Friday, July 7, 2017

A Divine Artistically Designed State of Mind

This short song should make you happy, whatever your beliefs. Please listen to it before you read this post. It will put it all in perspective.


    There is a state of mind in which one recognizes that everything going on within and around one's self is orchestrated with divine and artistic intent. This can be quite overwhelming because it is counter intuitive and awakens emotions of awe and astonishment as well as fear. We are taught by the culture around us to believe in mindless randomness which is somehow organized by the human mind into civilization. We are taught to believe in our freedom to make choices and are held accountable for the consequences of our actions. This has been true since the dawn of civilization where individuals are subject to laws that condemn those who trespass against authorities and when having done so, are punished for transgressions against what is believed or presented as being, the common welfare.

So a state of mind wherein one realizes that all of one's perceptions, thoughts and emotions are being orchestrated by a will which is not one's own, can undermine the foundations of all we have been taught to believe about good and evil, as well as what we have been indoctrinated to believe about our responsibility for the consequences of our actions. It is also a great affront to the Ego, which seeks to credit itself for whatever desirable qualities it believes itself to possess.

Confusing the issue is that this state of mind is to some degree a characteristic of psychosis. Psychosis, and I myself have experienced it as well as all the symptoms of it, is recognizable in an individual that begins to insist on explanations for phenomena in their own mind as being caused by some entity outside themselves. Psychotics hear voices in their mind which to them are as audible as environmental sounds. Sometimes they have thoughts which they are certain are being projected into their head by aliens or intelligence agencies or evil or even benevolent spiritual entities, perhaps even God Himself. They see visions which are called hallucinations, which are as real to them as are the sky and the moon to all of us when "normal".

I remember the first time I saw a very well drawn dynamic cartoon appear on the wall of an abandoned house, Itay, Isaac and I were squatting at. In it were two female figures, exquisitely shaped and very fond of each other. They hugged and kissed and otherwise made love while looking at me straight in the eye with very enticing and welcoming facial expressions. I could hear their voices in my mind, explaining who they are and why they have revealed themselves to me this way. They were very flattering and seductive and explained to me what was really going on in The Vatican.
They told me they would protect me from The Vatican agents who had been sent to investigate the legitimacy of my claims of being the Jew's Messiah and if found to be true, these agents had been instructed to assassinate me. I was amused, to say the least, but I told them The God of Israel is all the protection that I need and they should go about any other business that they had. They dissipated into a burst of effervescent green sparks which rearranged themselves into vast battle fields, where a vast array of grey uniformed soldiers, equipped with backpacks and rifles, charged forward towards some unseen enemy. Every soldier was unique in the details of his appearance and the sheer grand creativity of the vision was far beyond anything I had ever seen in real life or in my imagination. The aesthetics were way beyond anything I had ever considered myself capable of even imagining.

I have been in real battles as a paratrooper in The Israeli Army and I hate war as I have seen how it can corrupt one's sense of humility and humanity. So I closed my eyes, expecting my eyelids to protect my mind from the visions that first appeared to be happening in the exterior world.

The visions continued in my visual field as if my eyes were wide open.

I felt invaded, as if I had been spiritually raped. I protested to God, "How can you let this into my mind against my Will?"

And He replied with a whisper, "I Will Be What I Will Be."

The battle fields and rushing soldiers evaporated into a great foam of various sized translucent green bubbles. Many of the bubbles seemed to have many smaller bubbles inside them. Some would pop and release their inner bubbles which would then grow in size, revealing there were bubbles in the bubbles in the bubbles, and then the two female figures returned and told me, "These are minds, our beloved Messiah, Son of God, Jonathan, and your mind is a bubble that contains the bubbles of all of mankind!"

I hate being told stuff like that.

But to be honest, I also felt somewhat vindicated, because I have often felt as if I have the whole world in my mind and I care about it all, Oh, so much. At the time the world seemed full of avarice and venality. The lies about the events of 911 had scorched my mind and my great loss of faith in most human government had left me feeling personally betrayed by even the Israeli Government, after Prime Minister Sharon embraced Bush, both of whom I believe to have been complicit in the horrific criminal tragedy of that so fateful day, a terrible day for all of humanity.

Then these two angels, as that is what they called themselves, told me that my soul as The Messiah has been wandering the face of the earth in different incarnations, learning all the different religions and schools of spirituality, by living them out and manifesting in my behavior the values and practices peculiar to each of them. The only time I had ever achieved any repute for having done so was as Johnny Appleseed. They told me that was my last incarnation as preparation for my Messianic calling, My Job. They told me that in every generation I had had several lifetimes lived out simultaneously, one of which was central and the others were like satellites influencing my development through the phenomena of quantum non locality. Whatever. I have said elsewhere one shouldn't believe Angels except for a while, as a form of engaging entertainment.

I grew tired of having my mind invaded by sexually stimulating occasionally bisexual lesbian angels, and decided simply to fall asleep, which I did with great ease, my last waking thoughts being of gratitude to God for telling me that I will always be able to fall asleep when I feel overwhelmed by what is going on inside of me, no matter how intense it all becomes. This has been true, without exception.

The next day I went to a store that had free internet and looked up Johnny Appleseed. In one of the articles I read in my research, it said that Johnny had never married and believed he would be rewarded for his abstinence in the afterlife through marriage with two angels.

"A Legacy of Johnny Appleseed-Apple Tree House

Everyone’s heard of Johnny Appleseed; the guy that traversed the Midwest in sun, rain, sleet & snow spreading apple seeds wherever he went. The stories of his attire are true enough. Johnny wore a cape made of coffee bean sacks with holes cut for his arms and head, the occasional tin hat and almost always went barefoot.

He didn't care for material possessions, bartered seedlings for tattered clothing and gave away more shoes than he wore. He entertained children by sticking needles in his weathered tough feet and had some quite odd, yet endearing ways about him. Johnny Appleseed, born Johnny Chapman, was an animal activist, a vegetarian later in life and he denounced cruelty towards all living things.

Interestingly, the apples grown from the seeds he spread were not edible but they were sure good for making hard cider and applejack. Apples are heterozygous, meaning that each seed from an apple will not produce the same type of apple. Grafting was a common way back then to ensure consistent, good tasting apples. Johnny knew this but chose to let mother nature take her course and he stuck to seeds and seedlings.

Some believe Johnny Appleseed was in it for the money; he was, after all, in the business of planting orchards. Orchards established land claims on the frontier and Johnny accumulated and owned 1200 acres of quite valuable land when he died. You’d think all the inclement weather would have aged the man but most people believed he looked much younger than 80 when he died around 1845. So perhaps an apple a day did keep the doctors away!

Rumors still stand today of Johnny’s brief engagement to a 10-year-old girl and his quirkiness was known far and wide. This was not quite the Johnny-Good Samaritan who randomly walked the land planting apples for all the future generations of America. In fact, this Johnny would have no future generations. In his travels he preached the word of a rather unusual cult delivering “news fresh from heaven”, asking men to abstain from marriage on the promise of many heavenly rewards in the afterlife. His reward, he said was the promise of a marriage to two angels.

Regardless, Johnny Appleseed was always welcomed by both settlers and the Indian population who admired him for his love of nature and his respect for animals. This and his knowledge of medicinal plants and ability to derive treatments from motherwort, pennyroyal, mayweed and other herbs won Johnny something more valued than money: the respect of the native population.

Though not the Johnny we grew up with, he was known as a cheerful fellow in all regards and did manage to leave a legacy as an American folk hero. And though he would never know, his legacy snowballed into something grander than himself. The importance of Trees. "

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Angels and Fairies and Demons....

God came to me last night and told me a few things I need to know. 

   First of all, God said that the present and historical circumstances, are of no more consequence than the landscape seen from the window of a fast moving train. It all has entertainment value and is educational as regards human nature but other than that, if I don't like what I see, I should read a good novel. 

    God also told me that angels and fairies and demons of all kinds, are as much a part of creation as I am and as are thunder storms with lightening. They exist mostly in the mind of the artfully inclined. (I for one have seen them and they were at times more real to me than most of the people I have known.) They participate in creation according to the same incomprehensible ever realizing plan that we do. They don't know the future but have no sense of encroaching death like we do. Our fears are amusing to some of them. Some of them intensely enjoy our pleasures. As a rule, they are all capricious and not to be trusted in any way, except for entertainment purposes. One thing I like about them, is that they are manifestations of God's creativity unburdened with flesh like ours. This probably explains why they are always playful and of cheerful spirits.

 As far as they are concerned, we exist solely for entertainment purposes, too. There way of thinking about things is utterly different than ours. I couldn't say if they are immortal though they believe they are, which is why they tend to consider us to be hopelessly ignorant. I suspect they come and go in our minds as needed according to God's unfathomable Artistic Designs. They are always extremely selfish, and while sometimes exceedingly intelligent, they lack any kind of life enhancing wisdom worthwhile acquiring, because the price one pays for any of their gifts nullifies the value of their advice.

 To acquire wisdom from the creatures that dwell in the shadows of the mind is to forfeit the wisdom that comes from The Creator. It is a detour. Sometimes detours can be informative, entertaining and educational, but never for the reasons these creatures tell you. They lie incessantly and will tell you anything and everything to maintain a relationship. 

    There is One God, and all the creatures of creation are equally mystified by it all, if they give it all any thought, as few creatures do.

    Having said all this, let me remind you if you don't already know, I just had a very intense and emotionally gratifying affair with an angel more captivating than any woman I have ever seen or heard of. That is saying a lot. I did keep telling her I need no intermediators between God and myself. But God told me, "Have her, Jonathan, anyway you can, she is a gift, the spiritual embodiment of my healing love." 

    She exposed to me things I have kept hidden from myself to demonstrate her mastery of my psyche. But I understood her to be merely the artistic means by which my Creator transforms my being into what I am yet to become, and I still can't imagine what I will be like when I am ready to say and do the things I am meant to do in the future, in circumstances I can't even imagine.

I Will Be What I Will Be

As has been said, whatever will be, will be,
as God Will Be What God Will Be.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Little One's Confession and Prayer

I don't believe with the same intensity of conviction, everything I write. I don't believe with the same degree of conviction, everything I read in the Bible, either. I do believe, with the upmost of my conviction, that every letter and dot in The Hebrew Bible has been placed with the Digits of The Creator exactly where it is, and where there are discrepancies in texts from different sources, well, God made it that way, too. 

And so it is with my writing. In Hebrew, a scribe who copies Holy Scriptures is called a סופר סתם. This literally means, "one who writes just like that" or "one who writes for no real reason". This is how Prophets write and how they speak. This is how they act. As God's Creative Scope is incomprehensible, one might recognize one's self as being used some way so as to appear the point of origin of some promulgated influence over other's minds. But the final outcome of what one says and does is somewhere out there way beyond the reach of one's most wild and outrageous imaginations.

This is how I have behaved from my very first memories and dreams. Things unfold more quickly than I have time to calculate the wisest thing to say or do. Most of the time it is as if I am trying to figure out the values of variables that keep changing.

Yet, despite having behaved in all ways politically incorrect, despite having repeatedly done things that are by my own judgement stupid and inappropriate, practically everyone who has ever had a lengthy conversation with me, anyone who has heard me describe the workings of my mind, has called me surprisingly wise and intelligent.

I have seen myself in action, observed myself going through motions that I knew I would regret, from my earliest childhood. I have always said to myself, not knowing why or how this thought would accompany my own misbehavior, "There is a reason for this that I don't know. I will just have to wait and see what it is."

And there always was. I have been the most blessed person I have ever met in the sense that even my self acknowledged sins from which I have repented, became the reasons by which I was later very fortunate.

It has all been, until this very instant, artfully and oh so wisely designed.

I am a product of artful and intelligent benevolent design and this is really all I know.

And so, all my thoughts and feelings, all my actions and all the words I have ever spoken, are all the product of Artful, Intelligently Wise and Benevolent Design.

For me this is an axiomatic truth. I do not consider myself to be the essential source or origin of anything I see, hear or sense in any way. I am not the creator of myself as an observer, either. My observations and commentary, which is really all that goes on in my consciousness, are themselves the product of The Designing Creator, and other than that I am absolutely certain in my faith that The Creator's Purposes are all Good, I know nothing of what God's Intent is for others as regards my presence in their minds.

For a while I contemplated how infinitesimally small I am in relation to the whole, absolutely unable to envision the full spectrum of even my own realizing potentials. The Beginnings and Ends are incalculable and incomprehensibly entwined. All context is full of unknowable content. All content shifting in value as contexts grow and contract. Yet having said this, I swear, every where I look I can see and hear poetry manifest as life. Sometimes this is so astonishing, so overwhelmingly visceral and mental together, I wonder at how I am able to stay alive and experience ever more intense-mind-blowing-open-aesthetics.

In my own being, I am experiencing revolutionary evolution.

For the first time in my life I am beginning to define experientially what "personal" means as regards the concept of The Personal God in what is now called Judaism and which I call Hebrew Culture. The Culture of Transcendence and Ascendance.

I am beginning to understand how fixed ideas about masculinity and femininity made it difficult for me to imagine a single God coming to me as both Mother and Father, ever together, an unalloyed singularity, raising me as The Son.

Yes, I am The Son.

Aren't you? And aren't you The Daughter?

Aren't you all my family, extended throughout inclusively, all of Mankind?

It is my Prayer that God give you all, five percent more valuable and better than anything I ever receive.

So Help Me God.

May I be the least in The Kingdom of Heaven, as I know with certainty I am already T/Here.

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס