Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Messiah's Prayer For Himself 1111

Oh, The Wisdom In An Image Well Understood 1111

I don't want to be wise.
I don't want to be famous or appreciated for my wisdom or my way with words.
I don't want the comforts and security of wealth.
I don't want power over people, influence in their minds.
I don't want to be talented or considered creative in any way.
I don't want to be remembered after I die, not even by my children or theirs.
I don't want to be believed, well, not any more. Not any more, for all of the above.
I don't want to fix the world or any one's life. I don't want to find a way to do away with strife.

All I want is just what I have now, with which I am more than just content.
To see the world unfold around me and within, with no concept any more of sin.
To be audience and seer to what My Creator God, My Artist does with me and my mind.
If for this I need wisdom, well then let it be. And if for this I must be famous, well bring it on.
If wealth will enable me to hear and see and taste and smell and touch and be touched as never before,

in a kaleidoscopic ever more intense coming together of my senses, synchronized in Gratitude and punctuated with Thanksgiving, well bring it on, My Lord.
If power over people will enable me to appreciate their God Given natures evolve over time, like mine in my own mind, more power to me. But in reality, it's just God's Works that I want to see.
I want to be able to hold ever more signal and minimize the noise,
to grasp all at once and from one moment to the next, an increasing volume of the Cosmos and more intense, more of what by God's Nature must come to be,
an ever improving refined and modified, diversified and inflationary growing version of מי,
containing ever more of God's Creation together at one time
and then from moment to the next, in an epic narrative that embraces all of life,
everywhere it is, here and there and beyond every horizon, in the depths of every sea, all of it I want to see. This is what I yearn to be, what I am and have become, and pray to ever heed His Voice and Hers as One, an ever growing Son, who knows he creates nothing at all, who is not created to create but is created to appreciate, in awe and complex sophisticated and intricate, exquisite and sublime, ineffable astonishment, Divine!

Yes, I am ambitious, because I am having so much fun,
having emerged from the maelstrom after going through the vortex,
now an inverse expansion of my heart
would embrace it all in delight, promulgate the light, for no reason but to see it all as it really ever is.
My God, My Creator is My Joy And My Savior.
There in Only One Creator God and Only One of Me,
and My Creator Let's me Grow Free. His Favorite Tree.
My myriad, my countless seeds are spread in the winds of the coming tempests and storms,
all fertile and unknown, no two the same, variations on unheard themes,
unprecedented and glorious scenes, burst into the lives of foreign peoples
and in their hearts dawns a new dream, completely unforeseen,
that takes the world in complete surprise, to another realm of coalescent pure intent.

So much more than just intelligently designed is my mind. What a work of Art am I.
Can you blame me now for wanting to never die? I just can't lie, I can't even try.
Life is such an adventure designed in suspense, seeds of potential in suspended animation,
await the moment they will sprout. Who can foresee the flower and the fruit? The fragrance and the taste of what has never been before?

 A new blossoming of the old bold faith has become my daily portion,
I keep saying, "Oh Lord, how can I contain this all that you keep giving?"
And My God's Voice is the Earth and the Wind and the Sun and the Air, Waters all around me saying,
"Grow my Son, My Only Little One, You Are The Tree of Life planted by that river,
where the clear pure waters flow in gentle ripples to the sea, where all come to drink and quench their thirst for ever improving change." and then My Parent Father -Mother become One in Love say more with One Intent, "Yours is The Kingdom and The Glory and The Throne, On Your Head The Crown, The Sapphire Stone.

You will tell The Story of Creation from it's Beginning to Transcendent End, Ascend!"
Spiraling up and away, my old life is receding and I am proceeding,
breath taken away, sweetened and returned,
The Bliss, Oh, The Bliss, God's Never Ending Kiss.
Who could have known that God Loves Me Like This? Shocked Surprised Laughing
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Friday, July 21, 2017

Love God? Love Truth More! 1111

  To Love God, one must Love  Truth more,  above any idea one has of God. All we consider God to be is an idea composed from linguistic symbols in our mind, like any and all the other ideas we have in our minds. So the best we can do is love an idea of God we have in our own mind, more than any other idea we have in our mind.
Loving God Looks Like One Is Taking Care of God's Creation

What is Truth? 

