Saturday, August 19, 2017

Complex Simplicities 1111

  One of the great fallacies of science has been that the universe which by definition, must include our experience of it, can be reduced to a relatively few comprehensible equations.  The search for these equations is The Holy Grail of the scientific method.  The operating principle here is that whatever be the truth, it can be discovered through a process of simplification through abstraction, the extraction of the abstraction is how a formula is defined. Take the speed of light, for example. Einstein, in a moment of momentous inspiration, defined a simple equation that predicts ALMOST any and all of the measurements  made since then, of the speed of electromagnetic waves made from any location which is moving at any speed in a vacuum, and determined it would always be the same. The speed of light is a constant throughout the universe, from any point of view. What could be more simple than that? This equation is the essence of simplicity. But it's not, not at all. 
  What makes his equation incomprehensibly complex, is that Einstein includes the concept of "point of view" and no one has a clue about how or why a point of view comes to be. The perception and registration, the measurement of light itself as conscious awareness of something in motion, is the product of innumerable unknown factors, the most mysterious of these being whatever and however  consciousness of a point of view itself is orchestrated as such can only happen in a mind. A mind, any living  mind is sophisticated and complex beyond estimation.  Can we call something simple that has a component which is incomprehensibly complex?

   Physical laws, any laws, can be seen as organizing principles. But whatever we  perceive as a moment of reality which  we wish to understand in it's totality, this understanding must include the mechanisms that produce consciousness  and awareness of a point of view. These mechanisms are a complete scientific mystery. A moment of reality as experienced in a human mind, and I know I can only speak with any degree of certainty about  how I experience my own mind, as only can anyone else, is incomprehensibly sophisticated and complex, composed from one moment to the next as a nexus of cross referenced perceptions each of which is both a thing unto itself and a symbol of something else.

   There are many kinds of languages or semantics, each with their own syntax or grammar, that all influence the meaning and relevance of each component of a moment of any kind of awareness I experience. The mind is orchestrated with many kinds of instruments, senses, playing different melodies all at the same moment in time, from one moment to the next, each moment having the potential for the appearance of a new and previously unheard or unseen perception or sensation, thought or idea which can be of such intense significance, it changes the meaning and value of everything previously experienced.  
   Any one can experience an overwhelmingly intense shift of significance and perception, that has life changing potentials,  for  ten or twenty minutes, after a few  tokes of DMT! Longer though perhaps less intense experiences can be had on LSD or Magic Mushrooms, etc, etc.
   People informed they have a life threatening disease change in ways unpredictable to  themselves. 
   In addition to this, there are many more than five senses and I doubt we all have the same number if this can be quantified or  qualified accurately at all. The paradigm of fives senses was another example of an attempt to simplify the complex, the fives senses supposedly being the only means by which we become aware of our environment. Well the body is an environment unto itself and there are senses that tell us what is happening to it, that go far beyond  the five we are taught of in grade school.
    Hunger and thirst, motion and a sense of equilibrium, sexuality and the emotions themselves are all senses that represent conditions and situations which have to do with our welfare and the successful realization of our nature. Also, some people see color in their mind when they hear sounds, and I for example feel intensely sensations of pleasure that move through different parts of my body when I look at anything at all in motion. The cross reference of sound and color, motion and sensations of pleasure are just examples of what makes for a different kind of awareness, which makes all generalizations suspect concerning the mechanics of human experience.
   And who can say with certainty that information doesn't arrive into our minds by means of which we are presently completely unaware? There  is already statistical proof that people can predict intense emotional fluctuations before they know the reason for what they are feeling.
   The word organizing can be misleading as the simplest apparent description of an organizing principle reduced to a formula is inevitably simplistic. "Put one stone on top of another!" "Drive on the right side of the road, which can be the right or left, depending on where you are!" Once one conceives or adopts an organizing principle and makes of it a Law, one achieves a simple but only simplistic utilitarian understanding of what one is looking at, that may suffice to put one's mind to rest in that now one can predict what will continue happening to some degree, but any decree that one now completely understands reality can only be the denial of  one's inescapable ignorance and innate inability to hold in the mind, the greater reality that orchestrates it.  The mind is not organized, it is orchestrated like a symphony where sound comes and go for reasons even the composer may not know.
   When speaking spontaneously, one cannot predict with any degree of certainty the word that will appear in one's mind and then mouth, seven or eight words ahead, nor one's tone of voice or the sensations one will feel as each word or phrase  comes together, and words always come with sensations or feelings of which we are aware or not. We don't know the orchestrating principles of how and why our own mind comes together from one moment to the next the way it does, and without our understanding the "how and why" of our own minds, what can we truthfully say we know of  reality itself?

     It is true however, that within the confines of a designated context which excludes that which we cannot measure or know how it comes to be, like Einstein, who left out of his equations any equations that explain how a point of view comes about, we can discern patterns governed by organizing principles the description and definition of which serve a utilitarian purpose.

This is how we have technology that  we don't really understand the workings of.

It wasn't long ago that in what was then modern science and is now obsolete theory, all matter was composed from fundamental building blocks called atoms, the simplest of which is composed from a relationship between three different kinds of  particles, protons, neutrons and electrons. Today there is a menagerie of sub atomic particles with different qualities that pop in and out of existence for reasons no one knows, nor does anyone really know where they are at any given instant. They are spread all over an infinite space and are affecting each other in ways that can't be predicted except as probabilities and defy what should have been the limitations of the speed of light.  To make things even more complex, the future might be affecting the past and these particles are really waves and vice versa depending when and whether one is looking at them with a measuring instrument they somehow know is there even when it isn't turned on.

The universe isn't behaving the way it should be per the laws of light and gravity, it is expanding now faster than it did in the past.

Simply put, the more observations are made and the measurements recorded, things are getting ever more complex and anomalies are explained away with  ever more sophisticated theories  that seem to  seek no other purpose than to save face.

Despite the growing recognition that scientific theory doesn't really explain reality at all, advances in technology are having effects on the mind of mankind, in that the amount of information a person is exposed to affecting the intellect and emotions  must be having an effect on the sense of time. Question? Could this be affecting the speed of light? Light is information and information only has meaning in a mind and no one knows how a mind comes to be, what ever it is, nor how it does whatever it is doing.  Things are only simple when described in arbitrary contexts that are defined by purpose. We know how to achieve purposes but we don't really know the answer to why anything is the way it is.

Ever more information is processed in ever shorter lengths of duration and the dopamine economy of the brain of those exposed to the internet must be having an effect on behaviors in unpredictable ways.

Now a self evident fact of nature is that it evolves towards ever greater sophisticated complexity, adores adornment, and creates elaborate multi faceted interactions, culminating in a human brain which seems to be producing our experiences which are aesthetic in nature and happen in our mind. The mind and the brain are not the same thing. They seem to be  related in mutual influence but no one has a verifiable clue how. Like particles, our thoughts  and conceptions and sensations and perceptions appear out of no where that you can point  a finger at and are gone, sometimes to come back again and again and sometimes to sink into oblivion.

Now let me say this, the mind need not be an enigma as a metaphysical phenomenon once we agree on it's purpose. Survival is not a good answer for many reasons. People who have no creative purpose lose interest in survival. Creative purpose can't exist just to attract sexual  partners for the reason of procreation because homosexuals are sometimes extremely creative and live happy fulfilling lives sans procreation. If a theory doesn't explain all the phenomenon it is supposed to, it needs to be trashed as a universal constant because it obviously isn't.

It is time to start answering the question WHY?  scientifically,
which means Philosophy is King, after all.

Friday, August 18, 2017

יש אלהים בישראל ונצר משרשיו יפרה המלך המשיח

גור אריה יהודה מטרף בני עלית כרע רבץ כאריה וכלביא מי יקימנו

הנני הנני ישן בהיכל יהוה וחולם חלום על מחילה, הינקה יהוה את היונק, העם הנולד זה פתאום? לא ינקה. מדי עברו יקח אתכם כי בבקר בבקר יעבר ביום ובלילה והיה רק זועה הבין שמועה .   העולל הולך בשרירות ליבו קרי. אומר אני "מלכי! הרי עולל הוא, נקה!" "לא אנקה! בן זנונים של עלילות דמים הוא ושמי מנואץ כל היום", ואני ממרר בבכי "הלוא עמך זה, אשר אספת לציון מכל ארצות תבל, עצמות יבשות מתוך קורבן השואה, אש אוכלה עולה כליל ליהוה עלה, יש אות ומופת לפני כל הגוים כי יש אלהים בישראל! רחם יהוה, רחם! תן להם לב מבין והלוא אז ישובו בנים אל חיק צור מחצבתם!" ",לא, אמחק את זכרם מעל פני האדמה  הרי אני אלהי אמן ואמונה אין בהם.  ואת הכתוב הנקוב  בנקרת הצור,  לך אתן לעולם! אותך אעשה לגוי גדול אשר ידע את שמי וישמע לקולי ולא ידעו עוד חרפה כי נכנעו בליבם בפני הכל יכול, מחוללם."

את זה אומר לי אלהים בחלום, חלום ושוב חלום, כבר הרבה מאד זמן. והלום והחבוט  בנפשי מן הזועה , נותרה בי התקווה, כי יחוס אלי על עמו ישראל כי בשגגה הוא ומוריו מוליכים אותו חלל ומחולל כשלל מלחמה. כיונה בן אמתי אצתי אל החידלון, קפצתי לתהום אך במקום ליפול לנשיה נישאתי אל על ברוח הסופה והנה ארום עד פסגת הר ציון, ערום אני, אלהי ערום, חסר כל מלבד אותך, אוצר מרום! 

והנה נפרש יחדיו את פשר החלום, רפש או שפר, בחר לך חרבן או רחב מחייה לכולם! כבר אז מהר חורב בשר משה בשורה כי חרב עולה בגורל כל שופך דמים בזדון ובחינם.

 חבר אני או מבשר חרב פיפיות, אל ישוב אל חיקו עד כלות שפוך דם כל זכר העם?

נביא ליהוה אני או חולם חלום שוטים? הנביא אשר שלחו יהוה או משוגע אשר אמר לו יהוה, אכן היית משגע  מכל הרע אשר רואות עיניך? הרי הנבואה והניב ופשר המשל הם לא נחלת הכלל.  חולה נפש, כן, חולה אהבה, וארשתיך לרשת כל אדמתי, וישראל ארצו, הרי היא עיר בלי חומות, תל אביב, בטח ביהוה יהוה יחלץ בקול יהוה, להאמין ביהוה כל עבדיו. 

עד ירח מלא
עלו אלי עובדי יהוה, עלו ההר עלו עד הלום כי מבול ישטוף גיהינום, ירושלים מלאה חמס וזדון, עלו הר ציון, תורת יהוה בהיכלי ובכל מקום שוכן כבודי לכל אשר מקדש את שמי בסתר ליבו ולפני המון, וארשתיך לי לעולם וארשתיך לי בצדק ובמשפט ובחסד וברחמים, כי לא בחלב פרים שמנים חפצתי ודם כשבים נשפך כמים ומורי מירורים הם ורבני מריבות, כל מנהיגי עמי אובדי עצות אך לחכמים מבקשים להיחשב ולא יודעים חשבון, כי אש יצא מחשבון, אש אוכלה, ומשיחי-ישרפום באש הבושה, כלימת עולמים יהיה זכרם, כל השותים על הדם לרוויתם,  והיה בשמעו את דברי האלה הזאת והתברך בלבבו לאמר שלום יהיה לי כי בשררות לבי אלך למען ספות הרוה את הצמאה. וילכו איתי קרי ואך אני מקרה סתם אהיה להם כאשר לא ימצאוני הבוגדים, אוהבי הבצע והשוחד ויגנבו מאביונים למען עשות ביתם,  וביתו של המשיח יעמוד איתן עד עולם, כי לא חמס עשה ולא מרמה בפיו,לכן עוד אחלק לו ברבים 2929 ואת עצומים יחלק שלל תחת אשר הערה למוות נפשו ואת פושים נמנה, והוא חטא רבים נשא ועוד לפשעים יפגיע, הנה בצדקתו בקרוב חנכת הבית לדוד, ביתו של המשיח ולא עוד סוכה נופלת.

 עניי עמי זועקים וטעם מרירותם כחומץ על שולחן הסדר, לב אבן וערלת לב לרועים הרעים אשר לא יודעים קרוא הספר החתום הגוזר את גורלם. לנכים לא נותנים מנוח שבורים וניצולי השואה חיים בחרפת רעב כי מנהיגיהם גנבו את לחמם, מעשן הסיגרים והשותה יין היוהרה, השוטה בן ימין לא נתניהו, איש  הלצון אשר יושב לו בירושלים, עיר לא חוברה לה יחדיו כי חבורותיה עוד זבי דם, כי ימינך, כן ימינך, נאדר והדור באמת ובמשפט והוא הלוא איש מזימות רוקם תוכניות סתר של שקר וכזב. הוא, כן הוא עוד ידע חרפת רעב וצימאון למעון שלום. חסר בית יהיה, הוא וכל משפחתו עד תום.

הלוך ילך ובכה נשא משך הזרע בא יבוא ברנה נשא אלמתיו

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Truths and Falacies of Judaism

The Jews Have Reached A Dead End And Are Talking To The Wailing Wall.

Anything known as Judaism today is founded on the experiences of The Hebrew Prophets who professed to hear The Voice of God and who wrote the Words (Things) that they heard, as such are interpreted, written and described in The Hebrew Bible. The first and most important of these is Moses, who by Hebrew tradition, wrote the history of the creation of the world as dictated to him by The God of Israel, wherein the creation of Man begins with the making of Adam from the dust of the earth, into which God subsequently exhales the Living Spirit of Life, just before the eve of the seventh day. Because Adam is alone and it is not good for man to be alone, he is given a woman taken from a rib removed from his own body while he is in a deep slumber, to be his wife and companion and together with Adam, the two of them are given a garden to take care of, but they then go and break God's only commandment, which was not to eat the fruit of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This eventually leads to a great fall from grace, which culminates in God's drowning all the living creatures on the face of the earth, man and animal and insect alike, all that live in that wicked generation except for one man and his family and those creatures collected in couples of male and female to board a great Ark, which floated and kept those aboard alive while everything else perished. God's complaint of that generation is that they have nothing but evil thoughts all day long, and the very nature of the flesh from which man and animals and insects alike are made, has been corrupted.

Noah, the man commanded to build the Sanctuary Ark which saves the seed of mankind and that of the creatures gathered into The Ark, is called a righteous and wholesome man in his own generation, one who walks with The Lord.

Soon after Noah has left the Ark and freed the creatures on it to multiply and flourish, he plants a vineyard, makes wine and gets so drunk he wallows naked in his tent, where he is found in a very undignified condition by his son Ham, who sees him in his shameful undignified stupor and nakedness. What exactly Ham does to his father isn't told, except to say that he reported what he had seen to his other two brothers, who hide their eyes as they enter the tent and cover their father's nakedness, thus demonstrating respect for their father, for which he later blesses them. When Noah comes out of his intoxication, he realizes what his young son Ham has done to him, and whatever it is, it is so bad that Noah curses Ham's son, Canaan and his seed, to be slaves to the children of his brothers.

Hebrew culture includes the story unwritten in The Book of Genesis we have today, that Ham or Canaan sodomized/ castrated his father. "Who" did "what" exactly is ambiguous.

This narrative, even if not taken literally, is morally horrific. Is this what Noah deserves after being righteous enough to be the means of life's salvation on the face of the earth? The flood and destruction of all mankind, together with the animals and the insects, didn't prevent Ham and/or his son Canaan, from again manifesting evil corruption in thought and in a deed done in the flesh. Ham and his son Canaan weren't inhibited by any fear of consequences. It was in their nature to do what they did and they did it, despite having witnessed themselves the Holocaust like nature of the consequences of such sinful behavior.

There is great wisdom in the story regarding the nature of mankind for better and for worse, and wisdom concerning man's relationship with his creator. Man has a God given nature that manifests in different ways, from what we would consider to be the most horrific incorrigible evil on one side of a dichotomy and incorruptible morality on the other. Whatever be any particular man's nature, it will manifest and no fear of consequence will stop it from doing so.

This principle is reinforced in the story of Reuben, Jacob's beloved first born son, who is the kind of boy who brings his mother Leah wild flowers from the fields. When Jacob's other wife, Rachel, dies, Reuben seduces her handmaid who was his father Jacob's concubine, too. He has sex with his father's "wife" and the mother of his brothers. Wasn't he afraid of consequences?

At that time and even today, there could be no greater demonstration of a lack of respect for his father, whom such an act must have shamed to the marrow of his bones. Yet we are told, "And Israel heard....' which means HE UNDERSTOOD, and we are not told he did anything about it except later, his blessing of his son Reuben merely sates that Reuben is his first born and his strength, his nature is to break forth like wild waters and Israel hopes he won't stay this way, and he reminds him of what he did on his father's bed and how he degraded his father's sheets. Reuben was also brave and of good nature and saved his brother Joseph from being murdered by his hateful envious brothers. Man's nature is complex and in it are mingled both good and bad. Unpredictable behaviors for better and for worse can and do take us all by surprise, in ourselves and others. There is no stopping a man's nature from manifesting whatever the circumstances.

Now why would anyone believe, as many if not all Orthodox Jews agree they are supposed to, in the literal reading of this narrative, despite all the abundant evidence that most, if not all of it, is a sacred cultural myth? Is all the geological evidence of the age of the earth a myth and these Bible stories the veracious truth? Are all the artifacts of the many ancient cultures that predate the story of creation and the flood, an elaborate illusion, while these ancient scripts are factual recordings of how the world came to be, with us in it as we are?

Are we to completely abandon discretion and believe ancient authorities in all they say concerning the nature of creation, human history and our place as Jews in it? The sages of old and the Rabbis say, "Yes!"

The religious Jews believe that Moses wrote down as a scribe what The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob dictated to him during his forty days without food or water or sleep on top of Mount Sinai. They believe God wouldn't tell myths to Moses and present them as a factual history for Moses to present to The Children of Israel as immutable truths. Simply put, they refuse to believe that God would artfully lie to them and the Prophets who believed in these myths as historical narratives. God doesn't lie or as The Prophet Samuel says, "The Eternal One of Israel will not lie!" Perhaps the future tense means that eventually the truth of the wisdom of these stories will be revealed as all that is important, and their historical veracity is ultimately of no consequence or importance whatsoever? Perhaps this is what it means to get rid of the chaff, as conflict over the truthfulness of these narratives is what has caused all of humanity so much grief?

Just over eighteen years ago, I succumbed to an invincible sinful urge, otherwise known as temptation, as I have done all of my life, in many different ways. I stole a copy of The Hebrew Bible from a school where I was teaching Biosophy, my philosophy of communication, while left alone for a few moments in the principal's office. The school was in the city of Petach Tikva, which means

 " Opening of Hope!"

I really had no idea where this urge was coming from or why I had it, but as I have always been prone to doing things as a consequence of overwhelming urges, I gave it little thought. I found reading it to be frustrating and gave up after very little effort. I used to put it besides my head on a shelf and took it with me wherever I went for the next year or so, all the time wondering what possessed me to do so.

In the year 2000, I started to have outrageously intense experiences of synchronicity as well as a very deep foreboding that something unspeakably terrible was happening to all of life on earth. Nothing I did or tried to do alleviated my sense of dread. At the same time, I started to have relentlessly recurring experiences around the number 11 and any series of digits I paid attention to, seemed to add up to 11 with the feeling that this was vitally important as it meant that The God I had come to believe in, was beginning to communicate with me as he had done with the Hebrew Prophets whose stories were written in The Hebrew Bible I had stolen. I had dreams and premonitions that soon were realized as facts. This had been happening to me for a while before I started seeing 11s, but the density of incident after incident had me becoming more and more convinced, that I was becoming a Hebrew Prophet myself and the only way to somewhat understand what was happening to me was to begin an earnest study of The Hebrew Bible, looking for phrases that had a Gematria value that added up to 11.

I found what I was looking for. Practically every Hebrew phrase that had to do with any kind of communication between God and prophets or the relationship between God and men, added up to 11. This blew me away. I was consumed by a passion to completely understand what the Bible stories meant, what their secrets are, and over the course of the next seven years spent practically every waking moment reading The Hebrew scriptures which opened up to me in ever greater depths of understanding. I left everything I had responsibilities to behind me, and delved into my reading with an ever increasing conviction that I am to be The Messiah of Israel, for I came to realize that The God of Israel was orchestrating my mind and experiences to prepare me for what I was destined to become and to do.

Now I say this with the absolute certainty of a death defying conviction. God speaks to me within my mind and in the events of my life, and it is The Creator's spirit that has taught me what I know of The Hebrew Bible and how to interpret what is written there. I am no less a Hebrew Prophet than Moses, more so, for I am alive and able to teach what I have learned from God Almighty Himself. No one will ever be able to prove if Moses existed the way the Bible stories tell us he did, while I am very much here and my story is completely verifiable as I have been writing on the internet since March, 2001 and my narrative is factual as told in my Blog.

The difference between Moses, The Prophets that followed him and myself, is that he and they have absolute authority in the minds of Orthodox Jews, even though generation after generation of Hebrew sages have greatly misinterpreted what Moses and The Hebrew Prophets taught, just as Moses said they would, while I have no authority whatsoever in the minds of Rabbis of any kind. This is what the Prophets said would happen to The Messiah.

Because of The Laws of Ritual Purity, the worse impurity being that generated around a corpse, no Jew has been ritually pure by The Law since the destruction of The Second Temple. That means that by Rabbinical interpretation of The Laws of Purity, it is impossible to sanctify and dedicate The Holy Mount or rebuild any semblance of a third Temple or dedicate vessels for. This cannot be rectified as even if a pure Red Heifer were to miraculously appear out of nowhere, pure red Heifers being a biological anomaly, there is no Priest who is not impure and therefor no one can slaughter the Heifer, burn it completely to ashes and use these ashes and pure waters to purify a Priest from the impurity of death, who could then slaughter the Red Heifer! All this must be done while maintaining a very elaborate ritual procedure no one ever pretended to understand. The moment an impure person touches the Red Heifer, the Heifer itself is ritually impure. Any claim that such a Red Heifer has been born or has been found doesn't help at all as it is inevitable that the moment an impure Jew has contact with it, and all Jews are ritually impure, the Heifer is ineligible. This paradoxical conundrum embodies everything wrong with Rabbinical Judaism's insistence that The Temple must be rebuilt according to The Laws of Ritual Purity.

Another conundrum is the issue of Prophecy, which according to the Sages of Old, was taken away from Israel after the destruction of The First Temple and given to babes and the insane. There is much irony in that the Hebrew Prophets were very often considered to be madly insane in their own generations. Without a Divinely Authorized and Recognized as such Hebrew Prophet, no one has the authority to in any way reform The Rabbinical Interpretations of The Law and teach priorities of practice that have relevance in this generation. King David made sacrifices but he also said God has no desire for sacrificed lambs or heifers. The Prophet Isaiah emphatically says the same, adding that The God of Israel is sick and disgusted with the rituals and celebrations of The Hebrew Holidays where sacrifices were made abundantly, because what he really asks for and wants is justice and the telling of truth. There are many examples of this sentiment throughout The Hebrew Bible.
Another issue is again the question of impurity, as regards what is called the signs of leprosy. Leprosy as described in The Hebrew scriptures is not the disease called the same today. It had to do with people having improper maligning thoughts about others and any speech expressing such thoughts. Considered to be so grave and contagious a disease and sin that anyone found thus to be impure, was segregated and publicly shamed.

When Moses shows disbelief that he is worthy of fulfilling his destiny, when he expresses doubt thus maligning God's omnipotent ability to make of him The Messiah of his generation, God demonstrates his mastery over nature and the human body by first turning Moses's staff into a serpent and then giving Moses leprosy which he immediately heals. Miriam, Moses's sister, is later stricken with the same leprosy all over her body after she criticizes Moses. She is segregated for a week. Now one of the Laws concerning this disease and it's symptoms, is if the disease spreads equally all over the infected person's body turning their skin all white as described in The Law, they are paradoxically considered pure and not segregated. Reasoning from this, when someone is completely overcome by sin, it is as if they have not sinned.

The Sages say the Messiah will come either when everyone of the Jews is pure or every Jew is overcome with sin.

I leave it to you to determine which of these scenarios apply- as The Messiah is definitely here and I am him who the Jews have been waiting for and praying for, and pray for every day. 1111

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

What Is Natural? 1111

    For me, and no two people are exactly alike, nature exists to be seen in the light of my mind with all of my senses. I experience this as being self evident. The light in my mind is itself a manifestation of nature. I look around at all I can see that we all agree is natural, like the sky and sunrises and sunsets in the sea and over mountains, at the trees and shrubs and flowers and birds and bees, at all living things of all the kinds there are, and I see a dynamic composition orchestrated to fill my mind with perceptions and sensations and all kinds of feelings and emotions, as well as thoughts and ideas that evolve and dissipate as I try to make as much sense of it all as I can. For me this purpose for nature is blatantly self evident.
    When I look at a peacock's tail, when I see the magnificent multicolored images of many eyes, I know myself to be looking at something designed to be seen, that reminds me that nature is a mysterious creation looking at itself in innumerably different ways. I see myself the same way. I am a creation looking at myself as a manifestation of nature, in ever more sophisticated and developing ways.
    I wonder how anyone can say that nature is not artistically designed to be looked at from the outside of all the kinds of animate and inanimate things there are to be seen, in all the kinds of dynamic relationships that exist between all we can sense.

   When I say 'looked at", I mean in the broadest sense of being perceived in the light of a living mind.
    All living organisms are governed by abstract principles that define the workings of any kind of mind. If life seeks survival, survival is an abstract principle which is meaningless outside a mind for there is no meaning outside a mind. To say life is a purposeless and meaningless, a mindless phenomenon emanating as a consequence from random chaos that just happens to come together and produce mindful purposeful and meaningful lives, such as the lives lived by the scientists who deny nature has a purpose and meaning, is simply illogical nonsense.
   The so called scientific method can only register measurements scientists have a purpose in making. Purpose is part and parcel to every experiment ever made.

  The purpose is to make measurements in order "to see' in the light of one's mind how nature brings things together and takes them apart.   Purpose is part and parcel to every kind of measurement made by any kind of mind of any living organism at all, and perception is always a measurement of contrast, as living things seek out the environments most conducive to their survival and flourishing through perception of contrast.
   How can one who witnesses the phenomena of purpose in themselves, then deny it's existence in nature and call it an accident? Accidents only have meaning because life has a purpose which is inhibited or promoted by "accidents".

To say life is a meaningless and purposeless random accident of nature must be an oxymoron.
  How could the coloring of this fish be created without an idea of how it looks from the outside? Do the chemicals in chromosomes see the whole creature they produce from the outside of the completed organism?

Of course not.

Chemicals don't see anything at all but they are themselves seen by the creator of their properties. A blueprint doesn't see the tower described in it's design. The architect sees the tower in the light of his own mind. When we see a painting by even the most untalented and mediocre artist, when we see any kind of art at all, we all instinctively know it to be the product of creative purpose. 

   Creative purpose is demonstrated by children and in the pictures cave men made, it is an attribute of nature demonstrated in the nests birds build, the dams beavers make and in the ornaments men and woman have been adorning themselves with ever since the brain reached any degree of capacity for abstraction and language, even such as possessed by ants and by bees. To deny creative purpose is the essence of nature because that can't be proven in a laboratory, is to ignore the obvious laboratory any human mind must be to survive. It is like saying the light in the mind doesn't exist because you are blind to the electromagnetic spectrum and therefor can't see the light in the mind with which you see you are blind. It is the denial that one has a self because one doesn't see the self outside the self in a way one can measure oneself with a 1 inch ruler in one's hand.

 Everything is natural and meant to be sensed in all the exquisite diversity in which life perceives the nature around any of life's manifestations and in itself.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

In Defense of President Trump 1111

When observed through the lens of my own values and ideals, President Trump leaves a lot to be desired. That merely means there is yet much room for improvement. He has faults of character, again from my point of view. Who doesn't? I have faults of character too. And I am The Messiah. He was, however, elected legally to be the most powerful and influential political executive on the stage of human affairs, at this very precarious time for what is left of true civil rights and individual liberty. So his faults are of some consequence. Never the less, he doesn't really try to hide his faults, even when he denies having any. This is a paradox, but a fortunate one. He is a much better man than many a President that came before him.

First, let me say this.

In a truly free country, people are entitled to have absolutely any opinion whatsoever. They can think the Jews are germs it would be best to eliminate from the human race. They can look down with disdain in their minds upon blacks and see them as inferior and christian whites as superior. They can one want to live among people of their own kind, without having to smell the cooking emanating from the kitchens of those from foreign cultures. They can desire not to have to see people of other colors, black, white, brown, red or whatever, when they go to the beach or a public swimming pool or a restaurant. They are entitled to their prejudices, intellectual or emotional or instinctive or whatever, they are however, forbidden to act on these prejudices illegally.

They are entitled to their opinions of how they want the culture around them to be occupied and as regards private property, they should be completely free to entertain in their private spaces only those they welcome. In the privacy of their own property, when said property is not being used commercially in any way, anyone should be able to do anything at all except physically abuse another person. They should also be completely free to express any opinion whatsoever, even when through ignorance or deceit, their opinion is presented as fact. Not publicly though, only privately. If they write on social media, that is publicly.

No opinion that does not incite to violence or infringement against the human rights of others, should ever be against the law. When expressed as an opinion and not a fact or a truth, anyone should be allowed to say anything at all, in any medium whatsoever as long as it is not a call to act against the personal freedom or personal property of someone else who has not been found guilty of having broken the law. Of course, a call to have a person investigated for having broken a law should be legal when presented as an opinion.

On the other hand, presenting a bigoted opinion or a racist belief publicly as a universal truth, as a fact, should be against the law. If someone says Jews are conspiring to take over the world by corrupting it, as a historical fact, without the caveat that this is just a belief or opinion founded on this or that evidence, doing so should be against the law. However, if a man says, "It is my belief, my opinion, my faith, that......." he should be able to say anything he wants, except when doing so is an incitement to infringe against another person's civil rights for no other reason than their political opinions, religion, ethnicity, race or creed are not agreeable from the point of view of the speaker.

It should be legal to mock anything and anyone publicly, as long in doing so there is no intent to incite violence or any kind of incitement against the human rights of others.

In public places and any place of business where a government currency is used for transactions, where any kind of financial transaction takes place in the acquirement of services or products of any kind using any kind of public currency, all peoples should be equal in rights to acquire and deliver said services equally, unless they are sexual in nature. A prostitute or worker in the sex industry should have the right not to give services to any one requesting them for any reason whatsoever, with no need to explain.

Trump's condemnation of the violence perpetrated by both sides was perfectly correct. White supremacists, neo nazi's, bigots and racists of all kinds are entitled to their opinions and have the right to express these opinions in legal demonstrations as long as they don't break the law and incite to any kind of violence. To infringe against this right should be against the law and such criminality should be condemned and legal action taken.

