Saturday, May 20, 2017

Make Way For The Coming Scourge

That is this 939 אות ומופת coming September 28th, at 11:11 P.M. Jerusalem Time, I speak from the summit of Mount Zion and I speak the word of The Lord of The Word of Art in The Heart To Jonathan Robbins, AKA The Holy One of Israel,

 A Cornerstone in Zion
17"I will make justice the measuring line And righteousness the level; Then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies And the waters will overflow the secret place. 18"Your covenant with death will be canceled, And your pact with Sheol will not stand; When the overwhelming scourge passes through, Then you become its trampling place. 19"As often as it passes through, it will seize you; For morning after morning it will pass through, anytime during the day or night, And it will be sheer terror to understand what it means."…
My Lessons are engraved on the memories through the pleasures and pains generated in your brain, or so you think. but alas it is all in The Ass.  

 Joanathan Robbins His Kingdom come at 9:39 A.M Northern California time in the 9th Month on the 29th day, when flame will fall from the Heavens over The Whole North West :USA. I am The Messiah, Crowned by The Holy One of Israel As His Slave and King Over His Ever growing more complex and sophisticated creation, A Little One Of Long Duration, of an ever greater evolving harmony of diversities in The Mind of Man. You will know me as The Sun become Son, born of the marriage between yellow and blue, where the yellow subdues the blue through loving coercion 119 to become green with envy and grow and propagate and feed and free those who eat plants from anxiety, for there will always be plenty  of everything else to feed. "Eat my Flesh!" says the Fig to The Fly By, It is Gospel come alive in the gut that gives The Heart Flight!

His Name Will Come Before The Sun as The Son

  And then unconsumed by the flames, a fiery bird bursts out of the consuming fire, unconcerned by other's use of any kind of names. The very language in the mind of the deniers is polluted with paradox and inconsistency, and today who from coercive ignorance and who through malicious intent, everyone in charge of any kind of public opinion is lying through their teethe, and so The Name of The Lord is tarnished and soiled in the common mind. And Now Has Come A Day of Poignant Irony and Revenge. The Infamous Day of The Lord, who will expose all flesh for the naked creatures all flesh are, all before His Penetrating Visions, He sees our feelings and our thoughts and He wears our actions like a glove, How can we tell him we have not done what we have done?

Knowing in The Flesh The Knowledge of Good and Evil

We see nought but how it all comes together in our minds and no two minds are the same. Many of us might agree on one thing and many others disagree on the same. Common beliefs change radically and all resistance is overwhelmed and overcome, over ever shorter durations of time.

The time has come for you to have a radical change of mind concerning your freedom of   will and determinism, Your Will is your sacred soul, a onetime coalescence of   experiences to be had over your life time. There is only one you at a time and a chain of you that goes on forever, but always with a different name. Your name is no more than a skin to be discarded when you have the horizon expanding experience of dying, dying and shedding your skin of flesh, which had a name that no longer describes you and the experiences had while being confined by the borders of names and their unchanging definitions in the brain generated mind. The shear size of the ever growing sphere containing your increasingly complex consciousness is always beyond the borders of all languages cross referenced and refined and abstracted for all attainable wisdom. 

Your Immortal Soul Is On A Journey of Transcendence And Ascendance 

I ask not  for wisdom or to be wise, only to see my hands do wise things that encourage my Faith by making me Thankful For You Managing the works of my own hands and hear my voice say words of wisdom that console and give life enhancing advise, I would not cause anything at all but Pray to see you Do Your Will wearing me like a see through glove on your hand, let me be so naked no one will ever see me again or remember I was ever here.

There will be a
:affliction, bane, curse, plague, menace, evil, misfortune, burden,
upon those who lead my sheep to slaughter telling them they are on their way to heaven in service of Allah, Christ or any  other false  deity  like such as come as Nations or Ideologies. I will bring upon them the hell they have threatened others with and made real for so many. "What a name you have given Me!," And there is on the surface a  double meaning, The God Of Art means what Name have I given, and what name have the nations given The One who calls Himself, 

"I Will Be What I Will Be!"

I call Him The Nameless  One, He Who Has Just One Name, The Nameless One!
The One Speaks With Digits and Digits are Numbers

And the nations put many a name on him who they create to control with sacrifice and supplication and prayer. A God who must have tax collecting thieving priests telling you right from wrong and absolving your sins. An abomination. A sacrilege!  Blasphemy. Everything in reverse and perverse is sold for gold nuggets as my name. Or in my name, One And The Same. 

11 is made of two different ones, One Big One and The Little One

Thursday, May 18, 2017

You Are Under Their Control

It is apparent, if not true, that the brain produces and manages the mind. The chemical economy of the brain determines the mood and emotions experienced in the mind, as well as the coherence of thought, the quality and availability of memory, the ability to imagine calculations concerning the resolution of problems and the ability to experience dreams, fantasies and envision postulated possibilities of the future. The intelligence of this coalescence of attributes is measured by the ability of the mind to manipulate symbols within itself and then bring about the manifestation of solutions to problems that exist in a world shared with others. No one could consider themselves intelligent except in some social context, for the word intelligence measures a relative quality in the context of other minds.

Connecting The Brain and Mind To The Internet in A Neural Lace

Now computers and the internet manipulate symbols as an extension of the human mind. Electronic impulses in the brain are manipulated in the mind and then manifest  exterior patterns of motions in the digits which which are mechanized to turn these symbols back into electronic impulses. Computers are an extension of the mind, where information is stored far more accurately, more readily and credibly available, and extrapolated from in all the senses, emotionally and intellectually. .

Learned texts, digital videos and pictures of an extravagant selection of knowledge on every subject imaginable, are available a few seconds away. One's sight and hearing and eye-brain connections, receive into one's mind a potent flow of symbols that represent realities, real or imagined. Sometimes that which is real is denied and that which is imagined gets presented as real.

There is a blatant market economy as regards the truth. It is very rare and very precious.

Those who know it, have a monopoly on the market, or so they think, and anyone else who dares compete with them is soon coerced into  silence, one way or another, or done away with brutally. if need be. It's not personal. It's only business.

 People who are in on the truth are very wealthy and very discrete. They are surrounded by a layer of fat, people who pay them off but not for the truth,  but for protection and  to be more aware of some of the lies. They are less ignorant than the completely manipulated masses. But they  know nothing other than that they are on the side of the mighty and the corrupt.

Now the InterNet is just that, a computing  cross referencing information fishing web, an electronic  intercourse traffic management executive system with parking services and practically infinite storage capacity.

The immensely popular social media are given away for free, as well as e-mail, games and every kind  of interactive creativity, as well as every kind of pornography imaginable- and it is all an electronic extension of your brain, every time you use it. And when you are not using it, it is always there waiting for you to connect. Your own mind is wired to crave social interconnection and what is going on in your computer is somewhere in your mind, all of the time.

You never really disconnect, just like you don't die when you fall sleep. In your dreams your mind is processing what you have been experiencing on line.   It always connects you, with someone else's brain and someone else's mind, the moment  you turn it on. It agitates electrons into a flow of symbolic ones and zeroes which are translated back into sight, sound, tactile, and tastes that are awakened by looking at savory foods and odors that are brought back to life from the past because of awakenned memories.

And of course this all includes, visuals and sounds of  every kind of human  being imaginable, doing extraordinary feats of self expression, including  the exchange of all  the sensations we know as those of carnal pleasures. Sex. All things XXX.

Sex wrapped around narratives of incest and rape, seduction of the innocent and every kind of abuse and exploitation. Sex wrapped around nubile nymphs intent on pleasuring your breath away, cartoon renditions of blue monsters molesting long eared pink fairies, winged with magnificence, multi colored feathers rising above shoulders clothed flimsily and protuberant breasts,  fairy nymphs in black and white laced see through nightgowns. There are the sexual pleasures of inflicting pain and being pained, dominance and subjugation.

Now all of this vast array of diverse services is given you for free.  The price you pay is that you have turned your mind over to those who govern the flow of information on the internet. And they want to distract you from what is really going on, anyway they can. 

Now why is that?

You might think that the Internet is an extension of your mind, but it is your mind that is becoming an extension of The Internet. The Internet is full of highly creative artists who have taken upon themselves the job of keeping your attention on precisely what they want, for as long as they can hold it there. The amount of time people spend on line grows exponentially all the time.

Multitudes are becoming addicted to the metabolism of dopamine, which instantly rewards the surfer for staying on a link into some kind of stimulating experience.  The whole state of experiencing perceptions, sensations, and reactionary and creative thought, is highly intensified.

Once the programmers get into your mind with their graphic diverse means of titillation, they seek to inflate their place in your mental space by feeding you what you crave, while they get too fat to be removed without creating a painful void.

The contents of your own mind is ever more determined by others with venal vested interests. You are made afraid and urged to listen to whatever authority pretends to have the solution to your woes. Diabetes? Pay 47 Dollars and in 11 days your blood will be sugar free, guaranteed, except we take no responsibility whatsoever for the results of our program. Rattle Snake Oil as a cure all.

Got addicted to internet porn or gambling? Social media, perhaps? Good. That way you will lose your peace of mind out of anxieties that your social disease will ruin you, you have secrets, and the intelligence agencies have had full access to every key board action you have ever taken, if you were picked up in their information fishing  nets. The pharmaceutical companies together with all the other corporations that control the content and flow of information on the Internet, want you to spend money on precisely whatever it is that keeps you in their Orwellian Word. They are however, far more sophisticated than Big Brother in 1984.

It is quite simple, really. The Banks control the Corporations and The Corporations control the Governments that determine and enforce  the Laws and Regulations that determine your online experience. The corporations determine the content and how that is marketed to you over "free" services.

There are many millions of people who are anxious their life could be ruined if the truth of their Internet activities were revealed to their spouses, employers or law enforcement agencies.

The true news is camouflaged  by endless amounts of false information. Just keep paying your taxes. Pay your mortgage, your bills , your interest on your loans. You must have life insurance and you must continue to believe that you live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.

It's coming to an end.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Total Eclipse of America 1111 NOW!

Starting October 14th, My Time, All That Moves, Moves By My Time- And In Accordance With
My Prayers For Life Dictated To Me By My Wife, The Goddess of Israel!

AmerCia Is Doomed To Oblivion. A Total Destruction Leaving No One Alive And A Land Uninhabitable By Even Animals for A Thousand Years, Come This November 11th! 1111

The Great Cliche Omen of America's Decline

A Total Eclipse of The Sun, A Sublime Sign of Divine Design, Remarkably To Be Remembered as The Beginning of The Great Decline, Which Began on 911, The Birthday of The Son, The Little One 11, Who Rules With Irony, His Kingdom Come!    

The eclipse begins with the break of dawn,
and a sun shamed by what is going on,
rises from the great Pacific sea,
invisible behind the fullness of a lunatic moon.
A moon gone crazy from watching human folly,
perpetrated all day and all night long,
as if murder and rape are no longer wrong.
The great light of celestial government,
hiding in the dark behind a speck of spherical rock,
as the moon's shadow  races  across the waters,
bearing tidings of a so greater approaching darkness,
unseen since The Great Exodus itself.
First the day turns off it's light, turns to  night,
and the air goes chilly and cold, like the heart of the bold,
when they comprehend the sin of their betrayal.
First, the firstborn of America will die for their lies
and forfeit the privilege of freedom, by reason of hypocrisy
and complacency with evil men and venal interests.
 America is coming down to her knees,
and I will hear but not heed her pleas, For God Has Spoken!

I am  363, 119, 939, and I have called out since 911,
called 838 by decree of 242, I am 424, and my name is 250!
I have  called  out to The Great God of Israel,
"I demand a Trial of myself according to the purity of my heart
and the cleanliness of my hands!", and I was found wanting and accordingly judged,
as I have always judged others, with great empathy and compassion, mercy and a desire to rehabilitate and make  strong, sparks of good will, wherever I have seen them.
And now I,  853 and  358 by reason of 748, tell you in certainty,
543 has sent me to you, 21 is his Name for those who put their name above His!
I come anointed as  King and Messenger, To Close This Chapter of 345,
as noted by The  Great Hebrew Prophet 747,
 and reiterated 1500 years later by The Great Hebrew Prophet 747,
as told by 617 become 716  to bring 441 to 603,

"On November 11, 2017, I Will Establish 929 with 939 as 939 and 939,
by presenting the world with a sign unheard of since Sinai,
when the Lightening was heard and the Thunder seen!
When 345 came down from The Mountain of Destruction with 616,
surrounded by 119, every kind of 525, 939!
And of his face it is written 838 and 1111.

Mock Him no longer, My Anointed Son,
whose name will shine brighter than the Sun,
until the dusk of the human mind, for He is The Little One!
The one by my side 11, you so despise, for telling  My 363 Truth!

In a Sublime Display of Divine Irony,
this eclipse is an omen of the final decline of The USA.
Interested enough to spend some time deciphering the Digits of The Divine Design of Our Time?
Go Here! 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Waiting For A Messiah?

We are living in times of unprecedented hubris, outrageous hypocrisy and government by rampant venal interests. Things are getting better all the time, anyway. Humanity is a Divinely Designed ever improving evolutionary work in process. The sheer exponential growth  of population, longevity, health, access to education and potential for self expression in the last centuries, are evidence for this.There is still a great journey ahead until the prophecies of The Hebrew Bible concerning a global commonwealth  of nations manifest as peace on earth.What does one do in the mean time, particularly as things are about to get much worse, before they get forever better?

Enjoy the ride the best you can.

 There is a method to what appears to be the madness of current events. There is a purpose to your being exposed to all this encroaching chaos. You are meant to be a witness and a scribe, describing in your own mind the ever growing evidence for Divine Design and Artistic Intent.

God is The Artist and You are both the materiel with which he works His Art and His Audience. The purpose of your life is to find how God manifests   His Creative Will as an aesthetic experience for yourself, designed to stretch your mind and make you ever more able to contain the Glory of His Works in your grateful heart.

Not everything is beautiful, no, many things are outright disturbingly  ugly. By confronting the ugly scenes of wanton mayhem manifesting on the screens of your digital devices first,  and then the real world around you, you are facing the self evident truth that God is the cause of not only all we see as good, but also all we see as evil.

The Number 11 Represents One God and You  
The Number 11 Symbolizes God And You

There is only One God. One Cause. One Creative Will. Human will always act according to God's design. Freedom of choice neither surprises God nor disappoints Him. Whatever a man chooses to do, whatever a woman decides to enact, it is all an unfolding  manifestation of Divine Intent. To think otherwise is to deny the Singularity of Divinity and that can only lead to chaos and confusion.

God is On Both Sides of Every Conflict

There is no war between Good and Evil. No war between Light And Dark. There is only your own struggle to encompass ever more life in  your own heart, to cherish it and nurture it all, as you acquire wisdom regarding how to do so, when dealing with conflicting interests and limited resources.

You are a custodian for all living things. That no one does anything but manifest their  God given nature, doesn't mean you are supposed to let criminals run amuck or psychopaths wreck havoc. They are to be prevented from infringing on other's well being and confined when necessary, rehabilitated where possible,  but never hated. Sometimes people must be killed when there is no other feasible way of preventing them from killing others. The only justifiable violence is that which is perpetrated against those who insist  on violent self serving coercion against other's human rights.

There will always be conflicting interests. Wisdom can resolve all conflict between people who recognize the sanctity of life when governed by laws that defend inalienable human rights and ethics.

If you are waiting for a Messiah of some kind to come and teach the world how to bring about peace on earth, that Messiah is here. Your mind however is not yet flexible enough to recognize him for who he is and how his work will be done. He is absolutely different from anything you expect and his story is such as would repel you with disbelief. Your reaction to him would be to shake your head and withdraw in scorn. He would have it no other way, for all the Glory is God's.

Monday, May 15, 2017

What is A Human Being? What Are You?

Most people don't know what they are and define who they are in terms of their roles in other people's lives and society at large.  Asked "What are you?", the most fundamental answer must be "A human being.", but what's that? That is the only answer which is universally true, yet there is no real consensus as to what  a "human being" means functionally.

Labeling anything without defining the function of what is labeled leaves it without purpose and whatever exists without purpose must be a mystery. Human beings are quite often indeed, a mystery to themselves. The discomfort of not knowing what one is functionally, not knowing one's purpose, manifests most often as depression.

Those that adopt the identities given to them by the culture around them do so through indoctrination. "You are our son/daughter and your job is to___________________"is how we all start out. The blank can be filled in with any particular indoctrination  that serves the parents functionality in their own self definition." I am a mother/father and a mother/father's job is to_______________". ""You are a child and a child's job is to accept what a mother/father tells you about yourself and your function in the family."

For most people, most of the time, adopting the roles they are indoctrinated into as regards their functionality in other people's lives, suffices in so far as they need a sense of purpose. Purpose is the only viable solution to confusion. Once given a purpose, the entirety of creation, all of the universe, is no longer a mystery, no longer a chaotic inexplicable reality. This is as true for the vast as it is for the minute.  The inability of science to determine the purpose of  sub atomic particles' behavior as described in quantum mechanics is what makes of it such a mystery. Sub atomic particles behave incoherently, they are everywhere at once, no where at all and here and no where else, all at the same time, sometimes, all the time and never. All depending on how you look at them. To what end? This purposeless mysterious behavior of that which is so fundamental to all of creation is having a profound detrimental affect on civilization's morale. But I digress. 

The Irony of Quantum Mechanics is How It Is Used By The Human Mind So Advantageously In Communication Technologies.

  From birth to death most people  fulfill the function given to them by the society around them, with no existential crises arising from a frustrated desire to self define what they are, who they are, and what their purpose is. They accept what they are as what they are told and adopt whatever purpose defines that role. Finally they become retired grandparents and worrying about their offspring  and their own health suffices to keep their minds busy, as any durable sense of purpose at all makes staying alive a necessity.

Some people are so fortunate as to be born with some kind of innate talent, the realization of which produces something of value to those around them. Providing people around one's self with something they value is the essence of purpose, therefor talented people unless derailed by character flaws, are more likely to live meaningful lives.

But most must learn a profession or trade and be mediocre at it. They "work" for a living and live to serve their families. Their purpose is to satisfy their employer or customers so as to guarantee their income, and then use their income to meet the needs of their closest loved ones. For the vast majority of people, this is all there is to life.

There are those, however, who seem unable to completely accept and be satisfied with, the roles given them by the local "authorities", starting with their parents. Such children are invariably, troublesome. They seem more intent on realizing whatever urge they are preoccupied with, than fulfilling other's expectations from them to fulfill their appointed roles. Discipline often becomes an issue. Recently, authorities have resorted to labeling such tendencies when more extreme as pathological and have resorted to "medication". Any persistent tendency to stray away from the functionality of given roles is deemed selfish or sick. It is either immoral or pathological.  It is to be disciplined with "punishment for making bad choices" or medicated away.  Discipline is a coercive means of straightening into a predictable pattern,  the behavior of those whose nature is unpredictable and who are manifesting an identity undetermined by the authorities. Such unpredictability undermines authority's sense of control. It appears to serve no social purpose. 

Criminals fall into this category. The need to restrain and inhibit criminal behavior is self evident.

But what about those who are born with a great need to define themselves, or find themselves, as is often said? What about those who want to come to their own conclusions as regards what it means to be a human being at all, and then a unique human being in particular?   The desire for self exploration and self definition is seldom encouraged unless it is under the terms of the authorities.

Preoccupation with "illicit"  sexual activity, exploratory drug taking, and the pursuit of creative/artistic self expression are three attributes that often characterize those whose nature it is to rebel against roles given them by whatever are the powers that be. These three attributes share the quality of involving "looking inwards" at what is going on inside one's own unique human mind.  Like faces, no two are exactly the same. Minds are different more so than with faces, for identical twins are known to be of quite different mind. The human mind displays a wondrous propensity for diversity despite the overwhelming tendency towards conformity of human beings. This is because minds, while being each unique, tend to stick together cohesively  and thus are moved together in uniform and predictable patterns. Despite this, unpredictable humans with innovative minds are born in every generation. Such individuals rebel against the roles initially given them and are successful to the degree that they are faithful to their own purpose of self  definition and self realization.

Which brings us back to the question, "What is a human being?" Do we define human beings by their great tendency towards conformity of nature and subservience to authority and their ability to cooperate in matters of group survival and cultural enhancement? Or do we define them by their rare and unique quality of nonconformity, self exploration, and the ability to realize and manifest creative vision? Of course human beings are all of the above.  Most are this and some are that.   As these qualities are contradictory and exclusive, they can't be used to define what a human being is.

Let's try doing it this way. What is most human about a human being is the human mind and human minds appear to be produced by human brains. How this comes about, no one has a real clue. For this reason it makes no difference whether the brain produces the mind, or the mind produces the illusion of a brain. They always come together, it would seem.

Human minds are full of evolving ideas. Evolving ideas are always accompanied by feelings and sensations. I dare say that this is true for all human beings, though some have ideas that evolve very slowly and their feelings are mostly of the same kinds  and others have ideas that come and go like clouds on a windy day and their feelings are more complex and change like weather patterns.

Human minds are the place in which is happening an idea provoking aesthetic experience and in which there exists some degree of ability to communicate these ideas to other human beings.

I believe this has as its purpose the acquirement of knowledge and wisdom which can be used to ever enhance the quality of human life.

So what is a human being?

A creature  uniquely equipped with a mind capable of  sophisticated aesthetic experience, life enhancing ideas  and the ability to share them.

With this in mind we should raise our children.