Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dare You Know The Truth? 11

     If you don't ingenuously value uncomfortable truth more than comforting fabrications, you will not finish this post or want to read more of what I write. Do you agree with this?

    If you do, I promise you I will cause you some kinds of pain, but also make it possible for you to experience every "kind of" joy and pleasure, starting with the pleasure of pain diminishing, all the way to the relief of abating unbearably intense joyful bliss.

    Very few people are able to assimilate what I am sharing. This will change in the future but for now, in most minds, my writing causes discomfort, or more technically speaking, cognitive dissonance.

     Unless you understand what cognitive dissonance is and are able to recognize it in yourself before you succumb to  its resolution through denial of facts, there is not a chance in the world that you will escape the matrix of lies and deceit that hold you in a confining mental space like a fly caught in a spider's web. So if you in principle value truth above worldly comforts, the first truth you must study and learn is of the vulnerabilities in your own ability to absorb and integrate disquieting truths.

  This is a very informative article and should be read slowly while making sure one recognizes in one's own mind the mechanisms described. We all have such mechanisms and they are as commonly true as 1+1=2.

    The reason an adamant assertion that 1+1=3 is uncomfortable, is cognitive dissonance. Should such an assertion be made by an authority one holds close to one's heart, any choice one makes to handle this abortion of coherence entails a loss of some kind, of something dear to you. Even if one chooses to explore the assertion by the authority that 1+1=3, and one becomes convinced it is true, one now must face the discomfort of believing something most every one else disagrees with, with the likelihood that should one share what one now believes, one will be ostracized and labelled with terms such as "crazy" and "insane" and being unworthy of rational discourse.

If you are still reading and your choice is to keep my voice in your mind, let me linger here for a while and explore with you the potential nature of the change that my voice in your mind might cause you to experience.

It is a revolution of being, a turning in of what is out and out of what is in. It is to reverse inevitable disintegration, and to attain the means of increasing an everlasting elevation. If you ask, as you should if you don't already know, what is good about going higher, ask any mountain climber and he will tell you, the view.

 A view doesn't have to be looking down to be expansive. The mountain climber's reason for climbing mountains is just a metaphor for attaining an inclusive perspective of where one is coming from or where one might go. To look down and see far, is only possible above an abyss, to look up and see far one only needs to step outside.

To see is to be and to look is to see more and be more.

Now I am going to use height as a metaphor for attaining an expanding viewpoint, but this by no means entails looking down at anyone or that there is such a thing as someone being beneath one's self. There is such a thing as someone seeing less, however, just as there is such a thing as having in the past, seen less one's self. It is common wisdom that age brings perspective.

When youths possess perspective, we say they are wise for their age.

Should one be able to "climb" and expand one's own mind by looking around, at an ever increasing panoramic vista, while yet keeping all one's points of view achieved during one's ascent and temporary descents, all as a series of memories coming together as a narrative of transcendent ascendance, one could understand anyone yet "beneath" one in their own mind, and describe the path before them so as to help and encourage them as they make their own way up. If one loses one's own past points of view, one loses touch with one's former self and others, now where one has formerly been, but no longer is. Better to hold on to all one's memories and integrate all one's points of view into a dynamic expanding harmony, that has bridges to every one else in one's heart.  A true enduring state of harmony is in flux, as it is the nature of the universe to challenge harmony with new manifestations of chaos so as to necessitate an ever growing integration of diverse information.

Certainly I have been greatly helped and have benefited much from learning from other's ascendance of Mount Zion.

Don't let my choosing to call the Mountain we all climb, Mount Zion, throw you off. Don't let that my saying  so, is written in the scriptures, cause you so much discomfort, you lose heart. Everything will come together if you persist in your keeping me in you head, so to speak.

The idea of Mount Zion does not represent a place on the planet earth. It is a metaphor for that place in our mind where we achieve not only an encompassing  tolerance for all of creation, but an almost desperate love and passion to know more of our Creator.  

 Carry on.

  The higher you are, the more you can see and appreciate and be thankful for. The more elevated your own mental position, your suffering and pain, your past shame and disgrace, make sense. I can say of myself that I have become happy for every kind of misery I have ever experienced and would gladly suffer more as long as I maintain the belief that it will do me as much good in the future as it has done me in the past.

To explain how this can be true, let me tell you more about your own mind. I will and can only speak of mine, but there is much all minds have in common, or we couldn't communicate at all. So by describing how your mind works as such exists in mine, I establish a bridge between us across which can travel the ideas I am intent on sharing with you.

It is ever more often said, that all truth is relative and subjective. Some people mistakenly "blame" Einstein and his theories of relativity for this. What Einstein actually proved as much as anything can be proven, is that two people with the same governing principles (laws) operating in their minds, under the same circumstances regarding their position in time and space, always see the same thing concerning objects in motion and the passage of time. And that two people under different circumstances, see different things. One might wonder why one needs Einstein for such a self evident truth. Science can only learn what is already true about the government of the common mind.

What is true for me and I believe everyone, is that my mind is divided into what I experience as a partial representation of what is  existing around it, outside it, and the personal reality of myself and my own character and nature, which for our purposes right now,  I will call my heart.

The world "out there" is often called the objective universe. This is because if we are each a subject, what we each see,  is an object. What we experience as the physical universe, is one great object. That whatever we know of this object must exist in our mind where only we can see it as we do, is what makes everything seem relative to the viewpoint of an individual. We might agree on an image, such as the sun,

 being practically the same for all of us, but what that image means can only be a matter of  interpretation and agreement. One thing that can be said about the physical universe for sure, is that in matters of communication, it is the easiest aspect of our existence to achieve agreements about, regarding the names we use to describe and define it.

It is simply there to be seen and labeled. As long as we agree on the labels, we can understand each other when each of us describes what he or she sees.

What we feel when we see what we do, how we interpret it and its significance to us as individuals, that of course differs both culturally and as individuals. The sun  has been considered by many in different cultures over the course of history, as a deity.

Others saw it as  a lifeless heavenly body created by God. Everyone sees it, but what it means in the scheme of the cosmos, is a matter of interpretation and cultural and individual  belief. As with the sun, so with all things we perceive of the physical universe.

I call that part of our mind that determines how we feel about things in the physical universe, the heart. The heart is where are values are kept and I don't mean values from necessarily a moral point of view. If someone chooses to give  value to butterflies at some point in one's life, one will then have feelings about butterflies that are not shared by those who don't value butterflies. This has nothing to do with morals.

If as I do, you value the freedom of the butterfly more than the possession of it, you might find this picture somewhat disturbing. Our values determine how we feel about everything and when you know someone's values and their hierarchy in that person's heart, you can completely predict that person's behavior.  But this is far more complex with sophisticated people.

Our values come from four sources.

First and foremost are genetic values and we cannot have values that are not in resonance with our genetic propensities. Genetic values first have to do with self sustenance in a physical sense and then in an emotional sense. Our genes determine the value we put on our mother and her genes determine the value she puts on us. If a person's brain is genetically wired so that they cannot experience much empathy, no amount of cultural indoctrination will cause them to really feel care for others as individuals with their own feelings. They can't experience a sympathetic understanding of other's being.

 Nevertheless, they might value a sense of having a social identity and be taught how to behave with others as a group member, but they won't be able to feel care for another except as their relationship with the other influences what they do care about, that being their value as a member of the group they belong to, starting with the family.

The second source of values that we are programmed with and that determine our feelings and behavior, is the cultural environment we are raised in, starting with our immediate family. Here we are taught respect for life and the value of personal and public property, the importance of education and  financial success.

 Or not. This is the realm of indoctrination.

 Again, whatever we are taught, we can assimilate it and integrate it with our own nature only if our genetic values allow this. Very fine people can raise a serial killer.   A severely autistic child  might not resonate with attempts to teach the importance of personal relationships. No one can do anything that is beyond their genetic propensities. Genetic propensities create a field of potentials that manifest or not, depending on whether the cultural environment promotes or inhibits certain behaviors. A  child with a capacity for empathy who receives none himself, may not exhibit empathy until meeting others who empathize with him, thus establishing an environment that promotes the displays of empathy he is capable of, enabling him to discover himself in ways he never knew before.

The third source of values is the mechanism wherein the person assigns arbitrary value to objects or abstractions so as to resolve otherwise insoluble cognitive dissonance through self distraction. Let's say a person can't choose between two women he believes himself to be  in love with. He doesn't want to hurt either of them to the same degree and the future he imagines with one is no better than the future he imagines with the other. Instead of making an arbitrary choice that would give him no peace of mind, and therefore wouldn't really resolve his dilemma, he suddenly values  patriotism and decides his country is in need of his service. He comes to the conclusion that this higher calling and service of something "greater" than himself  is more important than his own personal and emotional well being. He abandons both women and joins the army. The sudden emotional release and relief he feels upon making his decision to leave his insoluble problem behind, is interpreted as proof of its correctness. Then he gets killed in action, bereaves both women, never has any children and his country loses the war, proving the arbitrary nature of his decision to resolve a problem with non confrontation and self distraction.

 Such a solution is arbitrary because it serves no purpose other than a very shortsighted release of tension and in itself is self defeating, eventually causing far more pain and chaos than it resolves.  This mechanism has a lot to do with fetishes of all kinds and addictions. A fetish can be an object, an idea or an activity. It is the arbitrary assignment of value to anything that has no innate life serving benefit other than temporary release from stress or the attainment of some mind numbing pleasure or pain,  as a means of distraction, from what is perceived as an insoluble cognitive discomfort.

It is common to think of fetishes as having something to do with sex and very often they do. This is because sex is the cause of much cognitive dissonance.  We all have sudden thoughts and urges and fantasies concerning sexual activities we fear would be frowned upon if not totally condemned by those surrounding us in the cultural environments  we find ourselves in, should these "outrageous" impulses  be exposed. The desire to experience the imagined pleasure of gratifying such urges is a very potent psychic force and the potential cause of much cognitive dissonance, and therefore the reason for much arbitrary assignment of value as distraction.  

 Domination fetishes derive from a desire to regain control over one's sexuality and one's life. It is motivated by a desire to give  one's self over to being the cause  for other's feelings and sensations rather than the victim of people we value and that cause us pain and discomfort.  Masochism is the arbitrary giving one's self over to  someone else as cause over oneself,  so as to experience release and relief from the tension of having to make decisions. Paradoxically, the masochist feels  most in control  when someone else is causing them painful and humiliating sensations and feelings as a matter of choice, rather than as an unwilling victim.   

The fourth source of values is the intellect and the result of confronting cognitive dissonances and assuming a personal hierarchy of importance. One that seeks the resolution of psychic discomfort through the adoption of strategies that at least have the appearance of being most life serving over the longest period of time possible. This is only possible when one values truth above comfort because one sees it's acquirement as ultimately the most life serving strategy in the management of one's own affairs, as well as the affairs of those dependent on one for the information they think with. Many very intelligent people will ignore information, deny it and invalidate its source when it threatens their own emotional well being and social value. They do this often without recognizing themselves what they are doing, because they sincerely define themselves as honest truth seeking people, despite all evidence to the contrary. Their mind compartments itself so as to prevent conflicting information from coming together in their attention span. The contemplation of conflicting information is what causes cognitive dissonance to begin with. Unless one is willing to suffer for the truth as a strategy for the attainment of an ultimate quality of life as so defined by one's self, and in accordance with one's own genetic propensities, one will always believe comfortable truths, no matter how intelligent one is and what one considers about one's own truth seeking integrity. Very few people are genetically wired to prefer the discomfort of disillusionment, out of the belief that the truths so attained  are actually the treasures that make life worth living. 

Civilization would fall apart very quickly if every one were to embark on a selfless truth seeking expedition, even if they only do this in the confines of their own mind. Cultures, from the family to the nation, are held together by the indoctrination that the group's knowledge and assessment of its individual member's value, is more valid than the individual's "self serving opinion of himself" particularly when attained through such usually illicit behaviors as self exploration through the use of hallucinogens. 

Discovering one can see such images within one's own mind might deter one from watching commercials and consuming products, that one is indoctrinated to believe one needs in order to be happy. Discovering entertainment and education within one's own mind and from one's own life narratives is an economic liability for society at large. 

If you want to free your mind and enable yourself to think freely, as an expression of your truest nature, the first step is recognizing your own defense mechanisms against the discomfort of discovering uncomfortable truths concerning the society around you and of which you are a part. Once one achieves an independent mind, one can embark on a journey of self exploration and discovery. Before you stop pulling the wool over your own eyes, you cannot see the immutable truths of your own nature. There is a reflection of the infinite and eternal universe within your mind that is uniquely yours. No one has ever and no one else will ever see the universe exactly the way it exists in you. 

What could possibly be more important that discovering within yourself a treasure put there by God? One God created just for you.

You have an opportunity to become like the number 11. 


One Big God and One Little You standing at God's Right Hand. Once you discover this treasure, you will no longer ever need anyone else to teach you or tell you about God and your place in the universe or what you are meant to do.

Now, what do you think happened on September 11, 2001 in The United States of America? 

Whatever you think of the events of that day, it has been having far reaching consequences on the world and the Mind of Mankind- and therefore your mind, too. The American Government published a version of the events of that day that makes no sense whatsoever to me, after I examined all the evidence I could gather on the internet. The lies and deceit seemed so outrageous to me, the complacence of the many who choose ignorance rather than confront anomalies, was so disheartening, that it shook  the foundations of my mind like an earthquake and caused me
great cognitive dissonance. The resolution of this spiritual crisis has been such a Great Blessing for me, I can say that the events of 911
are the best, the most valuable  and most important occasion in my life. 
I sincerely hope with all of my being, that this becomes true for you to.
What better way could there possibly be to honor the people who died so miserably that day, than to make of it the pivotal point of  inflection
wherein mankind begins to achieve
 an ever growing 
integrity of mind?
A chapter from my Auto Biography concerning the events of September 11 of  The Year, 2001.
                                                            My Experience of 911


Monday, April 10, 2017

DMT, DNA, PI, God and Beyond The Lie

There is so much going on right now.
How does one begin
when the beginning itself is so elusive?

It's consequences inconclusive.
The narratives all allusive.
And science so collusive.
Human knowledge bundled up
in fabrication and yarn.

How do I start?
Perhaps with an invitation into my heart.
If you are alive, I love you.
Starting from a virus I work my way up,
all the way to the very top.
A rising spiral of DNA.

DNA Logarithms galore manifest as living art
in a gallery of writhing snake skins

enticing you in, with lace fractal dreams,
spinning around conundrums
that always ask   "Why?" before "What?".
"Why don't you eat me?" says the pi to the complete.
"Wrap yourself round me......"says
the circle to it's diameter,
".....and you will never die
for as long as you keep trying."
Stretch your mind around a paradox.
Digest in jest and never die. The funeral is a lie.
Just say good bye and eat.
There's more meat down the street,
Don't take the highway. Life doesn't die,
just says good bye.

Try DMT.
If you dare,  go free.
At the very least, it will teach you-
a little bit,  how your mind comes together.

As I arise there is less of me to see.
Less of me in the way of I.

The higher I rise the more I have eyes 
to look through, ballast be gone.

Faster than the speed of light
in a quantum leap of insight,
here I am, inside your mind,
sharing your view. Inside and out.
Don't be a circle, be a rising bubble.
A growing imperfect sphere of insight.

Let go of math, geometry, science and physics,
they will take care of themselves,
take care of you.

Listen to Revel.

Look for variations on a theme,
narrative and poet, try.

Expand like diameter, chasing a sphere
from the inside, reaching out.
I am there to help you tessellate
the pieces of your puzzle.

To help you coalesce. 
It's all about integrating
the disintegrated
pieces of your mind.
Find, integrated, peaceful, kind.

And now a poem I wrote before DMT....
..... e-l-e-v-e-n Rotating 11:11 is becoming 11 square 11 square e-l-e-v-e-n 

 The nature of the universe
involves an evolving visceral reality,
ever more complex and sophisticated,
always incomplete and of ever greater breadth.
One unending breath.
An ebb and flow, rise and fall, fluctuation,
elevation and descent.
Revelation after reevaluation of discontent.
Discovery and loss of innocence,
ever persistent ignorance
that lessens over time,
while wisdom grows,
yet never fast enough to catch the light.
The visceral knows the limitations of sight.
and Anesthetics

to prolong the game of gain,
there is reason for pain,
not to die of astonishment

I am still processing the experience.
I broke through and into the DMT dimension,
only to discover myself already there waiting for my arrival.
As always I greeted myself with a story or revival and survival
of coming back from the dead and lead to gold.
My soul has not been sold over to the lie that life can ever die.
My trip was very short and very powerful

I did an about face in a fractal lace at a very quick pace,
a spherical loop expanding in temporal space

 I think a lot of what this guy says at the end of the video is nonsense, but what do I know? Both Discretion and an Open Mind have their time and place in the scheme of things. You decide.

 When all things are said and done
one's images are all aligned behind one
so that there is nothing left to see.
Looking back at how one came from A to be
at the end of one's line,
at the completion of time.
Finally, it's not even a lesson learned,
it's poetry. Epic, eccentric,
a voyage wherein everything moves but the seeing I.
A journey to go free
by standing still
until all things pass through.
Until left like a tunnel with a mind,
looking for a train
or waiting for an earthquake.

Now I know, some will say no,
no DMT.
That's perfectly fine,
don't cross that line.
You don't have to be me
for you to go free
Just watch this for as long as you can, 
without averting your eyes

Do you know what a Mandelbrot Set is?
I didn't know I know myself until a few hours ago.
I am no mathematician, just a mystic poet and philosopher.
But look here, there are some very good explanations
and very pretty moving pictures.  
The Math For Those Who Already Know Math and Pictures For Those Who Don't
In my mind on DMT I saw a poem like this.
Look above, look below
Fly like a dove, fall like the snow. 
Learn how science learns what the mind knows.
Now watch this.
This explains why wave functions collapse into form
and the mind comes together like coalescing foam.
 Are there really 11 dimensions, or perhaps 26?

Now read this...........

The Number 11, Sign and Symbol of The Divine

I just completed Westworld, season 1, after my DMT trip,
and wrote this.

 There very well might be an infinity of worlds
spinning around in an infinity of universes,
all for eternity, each with a different story line,
for each one of the countless minds, that come and go.
All in an never ending game of hide and seek,
hold on and let go, prevail and surrender, live and let die,
die and let live, once again, forever moving in and out,
like a needle and a thread, sewing together fabrications,
in a patchwork of possibilities.
It might be a puzzle with multiple answers
or a maze with a single way out.
Contrivance with no real solution,
go back, sleep and dream again different,
or wake up and drink a solution to forget.
However you see it, at any point on any endless line
you will always be confined
by what comes before and what lies behind,
even if you say its all just in your head.
Before all beginnings and beyond every end
is the same circle that surrounds what's within.
The One is bigger than all one contains.
Perfect Cause greater than Perfect Effect
by reason of all The Living One doesn't affect.

A Tunnel With A Mind? 
I have a Funnel Mind.
A Song To My God of Art!
Come in through the ear of my heart,
and Hear The Purpose of Art.


 I have a funnel mind,
a point of inflection and correction,

 an inversal of direction,
you can't come in and leave the same,
a point of reference in a new equation,
no more need for salvation.

 A fulcrum that ends all damnation,
come into my mind......
e-l-e-v-e-n Rotating 11:11 is becoming 11 square 11 square e-l-e-v-e-n 

Now see if you can stretch your mind around this...........

God Drives Me To Abstraction