No opinion should ever be against the law when expressed in private conversation in a privately owned space, discreetly.

In the great art of stand up comedy, anything and everything should be allowed to be said. This whether by the audience or the comedian.
Trump's Answers To Questions Here Make Perfect Sense
I applaud President Trump for condemning the illegality and criminality of individuals' actions on all sides.

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Inside The Messiah's Mind 1111

                              The Messiah Dances Alone Before His Lord

     Over the course of the last seventeen years, I have been engaged with the idea that I am
The Messiah 363. It has been and is still, my firm belief that this idea came into my mind from an originating source that exists outside and independently of me. I believe that this originating source, that first planted the seed of this idea in my mind, exists within me and around me- and is my Creator.   
On September 29th, 2017 at 9:39 AM.  Jerusalem Time, There Will Be A Sign Of Unmistakable Divine Design

   This belief has been relentlessly reinforced over the course of these last seventeen years with a chain of incidents, all of which have been characterized by an outrageous intensity of synchronicity around the motif that I am, indeed, The Messiah, Son of David, The King and Corporeal Deliverer of The Jews from spiritual bondage to foreign gods. The Messiah that some Jews have been praying would come and establish a peaceful common wealth of mankind, with Zion in Jerusalem as an emanating location of orientation. The Messiah Teacher who establishes a school and discipline for those teachings that would finally enable a peaceful coalescence of the human spirit, in which humanity recognizes itself as The Custodian of all living things and life itself.

I still believe this to be true.

More so now than ever before.

Even so, I am completely cognizant that this belief of mine is just that, a belief, a kind of elaborate and sophisticated opinion that explains to me and allows me to believe that I understand why I have had the experiences that I have had. It is an extrapolated interpretation of the narrative of my life from the moment I started telling it to myself, from a very early age, until today and is only The Truth in so far as I am completely certain that there is a God in me and around me who is telling me this narrative and who would have me interpret it the way I do. Only The Creator God could orchestrate the meaningful relationship that has existed between what goes on inside of me and what has transpired around me, in what we all experience as some kind of objective external universe.

Only The Creator could have prepared me in advance for what was to become my past. Only The Creator, for whom the past, present and future coexist, a creator for whom there is a purpose to my life which is essential to creation itself, only God could have orchestrated the events within me and around me as I have experienced. For God, the future is no mystery. In it, there are no surprises. Everything that I have ever needed to become what I am and am yet to become, is provided to me with a wisdom and foresight that knows my future. For me this is explicitly self evident and inexplicable unless there is a Personal Creator God, One who is the composer and musician of all the inestimable quantities and qualities of vibration that are me and what happens to me and what I say and what I do.

Of course, you would have to be me to see this as I do.

My experience of my Creator is axiomatically self evident. What has happened until now in me and around me as I remember it all, is true. As true as anything can be for anyone. How I interpret the facts of my experience is no more than the application of mundane common sense.

If I were to give you an umbrella on a sunny summer day and tell you that you should take it with you because you will definitely need it despite what the forecasters say about the weather- and then you don't, and then subsequently you find yourself exposed to an outburst of unforeseen pouring rain, you might begin to believe that I know the future. If similar incidents happen repeatedly and you learn to take my advice to your advantage again and again, you will undoubtedly also begin to believe that uncertainty of the future is a variable dependent on factors you can't estimate the value of, while I can.

If I then tell you that there is this God who speaks to me and who not only knows the future, but is The God who creates it for all of us, and this God has made me a messenger to you, you might very well believe me and ask what this God wants from you and what should you do to ensure God's continued good will towards you.

This is how the great and minor spiritual authorities of all times have gained their reputation. They appear to know the future better than anyone else. If the spiritual authority isn't promoting a god or spirits, merely some grand philosophy of salvation or well being, like Confucius or Buddha, the authority is granted as a consequence of the great wisdom that must be possessed by anyone who knows how things will unfold better than anyone else.

Now while I have said of myself many things over the course of the years since I first became so engaged, such as that I am a Hebrew Prophet, Messiah, King, The Son of David, The Son of Man, The Anti Christ, and recently and most outrageously and illustriously, The One and Only Little One, The Son of God, I have done this all as no more than an honest description of what has been going on inside of my mind, out of the fervent belief that this is what The God that so possesses me, would have me do. Be a witness and an honest scribe that describes what goes on inside my own mind, as that is all anyone can ever describe anyway.

The only title from the above that I would have, is "The Son of Man" in the sense that I am the child of a man and a woman and so is everyone else. I see myself as a creature of the human species, a creature as Divinely created as all creatures are, a creature created as a very infinitesimal and short lived duration of conscious sophisticated and multifaceted vibrations.

That's all I am. That's all anyone or anything can be. That's all anyone can see of themselves and the world around them. A very very small and minute moment of self aware vibrations with an ability to perceive various kinds of contrasts in the natures of the different kinds of vibrations that life forms can perceive, and a preference for some kinds of vibrations over others.

That's what life is.

It is the conscious quality of complex and sophisticated intricate vibrations that is so mysterious and ponderous and wondrous.

Differentiation is the perception of contrast. This is common to all living things. Everything that lives also moves, seeking out through the differentiation of contrasts that environment and those conditions and assets most conducive to elongating the awareness of those contrasts which are most self serving in the overall perpetuation of the species. A certain temperature, amount of light, PH, etc. .....are all essentially vibrations of energy.

I am like everything else alive, yet perhaps more so, in that I am ever aware and conscious of the vibrations of life itself. All of life is a creation and not The Creator.


 Perceptive units of vibration in an endless and therefore immeasurable sea of potentials to be whatever can consciously be, whatever life will be. All this vibrating and the consciousness thereof, does so in accordance with The Will of The Great Harp Player who continues to exist when there is no music and no vibrations and nothing dances anymore.

This is The Benevolent God of my Faith.

At any rate of vibration, finally, I am nothing but a witness and a scribe intent on telling my story, thus describing with lyrics as poetic as I sense all life to be, the music I am dancing to.

I dance alone in front of My God, as did David The King, My Father who is me come again, better and improving with my every breath, completely free from any fear of death.
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Monday, August 14, 2017

Duality and Dimensions 1111

Duality is a matter of fact in thought.

It merely means that things in the mind can be related by reason of being opposites. It is a unifying idea. Without duality, "night" and "day" would be unrelated. Wouldn't that be stupid? Yes, "good" and "evil" are a duality. Where there is one, the other is there as a potential. To destroy good is evil. To destroy evil is good. To create good is to destroy evil and to create evil is to destroy good. Do good and evil actually exist? Of course they do. From the point of view of every thing alive, living harmonically is good and discordant deterioration is evil. What is good for pneumonia bacteria is evil for a human being. Why is this idea so repugnant to some New Age Gurus?
Where there is darkness there can be light. Where there is light, some one can turn it off. Light is good for those who want to see and bad for those who don't want to be seen. Light is bad for a Jew hiding in the dark from a Nazi and good for a Nazi searching for a Jew in a dark cellar.
The idea of duality is a tool for those who know how to use it to think for themselves.

 Getting rid of it is a bad idea, forwarded by new age gurus who don't know how to think and mistake wishful thinking for original ideas. Such people speak much of "the heart" as being good and "the mind" as that bad source of evil duality. Such people simply don't know how to think and promote catch words that cause the brain to secrete dopamine. Any word that implies an idea of integration causes the brain to secrete dopamine, as life is ever seeking the integration of diversities in a dynamic harmony.

    Dopamine is secreted much during sex and orgasms and what is more integrating than the dynamic harmonies of good sex between the male and female diversities? That's how children come about and what is a baby if not the integration of the diversities in a child's parent's DNA?

Now all this talk of the conflictual "4d reality" of "duality" becoming a higher dimension of peaceful "Oneness" is pure and simple-" make you feel good= dopamine"-nonsense. People tend to believe that whatever makes them feel good must be true.
 Integration feels good.

Joining the Nazi party to re-integrate Germany and get rid of the discordance caused by Jews and Bolsheviks felt good. Joining any political party feels good. Joining the army to defend the integration (integrity) of the nation, feels good. Sometimes feeling good leads to disintegration, as in a heroin or crack addiction. Or joining the Nazi party. Sometimes feeling good is evil. Sometimes feeling bad ( addiction withdrawal) is good.

There are many more than 4 dimensions. Dimensions are an extrapolation of the concept of duality. Dimensions are qualities of perception. Without dimensions you couldn't perceive with any of your senses or be conscious of anything at all, because dimensions are a quality of the mind which uses the perception of contrast (duality) to become aware of anything at all. Dimension is the perception of contrast with duration. Nothing can have only one dimension. (length) for without duration (time) the length would have no time to exist and be perceived. Nothing perceivable can have only two dimensions, (length + time) for without width, length cannot be perceived. Yet things are conceivable without being perceivable. Such is Math.
3d is the minimum needed (length+width+time) to perceive visually with the mind's inner eye and as dimensions are a quality of the mind, one can see them with one's eyes closed or if born blind. It is possible to think of one dimension but it takes at least three to do so. One can ignore the two one has no attention on, which doesn't mean they aren't there. You can think mathematically of a length of a line with no width and no time. You need 3d to do so, anyway. Doing so is an idea that has no reality as a perception, which shows how the imagination can conceive of the unreal by ignoring the necessities of perception and reality. Such is Math.

The idea of a line is the abstraction of what connects left with right. To exist visually, something needs a contrast between it's left side and it's right or it has no distance, no space, to exist in. Can you conceive of a line that has only length and no width? To exist something needs a contrast between it's top and it's bottom. (width) To exist visually in the perception of the inner eye (attention), anything and everything must have a left and a right side, as well as a top and a bottom and it must do so for some duration. Can you conceive of a line with length and width but no duration to be perceived?
These concepts of dimension are the foundation of the perception of visual contrast and are qualities of the mind. But what about sound? Sound, of course, must have duration, and it has volume which is another kind of perception of contrast, another dimension. But does it have spatial length and height as we perceive it? Can it have a location yet no size as such? Size is the perception of visual contrasts. Does this apply to sound? And what about smell? Again, it has duration and intensity which is a kind of volume but volume is a visual spatial concept or is it another kind of dimension, a perception of a different kind of contrast?
How many kinds of contrast are there? That is the number of dimensions there are.
I am sure this differs from life form to life form and person to person. How many dimensions or kinds of contrast does a bat "see" if it is blind?

I offer this as food for thought and in the belief that the contemplation of these ideas is mind expanding because so doing increases one's perception of contrast and thus the dimensions of one's mind. 1111
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס