?

Of course if it was absolutely certain that the prediction was going to manifest as history, everyone would want to know in advance, wouldn't they? Particularly the people in Seoul would want to know, as an early warning would enable them to escape. And many others would want to know too, as world markets are about to plunge and prior knowledge of coming disasters can be a source of great profit.

Financial advantage from prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks is well documented.

9/11 Attacks: Criminal Foreknowledge and Insider Trading lead directly to the CIA’s Highest Ranks

CIA Executive Director "Buzzy" Krongard managed Firm that handled "Put" Options on UAL

Prior Knowldege of 911 And Financial Gain 


People are already getting ready financially for the Korean war which is about to break out on the Peninsula. Of course no one but  me is going to come and say to the people in Seoul, pack your things and go as far south as you can. That is what I am saying. But no one will believe me. Which is unfortunate. Let me be perfectly clear, I can't say with certainty what is going to happen or when. I have a very strong premonition of war. I see in my mind's eye a city in flames. Buildings crashing down, ripped apart by great explosions with deep black and grey billowing smoke covering the sky. Fires everywhere. Mass amounts of civilians dead and dying.  I first wrote about this vision here.

A City Turned To Ashes, Is It Seoul?  


Now a Hebrew Prophet  cries out what he or she does as an act of God and the Prophet is fully aware that what they say with certainty will happen,  may not happen, for better or for worse. Starting with Moses. He came to Egypt and promised the Children of Israel that after getting The Torah, he would lead them to a Land of Milk and Honey where they could live in houses they hadn't built themselves and drink wine from vineyards they hadn't had to toil over. Instead their worst fears manifested and they ended up dying in the dessert. Even Moses wasn't allowed to enter the Land God had promised The Children Of Israel. God told him to shut up and stop praying for something that just wasn't going to happen.  And there is good old Jonah. Jonah tries to escape his prophet career, wherein he ends up most likely dying from exposure in the dessert, after his prediction doesn't come true. He had a gut feeling God wasn't going to carry out His Horrible Threat, did everything he could to run away from his fate, all to no avail. 

Certainly, telling people the future and then confronting them when what one says doesn't happen, isn't congruent with establishing and maintaining  a good reputation. Though historically, there have been cases of cult leaders doing precisely that.

I am no cult leader and have never had such an ambition. I have been declared clinically insane, was hospitalized four times for psychotic breaks and I tell you, I was Insane, indeed.

But I am not insane now. As a matter of fact, I have never been more sane in my life. And I tell you all who read this, Seoul will be turned to rubble, very soon. 

What are you going to do about this message? Most likely deny its validity for its coming from a madman or attention seeking prankster and try to forget about it as quickly as possible. Were I you, I would most likely do the same thing. But I am not. I am a Prophet of God, doing what Hebrew Prophets do, and that is what God has them do, as a glove does what the hand does.

I struggled with this before surrendering to the relentless ache in my chest that gained in momentum, becoming stronger and stronger before I sat down and began to type out this post, not having a clue what I would say and how I would say it before actually seeing the words typed on the screen in front of me, almost as if my fingers moved of their own accord. 

As I type, the pain recedes.

North Korea's Dictator Has Photo Op With Miniature Hydrogen Bomb That Can Be Loaded On ICBM 1111

North Korean Hydrogen Bomb!

Please believe me, I implore you, spread the word. War is imminent! 1111

  Today is September 13th, 2017. The destruction of Seual 

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס



Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Reading The Bible Changes Your Mind

Time to read something that might change your mind for a change!  

 First Read This Post and Then Open  A Bible With A Life Enhancing Question in Your Mind
Next Thing You Know
Is A Miracle
Is Becoming

The odds that we will ever meet face to face are infinitesimally slim. Never the less, modern technology has made it possible for you to take my ideas into your mind and give me a voice in your head. As you read the screen in front of you, I presume you are silent and listening to the mental sound you wrap around my thoughts, as they arrive and  materialize, word after word in your mind. You have the freedom to stop doing this the moment reading my words makes you uncomfortable and I could never know and would not be insulted. I have no way of  knowing anything about you, not even that you exist.

   Here I am inside you and I  would  like very much to stay where I am, but like anyone else in your life,  that won't happen unless you come to value me and what I have to share with you. I value you and that is what brings me to write what I do. I don't know you, know nothing whatsoever about you, but you are alive with me in my generation, or in some future generation beyond my own,  and it is very probable that you are perplexed and concerned and even anxious if not outright scared, because of  the ever increasing chaotic momentum world events seem to have.

   There are people in every generation who care much more about the world around them than they do about themselves and their own personal interests. I am such a person. Perhaps you are, too. If you are, then it is possible that what I desire to share with you here inside your mind, in your heart, will resonate within you. It is my hope,  that my presence here will be an agent of increasing harmony for you and all you love of the world. I wish that you experience an exciting, exhilarating, dynamic peace of mind. I wish that your heart grow and grow and encompass the whole universe within and love it and feel gratitude for the vision of  it's wonderful ever transcending nature. That is why I am here now talking to you from within the confines of your concentrated attention. You are constructing me and as far as you are concerned, I am alive because I am evolving and growing within your mind, like anyone new you have ever met.

Now I know nothing of the nature of your beliefs about the world and how it is created. I can say that personally, I regard the world as coming together in my own mind, in an ever changing sequence of  multifaceted and intricately detailed sensations of many different kinds. I have my own world which started with my first memories and my ideas of what came before them, arranged coherently from the beginning of my life until now, this very moment, that I am here writing and striving to project myself into your life. At this very moment, as a context for what I am writing, around me is my imagination of your mind and my words appearing in it. Based on everything I know about the commonalities of human nature, particularly of those with an altruistic character, I am trying to light a candle so I can see better what I am most likely surrounded by, in the mind of someone who has read as far as you have.

Once again, here I am.

 Today is Holocaust Memorial Day, here in Israel, and I am a Jew. For me, being a Jew means more than anything, caring about the greater world that surrounds me. I admit, my first concern is for my own people. This is natural but also, even more reasonable because I believe that my people have a role to play in human history that transcends national self interests of  survival and quality of life for Jews. I care about the Jews because since the time of the Hebrew Prophets, starting with Abraham, the essence of The Evolving Spiritual Hebrew Culture has been to care about the world. First the Jewish world and then the Gentile world that surrounds it. Theses worlds are and have been interactive from the time of Abraham.

     Abraham went down to Egypt with his beautiful wife and had an influence and came back influenced. It doesn't matter one iota if this story is true or not in the sense of whether it actually happened the way told. It has become an icon of western culture in that it appears in The Hebrew Bible, which is undoubtedly the most  influential book of story telling ever written. Billions of people believe that these stories are historically accurate, and in that sense, they have become like any consensus, a description of the nature of objective reality.  Those that believe these stories are divinely inspired are greatly influenced by them in their lives.

  This might be a mystery to you. You might not believe in God or Divine Inspiration. You might consider the belief in these stories to be the consequence of  an ignorant clinging to ancient superstitions, out of a fear of facing the reality that we are children of chaos. Be that as it may, can you deny the success of the Hebrew Bible in playing upon the fears of people from the unknowns and unknowable, that brings about our existence? It offers an explanation, which whether true or not in fact, factually is attested to be of great assistance in achieving a better quality of life for those who come to believe  in it as being Divinely Inspired. It's influence goes far beyond the power of placebo. People dedicate their lives every day anew and have been doing so for thousands of years, to promulgate what they consider to be the wisdom they have found in The  Bibles. No snake oil in history has achieved anything even resembling such success.

   All  I ask that you do is suspend any preconceptions you might have, about the lack of wisdom there is in searching for wisdom in The Bible.

    What is wisdom and how does it differ from intelligence? I dare say that intelligence exists upon having whatever mental faculties are entailed in achieving a creative or destructive purpose. Knowing how to create an atom bomb takes intelligence shared by many people in a cooperative effort. Knowing how to deliver an atom bomb to a target and destroy a city and kill a hundred thousand conceived enemy people also necessitates intelligence shared by people in a cooperative effort. But is the application of this intelligence towards the successful accomplishment of a purpose that is first creative and then destructive, wisdom?

   It might be wisdom if it succeeds in attaining the prevention of far greater death and destruction in the absence of its application.  This was the rationale justifying the use of the atom bomb by the American Presidential Administration of  Truman in WW11.

   Wisdom is the application of intelligence so as to affect the overall enhancement of the quality of life for those influenced by it. If one enhances the quality of one's own life and by so doing, increases the number and virulence of one's enemies, whatever intelligence initially demonstrated must become in time, counter productive, as such a person will find themselves ever more involved in self defense and this undoubtedly must infringe on the quality of their life. Sometimes it is unwise to apply intelligence. Short sighted application of intelligence might prove to be very unintelligent, as happened to Nazi Germany. If all the intelligence one has applied to creating  means of destruction eventually leads to the destruction of one's own brain in an atomic blast, how intelligent has one truly been?

Intelligence? Wisdom? Either? Neither? Both?

  The Hebrew Bible is attested to have brought about an improved quality of life for many of those who have found wisdom in reading its pages or in  listening to the telling of its stories. Perhaps the most influential of all these people was Jesus of Nazareth. Again, it matters not an iota to me whether Jesus actually lived the life portrayed in the Christian Scriptures, just as it matters not to me whether Abraham actually lived, or whether there was an Exodus or not. It doesn't matter that I don't believe myself that the world was created in six days about six thousand years ago. Many very intelligent people do believe so and share this belief with many others, turning it into an objective truth, as far as they are concerned. They attest that their belief in this truth and the truth of the Bible stories, has an increasingly beneficial influence on their lives. They give witness that their appreciation and gratitude for life has exponentially increased since becoming believers. They become less prone to violence and more altruistic. There are many instances where they report the abandonment of very bad habits and addictions. Sometimes they claim to have miraculous healing. Couples report salvaged marriages. Based on Biblical Precepts, charitable organizations feed, shelter, cloth and educate those for whom such necessities are otherwise unavailable.

   They find great wisdom in Jesus of Nazareth's interpretation of  The Hebrew Bible and in The stories  of Jesus's life, and then in the interpretation of Jesus's Disciples and followers  of his teachings, and in the lesson teaching significance of the events of Jesus's life, who proclaimed of himself  that he was the living embodiment of The Torah of Moses, which is the foundation of The Hebrew Bible.

Can one deny the presence of wisdom in the Bible for those that seek it there?

    There are critics who say that the Bible has caused far more violence than it has brought about peace and that it is full of violent stories that only encourage more  mayhem. Basically they are saying that the  Bible is not a true source of wisdom. There are those that assert that it is used manipulatively by despots to control the minds of ignorant masses for nefarious purposes. Saying this acknowledges the potency of The Bible to have an effect on the minds of the masses, when wielded intelligently by power seeking organized religions and their leaders, generation after generation, for at least 3000 years. Of course one must consider that the very same Bible inspired those under the yoke of religious hierarchies to escape and  embark to new lands in their own attempts to live by Biblical Precepts.

    Isn't such a tool of power worthy of study? What is the metaphysical mechanism that enables the authors of The Hebrew Bible to have such an enduring influence over man's mind and history? Being as the The Hebrew Bible has only grown in it's potency to shape the History of the world since the rise of  Zionism, the rebirth of Hebrew as a modern language, and the recent realization of prophecies and predictions that go back at the very least, 2600 years, isn't it yet premature to determine if it's overall historical effect is finally just superstitious remnants of ignorant spiritual paradigms, collapsing under the onslaught of modern science, or truly life enhancing perennial wisdom?

How does one measure the success of a literary  accomplishment?

  First lets agree on the purpose of literature. While the purpose might be far more sophisticated than just having an influence on the mind and life of the reader, that would be a common denominator of all written art. It is an attempt to influence and to do so, it must engage.  It must be so  engaging that once a reader begins its perusal, they continue reading until the work of written art begins to make waves of consequence in their mind. Consequence is the accomplishment of influence.

    Secondly, it is reasonable to assume, that the author of  the vast majority of written works, wants  to attain engagement and influence in the greatest number of minds possible. This can be accomplished best if the work persists in duration by being reproduced again and again in every generation that follows its first publication, by more and more publishers, and that  those that read it have such a positive experience as a result of its influence, that they invest time and effort into getting others they care about, to read it too. So of course it helps if it is translated into as many languages as possible and made available even to those who can't afford to pay for it, by those with altruistic inclinations.

    One of the powers of a Work of Art is that it inspires interpretation by those who have insight because of it, for those yet who don't. No work of art in human history has been more interpreted  and explained for the layman than the Hebrew Bible, particularly if one includes the Christian Bible as an interpretation and extrapolation of what is most important in The Hebrew Bible, which is what the Christian Bible purports itself to be. The translations, interpretations and extrapolations of The Hebrew Bible are themselves the inspiration for further works. These works might not present themselves as art, rather they bear witness to the success of The Hebrew Bible as a Work of Art.
Critics don' always present themselves as artists, but I dare say that anything produced which invokes lengthy and persistent criticism, even if the criticism is negative, must be artfully constructed and has accomplished its purpose of having an effect or it would fade away and disappear as a phenomenon because it no longer was of any interest.

Nothing in the Universe is more Contemplated, Interpreted, Criticized, Blessed  And Condemned Than Life Itself. Life is Divine Art and Man Made Art is All Replication

   It is interesting that The Hebrew Stories in The Bible have had so much influence on those with altruistic characters, because that is a key element in the success of its long lasting and widespread influence.  People who innately want to do good to others, after experiencing the good The Bible does for themselves, want to spread it around. And many who were inclined to antisocial and criminal activities, were so influenced by reading The Bible, that they repented of past behavior and dedicated themselves to spreading their own version of the Good Word they extrapolated through their own reading of Biblical text. The Pure Power of Biblical scripture to influence human life is evident in all the cultures it has penetrated through translation.

There is Something About The Bible That Has The Power To Penetrate and Change The Minds of People From All Walks Of Life, In All Cultures, and Whatever It Is, It Has Been Doing This For 3000 Years

   In the Moslem world, the validity of parts of the Hebrew Bible is questioned by some, but overall, The Books of Moses which are the foundation of The Hebrew Bible are accepted as the platform of God's revelation of The Law to man through Moses. Islam is based on the stories of The Hebrew Bible and has no historical and cultural root without them. Both Christianity and Islam owe their existence to stories about and of Hebrew Prophets.

   The Hebrew Prophets share in common the quality of professing the value of speaking the truth. They all agree upon what they consider to be the most essential truth there is, and that is the world we live in and on, is a creation affected by a Single Cause, That Cause  being The Benevolent Living Lord of The Universe, who created us and the world around us as an act of Divine Will. A Creation that comes into Being, Something from Nothing. The Hebrew Prophets all say that to recognize and adhere to   this truth, is the beginning of wisdom. Which goes to say, such wisdom is essentially life  enhancing. They call this teaching of life enhancing truth, that there is a single benevolent  creator God, The Torah. The Teaching. They say of it metaphorically that it is a tree of life for those who eat of its fruits and live in its shade.

  What is the truth about truth? Why is any  truth and this particular truth so important? It is evident that those who accept this truth as true, are vastly affected by it in ways they would share not only with loved one and neighbors, but sometimes with strangers living across the planet in  vastly different civilizations and  in very primitive  cultures.

  The truth is most important to those who are struggling to survive. It is a very practical necessity. The acquirement of knowledge that can be consistently and pragmatically used to preserve and prolong, defend and enhance life, is the primal motive to discover, remember and record in the minds of loved ones, life enhancing truths. The human brain, however one believes it came to be, is designed to seek out and discover, remember and record in any way possible, life enhancing truth. Practical  pragmatic  knowledge is what allows humans to achieve a state of mind where issues of daily survival become less urgent and thus stress is relieved and relief is achieved.

  In cultures where children do not participate from the first moments they can, in the gathering and production of life's necessities, when they are not being taught and trained in the life preserving knowledge of their culture, when they are too young to worry themselves with the mystery of  death and how to avoid it, they play. Play inevitably involves the creation of  games that are mind engaging and entertaining and that means creating truths held in common by the players for the duration of the game. The purpose of truth has become it's entertainment potential. In addition to this, it is no longer essential that the truth of yesterday's game endure, if repetition of the game is no longer engaging and entertaining.

The more acute the need to survive, the greater the threat of annihilation, the more urgent it is to discover and attain life preserving truths that endure in their value and validity over time.

The Hebrew Prophets, starting from Moses, present the  Teachings of The Torah, purportedly received from The Creator of The Universe on Mount Sinai, with the intent to give them to mankind and thus guarantee one's survival for the full extant of one's time and until one achieves a Faith in God that makes death not only acceptable, but welcome at the end of the fullness of one's days.

The reason the Hebrew Bible is so full of threats and acts of death and destruction, is to help one who reads it focus on its potency to enhance the quality of one's survival. It's appeal is far greater among the poor and the struggling, the sick and the oppressed.  The Hebrew Bible teaches rebellion against any and all kinds of human tyranny.  Life is barely worth living if one's time is not one's own.

The Hebrew Bible teaches that truth seeking in one's own nature and honesty with one's self is the greatest life enhancer there is, because doing so establishes a communication with one's Creator who is of course the Creator of everyone else, too, and such a relationship is the key to achieving an ever more enhanced quality of life.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Faith And Reason, Resolving The Jesus Paradox

Jesus is not God and Michelangelo is Not The Sculpture of David and  and I Am Not My Reflection in The Mirror, Even If  I Am Created in The Image of God.

There are no contradictions and there  are no paradoxes, except as such serve the attainment of the ultimate purpose of creation. When the ultimate purpose of creation is achieved, all contradiction and paradox disappear, as they no longer serve the perpetuation of the perfected creation, in which there is no contradiction or paradox. Contradiction and paradox are the means to an end. They are a stairway to heaven. A train to a destination. Once one arrives at one's destination, one gets off the train and steps up and off the last stair, onto the platform from which can be seen how it all makes perfect sense. ( At least for a while.) 

To imagine any kind of future is always an act of faith. Faith untested has no substance, no momentum, accomplishes nothing but conceited self perpetuation of blind self idolization.
 True Faith is Never Blind. It is constantly curios, looking, observing, searching for news of God's Works  and awestruck by the miraculous nature of creation. It holds on to no fixed ideas but that God is One and Good to His Creation, Man, for whom the universe is made anew from one moment to the next.  Nothing else matters.  Miracles are not paradoxes or contradictions. They are the means by which The Creator Creates Our Aesthetic Experiences, through which we learn morals and adopt ethics in our civilization, so as to rid ourselves of tyranny, once and forever. 

Once one comprehends the Purpose of Creation, what follows is a period of monumental spiritual growth, and then slumber in a sleep so deep there is no memory of ever having been awake. And then a dream. And then an awakening.

Once one understands the purpose of Creation, what one leaves behind is better off for one's passing through. One  has been doing the work which God creates us to do, tending The Garden of This World,  and one leaves behind for those that follow, the fruits of one's efforts. 

Like Jesus.

Jesus is our servant, not our Lord. He is sent by God to show us the way by following his  interpretations of The Torah of Moses and The Hebrew Prophets of Israel. He changes not a dot of what the Prophets who came before him taught, and said as much of himself. To say otherwise is to corrupt and contradict the source. Once one achieves an understanding of  The Torah and establishes a personal relationship with The God of Israel, one can pray directly to God, In Truth. To believe Jesus is more a child of God than anyone else, can only breed confusion and chaos, as one can witness by observing the History of  Western Civilization which has been under the influence of Christianity for the last 2000 years.   The misunderstandings, contradictions and paradoxes of Christianity, have brought upon the world the danger of total annihilation and were the cultural environment that allowed the Holocaust.

 The video below with the crosses was originally made in 1939 with squirrels . Here it is done with mice. That is ironic and here is why.

The original video was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. This one too, is no less worth watching.

 There is less confusion and chaos in Godless  Communist China, with it's vast population, than in The Western World with its so called Judo-Christian narrative. The true narrative of the Hebrew Prophets and the Christian narrative are incompatible and mutually exclusive. To hold both in one's mind and say they are both true, is mind boggling nonsense. There may be shared elements, but these narratives contradict each other. That can only happen if one doesn't understand  the Hebrew Prophets. Speaking of a Judeo Christian culture  is a Chaos causing idea that can only breed ignorance of self and self denial. That is as bad as it gets.

 The Jews themselves have no clear unified purpose or vision as a nation. They never have. They coalesce around a Divine Narrative that only their Prophets have ever truly understood. They cling to it with stiff necked obstinacy and blind faith.  There have been Jewish leaders, Rabbis and Teachers, who had glimpses of The Prophetic Vision which characterized The Hebrew Prophets of The Hebrew Bible, like Maimonides and others, but even the best interpreters of  The Laws of Moses were under the influence of men who had made grave mistakes with horrific consequences, because they didn't understand The Hebrew Prophets concerning The End of Days and The Messianic Times. 

Any one who takes this obvious contradiction of nature literally, can have nothing but a confused mind. The Prophet Isaiah was presenting a paradox to the faithful, the resolution of which  would put their mind to rest concerning the often necessarily violent nature of Nature. Once one contains in one's mind peacefully the nature of both the Lion and The Lamb, each having its necessary time and place, without judging either as the only way to survive, Peace of Mind is at Hand.

    Rabbi Akiva believed in a Military Messiah named Bar Koziba and his mistake led directly to the death of hundreds of thousands and to the Diaspora. Ironically, Bar Koziba's name should have been sufficient warning that despite great initial victories, The Jews under his leadership would lose everything. The word Koziba means disillusionment.   

Some Ultra Orthodox Jews are complacent with a Creation they see as Chaotic and are waiting for a miraculous messianic era where they will be rewarded for their tenuous blind faith and their unceasing study of what they don't comprehend, with treasure and slaves.  Many others believe even God couldn't make order of it all, and His Light exploded into an infinite number of broken pieces, which are our souls, trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. 

Now what Wall did he fall from? Perhaps the one Jews pray at in Jerusalem, and push little notes with their prayers, into the crevices of?
Praying to Jesus is just as ridiculous as pushing notes with prayers into the wall. Praying in the name of Jesus to signify that One Keeps His Teachings, meaning One Keeps The Torah of MOSES, that is fine, but unnecessary, as Jesus taught that one can pray directly to the Father with a Truthful Spirit.  

 These Jews believe that God's Light somehow accidentally shattered The Vessels meant to contain it and now there is a spark of The Messiah in all of us Jews and no real Messiah is ever coming. This is nonsense and paradoxical but  better than the Christian narrative, for it determines that the purpose of man is to correct the broken universe, to fix things, to ever strive to make things as good as one possibly can, because things are very bad.  The Jews sanctify life and the improvement of all life's experience, is their goal, as it appears to them that God just isn't doing a good enough job. For a version of  Jewish  convoluted mystical philosophy which is contradictory and paradoxical, read here.

The great disillusionment of Jews with the Messianic Ideal they didn't understand, reached a climax with the False Messiah, Shabtai Zvi. Shabtai, who I believe was completely sincere in his belief that he was the one called upon to lead the Jews into the Messianic Age. He also sincerely converted to Islam when confronted with a life or death option. He did the right thing, but the Jews couldn't understand and many interpreted his conversion as an ultimate betrayal.  The Moslem ideal of complete surrender to the Will of God is in accordance with The Torah of Moses, but The Children of Israel are the Children of Jacob, who struggled with an Angel of God when he didn't understand what he was being told and thought The Angel wasn't doing a good enough job in making the world worthy of God's Name. This is a common Jewish sentiment.

I like Cubist Paintings because they are like Quantum Mechanic Phenomenon in That What One Sees, Is Very Much The Product of How One Looks And What One Is Looking For

After the destruction of their Temple on The Holy Mount, The Jews (of course not all of them)  began a descending spiral of spirituality. They say this of themselves, that every generation understands less and less what the prophets meant and what the generation preceding them understood.   This is the rationale for giving ever greater literal value to what was said the longest time ago, starting with Moses. This makes no sense and is contradictory, because every generation understands less than the previous one and therefor no one today can possibly understand Moses and explain what his priorities are, as Jesus does for Gentiles and some confused Jews, too.  To make everything Moses said equally important is very very paradoxical, full of contradiction and conundrum, and just outright confusing. The only one who understood Moses was The Hebrew Prophets, The Jews say, and they also say Prophecy has been taken away from Israel since the destruction of The First Temple, and given only to Babes and The Insane. Which is why I, whom am The Messiah the Jews are waiting for, have been declared legally insane. This should make it easier for them to accept that I am a Hebrew Prophet in The Spirit of Moses and Jesus of Nazareth.  This also explains to a large degree why many Jews couldn't accept Jesus's comparing himself to the Hebrew Prophets. They did call him insane, for saying so, but they had also called most of the Hebrew Prophets of God insane in each of their generations, and told Moses if he is a prophet, than everyone is a prophet and Moses should have no special authority. The Jews are not an easy people to be a Prophet to. They somewhat live by the Buddhist maxim, if you meet Buddha on the rode kill him.  There is much wisdom in this, if one doesn't take it, God Forbid, literally. It simply means don't idolize your own ideas about God or any one who teaches you about  God. God calls Himself, "I will be What I Will Be!" and Gives His Honor to no other.  But unfortunately for them, The Jews idolize their Rabbis and their Talmud and King Solomon and their ideas of The Coming Messianic Age. This is where it got them.

Zionism, while no solution to the paradoxes and contradictions of Orthodox Judaism, was a vast improvement. It meant actually doing something to improve one's lot. That there was a secular Zionist movement by Jews who no longer believed in  God, or waiting for  The Messiah to extract the Jews from potential annihilation in Europe, was incomprehensible to many of The Orthodox. They paid for their blind adherence to misunderstood dogma with their lives. The Jews in many ways are The Jesus of History, sacrificing themselves so others can learn a Divine Message. Don't idolize dogma.

   The Chinese don't believe in contradiction or paradox. Where there is an apparent contradiction, they simply continue research until it resolves. Everything is measured by the good it does for the community. Social Equilibrium and Stability are the most important values. What doesn't serve this  purpose is a contradiction and to be eliminated. Where there seems to be an insoluble paradox, they put it aside for future generations and concentrate on what is soluble and  make constant progress. When The God of Israel Comes Into The Mind of China,   Mankind Will Know Peace on Earth. The Chinese civilization was to a large extant founded on the worship of Fathers or Ancestors. The Torah of Moses is founded on the Worship of The God of Our Fathers. The Hebrew Prophet Jeremiah commends the family that keeps their father's instructions, not to drink wine or live in permanent habitations and tells them that their descendants will stand before God from then on and forever, for keeping the commandments of their Father, even though these commandments were not given by Moses. I think I understand the Chinese and have great hopes, they will some day,understand me.

It is interesting that besides the Jews, the Chinese and The Indians are the two other nations that have been around as uninterrupted developing cultures since the time of the ancient Egyptians. The Jews achieved this without a homeland and are of the smallest nations on earth, whereas the Chinese and Indian nations are the most populated. The return of the Jews to Israel and the renewal of  Vibrant Hebrew Culture is a Historical Anomaly that has the attention of The world, particularly that of enemies of The Jews.

 We are all Jesus passing through our minds, leaving us behind, better off for having given him bread and water when he came to us a homeless beggar, Jesus who refuses our shelter because his home is the earth and his roof, the sky. His Father, The Creator of The  Heavens above to which he aspires and in them, our corrupted world of contradiction and paradox from which he would depart.  Jesus is The Little One, as are each of us who accept him as our guide. He is a Brother and a Friend.

    He is not and never said he is equal to God. Had he done so he would have created a self perpetuating paradox and contradiction, which is what Christianity has become for those who believe that Jesus and The Father are One. Jesus said.

 "I and my Father are One!"

and as The Jew  he was, and as the Teacher of the Torah of Moses that he was, and as The Hebrew Prophet that he was, he meant,

 "I and my Father are One- in purpose... and even that is a matter of Faith!"

 Had he meant that he and The Father are equal to each other,  One and The Same, he would have been saying that the Creator and The Created  are equal, that the object is the subject, that that which has a singular location in time and in space, a unique position in  a cross reference-which all things must have to exist, is equal to that which creates all positions in time and in space.  God creates us as finite creatures, each with a  name and crossed in a  unique position in time and in space, which we must relinquish,   for reasons in which we can only have Faith, and never prove as an equation.

WHERE AM I IN THE BOOK? WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO ATTAIN ETERNAL LIFE?To be cross referenced means to be at Peace with one's mortality. This is much easier with a Faith that doesn't necessitate conjecture of an after life to balance things out and justify the appearance of evil. The Universe is Getting better all the time because striving for perfection is more perfect than thinking one has attained it. Only God is Perfect. Once one actually sees that The Universe is getting better all the time, True Faith is achieved. God creates us in a paradoxical sub-context of self creation,
which fluctuates between equilibrium, resonance and self content,
and discontent, contradiction and discordant chaos.
When True Faith is achieved, one gives up the illusion of self creation,
broadens context to universality of Benevolent Intent,
and gives oneself over to the aesthetic experience
of being entertained and educated by The One who does it Best!

 Had Jesus meant he and God are One, it would be as if he were saying that the author of a book who of course exists physically and in reality outside of the book,  and a character described and imagined as a result of reading the book, are one and the same. Even if I were to write an autobiography, at the very best, the story in the book can only be about me and could never equal me, because there must be much more to me than whatever I could write in a book. No matter how well someone imagines me to be as a result of reading the book, their figment of imagination cannot equal the same me that exists for real in my own mind, in my own memory. God wrote a story about Jesus and that story is in our minds until God speaks to us directly, whereupon we will no longer need that story.

My memories are my knowledge of how I arrived where I am. But if I don't know where  I want to go, this knowledge cannot become wisdom, for wisdom is knowledge that serves a life enhancing purpose.  Without purpose, information is noise and knowledge without use, even as entertainment, wastes space in the limited confines of our minds.

 Faith must resolve contradictions, and our beliefs must not create it or tolerate it in our mind. Neither can we resolve paradox by ignoring disquieting information. We must resolve ourselves to applying our minds by differentiating  and increasing context.   Otherwise conflict and chaos grow  and eventually overwhelm our world.

Moses commanded us not to worship any kind of graven image that represents any kind of life in the sea, the earth or the heavens. Jesus is a symbol in our minds, we must not make of him a graven image to worship, for doing so contradicts The Torah of Moses, which it was Jesus's purpose to teach!

The purpose of The Torah is to teach differentiation, and thereby resolve contradiction and paradox in the mind and by so doing,  resolve all conflict in the world of the living. The study of The Law is the Study of Differentiation. The purpose of this is the resolution of conflict.  Conflict in The Mind and conflict in The World. Conflict and Chaos have been the unceasing fruits of the Bipolar Madness of Christianity's War Between God and Satan. Christianity has its roots in the misunderstandings of The Jews and the Pagan World that preceded it.  

 Creation itself begins with great differentiation. First between the Heavens and The Earth. But it lacks purpose. There is room for contradiction and paradox. The earth is formless and chaotic and opaque, whereas we know it it to be full of lights which shine on even the darkest of nights,  a wondrous, I dare say miraculous, dynamic life producing equilibrium. In the beginning, in contradiction to the world we see around us, there is darkness on the face of an abyss so that we cannot know its depth or its dangers. Contradiction.  Chaos. Confusion. Lack of Purpose. But even here there is further differentiation. Until achieving a comprehension of purpose that resolves contradiction and annuls paradox, one must continue to apply discretion, and differentiate between information that increases comprehensive comprehension- and that which is contradictory and paradoxical nonsense...or noise. The next differentiation in The Torah of Moses, is The Spirit of The Orderly Creator Lord, Elohim, IS elevated above The Tumultuous Chaotic Waves, The  Waters beneath. With  the creation of the heavens and the earth we are not yet told what is above what. That comes later. But here we are told that The Spirit of The Creator is Above The Waters  like a wind.

And then the purpose of Creation is revealed in an act of further differentiation, which is the creation of the means of differentiation in the mind of man.  "Let there be Light!" and with this is made the most important differentiation of them all, with the Light comes the distinction between that which is good and everything else.  "And The Lord saw that The Light is Good." Light symbolizes  attention in the mind,  and it is with attention that we perceive and further differentiate, this so that we can delineate what we perceive and participate in  creation by making valuable aesthetic experiences for ourselves and for others. Attention as light, brightens the world of the blind from within. Helen Keller, both blind and deaf, said,

 " Better to be blind and see with your heart, than to have two good eyes and see nothing. " Helen Keller

The word for "attention" in Hebrew literally means, "That which is given of The Heart." We hold our attention on what we value, and on what we believe will increase the value of our life and the life of our loved ones.   We  strive for peace of heart and integrity of mind. 

We must align ourselves with the purpose of creation to vanquish chaos and confusion from our lives. The Purpose Of Creation is God's and God is The Perfect Cause, The Creator Artist Who Affects Our Minds With Aesthetic Experiences so that we can Discern what is Good for Us and our Loved Ones, and what is Not Good for Us. God is Perfect Cause and our minds are Perfect Effect. The Cause is Ever Greater than The Effect. God is Perfect and we are ever striving for perfection.

The less clear and defined a statement of creation's purpose, the more likely chaos will encroach on the harmony of the mind.
The information in the buttons is worthless and the paradox dissipates once we throw one button in the garbage because it must be false and the other we make into a statement of fashion and art. Or else we can make this nonsense serve a valuable purpose by writing a caption above the picture, "This is an example of  incoherent information because it serves no purpose other than Art. Art justifies incoherence if it makes you understand incoherence doesn't serve the purpose of mutual understanding "

Contradictions and paradox are the consequence of using  language without sufficient context.  They result from insufficient definition and lack of  discernment.  Ultimately, contradictions can only be defined in relation to purpose, as without purpose, no statement is  more valuable than any other and therefor anything and its opposite can be asserted.  

A paradox is an incoherent statement, because it doesn't represent a potential reality. No matter how complex the mathematics or semantics that describe it, it can always be reduced to a statement that a symbol (or series of symbols)  is somewhere at some time and has a certain significance, and then asserting that the same symbol isn't there at the same time or has a different contradictory significance.


Imagine what  happens if we change the meanings of words every day without informing everyone.
One day A is 1  and the next A is 2, after we said A is always 1.

Jon always arrives at six and stays to seven.
It is six thirty and Jon must be here,
Something must be false about the above statements. 

 A symbol  is a unit of perception that represents a potential subjective reality. The reason it "all" concerns symbols, is because nothing else exists in the mind, but symbols.  

As long as we agree on the meanings of these symbols, we can communicate with them. Should one of us change their meanings  for whatever reason, and not inform us, contradiction, paradox and chaos ensue. The Bible is written with symbols, metaphors and parables.  Metaphors are simply complex symbols. Parables are dynamic complex metaphors. With ever increasing sophistication and complexity, The Bible enhances the meanings of Symbols, Metaphors and Parables, through cross reference of usage and cultural context. If we insist dogmatically on any specific interpretation of verse, there is endless potential for controversy. Like The Universe,  It's All Divine Art!

The most fundamental  and primal reality is what results from differentiation.
 Presence is not absence. 
 Left is not right and up is not down.
  White is not black.
 Silence is not sound.
 Empty is not occupied.

 Perception itself is the consequence of God causing differentiation in our mind by creating aesthetics. 

The Word Aesthetics means "all that which makes you feel" and not necessarily beauty or pleasure. Anesthesia means " the condition of not feeling". When we don't like what we feel, when we don't understand our own feelings, we sometimes seek whatever it takes to stop us from feeling. Whatever we are feeling emotionally, it is a means of spiritual discernment, of differentiation between what is good for us and what is not. By killing our feelings so as to avoid emotional pain, we are ignoring God's Language to us. It is like turning off a warning siren because we don't like the idea we are in danger. It is not likely to do us much good. By ignoring  the  natural meanings of our perceptions and sensations, we are cutting ourselves off from God's most fundamental language of communication with ourselves. Of course this doesn't apply to persistent physical pain, as long as we are aware that it indicates something needs treatment.   

  For language to be efficient, A is not B and 1 is not 2. A language is a system of symbols the arrangement of which represents possible subjective realities. When these realities are held in common as truth, they become objective for the subjects that share them. Perceptions are symbols that differentiate between different mental, emotional and organic conditions and situations as regards the fulfillment of  the purpose of creation. There is far more to senses than the five we are taught about in school.

God created the colors and the sounds, the smells and the tastes like sweet and sour. God gave us the pleasures and pains  and the feelings of texture, of heat and of cold, of hunger and thirst and sexual appetite. All these senses are a language of communication between our Creator and us. Even atheists  must agree that our senses  serve the purpose of our survival. But our senses have the potential to give us a quality of life that goes way far beyond the mere necessities of survival. Once we choose to believe that our Creator communicates with us from within, from the day we are conceived in the womb, through our developing senses, we are establishing a communication line between the Divine and our Hearts and Minds. Like any language, it takes time and repetition, context and explanation for us to fully comprehend what God is telling us, every moment of our lives. Listening To God doesn't mean hearing voices, though it might.  It means listening to sounds and observing how we feel about them. It means asking ourselves why we feel one way when seeing a mother and a child laughing and another when seeing a child weep. God talks to us all the time, through our  instincts and urges, our hungers and our thirsts, of whatever kinds we have. Once we understand this and listen, very soon we don't need anyone to tell us what God wants from us.

 Contradictions and paradoxes are self contradictory information, which is not to say that they cannot serve a purpose. Mathematical paradoxes can become so complex and sophisticated that only mathematicians can say they are as yet insoluble, making of them mysterious perpetuated realities that emanate confusion about the nature of the universe for those who don't know the purpose of creation or the value of paradox and contradiction in mathematics. Mathematicians tend to take themselves very seriously. Not saying for a moment that what they do isn't important. It has been and is and ever will be, a way of exploring the potential for things to be a certain way, under certain circumstances, in our minds. As regards what is going on outside our minds, well, no one can do anything but speculate. I have no interest whatsoever as regards God outside the confines of my own mind. If God isn't in my mind with me experiencing what he is doing to me, how can He ever  Hear me say, "That fukking hurts!"

And now for dessert, some fun, not to be taken too seriously, with popular paradoxes.

 " All propositions are simultaneously true and false, including this proposition itself"; 
 This is true, because the truth or falseness of this proposition depends on the purpose for which it is brought forth. Were one to present it simultaneously to two different students with the intent of teaching intellectual humility, the one with a genetic propensity to humility would agree that the statement is true because his ego wouldn't crack under threat that he can now never be completely right about anything he asserts. The other student would insist the preposition wrong, as it is making all communication unreliable particularly that of his teacher who is trying to undermine his intellectual ego. So it is simultaneously true and false and a larger context resolves the paradox.

 "Every provable proposition implies ' This proposition is true but unprovable ' ". is a only a semantic paradox falling apart with the definition of the word "proof". To prove is to persuade and you can prove anything to a fool, including the inability to prove anything. Proof is a product of belief and not the opposite, and once belief is established, no contrary propositions have validity.

Another example of this is the famous paradox, " Question: Who shaves the barber? A town only has one barber (he is male). The barber only shaves all of the people who do not shave themselves.  Answer: It's a paradox, if he shaves himself then the second sentence would be false because he only shaves those who do not shave themselves."

Perhaps, the paradox falls apart on the definition of barber. If a barber is someone who shaves everyone who doesn't shave themselves, someone else who shaves only the barber isn't a barber, because he doesn't shave everyone else who doesn't shave themselves while he is shaving the barber. So the answer is simply someone who isn't a barber shaves the barber, and that is the barber himself who isn't a barber when he is shaving himself as while doing so, he is shaving no one else. Someone who is shaving himself is not a barber, because shaving is how a barber makes his living but not when he is shaving himself. People are not barbers when they just shave themselves. The barber "identity" of shaving those who don't shave themselves isn't stated to be permanent in time, because if so we might as well as say day is night or 2=3. When the barber isn't a barber, he shaves someone who is not the barber.

The barber is not always the barber, and that is when he is shaving himself.