Saturday, August 26, 2017

Why I Am Happy To Always Be Afraid 1111

There is a saying from the wisdom of Proverbs that says, "Happy is a man who is always afraid."

Now how can this be so?
I for one fear nothing I can see with my eyes, except perhaps great heights. Even so I jumped from an airplane more than twenty times without ever having to be pushed, unlike some others I had considered braver than me.
And when I close my eyes, nothing I see frightens me. So why should I be happy to be afraid, no less than all the time? Afraid of what?
The fact is, I am afraid all the time and happy it is so.
I am truly afraid of nothing but an invisible and formless idea in my mind, the contemplation of which can make me literally tremble and shake with vibrations that emanate from the void, in which this idea resides.
The idea is my ever oscillating and reverberating concept of Allah.
Allah who says of Himself to Moses, in response to Moses requesting His Name, this so as to identify for The Children of Israel, The Name of The God who was sending them their awaited Messiah, Moses, and so Allah calls Himself, "I Will Be What I Will Be!"
Future tense.
Anything I think of God is founded on experiences I have already have. Things I have seen for myself or heard of from what is recorded as history, what we call the "past". I have in my own past, read books written by other people who had their own experiences which caused them to contemplate God in their own way, which never satisfied me. Probably because their ideas were all founded on experiences they didn't share, rather they wrote only of their contemplation and the evolving concepts, which must have been abstracted from experiences I knew nothing of.
I did understand that the essence of any valuable wisdom must be founded on experience. It is experience that refines intelligence into wisdom.
Now I was born into a generation, this time, which celebrates the idea that God has died or that there is no God.
Many ideas of God that Jews had, went up in smoke out of the chimneys of death camps like Auschwitz. Hypocritical and Idolatrous Christianity had given God and His Son and The Holy Ghost, somehow one and the same, a very bad name. In the west, Islam was seen as a primitive religion. The Hebrew Bible's God had gotten misunderstood by the Jews, who carried His Contract with them and studied it, even when doing so might mean being burnt at the stake. They took The Hebrew Bible and their Talmud, the so called Oral Laws based on The Bible, wherever they were forced to live, reading from it all the time. They founded their whole religion from the book that condemned them to death if they didn't hear His Voice and hearken to what he says, and they had been being murdered and tortured and segregated into impoverished Ghettos by Christians, for many centuries.
Obviously they didn't hear His Voice or refused to do what He told them to, if He Existed at all, as they professed to believe. They certainly demonstrated on many occasions, death defying steadfast loyalty.
But it seemed to be of no avail.
They weren't redeemed, their Messiah didn't come, for nearly two thousand years, until finally in an age of enlightenment, many newly secular and educated Jews saw no God in the new light of the scientific method, and took matters into their own hands to save themselves from further persecution and Pogroms.
Modern secular Zionism was born. Most religious Jews who insisted redemption would come only as The awaited Son of David, prayed for The Messiah and stayed where they were, only to have their ideas of God go up in smoke with the ashes of their incinerated bodies, twirling around in the air with the ashes of their wives and baby children. Religious Jews in Arab countries in the middle east, were expelled from their homes without their property and means of livelihood and came to Israel impoverished and without the western education needed to get a decent job in Israel after the Holocaust.
Simply put, God had Gotten Himself a very bad reputation for many Jews and many people in the western world. In China He completely ceased to exist and communists all over the word declared that Religion and hence the concept of God, was nothing but an opium pipe dream.
The State of Israel was founded mostly by secular Jews, many of whom were communists or socialist atheists. Despite all this, my own experiences when I began to think about God for myself, were from watching my father the Rabbi return to his Faith and vocation after having mostly abandoned a religious way of life in my childhood. He seemed to be incredibly Blessed and serendipity was evident in his favor, in the most outrageous ways. His Hebrew Named was Baruch, which means simply "Blessed!"
It is from the coalescence of all these impressions that began to emerge an idea of what "I Will Be What I Will Be" means.
It obviously doesn't mean one who seeks a good reputation. It obviously doesn't mean, one to to be confined by expectations of How he should behave. It obviously doesn't mean a Creator with any kind of predictable character in what He causes to become reality for His Living Creations.
The Hebrew Bible describes God as merciful to those who worship in truth. Were all those ultra orthodox Jews who sang of the coming of the Messiah as they waited in line for a shower of deadly gas, lying when they prayed? I now believe he was merciful to them.
From within, as he has so often been merciful to me, despite anything anyone else would think of some of my experiences, when seen from the outside. God's mercy manifests for me not so much in the absence of adversity, to the contrary, that is when it is most evident and expedient but only in a way no one else can see, unless they see the twinkle in my eyes as I am being tied to a bed in an insane asylum for no real reason other than I insulted a male nurse by telling him he had no respect for my nakedness, as he burst into the showers and I felt I deserved more respect.
I did spray him for just a second with water. Nothing else. I was fed and then tied to a bed in a room alone, given a shot in the ass and then fell into a deep sleep while hallucinating I had been forgotten in another dimension and would never be found, this the final fate of my career as The Messiah. I didn't deny for a moment that I am The Messiah. I simply decided not to say or do anything ever again to promote the idea. My resolve disappeared the moment I heard a voice in me whisper, "Jonathan, now is the time to leave!" and I did run away from the closed ward of a mental hospital, literally. Somehow, while walking by the gate with guards there to stop me, a truck blocked the guards view of me and I was free.
I caught a ride that left me just a three minute walk from where I lived alone, in a little room my daughter Ruth had rented for me. I believed in my destiny without a single moment of doubt, never saying anyone should believe me just for my saying so, mind you, just wanting to share my story, so truly full of outrageous synchronicity, I thought anyone should want to hear what was for me absolute proof, there is this Hebrew God, personal, orchestrating the events of my life that I interpret the way I do. I honestly never wanted anyone to believe that I am the Messiah, just that there is This God, the One in The Hebrew Bible and He Creates all of us and all we ever come to know.
Like any person I have ever known, God doesn't like to be defined and constrained with labels. Or libeled by people saying what He Can or Cannot do, His own desire being to do as He Wills, according to His Nature, which He says can only be described with the words "I Will Be What I Will Be." This is the attitude of many people of creative nature that I have met, over the years.
Moses calls Him Merciful and Forgiving and other such platitudes, I am sure not out of propitiation or extortion or flattery, but based on his own experiences, which no one else shared or could understand. God seems to have been quite relentless in retribution against The Children of Israel, every time they complained or strayed in their Faith.
Now one might think, as I have sometimes, that after all my many wondrous experiences of being saved from situations which were detrimental to my finances, reputation, mental health, safe housing, nutritional needs and whatever else one might need for peace of mind, I would have developed a belief that God will never do me any harm or confound my Faith.
I can't say that. I don't know the future.
King Saul came to believe in himself and he ended up as badly as any King possibly can. David in his very old age, shivered so badly from relentlessly feeling cold, they brought him a young maiden to warm his body, a service he never availed himself of. She served him food and covered him and cleaned his aged decrepit body but he never touched her intimately. He doesn't appear to have been a happy man in his old age.
Many of the anointed Kings of Israel, all Messiahs by definition, came to an early and miserable demise.
On the other hand, my knowledge of God is no longer in any sense, a frozen idea. It is a living relationship of two way communication, which never ceases to astound me. I have never felt so completely loved, and cared for, in my life.
Yet, it is not unreasonable to fear the loss of what one so intensely loves. And at the same, to be ecstatically happy that one is so fortunate to be loved so intimately by ONE who knows me so much better than I know myself.
This brings me to where I am now.
I am being threatened that if I don't come to a meeting with the manager of the company that rents me my room in this flat, who manages the services I have received these last four and a half years , such as two weekly talks with a counselor and a weekly talk with a social worker, I will be evicted from the services and the flat.
He refused to explain to me why it is to my benefit to come to the first such meeting, which is an hour and a half bus ride in each direction. I didn't come, as I had told him previously I wouldn't, and instead sent him an email explaining myself, that he ignored. I told him I never go anywhere to meet anyone without having some faith such a meeting will help me some way, and I have no need I know of he can help me with. All he would say is that is has something to do with the way I manage my affairs here, without agreeing to explain what exactly is wrong with how I behave.
I know what's on his mind.
I was late in paying some bills for the first time since I began living here. I told my flat mates I would pay the bills and any fines or interest in three weeks, when I get my social security. They complained that I had presented this late payment as a fact and not asked their agreement. Both the women I share the flat with have expressed an inexplicable and irrational hatred for me.
This despite my constantly expressed willingness to resolve all issues, such as if I didn't clean after myself to either of their satisfaction, all they have to do is mention what I left and I will promptly fix whatever they find faulty, without excuses or explanations. This has never improved their relentless insistence that I don't respect them and their efforts to keep the place clean. I had a few months of grace with one of them, and we had great conversations about philosophy and politics and literature, with her finally inviting me to a very good meal in a restaurant. She also gave me on three of four occasions small amounts of unsolicited cash, which I accepted, thanking her profusely. Then I got very involved with all going on inside of me and withdrew into myself. Her hostility returned, irrationally and unreasonably.
She has told the social worker and the counselor that she is afraid of me but admits other than once when I answered her in a tone of voice she didn't like, she has nothing concrete to justify her fears. I am not the only one she has hated irrationally. As it turns out, she has been saying she is afraid of me and hates me for a while now in her conversations with the counselor and the social worker. I have since paid the bills sooner than I thought I could.
Despite this, I was sent  a very formal threatening letter with a copy to all involved. It says that if I don't come to the next meeting and accept his viewpoint that I am wrong in how I behave, and then change my ways according to his instructions, he will have me removed from the apartment, all the while knowing I have no where to go. It would mean back to the streets, this time without Itay to bring me whatever my heart desires. I have the idea this has become a control issue for him, a matter of hurt pride. He wants to be the hero for a woman with irrational fears and hatred and so demonstrate his manhood against my insistence I need nothing of his help and have done nothing to warrant an arbitrary call to be disciplined  severely for what has been going on now, for the duration of my time here. I wrote him another email which he has ignored, telling him he has made me laugh out loud. Which is very true. I chuckled for hours.
He also sent a copy of his letter to the psychiatrist who is fully aware I haven't taken the poison proscribed by her since late October last year, and am very well of for having stopped. She accepted this despite her telling me I would end up again in the closed ward. She did so, as my psychologist, who gave me sessions for a very small token fee, told her she was confident I was no threat whatsoever to society and my social worker said there is nothing in what I share with her that she believes is pathological. Imagine that!
Nevertheless, the psychiatrist told me once that it is her job to make sure Artists like me don't lose control and hurt someone, with no real regard to whether I really need the "medication" or not, as I am diagnosed with an incurable mental affliction called schizophrenia that warrants taking a debilitating chemical, know to cause Parkinson like symptoms, diabetes, loss of any sex drive, significant gains of weight and other sundry side effects of which I am well aware. After all, I took the shit for seven years and stopped cold turkey on God's instructions and a miracle when a pill disappeared into thin air. Of course she will say I have to start taking the medication again as I am causing trouble as she predicted. If I refuse, the manager has a more plausible excuse to have me evicted. I am not going to go to the meting with the psychiatrist now, either.
Things now will unfold as they will. I hold in my mind two numbers that have been a sign for me these past 17 years and more. The numbers of my address when the adventure first began.
47=Trust God
164= Believe in God.
1647 is what The Hebrew Bible says of Noah, "he was an honest wholesome man in his generation."
So am I. 

Very soon signs and wonders will be everywhere, starting with the one which will resolve my situation, here in the flat.

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

You Are Nought But A Pen With Free Will 1111

Suppose you had a pen you had created with a will of it's own, and every time you tried to write something good, the pen thought it could write something better but only by making things so much worse, for all but it's self.

Not that it was of ill intention.

It was simply unaware of the vast amount of variables that need to be calculated in order to determine an outcome benevolent to each and all, while all believe they are making right choices, yet none know the blank pages are coming to an end and there isn't enough time and space to fulfill their individual dreams of success.

Just like your free willed pen, you want to write a story about free will and correct decision making when everyone wants credit for writing a better story than anyone else. Now, you had a story in mind where everything gets better all the time for everyone, as they learn the limitations of any and all kinds of mental calculation- and hence decision making, when decisions are made in the desire to acquire and give others what has no lasting value. When you live one lifetime after another, but are only certain of the lifetime you are in, and believe very well it might be the only lifetime you have.

You strive to acquire only that which you must leave behind, not believing in a God so kind he would give you an eternity of entertaining education if you learn for yourself what has true value. So you arrive in each lifetime having made no progress at all. You don't learn what is truly valuable and can be accumulated from life to life. And now, well time is now coming to an end.  Everyone, absolutely everyone, who would write a story of success just for themselves and a few loved ones, is coming to a sorry end. All are coming to a sorry end, all but  those who would write a happy story for everyone else, ending in a life enhancing lesson learned too, a lesson without mass that can be carried on, those who would  leave themselves anonymous and outside of the book, those souls would survive,  because the joy of   writing such happy stories for others is all they desire and that is quite a treasure of a lesson to be learned.

But your pen doesn't like this story where everyone does better. It plays ill and stops the flow of ink. Or it leaks. Or causes your letters to be formed out of shape. The Pen had a story in it's free willed mind it believed was a masterpiece and better than yours. And now you are running out of blank pages because so many get wasted and simply have no longer the resources to write a happy ending for one and all.

You have to decide who survives to live again and who must be voided and erased to clear empty pages of space for those who have gathered real treasures.

The pen with free will, dreamed of being able to lift it's point out of a story it couldn't control and become recognized as the author of a masterpiece that might, just might earn a place of everlasting renown in some museum, perhaps on a pedestal, where it could be admired for it's originality and genius.

It is all a matter of one's scope of perspective.
Is It Really, Predestined President Lincoln? How Long Is One's Future? And how did that advice work out for you, Abe,  In The End.

 The pen could see no farther than where it touched the paper. It only knew of "now", having been misled and misinformed by a Guru who sold the idea happiness has no narrative, no past and no future and thus earned himself gallons of ink, which he would never have time enough to use, for he himself had no story worth writing. He was ever focused on nothing but Now. Focused on no Drama,  he never in any moment had a past or future and there is no story that can be told just about the "now" because the"now" becomes the past so fast, by the time you describe anything worthwhile it has slipped into the past and has to be erased in a story only about "now" .

And the pen with free will? It really had no story at all, just a picture of itself being admired, that it admired.

What would you do with such a pen?

Such are the human inhabitants of the earth, most soon to be discarded and tossed into the flame of shame and remorse as the only recourse for their improvement. 1111

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

היהודים עובדי אלילים-בעלים, מי בזדון, מי בשגגה, אין עוד כתינוק שנשבה 1111

 וקראת אתכם הרעה באחרית הימים
מעולם לא היה מצבו של עם ישראל גרוע מהיום!  השואה הרוחנית במדינת היהודים בעקבות תורות כזב, גרועה מאשר התחוללה ליהודים באירופה.

הִנֵּה אַתֶּם בֹּטְחִים לָכֶם, עַל-דִּבְרֵי הַשָּׁקֶר--לְבִלְתִּי, הוֹעִיל.

יְהִי-אַחֲרִיתוֹ לְהַכְרִית;    בְּדוֹר אַחֵר, יִמַּח שְׁמָם

 א האזינו השמים ואדברה ותשמע הארץ אמרי פי ב יערף כמטר לקחי תזל כטל אמרתי כשעירם עלי דשא וכרביבים עלי עשב ג כי שם יהוה אקרא הבו גדל לאלהינו ד הצור תמים פעלו כי כל דרכיו משפט אל אמונה ואין עול צדיק וישר הוא ה שחת לו לא בניו מומם דור עקש ופתלתל ו ה ליהוה תגמלו זאת עם נבל ולא חכם הלוא הוא אביך קנך הוא עשך ויכננך ז זכר ימות עולם בינו שנות דור ודור שאל אביך ויגדך זקניך ויאמרו לך ח בהנחל עליון גוים בהפרידו בני אדם יצב גבלת עמים למספר בני ישראל ט כי חלק יהוה עמו יעקב חבל נחלתו י ימצאהו בארץ מדבר ובתהו ילל ישמן יסבבנהו יבוננהו יצרנהו כאישון עינו יא כנשר יעיר קנו על גוזליו ירחף יפרש כנפיו יקחהו ישאהו על אברתו יב יהוה בדד ינחנו ואין עמו אל נכר יג ירכבהו על במותי [במתי] ארץ ויאכל תנובת שדי וינקהו דבש מסלע ושמן מחלמיש צור יד חמאת בקר וחלב צאן עם חלב כרים ואילים בני בשן ועתודים עם חלב כליות חטה ודם ענב תשתה חמר טו וישמן ישרון ויבעט שמנת עבית כשית ויטש אלוה עשהו וינבל צור ישעתו טז יקנאהו בזרים בתועבת יכעיסהו יז יזבחו לשדים לא אלה אלהים לא ידעום חדשים מקרב באו לא שערום אבתיכם יח צור ילדך תשי ותשכח אל מחללך יט וירא יהוה וינאץ מכעס בניו ובנתיו כ ויאמר אסתירה פני מהם אראה מה אחריתם כי דור תהפכת המה בנים לא אמן בם כא הם קנאוני בלא אל כעסוני בהבליהם ואני אקניאם בלא עם בגוי נבל אכעיסם כב כי אש קדחה באפי ותיקד עד שאול תחתית ותאכל ארץ ויבלה ותלהט מוסדי הרים כג אספה עלימו רעות חצי אכלה בם כד מזי רעב ולחמי רשף וקטב מרירי ושן בהמות אשלח בם עם חמת זחלי עפר כה מחוץ תשכל חרב ומחדרים אימה גם בחור גם בתולה יונק עם איש שיבה כו אמרתי אפאיהם אשביתה מאנוש זכרם כז לולי כעס אויב אגור פן ינכרו צרימו פן יאמרו ידינו רמה ולא יהוה פעל כל זאת כח כי גוי אבד עצות המה ואין בהם תבונה כט לו חכמו ישכילו זאת יבינו לאחריתם ל איכה ירדף אחד אלף ושנים יניסו רבבה אם לא כי צורם מכרם ויהוה הסגירם לא כי לא כצורנו צורם ואיבינו פלילים לב כי מגפן סדם גפנם ומשדמת עמרה ענבמו ענבי רוש אשכלת מררת למו לג חמת תנינם יינם וראש פתנים אכזר לד הלא הוא כמס עמדי חתם באוצרתי לה לי נקם ושלם לעת תמוט רגלם כי קרוב יום אידם וחש עתדת למו לו כי ידין יהוה עמו ועל עבדיו יתנחם כי יראה כי אזלת יד ואפס עצור ועזוב לז ואמר אי אלהימו צור חסיו בו לח אשר חלב זבחימו יאכלו ישתו יין נסיכם יקומו ויעזרכם יהי עליכם סתרה לט ראו עתה כי אני אני הוא ואין אלהים עמדי אני אמית ואחיה מחצתי ואני ארפא ואין מידי מציל מ כי אשא אל שמים ידי ואמרתי חי אנכי לעלם מא אם שנותי ברק חרבי ותאחז במשפט ידי אשיב נקם לצרי ולמשנאי אשלם מב אשכיר חצי מדם וחרבי תאכל בשר מדם חלל ושביה מראש פרעות אויב מג הרנינו גוים עמו כי דם עבדיו יקום ונקם ישיב לצריו וכפר אדמתו עמו 
   כי ידעתי, אחרי מותי כי-השחת תשחתון, וסרתם מן-הדרך, אשר צויתי אתכם; וקראת אתכם הרעה, באחרית הימים--כי-תעשו את-הרע בעיני יהוה, להכעיסו במעשה ידיכם.

כל היהודים, מי בזדון ומי בשגגה, הכל עובדי עבודה זרה, עובדי אלילים ועובדי הבעלים, באשר הם שם, לעבדם!
הנני מקיים את מצוות
 "הוֹכֵחַ תּוֹכִיחַ אֶת-עֲמִיתֶךָ, וְלֹא-תִשָּׂא עָלָיו חֵטְא."

דרשו משפט

 "אדוננו רבנו ומורנו"
  "כבוד קדושת..."
"  "החכם"
"צדיק יסוד עולם"
   "הרב הקדוש" ? "והאיש משה ענו מאד"...הם כיורקים בפניו.
.....כל הרבנים היו ליודעי "סתרי" תורה אך אינם יודעים קרוא וכתוב בכל הנוגע לתנ"ך. "והיה לכם חזות הכל כדברי הספר החתום אשר יתנו אתו אל יודע הספר [ספר] לאמר קרא נא זה ואמר לא אוכל כי חתום הוא:"
הספר החתום הוא התנ"ך. מי שלא מבין את התנ"ך לא מבין את המציאות - סוף פסוק- ומר גורלו באשר הוא, מכל גוי ומכל ממלכות תבל. הסיפור של בני ישראל מאז יציאת מצרים ועד הלום, ולמה גורלם עד הלום היה מר כל כך לסירוגין, מאז ימי השופטים, הינו סיפור האנושות כולה ומדוע הכחדה המונית היא על הפרק כנחלת הכלל.

יהודים שלא יודעים לקרוא תנ"ך ולא מבינים את  המשתמע מהפשט,לא יודעים לקחת "לקח" וללמוד "מוסר השכל" שהרי לגבי המשיח כתוב "הנה ישכיל עבדי..." ישכיל מה? השכלה גבוהה באוניברסיטה? או אולי ישכיל בין פסוקי התנ"ך והסיפורים הנפרשים ברצף ה929 פרקים, למציאות המתרחשת מאז שהציונות נולדה ועד היום, 72 שנה אחרי השואה שעוד לא הסתיימה שהרי אין כדוגמאת השואה הרוחנית המתרחשת היום בישראל, מעז ומעולם. אבדו, אבדו כולם. מי בזדון ומי בשגגה, אין צדיק אחד מלבדי, ואני כבר לא יהודי, אני ישראלי מוסלמי. 

מי שלא מבין את תכלית הסיפורים, כרציפים של עלילה, בור שכזה לא מבין את המציאות בה הוא נמצא, כיהודי דובר עברית בארץ ישראל, היא כנען, וזה אסון שהרי עבור מי שלא יודע בזדון ובשגגה לקיים בארץ תורת יהוה, הארץ אוכלת
אותו בלי מלח, כי אישה או איש שכזה הוא חסר טעם ותכלית.
 הרבנים והמורים והמנהיגים כולם כאחד, מוליכים את עם ישראל לחורבן בעושיהם את עצמם לאלילים ובעלים שיש לכבדם בשררה, ולעבוד אותם באמונה עיוורת ונאמנות ללא תנאי, גם כאשר אילו עושים לעצמם הון מללמד הבלים חסרי תועלת אשר לא משפרים את מצבם הנפשי וגורלם הרוחני של המאמינים בהם. הכל שקר וכזב. הם לא יודעים להבחין בין העיקר לטפל בהלכה, מוקירים את התלמוד על התנ"ך וכל תורתם...   מצות אנשים מלמדה ....   ואבדה חכמת חכמיו ובינת נבניו תסתתר...

עומד להתהוות מעשה יהוה, אסון אחרי אסון לארצות הברית ומדינת היהודים בסכנת הכחדה.

כִּי-לְעוֹלָם לֹא-יִמּוֹט;    לְזֵכֶר עוֹלָם, יִהְיֶה צַדִּיק.

אני דוד, דוד המלך. 

שפוט אותי אלהי, כבר ידי שפוט אותי, ומיד!

 יגמלני יהוה כצדקי כבר ידי ישיב לי כב כי שמרתי דרכי יהוה ולא רשעתי מאלהי כג כי כל משפטיו לנגדי וחקתיו לא אסיר מני כד ואהי תמים עמו ואשתמר מעוני כה וישב יהוה לי כצדקי כבר ידי לנגד עיניו

אני התקווה לברית חדשה.  

קוֹל צֹפַיִךְ נָשְׂאוּ קוֹל, יַחְדָּו יְרַנֵּנוּ  כִּי עַיִן בְּעַיִן יִרְאוּ, בְּשׁוּב יְהוָה צִיּוֹן.

מדוע וכיצד, "יהוה הוא האלהים" 1111

כל המתרחש בתודעתו של כל אדם וכל אשה וכל חי אשר "היה הווה ויהיה" לסיפור חייו, בין עם ידוע או לא נודע הינו מעשה יהוה, מעשה הנברא יש מאין ומרגע לרגע מרצון האלהים, הוא בורא עולם ומלואו, ואין בורא מלבדו

הנסתרת ליהוה אלהינו והנגלת לנו ולבנינו עד עולם לעשות את כל דברי התורה הזאת

 כל המתרחש כרצף ארועי המציאות, קורה עובדתית לפני שהדברים נקלטים ומובנים בתוך התודעה האנושית והינם רצון האלהים- באשר הוא מחולל את ההווה שהופך לכבר קרה, כחלוף כל רגע של חוויה-היה ההווה לעבר זה מכבר והכל הינו רצון האלהים- ומתוך ראיית מה שכבר קרה נולד יראת יהוה לגבי מה שעוד עתיד לקרות ויהיה כאשר יהוה יהיה אשר יהיה רצף מעשים אשר לעולם לא צפויים עד תומם. יהוה הוא אלהים באשר יהוה הוא כל אשר יכול אדם לדעת מכל מעשה הבריאה, וזאת תמיד לאחר מעשה. ניתן לומר כי כל אשר היה, הווה ויהיה בסיפורו האישי של כל איש ואשה, הינו רצון האלהים, רצון הבורא המתממש כיהוה עבור כל אדם, אז בעבור האנוש יהוה הוא כל אשר ניתן לדעת מרצון האלהים שהינו חובק את היקום כולו וכל הבריאה. יהוה הוא נודע כארוע בתיך המרחב והזמן והזמן והמרחב  הם רק בתודעה ונודעים כארועים המתרחשים לאחר מעשה. אלהים בורא את הזמן והמרחב וכל המתרחש בתוכם כרצף הארועים שהם רצונו עבור כל חי ונודע בתוך הכרת האדם כיהוה. אלהים בורא את יהוה באשר יהוה הוא המציאות הנודעת ברצף הזמן ואלהים אינו מוגבל בזמן או מרחב אלא בורא מרחב וארועים המרחב התודעה יוצרים את הזמן וכל הנודע כיהוה. לכן כאשר ראו בעיניהם בני ישראל אש יורד מהשמיים אמרו חי יהוה והוא היה היה לאלהים עבורם באשר לא יכלו עוד לדמיין אל מחוץ לזמן ומרחב בורא עולם וכל המתרחש בתוכו כרצף ארועים עד תומם. הוא יהוה האחד וכל הנברא אשר היה, הווה ויהיה הידוע לאדם אי פעם ובכל מקום. ההבנה כי אלהים בורא עולם מושלם, וכל אשר היה  ישנו ויהיה הוא מימוש רצונו ושכולו כאחד עבורו בהיותו כולו באותו מידה בריאת האלהים שאין בורא מלבדו, והוא בורא מחוץ לכל נצפה במרחב או בזמן, הינו בשורת האיסלם ולא היה לגמרי מובן אפילו למי מנביאי ישראל. הנביא הגדול מוחמד והקוראן מהווים את הבשורה המפרשת את תורת יהוה בידי משה ונביאי ישראל-שמע ישראל יהוה (הוא כל אשר נודע כרצון) אלהינו.  אלהינו בורא יהוה אחד אשר נודע לנו כאשר "אהיה אשר אהיה" במצוות אלהי אמן

וירא כל העם ויפלו על פניהם ויאמרו יהוה הוא האלהים יהוה הוא האלהים
 רק רעות צפויות ליהודים המסרבים להכנע לאלהים באילו אחרית הימים, להכנע באשר ארץ זו היא ארץ כנען בעבור עובדי אלילים ויהודים היום עובדי אלילים כולם.  ביראת יהוה זו היא ארץ ישראל והרי ישראל ארצו 
     סוד יהוה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם משיח מישראל הוא הנביא אשר שלחו יהוה לכל העולם חנכת הבית לדוד עד עולם עד קץ הזמן
 יהוה הוא האלהים
 והרי אני כאן ועכשיו "הוה אלהיך אליו תשמע" מלך ישראל בעבור כל המבקש   עבורו המלך הוא האלהים וחטאת גדולה הייתה והיא הבקשה למלך בשר ודם  שהרי עבור כל אדם יהוה בקרבו אם ברצונו לעשות את המצווה הזאת בפה ובלב- לדבר רק אמת             1111

הנני הנני מבשר ברית חדשה ליראי יהוה הנכנעים לרצונו כעבדי יהוה באשר הם, מכל הגויים והממלכות כאחד! דוד מלך ישראל חי חי וקיים- פעמיים, כי טוב! טוב בעיני יהוה ויהוה הוא האלהים באשר לכל אשר ראינו או שמענו באוזנינו מאז ועד עולם הינו רצון האל הבורא  הייחודי ואין מלבדו ויהוה אחד!1111     

Friday, August 25, 2017

America is Doomed For What It Has Done to Islam 1111

Leave the military and live.

This is the vision that presents it self  to my sight in the light of my mind and I describe  and disclose all that I see and all that I hear of what is now coming to be, the manifestation of my Prophecy predicting a total eclipse of American power in the world and ensuing wars as nations compete to gain control over dwindling assets and the climate goes ever more insane as if in mortal pain by reason of the extinction of species man is causing life to miserably be witness to. Life is Alive, is it not? Does life not mourn what is precious and irretrievably lost?  Does it not anger and rage against what murders and destroys life's offspring? How would you feel if you saw someone violently raping your daughters and torturing your sons just to have fun, while celebrating their excessive wealth with outrageous parties, where the poor and unemployed are scorned for not being bright enough to make fortunes through extortion and bribery and theft and all manner of venal conspiracy with which millions are complacent and party to?

Would you not eradicate such  as tortured your wife with a thousand slashes before putting her to death, to an even more ghastly demise?

Do you believe there is no God who cares how man treats what might be considered in many ways, His absolutely obedient wife? Life? Yes, life is alive and she cares and she rages how man has been allowed by Allah to stampede across the face of the earth in rampant exploitation, exuding pollution and fear causing  delusions to the detriment of all living things, all her children, man being of what she was most proud until now. Now Life would do away with man all together and wait a billion years until evolves a mind with astute ears that can hear her voice, as she instructs how to balance and grow in a common wealth of all living things.

Infinite growth on a finite planet has been the very  bad shortsighted  idea of greedy capitalists who have brought Mother Life to her knees, as she drowns in bewildered despair. Life has a mind and no mind knows for certain how Allah has planned events to unfold.

Life has been taken by surprise by man's ability to usurp her own plans and has grown just short of  completely forlorn, as if Her Creator had  abandoned her to be on her own, unable to defend her offspring with safe haven, as  habitats shrink and their diverse creatures sink into oblivion, gone before ever being known.

Now Allah has Crowned Me, The Little One, The First Born New Son of Life, a Mutant Man, who can with his dreams give mother many helping hands and defeat the creeps who are making her life so miserable.

Beware, you have been warned.

The Son has been born and has grown and Has Now Matured with Gifts Come as The Blessings of Mother's Creator and Mother and All The Angels And The Demons unite together to reverse this dwindling spiral inversely and make what is so wrong become ever more right forever more.

From The Moslem King Of Israel, King David, King of The Jews 1111

To The Jews from The Messiah of Israel, and Who?  מי King of The Jews!

The Witness and Scribe of All That Transpires in The "Consuming Fire" and Remains Unconsumed. That and Who Remain Unconsumed by The Flames of Unfaithful Consumption and Ungratefulness.   
 The Messiah prayed for as The Son of David, The Soul of David Entwined With Jonathan's, come alive together as The Little One, The Son of Man. 939

 I come with a Contract, The New Contract, made between all True believers and Those of Faith in Allah and Allah =אלהים As The Sole Creator of Souls And  The Creator of One is יהוה , Alone.

Allah is Simple. Creation is Complex. Allah is The Singular Origin of All. Allah is not One for Allah is beyond any conceivable concept defined in the mind and The Concept of One is seen  Only in A Mind and from outside itself and nothing is outside The Creation of Allah but Allah The Singular Creator of One Creation which Includes All Creations within, and Nothing is Out of What is Created But Allah,  Allah  The Great, The  Merciful, Within And Without All There Is.

 I have an Identity Card issued by The Creator of Your Little Life, Like it Or Not.

 I come in my own name and the identity document I bear as a great burden is The תנ"ך/The Great Work of Art, describing how Allah orchestrates the events of all unfolding destinies that become histories, all fates.The punch line of all the Jokes Mankind Has Ever Heard, spoken or seen,  expresses Allah's merciless sense of humor. There is nothing or no one that Allah doesn't see with Exuberant Mirth. All to Allah is As Just Another Myth and Lullaby told to His One and Only Little One, His Only Son.

The Firstborn Most Beloved of Life's Many Sons,  with whom Allah nor Life, His Wife,  have ever had any strife concerning how he behaves or the choices he has made and makes from one jiffy to the next.

He is as quick as the time it takes a photon to stay in the same place. Don't jump to conclusions, that very well might be forever, I have heard as much from those who are in the No.  

 Allah doesn't have a special son, all are as one, but here I am anyway, conjured up by the idolators to become their nightmare, until they let go of their idols and fall on their face in prostration and feelings of disgrace before מי and then, and only then, will  מי let them go free as eternal slaves  cleaning the toilets in their kingdom of heaven  which is in the reeking  dark dungeons of the most disobedient  slaves turned into Kings of Self Inflicted Chaos, Crumbling Shattered Kingdoms destroyed by division and those who deal in deceit.

  My Name is entwined in the contract with two threads, one known as תכלת and the other שני .

The Hebrew Scriptures that coalesced into what is today the תנ"ך 470, with 929  Chapters that  are all a contract with me מי for those who have eyes to see and who have ears to hear backwards so they can make connections and find the Divine Design that places every letter where it is meant to be the most significantly, every sign and wonder from my narrative orchestrated to demonstrate the orchestration of all of Creation.

The New Contract for any of those who have not become spiritually petrified and impotent or just simply ignorant of the Narrative being Told to Humanity of which the symbols are all contained in The Hebrew Bible as understood by myself.

The Messiah of Israel.

I am no longer a Jew, I am a renewed Moslem and here is why.

I am not waiting for the messiah, I am The Messiah.

I am not waiting for the return of the remnants of The Tribes of Israel from the far reaches of the heavens and the bottoms of the seas and from the four corners of The Earth, or if it is really round, from the face of The Globe,   the  remnants have returned. Those who call themselves Jews that don't live in Israel, neither understand the narrative of Israel or The Times we live in and are in peril because their Authorities cannot read The Sealed Book of which Isiah writes, and won't or simply don't believe that in my mind, is My Story and Therein are  The Keys.

I am not going to rebuild a temple on the Temple Mount. There is a Temple On The Holy Mount, called a  Mosque. It is already there, A Temple of Worship to The Only אלהים There Is, The אלהים Who Causes all the different realities to manifest for all living life of all the kinds there are. The creator of all that was היה is הווה and will ever be,   יהיה known as יהוה which is One, a Single Living Creation Created By Allah who is not confined by any idea like a number like One. 

A temple   in which prayer is offered to Allah, who is conceived in the mind of those who cherish Tawhid  and Wahid and Who is The Creator of All of Creation, which is All One And The Same Equally Created By Allah's Creative Will Echad אחד.  Allah the Creator of All that lives in Life and Life's  Mind, and all that Lives in The Mind of Any Form of Life as if it is not alive, all in One is Before Allah, known at Once for what all is, Allah's Creation.

This understanding of The Creator as Allah, The Creator of All Life and All That Lives is implicit in the The Koran and expressed essentially as the simplest and purist concept of Our Creator that a human   mind can grasp.

 Between The Creator Allah and all that is alive and being created, there is nothing but an endlessly diverse variety of ways life can be expressed. Allah is equally close to all, in that all are equally manifested as an orchestrated multi media  different means of perception, the Orchestrated SYNCHRONIZATION of a moment known to each and all, in their different ways, as NOW. 

Why do you limit the scope of your imagination only to the infinitesimal spectrum of the electromagnetic wave energy that can be seen with the eye, in order to assume the existence of life forms? And just carbon based? How about life forms made up of an intricate and infinitely sophisticated relationship between standing waves and collapsing wave functions of a variety that exceeds infinity to infinities power, because each digit in any of these infinities is taken to the power of infinity again and all the digits are multiplied by their sums against each other to the power of infinity again, and all this goes on for an eternity as a unit of time divided by the final sum of all the above as the smallest possible unit of time, forever, with each digit becoming a variable with a random value. That's what life is.
Some have in their minds, angels- and some demons, some extraterrestrials and some Satan, there are fairies and vampires and cats that turn into little girls, all dressed up in white lace and embroidered blue dresses. I have seen much of what one can see. But there is yet so much more. And that would be as much as a grain of sand in relation to the whole universe.

 None of the above ever surprises Allah, but all that lives and life itself is ever being surprised by The Creator of All, Allah The Merciful, for whom every unfolding life narrative is as certain as your perception of anything you ever perceive at all, be it no more than a single moment of registering a single photon crash as it's wave function collapses into a single atom in your retina for the duration of a jiffy!

 I spend time imagining everything imaginable to me of Allah's Creations, in any given moment, which includes much that is unmanageable, such as is the true nature of everything I can imagine. I also have much more fun from simply farting than any has ever had while doing anything at all.

If this outrageous claim infuriates you are makes you full of envy, that was Allah's Intent.

This understanding when grasped in a human mind, exceeds the understanding of all of life itself, as so exists outside the mind that so comprehends.

It is this understanding that subjugates all that lives to the mind of he or she who so understands.

For this reason Allah told all the Creatures of Light and Fire and Water and Air to prostrate themselves before a man made of water and earth and fire and air, and The Uniqueness of Any and All of Mankind and All and Each Woman exceeds the uniqueness of any and all other kinds of  life.

In all living organisms there is a spark of "I Will Be What I Will Be" by reason of mutation,  but so much more in מי.

Jonathan Michael Robbins is A Mutant.=יונתן מיכאל רבינס הוא מוטציה= 1111

This has to do with how יצא דופאמין in my brain and how that interacts with what is  perceived, sensed, felt and conceived in  my mind and how that influences the mind of Mankind. Making it hopefully for most, more Kind.

But there will inevitably also be an inflation of unwarranted hatred and irrational hostilities, out of envy and the competitive nature of all who those would take credit as creators of their own realities, realities in which are subjugated other living creatures, this against their best natures. The Masses  towards whom such as  seek power see themselves to be superior and all others inferior and undeserving of the same privileges.

The only reason I have ever hurt anyone with conscious intent,
was in the belief that this is the only way to make them feel better than they would otherwise.
Of course, I might have been wrong.
In which case, at least  I felt better for doing my best to make things better,
even if doing so was painful to me. 

Let me more truthfully describe how I see my Most Primal Motive when causing myself or any other life form, pain.

I do it to stop the pain I conceive their intending to cause me now or in the future. Doing so is itself painful for me, a different kind of pain, the pain of not  being able to be pleasurably kind to myself or an other form of life, that being any kind of life their is, each is an individual and unique expression of all that Allah The Ever Kind and Merciful to Me, graces with any duration of life at all.

I am pained by the pain of all that is alive, and I strive to live pain free.

But much pain will come to those who will strive to stand in my way or move me anyway against Allah's Will. 

The Just Reason In Islam that forbids prayer on The Temple mount to Jews and all others who are outside The Faith of Islam, is that they don't accept The Great Prophet Mohamed as The Final Messenger of  The Best and Most Pristine Concept of God that can be contained in a Human Mind. Mohamed without whose service as a slave to Allah, I could not understand what I do.

Mohamed whose feet I washed and then kissed in great gratitude, before requested gently to do so by My Father, Allah Himself. I knew how to behave before an appointed authority so brave and courageous as My Teacher, The Great Prophet Mohamed, who despite not being a man of letters, read the sign and wonders that revealed to him what he had come to believe in humility, was his duty and mission. Mohamed who is full of The Same Spirit as The Prophets of Israel, whom he all acknowledged as the authorities who came before him, Including The Hebrew Prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, who spoke nought but How To Live By The Torah of Allah and The Coming of  The Son of Man who comes in His Own Name. It all boils down to The Name as A  Sign And Wonder.

By the Torah of Stone Gods And Wood Divinities, as thought and taught by the Authorities of The Jews in Israel, who are the only that matter by their own designated authority,  a Jew is anyone born through the vagina of a Jewish Woman. Or anyone who submits and surrenders to their dogmas and doctrines of how a true  Jew behaves.

I refute their beliefs by merely being who I am and what I teach. But until such time as they repent of their idolatrous beliefs and prostrate themselves before The God of Israel and Their Corporeal King as appropriate for The Little One who is The Son and Their Royal King, The King of Any And All Forms of Loyalty to any Object of  Materiel, Embodied and Shaped in Divine Royalty.  These are The Holy Golden Vessels of The Temple of My Mind, Within The Inner Chamber of The Holiest of All That Is Holy, where I contemplate my Relationship with  my Creator and We Make Love Abound World Wide.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

No Longer a Jew, Now A Moslem Forever 1111

Let me explain why.

The Universe is Alive and All Life Is A Self Conscious Singularity That Creates Nothing
but Is Created From One Infinitesimal Instant To The Next.

When the Jews say יהוה Is One, They Are Absolutely Correct,
in that יהוה means anything and everything that has happened in the past in any sense of the word happen, anything that is happening at this exact moment anywhere it is happening,
and anything that will ever happen until the end of Creation
and the complete Fulfillment of The Creator Allah's Plan.

Allah is Who causes יהוה To Happen.

Therefore Allah is אלהים and יהוה is the manifest Will of אלהים.

This is apparent in The Hebrew Bible where אלהים Created The World and יהוה appears within Creation together with אלהים now called יהוה אלהים as the origin of what actually transpires in the unfolding manifestation of Creation and within the confines of Life's Mind.

יהוה is All that can be seen and perceived by observing the events that mark the passing of time. יהוה Is what actually happens to and within the Life Created By אלהים and אלהים Alone Is The Creator, Known in Arabic as Allah.

Life is confined in a mind and it is only in the mind that there is time and space and mass and energy with life perceiving what happens to it in an unfolding narrative, no two of which are ever the same while all are equally One as the unfolding Kaleidoscopic sequence of events observed and experienced by a unit of life Created by Allah.

Allah is unconfined by anything at all and for Allah all of creation is as if Complete and Perfect.

Allah is Simple.

Creation is incomprehensibly sophisticated and complex, beyond the grasp of life itself or any living unit of life observing for any duration any scope of experience.

Creation is One, the One that we know.

It is One, in that it is all to the exact same extant identically a manifestation of Allah's Creative Will.

The Hebrew Prophets having Genesis as the conceptual/cultural source of their wisdom said in absolute truth, There is Only One אלהים/who can only be known to us through what has already happened.

This is true and will be true forever.

Only אלהים determines what will happen as יהוה , and then we will know The Creator by The Name יהוה as whatever happens has one creative origin and source, that Being אלהים or Allah who is singular but not containable in the concept of One. יהוה is One. Allah Creates The One we Know and We know no Other Creation but The One We are part of.

Imagine a whirlpool, a vortex, pulling all within towards the same finality which is oblivion of any idea of time, space, matter or energy and hence the mind and hence any kind of awareness or self consciousness or perception for there is no longer anything to perceive, there is no void, oblivion, gone as if it had never been. You can not say all is going towards one because there is no one there at the end.

Yet Allah remains.

We do not know what other Creations there are but they are all Created By Allah and hence are One with this Creation, for all the universe there are, an infinite number to the power of infinity, are equally Created By Allah and Allah alone is The Only Creator of Any Creation. Hence Allah is אלהים and anything life experiences is יהוה and יהוה lives and is alive with us in our minds as the

The Living Manifestation of Allah's Benevolent 


When all is said and done, Allah is the Name of My LORD of Art.

  Allah is the essence of simplicity. 

One that any child can understand.

 It is Creation that is The Mystery, to be researched and investigated but never fully grasped.

If Allah creates a Hierarchy of LAW and ORDER so that ARTFUL LIFE  AND CULTURE can flourish and prosper, it is to be respected! 1111
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

For Those Who Wear The Clothes of Guile, Beware! Here Comes The Son 1111

I am King David 119, Son of Yishai, come again as Jonathan Michael Robbins 939, Son of Rabbi Yitschak Baruch, awaited for by the Jews as The King Messiah, Son of David .424

It is not I who cause or  perform any of the many horrific miracles about to manifest across the face of the globe. I am naught but minute minuscule infinitesimal dust spinning around in circles, as Wills My Creator, The God of Israel, causing me to dance and sing the poetry of praise and gratitude for life, so as to raise the spirits of the dead and bring them back to life with me, and resolve the rampant strife that plagues mankind and my People, The Remnants of Zion, called The Jews.

These are The Righteous Ones, Women and Men,  humans with perfected faith, purified in the fires and trials of tribulation, refined seven times in the furnace of refinement, over the ages from all nations, all shall rise again from  their resting place in self oblivion, as have I, and make their presence known as The Judges in whose hearts reside the wisdom of the ancients and in whose souls is engraved Invincible Faith and death defying  Love for Our Creator.

They all know who they are and are awaiting me as a "sign and wonder" 939, The Prophet Sent By God 939, to awaken Those Who Calculate The Name from their slumber and go about the business of  being instruments  of salvation, for life itself on this planet is doomed but for the few who will survive and then flourish and prosper beyond any one's wildest dreams.

There is no sin of anyone alive, denied and hidden, that will not be exposed to The Light Of The Sun, and Then Judged by The Laws of Moses, those whose work is not done.

I am The Son 52, come alive In My Own Name,  with a contract, "The New Covenant 939", between Me and My Creator, The King of The Universe, who has made me what I am and who does around me what others will assign to me, being unable to imagine a God who has no form and Whose Sight And Might Create  us and all we see, in ourselves and around us.  The God of Art for those who have  Faith in The  Sublime  and Divine Design of All of Creation.

The Creator of  Fractal Patterns which define the shapes of all living things that can be seen, and the mountains and the sky and the clouds floating like sheep above and the flowers and the trees and the veins and arteries and the structure of the brain, all created from the same simple equations and the breaking waves against all the shorelines of all the continents  and the galaxies and everything between them, seen or invisible.

The God of Israel, Allah, Brahman, One and The Same By Any Name, The God of David, My Father, For He Has Made of Me His Son. Unlike any other one in  11. I am The Little One, By no will of mine. I would decline but am raped from behind to turn around and Do,  Do "My Job 939".

I would run away but am Told I must stay, this is that Day, His  Kingdom Come, it is The Awful Day of The Lord. 1111

All of you will quickly find fault and reason to disbelieve "I am what I say I am". I speak in my own name, Jonathan Robbins 838, to whom God said, "You will go crazy 838! And then "You will win!" 838! I am not who, but what, for Who creates and what is created?

  No Messiah would say such a thing, how dare he presume, he's crazy, gone insane,  he is evil, Christ warned us of him, it's a trick of the Jews, this is only fake news, bad news, a conspiracy to lead astray, it's not yet The Day of The Lord, he beat his wife, fucked whores, watched pornography and masturbated in his prison cell beneath the courthouse. He laid a load of shit beneath his brother's office and crowned it with a yellow charity box of Chabbad, he was institutionalized four 273 times in closed wards after being declared insane, he was taken to prison and found incompetent  to stand trial, he is a criminal and a mad man, yes, all of the above will be said and it will wished by the  many that I soon be found dead. All stumbling blocks to make fall those who would stand tall, those who laid snares for the innocent shall fall beneath my heels as I march, my clothes washed in blood.
I come from Edom, alone and with no ally  by my side, I regain my pride, The Lion of Judah, King David, King of Thee,  Jew! Surrender and Kneel With You Forehead on The Ground  before your Lord!

No, NO, I will not die because I will live and tell the world what Mr Creator does.

All of you will stray but the selected few. Lest anyone doubt, I am first a Jew as a true Jew should be, I speak Truth to Power, My Creator. All Power Be His.

There is no deceit within me at all, no guile, no need for cunning or the planning of war. All that was as before and now My Heart is True And Whole.

It is of me David said, "Spoken by The Creator to My Lord, sit by my right side until I put your enemies silent before your feet. Your enemies I defeat, they will fall from the sky like a poisoned fly, flee as ants from fire. That is my desire and pleasure, you are my treasure, My Beloved and Only Little One, My Son!"
 Prophet for God 119
This is the last post I  write before a series of miracles, starting Rosh Chodesh Elul, 5777 reveals me to be present in the world. A gift to the kind among all of mankind.

1111 = Words Of GOD To 273 
 Jonathan Robbins 838! Forever His Will Be... Done, The World Is Not Mine!
משיח מארץ עולם
"לסרב-ה המשרה  אהיה אשר אהיה"

Monday, August 21, 2017

Hitler And I, The Messiah, One And The Same 1111

       When I was much younger, I used to romanticize in my heart the lives of anyone I had any affection for. I would tell myself a story about the people who showed me any kindness, in which they were heroes and heroines overcoming adversity to bring some aspect of beauty into the world. For this reason, I had no difficulty in making friends. People liked my ideas about themselves. They sensed my sincerity. I never flattered anyone disingenuously. To the contrary, I always acted as I believed a true friend should, telling them whatever came into my mind when I was critical of their behavior, explaining how I think what they are doing is counter productive. As I matured, I learned how to do this with empathy and I was listened to and my advice was often taken to heart.
I didn't however, see myself the same way. I had little to no self esteem, which partly explains why I thought so highly of people who showed me any respect. I would say to myself, if they are like this with someone as flawed as myself, they must be unusually compassionate and deserving of all the moral support I can give them. At first I thought of myself as being lucky to know them at all and saw myself as an appreciative audience to whatever were their endeavors. I would listen attentively as they shared their adventures, and as I had very little envy or hypocritical judgement, those I befriended came to share the most revealing and intimate details of their lives. They also reciprocated by listening to me, more than they did with anyone else they knew. I had some truly wonderful symbiotic relationships. People helped me when I needed help and because I had no support from family of any kind, I often found myself unable to pay rent as I was paying alimony from the early age of twenty two.

     Everything always magically worked out and I was taken in to share rented apartments, told I could pay whatever I could and when I had it, on several occasions for months on end. Eventually, I made listening empathetic-ally and teaching life wisdom into a career. I did very well.
Finally, no longer believing in luck, I began to see myself as being blessed by the God who I had grown to trust. Never thinking myself talented enough in any way to actually orchestrate my unceasing good fortune, I felt ever growing gratitude towards this personal but not religious Divine Causal Singularity I conceived the presence of, as living within me and around me. The God who heard all my thoughts and saw my unceasing efforts to make myself into a better man was rewarding me for my efforts to do so, as a good God should and would. My ideas then of God seem somewhat primitive to me today, but I was decidedly on the journey to where I am now. On a twisting snake path which led me from a valley of tears beneath a great mountain, towards the hidden summit which was clouded in mysterious myths I began to believe I could vanquish with a clear mind, logic, discernment, discretionary research and rationality. There was to be no mystery or mysticism in my philosophy. No miracles. No angels. I began to believe with growing Hubris, just my own good will and the intellect I had discovered I have, could bring some more good into a world of inhumane humanity, that appeared and still does, miserably ignorant of why men cause men so much grief and how to improve man's realization of the wonderful potentials yet inhibited by hostile environments, hidden in our genes. I believed that from the apex of my own cleared mind, I could instruct and teach others how to become as happy and benevolent as I had become, with the wisdom I had culled from my own trials and tribulations, all of which I had come to believe were hidden blessings meant to challenge me to overcome my fears and doubts so I could develop my philosophy of Life Wisdom, Biosophy. 

God and faith in God were not part of my philosophy, as God was too indefinably abstract to be part of a rational philosophy founded on only the observation and description of phenomena. I chose to believe that the God I believed in, who in his great mercy and compassion had rewarded me for struggling to clear my mind of hostilities and ever behave as humanely and helpfully as I could, would now reward all others I taught to do the same, even if they didn't believe in my non denominational Divinity, the Master of Providence.

I began to believe that I was serving some purpose in the world, that being, I was to become the founder of a new phenomenal philosophy, in all meanings of the word phenomenal. A new philosophy which isolated the process of communication as the object of contemplation and contended that the abstraction of why and how communication is successful, is the source of all human wisdom and success. On the other hand, anything that hindered successful life enhancing communication that led to mutual understanding, I postulated, was the source and reason for war and crime, much physical and most mental illness.

   When I reached my late thirties, I had gained enough confidence to leave a second miserably hostile marriage and made  my first true leap of blind faith into a void full of unknown solutions to what appeared to be insurmountable difficulties. I had no where to stay, no income but only enough to feed myself, at the time I was friendless too, as my wife had caused all my friends to distance themselves from me with unceasing libel and slander. The only evil thing she said about me that was true, was that I had hit her on more than a few occasions out of the frustrated impotency of being unable to make her stop slandering me. My philosophy was greatly the product of my attempts to save my marriage as I deeply feared leaving my children with a mother as reckless as she was. It seemed to work with everyone but her. Socrates said it is a good idea to get married, because if you find a good amiable wife you will be happy and if you marry badly, you can become a philosopher. 

How true.

   At the time I left my wife, I didn't even know what the word synchronicity meant but was already experiencing event after event of serendipity. I interpreted it all to mean that I had a destiny to fulfill and nothing could get in my way from realizing it. I believed in Providence, very ironically, just like Adolph Hitler. He believed implicitly without reserve in a God who rewarded those who understand nature and know how to care for themselves. He explained his early great good fortune, his relentless overcoming of obstacles, to be a sign from providence that his destiny as the savior of Germany was inevitable. Like me, he was not a mystic at all. He believed that he knew exactly how to behave in order to make Germany "great again" and it would and only could be the failure of the German people to believe and follow all he said that could cause providence to frown on the Aryan race, in which case he said they deserved the fate of destruction that would come to them and he would in-deservably become a martyr, because of their ultimate disobedience and disloyalty. He did have a degree of humility, whatever anyone else says of him, and he did see himself as a servant and potential martyr for his people. He saw himself as the manifestation of Providence not only for Germany and The Aryans, but for all of mankind, the means by which all the peoples of the world would come to their deserved fate. As an infantry soldier during WW1, Adolph displayed outstanding courage as a message carrier for which he was rewarded. His bravery was displayed on what was probably the most treacherously violent and chaotic battlefields of all time, in the deadly trenches where he was overcome and blinded with mustard gas. That the gas that wounded him is called "Mustard Gas" is so divinely ironic, causes me to give the link to the post that explains why. 


   I am certain he saw things happen around him that gave him good reason to believe initially in his inviolability. I am sure many others saw these same events which caused people to believe in him, and fear him greatly, which for most people is a prime reason for blind obedience. People have a deep desire to believe in leaders blessed by Providence and most people do believe in providence, whether they call that God or not, or even admit it. It simply makes more sense when one looks at how human affairs unfold as one matures, to believe in:

1.(often initial capital letter) the foreseeing care and guidance of God or nature over the creatures of the earth.
2.(initial capital letter) God, especially when conceived as omnisciently directing the universe and the affairs of humankind with wise benevolence.
3.a manifestation of divine care or direction.
4.provident or prudent management of resources; prudence.
5.foresight; provident care.

   In my youth I had very mixed feelings about Hitler. I was as fascinated by the story of his life as I was by the Hebrew Prophets later on. I yearned for insight into the workings of his mind. I admit I felt a mysterious admiration for him, for which I was ashamed.

   Later on in life, after I had made another leap of blind faith into the unknown, familiar now with the concept of synchronicity and experiencing it relentlessly to my good fortune, while dirt poor, I spent my last cash buying a book containing an English translation of "Hitler's Table Talk". My desire to understand the workings of Hitler's mind was sated as was finally my desire to understand the minds of Hebrew Prophets.

   Unable to afford toilet paper, I used to read the book while doing what one does on a toilet, and used the pages I had read to wipe my ass.

    I stopped blaming Adolph for anything and saw him the same way I have come to see myself. Hitler and I are both absolute manifestations of Divine Will as is everyone else. He is no more guilty of the evil he is seen as the cause of than I can take credit for the good that will come from my finally being The Messiah in the mind of yet not so always kind, Mankind.

No one will ever understand this to the extant that I do because no one will ever have the God given nature I have and the experiences that have been my good fortune.

   I know with a certainty born from the chain of orchestrated synchronicity that has been my lot in The Kingdom of My Lord, whose willing and grateful slave I am, that every thought, perception and feeling I have is aligned and perfectly synchronized with the motion of every particle and collapsing wave function that compose the universe. There is not a subatomic particle in my body or mind that is not aligned in it's appearance out of the void, with the motions that produce the events of the unfolding Majestic Narrative of The Messiah of Israel as told to me from moment to moment by God Almighty, Himself, My Father The Creator of All, upon whose Sacred Knee of Blessing I will sit forever as He shows me and tells me alone, out of all of mankind, bits and pieces of The Tapestry which reveals The Glory of All of Creation. I have no creative or causal power whatsoever. 

   To believe I do is to misunderstand all I would share of what my Father shows me.

   I take absolutely no credit for anything at all and have no blame towards anything that has ever lived, lives or will ever be alive.

All the Glory belongs to our Creator, My God of Art. 1111

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fact or Art? Don't Go To War! 1111

Conscious Life is a Work of Art.
 It is in how you put the pieces together, whether you enjoy The Art or not.
Were it to have just an instant of duration, in it's totality, it would  be beyond comprehension. It is ever evolving, expanding and bursting out of any definition. It rips apart all boundaries and consumes every kind of construction. It consumes anything and everything  to replicate itself in ever more sophisticated complexity.

Like all matter and energy, our flesh is the materiel of God's Creativity. In all of our body, the brain is the most sophisticated and complex organ of them all. All the other organs serve it and it has the ability to transform  electricity and electromagnetic wave functions produced by chemical reactions, into metaphysical symbols which represent the circumstances we find ourselves in regarding our nature and it's environment.

All living things with any kind of consciousness, are localized manifestations  of life interpreting the symbols in their mind. Dogs do it. Cows do it. Mosquitoes do it. There is evidence that even plants do it.

 The mind is full of nothing but symbols, every perception, thought, sensation, emotion, feeling, pain and pleasure, represents our interaction  with the world around us and to what degree our innate needs and values are manifesting successfully.  As with all organic living things, are genes determine the quality and nature of our organs, and therefore our brains-  and consequently our minds.

Think of a female human egg fertilized and an embryo conceived. Think of all the works of Shakespeare to manifest from that conception. Contemplate all that needed to happen from the moment of conception until Shakespeare wrote his last word. The moment Shakespeare's parents DNA came together as his own, a potential was created that would later manifest as a literary accomplishment unparalleled in human culture.

   It is absolutely impossible to extrapolate the writing of Romeo and Juliet by examining William's genes. DNA is a language with four letters, governed by a syntax which is for the most part, unknown to science. The language of DNA wrote out William's body and in it, his brain. His brain produced a mind with many kinds of language in it. All our perceptions and thoughts and feelings and urges are kinds of languages as they represent realities in and around us. We know very little about the syntax of these languages and even less about the Creative Will that manipulates the symbols into the semantic languages we use to communicate what goes on inside our minds.

   Shakespeare manipulated the symbols in his mind and turned them into a different kind  of symbols, written letters and  words, stories and plays. We see or read these symbols and in our mind symbols are manipulated in our imagination, causing us to think and feel and see in our mind's eye, images. We interpret what Shakespeare wrote according to how it makes us feel. If it makes us laugh and cry, identify with the characters and feel with them fears and lusts and passions, we applaud because we are being engaged and entertained. This is true in all of life, not just when we read a book or go to the theater. We are constantly interpreting the meaning of the symbols in our mind and trying to judge what makes us feel good and what causes us pain, or bores us to death. Life and Art,   do to us the same. The difference between them is arbitrary. The Creator of our experiences, in the theater or at a boring mundane job, is The Artist of Creation. God creates Artists and has them produce what they do, for you. To entertain and educate you. All of life is an engaging entertainment and hopefully, an education about the nature of the creation in which we all play a part,  in each other- as  symbols, representing if what we need and want is happening, or not.

       A single cell swells and multiplies and diversifies into many functioning organs, among them the brain which gives birth to a mind which manifests as representative symbols, all defined in cross referenced relationships. I cannot say this enough. There is nothing in the mind but life and symbols. A creative will manipulates these symbols according to  orchestrating principles and we experience dreams and thoughts and feelings and complex sensations and our conscious mind becomes a panoramic symphony of theater wherein our mind influences our brain and our brain  animates our body.

    We act out our imagined solutions of lack thereof,  to the problems we confront or ignore and circumstances change and things get better or worse. Those that survive, sometimes prosper, and those that flourish, do so by providing some kind of service to other's minds, in exchange for necessitates and luxuries.

  Once a person sees themselves as able  to produce something of value in other's minds and proceeds to do so in exchange for the necessities of their own existence, they have become a mature member of their culture and civilization. As they grow older they may find themselves imagining ways to produce more sophisticated abstract or materiel valuables and thus enhance their own life style by expressing ever more of the creative potentials inherent in their DNA. Of course I can't say if anyone ever manifests all the potentials inherent in their DNA, body, brain and mind. I dare so no one does. It is the environment that cultivates or inhibits the expression and realization of creative and destructive  potentials in the mind, that translate into behaviors.

The only part of the mind which is not a symbol, is life itself. Life "reads" symbols an remembers them as memories. Memories represent events.

    Life itself, not the word but the actuality, doesn't represent  anything, it isn't a symbol of anything else. It comes wrapped in symbols and it is through the interpretation of these dynamic symbol's behavior, that we determine the existence of life outside our own and in our self.    When we consider ourselves to be looking at someone, it isn't really them that we see. We don't see the life in them.   What we see is the light reflected from their body and that light comes through our eyes and appears as an image.  A REFLECTION is not what it represents. The image is not the same as what it is reflected from. It only shows us a very superficial and shallow representation of what is really going on inside a person's mind and heart.  They can shape their face and body to mislead us. People do that a lot, almost all the time.  A person's body as we see it can only symbolize the life of the person whose body it is. This is true of everything we see, alive or inanimate.

Colors represent electromagnetic wave lengths. Who do you think decided a certain color in our mind would represent a certain wavelength causing a certain kind of sensation when we see the color in our mind. It doesn't  exist outside our mind.  Nothing is really red or green. These colors, when we see them, are what the object we see, is not. Colors represent the wavelengths not absorbed by the object they are reflected from. Colors exists only in the mind. Same with all our senses, smell and taste, heat and cold. Vibrations become symbols of sensation that exist only in the mind.

Only  symbols exist in the mind, seen by life. Sound represents the vibrations made by materials around us. A smell and taste represent a certain  kind of substance. Heat represents the vibration of the molecules of air against our skin. Hunger represents our body's need for nutrients, thirst, our need for liquid. Fear represents the possibility of the loss of something we value. Grief represents the loss of what we cherish. Happiness represents the manifestation of what we desire.

To have meaning, symbols must be interpreted and that interpretation is what we as life are doing all the time. Interpreting symbols.  An interpretation isn't the truth until you choose to believe it with certainty. Even then, an interpretation is only ever a belief. If you say to someone, "You don't love me, that's a fact!" It isn't. The fact is this, "When I see how you treat me, I interpret that to mean that you don't love me!" If that person says, "Yes, I don't love you." it becomes a fact for both of you. But only the person them self can be the authority of what goes on inside their own mind. No one likes to be told authoritatively by another, what is going on inside their own mind. Even when it's true. It undermines their autonomy.    

The fact is in how we interpret the symbols in our mind, how we describe to ourselves what is going on inside of us, not what we conclude they mean. Conclusions are possibilities. Opinions, once again. They aren't facts until everyone agrees they are.  And even then, everyone can be wrong. We only ever know the symbols in our own mind. Everything else in an opinion. Nothing to fight over. Not a reason to go to war.

Be honest by describing what is going on inside of you, sincerely.  First and foremost,  to yourself. Don't mistake your opinions of what is going on in someone else, for a fact. Ask, don't determine, if your opinion- is a fact for them. If they say it is, then and and only then, can it become a fact for you, too.

 That is called understanding.

The inability to differentiate between facts and interpretations, truth and opinions- has caused many wars and endless grief.

God is using symbols to communicate to  you, the story of  God's Creation, The Never Ending Narrative of All That Was, Is And Will Be, and your Story is in The BOOK of LIFE, The Complete Works of The God of Art.