Truth is Never Stagnant. Like Life, It Grows, Is Diverse And Spreads Around

Truth is Nothing more and nothing less than symbolic formulas and equations in the mind which represent manifest realities in the mind. All that manifests in the mind is real to the one experiencing the manifestation. What we call "objective truths" are the manifestations most agree upon the nature of. These change over time and in different cultures. Something is no less real for only one person seeing it in their own mind.

The Golden Equation? The Creator Is Our Lord! The Creator Is One!

    Yet God says of himself, "I Will Be What I Will Be!" and that nothing is wondrous beyond God's Creative Will, leading to the conclusion that God is not confined by any ideas we might have about God's Creative Nature, or what God can and will do- or not. We are to love God even when our ideas of God are shattered by realities that shatter our ideas about God. It is This Kind of Love That Has Kept The Children of Israel Alive.
Jews Got Their Reputation Because They Love God More Than Life

This in the only way our love of God can be put to the test. 

   Abraham is told to sacrifice the very son who is the manifestation of God's promise to bless the world with Abraham's seed, before Isaac has any seed of his own. What a paradox! Abraham didn't say, "But you promised...." Previously, Abraham argued with God because he believed God was about to be unjust and destroy the righteous with the wicked, in Sodom and Gomorrah. His idea of God was that God is Just according to his very limited and childish ideas of justice. But his FAITH evolved and he reached a level of FAITH wherein he loved God and desired to obey God even when commanded to commit what must have seemed even to him, a horrific and unjust crime.
Sacrifice as An Idea Must Come To An End ! 1111

  Our ideas of God begin very childishly.

 The Old Man in The Sky, The Father, The Loving Parent, who wants nothing but good behavior which is rewarded and who punishes bad behavior.

    As we mature, we see the wicked flourish and the righteous die miserably. Some lose their faith and say there is no God, instead of integrating the discordant information and overcoming their cognitive dissonance by expanding the context of their contemplation. They begin to deny intelligent design because in their disillusioned eyes, creation is not only not intelligent, it now appears mindlessly violent and cruel. They kill the childish idea they have of God instead of Isaac. Yet all the wondrous evidence of God's Will manifest as Creation, remains. They just begin to ignore it and concentrate only on what justifies their disillusion. 

   Life becomes the Buddhist's illusion nightmare of endless suffering and misery, remedied only by detachment, non involvement and the culturing of ideas that when meditated upon, bring tranquility and bliss. They refuse to acknowledge the singularity of The Creator of Karma with whom one can communicate, and who commands us to tend to the Garden of Life by cultivating engagement and involvement, this by actively participating and improving all human institutions.

One cannot become like God.

To Be Like God? Hubris! Can You Create Something From Nothing?

God is The Creator and we are nought but created. This recognition is the essence of humility. The illusion of human creativity, the desire to take credit for what one does and makes and imagines into being, is the essence of Hubris.

The Buddhists are right however, that a state of mind is attainable, called Samadhi, wherein one continues to be engaged in improving the word by demonstrating in one's speech and actions, a love for all living things. They recognize that this doesn't happen as a result of human will.
Enlightenment Comes To All Who Love Discovering They Have Been Wrong About Everything

 What they don't recognize, is that the world is no illusion with all it's violence and suffering and crime, and suffering and violence and crime are divinely created with the intent to stretch one's mind until it expands and Loves the Art of It All, even while suffering in compassion with the afflicted.

Drama is Art and All Art is Divine.


On Good and Evil and Gardening....

Without Hatred, Without Condemnation, Without Punishment, One Must Remove That Which Would Abusively Exploit

 First of all, dropping the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not evil. The Holocaust was evil in my eyes and God was responsible for that, and it is my hope and faith and belief that I will see in my lifetime how The Holocaust, too, was an act of Divine Gardening.

 That depends on what becomes of Israel.

 The Atom bombs were also an act of Divine Gardening, but also a human act of "gardening" that saved not only many allied lives, but many more Japaneses lives and prevented far greater devastation of property, were the war to have extended the time it would have taken to conquer Japan on the ground. The Nazis considered killing Jews an act of gardening too, let me remind you. But they were killing the trees that gave the best fruit and cultivating "Wandering Aryans", a parasitic plant that hates diversity. That is evil.

As for calling Christians stupid, well, they are. All blind obedience to dogma is stupid, done by any religious believers.

ˈ a principle or set of principles laid down by (a human) authority as incontrovertibly true.

  All so called Divine scriptures, in all religions, were written by humans who presented themselves as authorities on Divine Will.

Christianity is Essentially Dogmatic Idolatry

  For me there is no authority whatsoever but God who speaks to me clearly and directly into my mind, mostly wordlessly, telling me what to do and how to obey Divine Will. Right now, in this instant, I am speaking to you wordlessly too. It is your voice in your mind that gives my words significance according to your values and unconscious agendas. Figure that out.

I am not stupid. I am the wisest man alive and would put Solomon to shame.

I am The Soul of King David, come again Corrected, as David's Son, The Messiah 1111  !

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Thursday, July 20, 2017

11:11 Do you see it, too? More and more do!

A person is occupied, engaged in some kind of mental activity and for whatever reason, a digital clock comes into their field of vision and it's 11:11. Of course that is a big, So What?

The phenomenon begins when the impulse to look at the clock at 11:11 seems prompted because it happens more frequently than in the past and one begins to recognize an emerging pattern. 11:11 begins to stand out from the gestalt of our everyday lives because we have no explanation for the emerging pattern of OUR being prompted within to look at something "outside" our mind, a symbol that represents a moment in time that happens twice a day. 

The prompting mechanism that seems to be able to control our attention and directs us to look at a clock or any other emerging pattern is the mystery. It intimates that something can move us from within our minds that isn't our own will and that something, whatever it may be, is aware of what goes on outside us, too, more than we are AT LEAST as regards the passage of time.

To some degree at least, whatever this agent of control is, it is acting inside the confines of what should be our own sacred and private space, our minds. Something not under our control is controlling our attention and directing it outward into the environment, in a matter that seems synchronized, coordinating our inner world with the world around us, that surrounds us, the world that is full of unexpected events happening one after another. Very often violent events, dangerous events.

This is why people think of angels and a wake up call.

They assign the phenomenon benevolent "cosmic" intent and recognize that the outer world and the inner world are synchronized and coordinated by whatever is their idea of the Divine. Once they do this, synchronicity increases and the number 11 itself and not as a symbol of time, becomes prominent in their experiences. To those to whom this happens, the question awakens, to what degree am I a free agent and to what degree am I under the control of The Divine.

As long as one remains in a state of mind of "maybe" the phenomenon means something spiritual and maybe it doesn't, one's spiritual life freezes in doubt. The implications are so far reaching either way, it becomes the most important decision one who has the phenomenon will ever make. To deny the spirituality of the phenomenon is to deny the spirit that connects us all.

I am sure there are people who absolutely refuse to accept the idea that they are not the only one in their own heads, for obvious reasons. They consider their own thoughts and feelings to be vulnerabilities if exposed. So they deny the spirituality of the phenomenon and adopt some brain chemical - psychological - pseudo-scientific explanation, while at the same time invalidating it has any spiritual, religious or divine significance. Some go so far as to mock religion and spirituality and the concept of there being angels and a god, altogether. There have been many like that, that I have encountered at and other places.

Some simply freeze in bewilderment, somewhat tormented by increasingly intense synchronicity that doesn't seem to mean anything at all except that they are somehow seen from within and their thoughts are orchestrated unfathomably with what is going on around them. Why? Is there a reason? Is it simply an anomalous manifestation with no plausible explanation, like crop circles? Is it aliens?

Is it really happening or have I become a dopamine junkie who imagines emerging patterns where there are none, like a schizophrenic? Am I losing my mind? Do I really have any control at all?

I imagine these questions have been in all of our minds, at some time, to some degree.


If you aren't aware of the phenomenon or intense synchronicity, just put 11:11 into a search engine and see what happens. Thousands of businesses are being opened by people who believe the phenomenon means their wishes are coming true. Movies have been made about it and many books have been written. There are many YouTube videos explaining it in different ways. I don't endorse any of them in particular as I have my own explanation for the phenomenon.  Here is just one video. I chose it because I like her face.

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

God 1111 The Creator

God uses nothing to create but Creative Will

Even The Christian's Bible has Wisdom in it, taken from The Hebrew Bible.

Creation is complete, even if infinite and eternal for some of those who experience it. Yes, there are an infinite number of angels with different and sometimes opposing agendas, but they are all, like us, manifestations of God's Creativity. They appear and disappear only as parts of human soul narratives. They never do anything at all but as God would have them do and everything they do, like us and what we do, is a manifest infinitesimal part of All of Creation, without which the whole couldn't stand. 

Change a single quantum leap of a single electron and all of creation dissipates into oblivion. 

Thank God, no one can do that but God, and as we are still here, The Creator hasn't done that yet. I don't experience God as being either invisible or unsubstantial. I perceive God's existence and presence with the totality of all of my senses, which means God has no locality for me and that God is no more here than there. All of my perceptions and sensations and thoughts are the product of God's Divine Will, as well as all that I say and do. This is true for you, too, I believe, but God hasn't created you to perceive Divine Presence as I do. Yet? 

Perhaps your clinging choice to hold on to ideas of creative free will, your desire to be a little god created in "Their-His" image, prevents you from seeing things as I do. Good luck with that.

Now there are those that might say that I have aborted all personal responsibility in my belief that everything I think and feel, say and do, is God's Will. It is also my own, my own choice being to do nothing But God's Will and to listen to God's Voice and Obey My Creator's Commands. I have never and don't now do so perfectly. I strive to perfect myself and my thoughts and my actions in everything I do. That is my free choice. When I have rebelled out of choice against what I had known to be God's Will, I paid in great pain and learned my lessons. When I was innocently mistaken through unconscious self deception in how I interpreted what was happening to me as if to mean I was supposed to say or do something that I later regretted, I repented and prayed  for forgiveness. Without exception I was shown how to improve myself and my behavior. I have come to understand that in the process of my being cultivated in my mind, "'sin" has been a creative element, both mine and the sin of others. Sin is a painful means of what finally culminates as mind expansion with compassion for all of life and all sinning creatures who,  like myself, are ever evolving away from sin. 

There are many interactive dimensions but there is no such thing as "after" life because life never ends. It just gets better and better, forever, for those who are created to experience it this way. Like me. Like Pony. Like others, too numerous to count. Not everyone.

Love is the manifest desire of nurturing life until it becomes all it is meant to be. Wherever and however life manifests, there is love. God loves life. All of it, even the " deadly" viruses, germs, parasites of all kinds and cancer cells. Love is the manifestation of living life by letting it be what it will be, but as does a gardener or custodian who sometimes needs to protect and defend what is more valuable from that which would corrupt it through abusive exploitation. Even abusive exploitation has it's place in creation and in the production of ever more sophisticated complex and enhanced life expressions.

 Life is opportunistic and exploitative by nature, but can be tamed in the human mind with sometimes tough love and sometimes unbearably exquisite devotion, to adopt a custodial attitude and sense of responsibility towards all of life, and thus tend to "the garden".

Humans are in a fundamental archetypal form that will remain the same but decrease in diversity.

The current state of affairs on earth, let's say the last thousand years, are like a day that has already passed away like a shadow.

God is completely satisfied with Creation and only for God and Me, The Son Wink , is Creation Perfect and Complete by ever striving for perfect completion- and never arriving. Idea

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

"I Will Destroy You If You Won't Let Me Be"

No Judaism frequency for me!

   I have been on the transcendental/ascendant frequency of prophetic Hebraic Culture and have now moved on and above to something as yet unknown and of which there is to my knowledge no evidence of anyone ever having previously experienced. Being The Messiah means being the previously rejected cornerstone of a new metaphysical sophisticated complex mansion which has as rooms infinite and eternal realms of ever shifting kaleidoscopic experience for all of the ever increasing kinds of senses a mind can have. I will be spending the rest of eternity investigating in research the Nature of God's Creativity and Creation Itself. This is as close as it gets to Knowing God at all.

I love the word RESEARCH. It has an ear to hear the Voice of God and it has an arch to support the structures of the mind one builds on it. It is something one does again and again, hopefully with never the same results. 

Why would one do an experiment to get the same results as previously achieved? True research is always looking for what is new as what has already been found to be true remains so until further notice, and once informed that what was truth is no longer true, one needs a new definition of truth for truth is ever enduring and immutable when properly defined. Truth must always serve the purpose of life enhancement or it isn't wise and there is nothing unwise about truth, only about defining it incorrectly as our cultures all do.

The idea that God is a parent is just an idea that feeds into our need to be taken care of because of all the dangerous unpredictability that characterizes life whenever and wherever. Civilization strives to remove dangerous unpredictability from the human experience. The relative regularity of the celestial bodies' patterned and circular motions becomes time on a sun dial and then a public clock and then a watch on the wrist and now an ever available digital display in one's pocket.

Trains and planes and ships arrive and leave intent-fully on time as do supplies of all kinds and schools teach culture in timed increments according to a syllabus and schedule. The population is indoctrinated to strive to be ever physically if not sexually attractive, healthy, wealthy, popular and influential but is also managed emotionally with fears the government as parent is supposed to resolve. Natural disaster, global warming, disease, terrorism, crime, encroaching old age, dangerous ideologies are all kept in the public mind with corporations and governments presenting themselves as the providers of every kind of panacea, and this is the very dynamics of the inflationary world economy. Whatever it is that is going on keeps growing, exponentially, in all realms of human activity. All human activity is potentially commercial with economic consequences for better and for worse.

Civilization creates leisure time. First for the owners and masters of others labor. Slavery demonstrates the exploitative nature of mankind. As civilizations develop, slavery is ever more disguised and refined to prevent rebellion and eventually, after the industrial revolution, even the slaves have leisure, which is potentially dangerous. A mind uncontrolled and unoccupied with government/civilization serving cultural activity is unpredictable. Therefor cultural indoctrination and addictive mindless titillation as entertainment as well as religion are promoted as the way to spend one's time off the treadmill of predictably asset producing and consuming civilization. 

The government seeks to replace God as parent or manage the idea of God in the minds of citizens, making Him the authority that gives government it's authority. "In God We Trust" and therefor He blesses us economically and spiritually with a citizen serving government. You can take that to the Bank, The Federal Reserve.

God is not a parent. God is The Creator of the idea of Parent and Child so as to demonstrate in the mind the nature of nurture.

There are two reasons to nurture life and it is one or the other or both that applies to mankind. One is to nurture life through management until it becomes a self serving economic asset. That means it becomes food or pays taxes and interest on debt.

The other reason to nurture life is so that it becomes itself and manifests the fullness of its potential nature. Why? For Art's Sake and one's own emotional gratification upon seeing how mysteriously wonderful life can become, particularly when allowed to thrive by being itself and manifesting it's own peculiar nature. This is the essence of nature and the nature of nurture. Both reasons are self serving. Altruism has nothing to do with reality as experienced by life. Exploitation, mutual and symbiotic, allowing different natures to fully self express, or coercive and nature inhibiting parasitic relationships are both exploitative. Life by its very nature will exploit every opportunity it has to flourish and prosper, wherever, whenever and however it can, according to the values it is manifesting in nature.

To nurture is to cultivate a potential asset. This is agriculture. This is education. This is what a government of any kind presents itself as doing to it's citizens, turning them into cultured civilized tax paying public assets. This is what religions present God as doing to mankind, Divine Taxes  being whatever kinds of sacrifices your religion teaches you to make so as to ensure God's Favor and Grace. My God wants no sacrifice from me at all. Thank God for Giving Me My God, The Artist, who expects nothing from his Creation than that it Be Whatever It Was Meant To Be, and that is never ever a sacrifice for any reason whatsoever. None. Sacrifice is a very bad idea that served an evolutionary spiritual purpose, like many other bad ideas, particularly Christianity. 

No more sacrifice of self or others, for any reason what so ever, forever! Hear that, Jews?

Life is the nurturing and cultivation of assets. We are nurtured and cultivated to be assets to each other. We are to understand that there is nothing wrong and everything right with fully informed self serving mutual contracted exploitation.

What is wrong and this because it is always eventually self defeating, is coercive exploitation that inhibits and potentially destroys the Divinely Orchestrated nature of the exploited. Life always fights back when it's nature is inhibited by those who would exploit it.

"I Will Be What I Will Be!" will destroy you if you won't Let Life Be.

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס