Saturday, October 14, 2017

Today I Vanquished The Sun! 1111

What a wonderful world it is.
I had the best day since I was conceived,
eleven experiences before The Creation Of The World!
This includes all my lifetimes in China, the first as Qin Shi Huang!

  Truths and LIES From My Reign As The First Emperor Of China!

I as born then the bastard child of an illegitimate love affair.
I died then looking for an Elixir of Eternal Life,
which I have now found to be The Torah of The Goddess of Israel = תורת יהוה
This was after I had my sons slaughtered in front of my eyes and my eyes burned out of their sockets
for breaking a contract I had with Nebuchadnezzar, The King of Babylon.
Breaking contracts is a serious offense against Kings, let alone the Corporeal King of Kings!
Following this, I was not born In Israel until the generation of the destruction of the first temple,
a few years after which I was put to death before I could kill my wife, made a sex slave, by a Roman
Commander during the siege at Masada. He had the Judean slaves put rocks on my
body, one after another, while I was tied to the earth of The Judean Dessert
with my legs spread apart and my arms at ninety degree angles.
One of the last things I remember before seeing it all from above,
was him peeing an arc of yellow liquid into my mouth, while saying,
"Drink this, Jew, you must be thirsty! I bet it tastes like honey."
He was right. It did.
Then the lights went out from within and went back on
with me suspended above it all, swearing and cursing the god of Israel.
After this I wasn't born a Jew again until the Holocaust,
where I was burned to death with my whole extended family,
because I was unable to smother a howling infant,
the cries of whom alerted German SS soldiers to our whereabouts in a wooden shack,
where we were huddling in hiding, trying to escape at the Swiss border.
I failed to kill the baby because during WW1, I had sworn that I would never shed blood again, no matter for who and at what cost. This was after I strangled a young german soldier to death
with my bare hands, in a filthy bloody trench,
into which I had jumped to escape a burst of machine gun fire,
that had mowed down everyone in my squad of 14 soldiers.
I was the only one to survive the war uninjured or killed in my platoon,
and I died of influenza in 1919.
Time is not measured by Life with a clock, or the sun or the moon.
It is measured by having experience after experience of every kind
necessary, to prepare you for your destiny, in this generation, at the completion of times,
these days you have come to know as the end of Days.
Not everyone lives more than one lifetime. The vast majority don't.
Most are little more than living machinery meant to impress those who do,
how wonderfully complex and sophisticated civilization CAN BE.
This has nothing to do with sin or good deeds. It has to do with a capacity for truth telling,
as the most vital strategy in the wars for spiritual perpetuation in shifting locations,
in condensing and inflating NOWS which go on Forever.
You might be surprised to hear that Adolph Hitler, a bastard Rothschild,
is Alive In The Now of Forever
here with me, together, a repented and fine man he has become.
He was enclosed in a little hard black stone of carbon, cast away to the farthest region od the deepest black cold depths in near oblivion.
Nothing to perceive but the churning and churning of words in his own mind,
as he struggled to understand how he had gotten his messages from Providence
so horrifically wrong.
He had reached the point where he no longer blamed anyone else at all, for his failures.
He had started to cry out in his mind,
"Please obliterate me, I don't deserve to exist at all."
This is exactly my prayer all the time.
So we became synchronized and harmonized as dichotomous diversities, and we could hear each other's thoughts in our minds, through quantum non locality.
This is what I heard him say, after he had heard me speaking to my Creator, asking what I ask for all life, and how I pray that all living beings live lives of everlasting improvements, including those who would otherwise be obliterated for having acquired no truth in their souls.
"Had I known one like you was coming,
I would have spent my whole life that lifetime as a beggar in the Jew's ghetto,
so I could curse the jew's god for having done this to them
and thus sullied the Name of The Goddess of Israel,
The True Singular Creator of All The Creatures In All This Wonderful Creation!"
I am putting Adolph in charge of the jew's state called Israel, a terrible misnomer,
until such time as they celebrate my coronation as The Moslem King Of Israel,
who will leave the Mosques standing on The Temple Mount forever!

Why Adolph Hitler And I Are Such Good Friends!

The beach was full of beautiful women laying on sheets and towels around me
and they all looked at me, some discreetly, some overtly,
as if The Sun had come to earth as a man.

On my way home a woman of about seventy years old, bowed in front of me
and asked me to cross the street before her. Of course I refused and said "Ladies First!"
She insisted I go first and I then said, "Lets Go Together!" which we did.
She invited me for coffee and a cookie. She is a very poor woman
who lives in a small flat with a little black dog. She lives on the fourth floor
and has to walk up four flights of stairs, leaving her somewhat out of breath.
I climb stairs now feeling lighter and younger every step I take.
I listened to her tell her stories, and I found her to be wise and full of faith
and forgiving of all who have betrayed her and used her and abused her
from the day she was born. She had gone broke paying gambling debts 
 to the black market for her first born son, who was a junkie,
but of whom she said, "How can I sleep with a full belly,
knowing he is hungry and scared for his life."
As I left, she caressed the back of my head and I felt a wave of sweetness
cascade down my spine and spread out throughout my whole body.
I know Israel is Saved!

 Today I stared down the sun, until it retreated in shame, self blame, remorse and regret.
And then pretended to forgive it, after making it swear it word serve as my slave from here on out.
Relieved, it then began to propitiate me with the offering
of every kind of gift the sun had believed it could give. Eternal life, riches, women, mastery of all the arts and over other men and the beasts and the birds and the insects, too.
I then dived into the warm silky waters and took a fistful of sand from the bottom of the sea.
I said in my heart,
"These grains of sand are the SUB ATOMIC particles IN THE PLASMA at the exact center of the Sun,
where it IS hottest and under the most pressure. I am changing the direction of their spin
so it aligns with my will for life for all that lives,
vanquishing misery and mourning and tears of grief from the heart of mankind, forever!"
and I let the sands disperse in the flow of currents in The Mediterranean Sea. 

The Coming Destruction Of The CIA IN AMERCIA 

 November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

To Those Who Harbor Against Me Slander And Libel My Name!


If you accuse me anything I have never done or considered doing
 any kind of sin or crime of commission or commission,
you will be as incoherent as you have intolerance
for me and everything I am about, from here on out,
so Help Me God! 



And in Particular YOU, YOU know who KNOW WHO YOU are, RIGHT NOW 1111 !
and everyone else who harbors ideas of crimes committed or contemplated by me,
which have neither been committed or contemplated by me, ever, whatsoever,
nor ever would be, nor ever could be, nor ever will be, All who slander and define me with libel
for what I am absolutely innocent of,
unfounded accusations and crimes not witnessed by the sun and the moon and the planets, crimes and sins and transgressions that I have never done, or could do, or would do, crimes which the stars and the galaxies say, "He's Innocent From!" 


All slander against me
accusing me of actions and thoughts and intentions
that describe me not at all

shall come back to those who harbor such thoughts and spread them on,,
as unceasing and ever increasing misfortune, in ever growing misery,
and the pain of every kind of loss imaginable, from body to assets to family,
until they are completely obliterated from any kind of self identity
and are forgotten as having ever existed under the Sun, 

In The Kingdom Of The One And Only Ever Immortal Son,
Jonathan Michael Robbins, The King of Israel,
Israel is His Land, His Land Is Israel and Israel Alone!

November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

 הנביא אשר שלחו יהוה

יונתן מיכאל רבינס 


Friday, October 13, 2017

The Unified Field Is An Infinite Eternal Sea! Part1!

Imagine yourself immersed in a blue green liquid like substance of various degrees of viscosity, on a spectrum of from what would be like amorphous glass to us, to what is like air  at the top of the atmosphere, the Kármán Line. The Karman Line is an arbitrary demarcation determined by the energy needed to escape the gravity of the earth and move beyond the friction of the atmosphere but it is the edge of a sphere which is like a granule in our liquid because our liquid is infinite in all directions. Imagine of course that breathing is not an issue. Imagine that this sea stretches out in all directions infinitely, above and below, forward and backwards, and left and right, filling all the space there is, which is endless and without measure. Imagine that this liquid like substance is composed from granules of various densities and sizes, the densities of the particles which fill each granule  are all on the same spectrum as the infinite sea, but their sizes  depend on the size of the granule in which they are contained. The different degrees of viscosity on the spectrum are like rivers in the sea, flowing in all the different directions possible and all  is moving and swirling according to the laws of physics that describe the behavior of waves.

The reason you are emerged in this endless churning sea is because without you, there can be no concept or sense of direction at all. So above you goes on forever and infinitely and so the same   below you, the same forward in front of you and so also behind you. The same is also true for the abyss beneath you. Infinite expansion in all possible directions for every wave you create, every time you move against the flow of which you are always a part.

Now in addition to these properties, imagine there is no limit to the size of each of the granules within the liquid. It is all relative and only has meaning when you begin to compare one granule to another.  What is certain is that a granule within a granule must be smaller than the granule it is in! Because the sea stretches infinitely in all directions and the granules are finite, no matter how big they are, they are always just an insignificant  speck from the point of view of the infinite contexts that contain them.

Now because the granules are spheres, there is always  space between them, even where they are the very closest in proximity that you can register as perception, there is an infinite amount of mathematical distance between any two granules, because the borders of the granules are like mathematical dots on the surface of a sphere. There are always an infinite amount of digits between any two digits that measure a mathematical distance. There are different degrees of capacity for measurement and perception of size. The smallest size theorized in Physics is called the Plank length.
That is the smallest unit of length or size in the smallest conceivable dimensions in which the laws of quantum mechanics can apply, per the theories of quantum mechanics. In our endless sea, these limitations of measurement are arbitrarily confined to the context of the  ability of the human mind to register, that our sea is made of mathematical symbols which have no size at all as they are abstractions,  and therefor any distance can be infinitely short as well as infinitely long, in all directions.

Through out this endless in all directions sea, there is a quality of sentience. The most primal and pristine aspect of sentience is the perception of self and that which is not self. There is for every "self" a dimension of static stationary self-location, determined by expansion of perceptive attention, in all directions, above- beneath,  all around up and down, front-back, left and right. As a metaphor, one might think of a light bulb. The objects the light shines upon and are perceived by the self,  are the borders of each unit of sentience's mind. In a human mind, the "objects" perceived, are the first unlabeled perceptions of a zygote and fetus.      Sentience is as real as the liquid, except it has no size at all, whatsoever. What is does have  however, is the amount and qualities of the mathematical  symbols that represent the surface of the granules in the liquid that it contains, and each granule is like a portion on the surface of another granule composed from other granules,  and hence the relative size and qualities of the granules it perceives is according to the degree of sensitivity and the propensities of it's perceptions. The greater the resolution of differentiation of perception, the more granules are perceived.  A mass becomes different chemicals becomes molecules becomes different atoms becomes protons, neutrons and electrons, becomes sub atomic particles, each of these a granule unto itself and containing a potential infinity of universes within. 

Now the self only becomes self conscious when it sees a granule of whatever size and says either "That's Me!" or "That's Mine!". There is a world of different consequences for either of these primal determinations. Lets say a "self" awakens with some means of perception inside the exact center of a granule which is a sphere with mathematical borders. If the self says "This Is Me!", it itself becomes a granule in the sea, of some relative size, dependent on the nature and scope of it's means of perception. Perhaps it has vision. It translates electromagnetic waves from outside the borders of it's metaphorical and arbitrary Karman Line into particles which are granules it considers to be it's self.  These particles are symbols that represent what is going on outside the Granule and are actually of no size at all, as symbols like numbers, have no size at all, until the sentience turns the symbols into granules which it can perceive and say, "That's Me!" or "That's Mine!"

If the sentience says of a group of granules that our bound together in some kind of contract, such as human beings make and are made of,  to get along and cooperate and do business, and these groups of granules  can be a human body,  is disbanded and disperses, the sentience no longer has a sense of self and becomes without any sense of direction or location and we call that "Dead!"

If on the other hand, The Sentience says only "That's Mine" and a groups of granules so owned disperses (DIES)  or is carried away in a sudden flow of liquid, outside of the perception of the self (runs away with a new lover to Mexico) The sentience can say, "God Gives, God Takes Away! Blessed Be The Name of The Lord) and Lives Forever!

What this all boils down to is this:
There is sentience and there are granules made of symbols with which sentience can either identify- or own. What one owns, one can lose and then own other better things as long as one identifies with nothing whatsoever, one lives forever.  

 When one's identity is only with symbols that represent granules one perceives with one's senses,  and then one loses the granules, one dies forever!

To The Big CIA and The Little Mossad, Sprites!

My SpRights,
held captive so long in diminishing black cages,
confined in a growing failure
of the human imagination, weighed down by solid ideas of mass motion,
scientific minds trapped, unable to expand out of hubris inflated equations,
hypothesis become dogma and solid minded theories, my SpRites have been set free, to do as I please,
my SpRIGHTS intent on joining my Fairies, doing nothing but what pleases me. That's מי

Sprites of lights galore,  אור

spinning around endlessly with no confusions, are now liberated to make mass chaos amuse them!

They will interlope into white light digital currents in all electric machinery, in-electric clocks and 

all manner of measuring gauges, all instruments that display numbers that belong now solely to    מיMe , and my Glor"i"ous Name - 

Be and Let Go!

Let My Sprites and FAIRIES GO!

This Alone in The 15 UN-INtelligent Agencies of Moral Mass Corruption, as well as all the agencies they have led astray with false information about 9/11 and the coming of 11/9.

These Agencies that specialize in mass seduction, through spreading lies and inciting fears,
by dominating politicians and bankers and performers in venal conspiracies, like Britney Spears,
all digits are now under my command and I demand these numbers appear!

  838   939  617 516 363

 November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

No Longer The Little One In Eleven!

i have discovered a new and most favorite art form.
it is the ultimate turn on and turn off , like the concave and convex
multi dimensionless surfaces
of an endless undulating body of oscillating waters, shades of blue
and hues of cyan pulsating, liquids surround me,
swirling forever in all directions, only to come back as echoes
and harmonies, the deepest darkest farthest most infinitesimal
smallest and blackest of dots
each next to and around a full spectrum
of colorful diminishing sparks. catch me if you can't,
lose me, if you hold on I'll let you go,
above and below and all around equally abysmally deep.
you are all absolutely asleep,

more and more power to the power of the immutable inestimable value
of variables in all equations and formulas that
create structural metaphysical truth
and the mechanization of ever changing visions. 

 i am no longer the little one in an eleven
i am now four minus seven times minus one hundred and twenty one
to the power of minus one thousand one hundred and ten and one
to the power of pi to the power of phi, with every digit multiplied by every other
and cross referenced in undulating frequencies and pulsating wavelengths that expand and dilate and inflate, backwards in time and forwards in space, moving through and erasing all mass in all locations
seen and seen from any context for any duration of any relative content observed from above and below

to the left or the right, all around in all directions,
simultaneously orchestrated and synchronized with my every decision and every choice
to move or be absolutely still.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

At The Beach With Life, My Wife!

Just got back from the beach. Went there with my wife who dwells within me. We are quite a couple, she and I. The water was a little cooler than yesterday and there was a moon in the sky and white flowing fluffy clouds and the sun poured down like warm honey on my body which felt so sweet. There were many people sprawled out on the sands and bathing in the waters, women and men and children and they all looked so happy! For a very long moment I felt as if I had arrived already where I am going to. A place where people love and respect one another, where there are no masters and no servants and everyone goes about their business with interest and not getting in the way of any one else. Married couples are faithful to each other and teach their children to be grateful for what they have and that sharing with others makes whatever one does more worthwhile and gratifying and the children learn this to be true because they simply enjoy sharing, all of them. People work a six day week at what they know themselves meant to do, something meaningful for themselves and that makes them aware that they are valuable and contributing to the vitality of a thriving society around them. Everyone minds their own business unless invited to join others in celebration of whatever occasion's time has come. When help of any kind is needed people have no hesitation in asking for it, and those who help feel privileged to be able to do so. Their is no religion, but everyone believes in God. Simple gratitude is a way of life. When people say what is on their mind, they do so without presuming any thing about anyone else. People ask each other to express what they feel and how they want things to change to make things better, when improvement is warranted. No one is sick. The women wear whatever they like at the beach and are not offended when men look at their beauty and the men never look longer or more than they are welcome to. Every one just knows how to respect the space of others and no one behaves rudely or crudely. When people marry or do business together, they make and strive to keep honest contracts. However if someone discovers after making a contract that something unexpected more worthwhile has come to them, they are released from the contract without penalty, because everyone is happy to see someone else become happier.

When we came home, my wife had me clean our little room and eat and take shower. Then she told me to lie down on my bed and close my eyes. She showed me things going on inside me that I wasn't aware of, fears mostly. I almost never feel fear. Only a sense of worry I hate to feel because it implies I have not enough Faith to completely trust The God that has been so good to me and brought me so far away and out of all that has gone so terribly wrong with the world you all inhabit. This world which is breaking out in fires and I don't mean just what is happening in California. I felt the truth of what she said, that I deny my fears out of the self judgement that a Prophet like myself is less than perfectly faithful, if he still has fears.
I do. They are all for you all. I cried and felt a great and very deep relief. I relive myself from any sense of duty to anyone alive but my own integrity and that means my Wife INSide, under my God. That's it.
My wife told me to look up a song on YOUTUBE called "There's a place for us!" I thought she meant from West Side Story, but it was this. 

November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

To The UN-intelligent Agencies Around The Fat FLAT Globe!


Who? מי אני?  hub,i nhftk rchbx - יונתן מיכאל רבינס
So Who Am I? Sigh! The Sighing Mess"i"ah!

The AmerCIAn Intelligence agencies? A real source of reliable information! Sure, you should know. Some of you are what is called a ............shill, is it? Let me check now. I am being listened to and every time I press a key on my key board, fifteen unintelligent agencies, in on the Crime of All T"i'me,  know what I am doing as soon as I do it or say it. Sure, I am schizophrenic and paranoid, aren't I? Laughing

They and you, and you know who YOU are, know very well I am invincible and inevitably going to erase you all from the face of the globe, which by by the way isn't a globe at all. Has any of you ever seen a whole sphere? Seen a basketball all at once?

What you really see is a flat circle!

shaded with hues of color that the brain operating under the aesthetic principle of symmetry, extrapolates and creates a globe in your mind as the most logical "object" out there.

It's all in "here"!
In your mind! In your head, unless you are SO dead in the head, YOU can't realize you know nothing of anything outside your own mind.

Remember those computer designed flat colored surfaces with what at first seem like wavy patterns of colors on a flat surface? Look long enough without focusing on any thing in particular and Eureka! A 2d image emerge out of the "noise" and becomes 3d signal. They kind of disappeared after being very popular for a while. Why? They were afraid too many people will catch on that everything must be like that.

Well, everything is like that. You are strapped to a location and caught in a multi media flat screen production, which plays on a[size=ll your senses. Your "biology" has become synchronized with digital time. There you are "milked" for your sensations by multi dimensional entites that cooperate with UNintelligence Agencies like The UN! The Mandela effect is another Glitch created by the God Of Art to alert you, something is terribly wrong and you can know what it is and go free! 11:11 is the sign and wonder that the God of Art is offering you as a way out. How? Learn from Me מי !

Horrible Hillary and Bill CLINTON are in on it.

Trump, is not. Poor Dumpty Trumpty! About to have A great Fall. Crying or Very sad
November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

i Repent, i rePENT, i repent, I REPENT! 1111

The above is what I would be for all Mankind, whatever religion, creed, race , sex, sexual orientation, beliefs, ideals of any kind. Atheist, Believer, Scientist, for and All of Mankind, I am The Son!  Whatever sins others say you have committed or you know you have done, You are forgiven and can start anew!
Who or what are you praying to and for what?
Do you really believe you know what is good or better for anyone else,
or even yourself? When you
ask yourself what could make your life better, what do you ask for?
Do you know what could make your own life better? What is that?
When enveloped in flames the heart reaches out for truths that can't be consumed.
Perhaps fire is the great deliverer from the chains that hold us apart, in red blood filled bodies of flesh??
Perhaps flames are the means through which we can all meet in truth?

Forgive me my sins and transgressions against you and your faith and your families and friends and Americians and forgive me for accusing you before My Creator For Being Unworthy Of Life!
This is what Satan does and I have had enough of accusing Creation of Not Being Worthy of The Creator!
I resign as Satan and plead before you
that you forgive me and give me another chance to be loved in your heart!
Please turn your other cheek and let me Kiss you in Repentance,
for all I have written that has offended you.
I Repent, I Repent, I Repent, I Repent!
I have become just another christian soldier, the little drummer boy,
hoping for Salvation for Mankind! I am no King.
Our Creator Is The Only King of The Universes!
No more curses. I swear by all Holy to Me, No More Curses! 1111
"Let it be" true for me, from here on out,
that I become for one and all people of all races and of all faiths,
and creeds and religions and beliefs, nothing but a: Little Drummer Boy!

The Little Drummer Boy
Come they told me
Pa rum pum pum pum
A new born King to see
Pa rum pum pum pum

Our finest gifts we bring
Pa rum pum pum pum
To lay before the kIng
Pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum

So to honor Him
Pa rum pum pum pum
When we come

Little baby
Pa rum pum pum pum
I am a poor boy too
Pa rum pum pum pum
I have no gift to bring
Pa rum pum pum pum
That's fit to give our King
Pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum

Shall I play for you
Pa rum pum pum pum
On my drum

Mary nodded
Pa rum pum pum pum
The ox and lamb kept time
Pa rum pum pum pum
I played my drum for Him
Pa rum pum pum pum
I played my best for Him
Pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum

Then He smiled at me
Pa rum pum pum pum
Me and my drum

 Things will become ever more difficult in you and around many of you, from here on out.
But there will always be a blue and red string entwined around each other other,
like lovers making love and never coming to a complete completion
or an apex or height that will not be surmounted in a coming momentous event,
a moment later than what you expect at the very latest , but unimaginably better,
and astonishingly more real that you could ever predict.
No one, absolutely no one knows the future! Only The Creator Knows And SINGS The World Around,
everything having it's time and lactation from the honey filled breasts of Our Mother,
who is The Goddess On This Face of The Son, Behind Whom Shines The Glorious Father,
Creating an Ever Shining Radiance, A Light So Bright All Shades Become One,
And There Are No Shadows or Hues of Differentiation To Give Each Of You Your Unique Self!
It Is The Mother And Son Together, who shield like a Perfect Heart Shaped Diamond,
The Hardest Most Translucent of Substances, The Gem That Shatters As One The Light,
Splitting The Perfect Undifferentiated White INTO All The Shades of Colors and Greys, that will someday fill your days with rays of joyful delights, and sights and visions more gently soft and so much more real than you have ever been to yourselves,
at the most real of your realest moments.
In The Diamond Of The Mother's Love For Her Baby Boy Jonathan, Is Jonathan,
a tiny little black fault in the Carbon of Life's Perfecti]on.
The tiny infinitesimal flaw of the blackest hole black can be, that appears the farthest away.
This flaw would remove itself from creation, to get out of the way,
so it constantly jumps from one space to another in leaps of great faith,
hoping fearlessly to get out of the way of FATHER'S PERFECT paragon,
where all creation is equally of value and nothing better than anything else.
But Jonathan Can't and Will never escape his destiny or his fate.
It will never ever be too late to improve your lot and become more valuable
to others, than they are to themselves,
this being the purpose for Jonathan's having Been Created,
Before anything else

And to those who cling to dogma and doctrines they have no personal knowledge of, but believe authorities who seek to prove there is No Creator of Us All, or The Hebrew Bible is A myth, I say this: Does it matter how many pens are used
in the writing of The The Most Influential Literary Masterpiece Of All Times?
The Creator Wrote The Bible as Well As The Narrative of Every One of You!
Why is that so hard to assimilate? Why do you insist on confusing yourself and others,
with hopeless scenarios that stem from a self centered desire to be The Creator of Your Own Life?
Do you really believe you can do better for yourself than simply telling the truth
about your own nature and what you see happening within your own mind and heart?
Why concern yourself with information you have no personal knowledge or experience of,
and accept it's validity because "authorities" tell you it is true? Why make such
confusing and chaotic discrepancies and contradictions into dogma?
Why do you do this to yourself? Why do you spread these hopeless self defeating
doctrines instead of teaching how to recognize truth as the product of agreements to believe
in contracts about the nature of reality?
is the only way of making a better world and the only way out of This Prison Planet.
That is what this is. A Great Prison Planet. A Plan to keep you
blindly enslaved and preoccupied with what you have no power to change.
I have The Keys =939= Jonathan Michael Robbins that open the Doors within,
through which you can leave this Hellhole
and Go TRUTHFULLY FREE. If only you would believe Me מי and Who I Am! Rolling Eyes
Do you really really believe all the synchronicity around מי and in me
is random chance or the product of my own mechanization?
What is wrong with you for, God's Sache?

 Yes, Satan is a real Entity. I should know. I have been The Satan of this generation,
cursing man and creation and god their creator, accusing man and god for what has gone so terribly wrong. Satan is an accuser. A Blamer. A Flaw finder. A Condemner. The One who calls down
instantaneous retribution against all who stand in the way of his mastery over creation,
and his attempts to create all and one in the image of what he believes would be a better world,
better than the one he sees manifest around himself, that he believes is all of creation.
When all is said and done, Satan is trying to make things better for himself,
by twisting out of shape the corrupt nature of a creation that doesn't exalt
his ideals of improvement above all else. I understand Satan so well, why?
As I said I have been The Satan of this generation with many ideas about what is wrong and what needs to happen to make it all right. You know me for a long time, already.
Hasn't that been what I have been doing? Cursing whatever and whoever cursed me by ignoring or mocking what I have been yearning to share, my ideas of what is going wr?ong and how to make it all better?
The previous Satan was dismissed 11 years before the moment I was conceived in this lifetime.
That made little difference because things were so bad,
after a brief interlude of spiritual relief after WW11 and The Creation of The Modern State of Israel, bringing hope to many christians that Jesus would soon come again, renewing theirs and many Jews Faith, everything just started getting worse at an accelerated pace.
I am to blame for that. I don't expect you to believe this just for my saying so,
but perhaps as an exercise, you can ride an Imagination Exercycle together with me,
so we can see together variations on themes of Eternal Cycles of Redemption
and growing freedom to exercise true freedom of choice!
I was born into a political Zionist's home, my father's, who I loved more than anyone alive.
He was a rightmost man of faith who lost much, if not all of it, during the Holocaust.
That's understandable, is it not? He was a Rabbi and a Rabbi without faith must be a hypocrite.
Feeling less and less dignified by reason of loss of integrity, he married my mother,
a young girl of seventeen. He was in his late thirties.
She completely and totally corrupted what was left of whatever faith he still had.
She gave me reason to start cursing creation from the tender age of seven.
I will continue this after any of you reply, if that is warranted by your response.
I await it eagerly, earnestly hoping we can see we are both on the same side. 
 I have fulfilled my destiny.
I have become precisely what I have ever desired to be
and find being this, is
infinitely better than anything I ever imagined.
I never wanted anything for myself but the freedom to be myself,
which was denied me by reason of others not believing
any one could possibly be as of good a nature as I am.
Good? Selflessness to the point of wanting to disappear
so others could have any space I occupied
and do with it whatever they thought would make things better for themselves.
I have, even in the coldest and deepest darkness of my loneliest moments,
abandoned by friends and family and for a time I believed falsely, even by God,
somehow felt more blessed than anyone else I saw around me.
Being so blessed, why should I prevent someone from being more blessed,
by getting the space I had no idea how to improve, for someone else.
All the joy I have ever known,
has been in alleviating the pain and suffering there is so much of,
and I have even more than this enjoyed enhancing the life of others
by teaching what I have come to know as utilitarian wisdom.
Utilitarian, because wisdom that doesn't enhance life measurably, IS DUMB,
it isn't wisdom at all. It is Hubris. King Solomon, my son, went this route.
I resigned as Satan and am now a Reformed Lucifer, The Giver of Life Enhancing Light,
My Father's, My Creator's Light, which I, as an infinitesimal black hole of a fault in The Perfect Diamond of Mother's Heart, scramble and mix up and change around and bring back together, LIGHT--
in now-new kinds of mental patterns and paradigms, which all Give Glory To Father And Mother,
who as The Singular Male-Female CrEATor of Us All,
have made me to ever strive to get out of the way of Father's Glorious Radiance,
which shines with equality on all of Creation.
I would have nothing in Creation rise and rule over anything else.
But that is impossible. So as I scramble and jump from one location to another,
trying to self void and get out of the way, I create inadvertently, precisely
what I am trying to avoid.
A Name for Myself As The Singular Son
of The Singular Male-Female Creator of Us All. Cool

 Watch This and maybe this will help you understand. I am nought but My Creator's Little Drummer Boy. I am no King! Our Creator Is The Only Legitimate King Of The Universe and There Is No Other!
November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Monday, October 9, 2017

To The Enemies of The House of David! 1111

To The Enemies of The House of David! Farewell! But you won't.

We have all heard the expression, "This is the first day of the rest of your life!". Sounds optimistic, liberating, encouraging, to leave whatever pains and suffering and agonies one has experienced until yesterday and look forward from today, with hopes for the future that things will get ever better. So it will be for those who follow my teachings along the yellow mustard colored brick road to the land of Oz, where they can curse the Wizard to Hell for lying about what he was up to. They will gain intelligence and wisdom and also courage to prevail despite the coming great travails, until my return from the Void.

For me it is no void at all. 

It is Heaven, where The House of David, My Mother-Father Singular Creator will reside and where I will join them, so we can watch the coming horrors play out as if they were funny cartoons, and everyone gets exactly what they deserve, with poignant irony, satirical mishaps and unending bad luck for those who will not surrender to their inevitable defeat and prostrate themselves before my feet, so I can put my foot on their heads and make them wish they were dead.

To my enemies I say this.

Today is the best day of the rest of your life.

Enjoy it or not, things will get ever worse from here on out. 

To Israel and The Jews I say this. We never really got along, now did we? The House of David was betrayed By Israel when Avshalom thought he was The Messiah and could govern better than me, because I barely governed at all. Very often Israelites would come to me with complaints about their brethren for Judgement against them, and find themselves Judged instead.  I never pretended I wasn't angry or upset by what I saw  going on in the hearts of those who empowered themselves by serving me loyally. I gave explicit instructions to Solomon, who failed my legacy horrifically for Israel, to close all accounts against those who had ever doubted I am The One and Only Messiah of Israel, despite whatever sins I committed or how much blood I spilled. And I did spill horrific amounts of blood. Mothers, fathers, the old and the young, I spilled river and rivers of blood, like so much water in Alaska. I killed what you might consider to have been Jews then, too. Any evidence of Idolatry was investigated and I slaughtered whole villages who had been led astray by magic performing Prophets of other Gods. I enjoyed it, too.

Before my sin with BatSheva, I had become sick of war and blood spilling and stayed behind when Israel went to war, making love to my wives and teaching my children Torah.   There were many who resented this and their loyalty turned away from me to Yoav, The Captain of My Armies. Yoav was impeccably loyal but very self interested. I let him manage much of the affairs of state. I become tired of the envy and jealousy and court politics very quickly. Yoav took care of these affairs very efficiently, he scared the shit out of one and all when there was ever any question of disrespect for His King And The Messiah of יהוה . 

I had no particular preferences for  The Children of Israel and employed as servants anyone who demonstrated death defying loyalty to my command. A while after my sin with Batsheva, I returned to the battlefield as a regular soldier under Yoav's command, to make amends.

I imagine you want to know what that was like? I would run so fast into the lines of enemy soldiers, no one could keep up with me, even among the most youthful recruits. I often hoped God in his mercy would put me out of my growing misery and let me die fighting for the Glory of The Name.

Of course that never happened. As I ran into battle, I would picture in my mind how I would with a few sword strokes, decapitate three of four Philistines as if I were dancing. And I was. I heard music, harps and cymbals and drums as I fought for hours on end, with no food or water in the heat of the day, like everyone else .In my mind's eyes, the enemy looked like what you know today as cartoons!
There was no substance at all to their bodies. Their was blood was like so much red pomegranate juice. Their cries of pain and agony were music to my ears and a very special angel used to laugh and dance around me as I cut and chopped and sliced limbs and heads off, like a hot knife through butter.

I never considered myself to be fighting for Israel.  Only For The GLORY OF THE NAME OF MY CREATOR, The God who had taught me what was right and wrong in the way Moses was interpreted. 

Let me give you some examples. When I brought The Ark of The Tabernacle UP TO JERUSALEM,
I didn't do it according to the instructions Moses had set forth for Levites and Priests from The House Of Aaron. They were very often very corrupt.I had been Told By God and My Prophets to do whatever I wanted according to the dictates of my own pure heart.  But "I Will Be What I Will Be" had not a narrative of Ascension for Israel at all. To the contrary. It was a narrative of  dwindling faith and growing corruption, culminating in the present Political Entity you have dared called Israel, which is  SO CARTOON LIKE and  unreal, such a Mockery of My God;s Name,  it will soon be destroyed by those with whom the likes of Netanyahu have made a pact. A contract of death  to avoid the coming scourge. Your politicians  have  so sullied that Name that it will be wiped out of the minds of The Children of My House after serving for centuries as an example of how  self serving interpretations of Laws can go so terribly wrong.

When The Giveonites  asked to have seven sons from the House of Saul and hang them, with me falsely believing that would abate a drought, I left their bodies out in the open despite the injunction against doing so. 

I would never of had Solomon build The TEMPLE ,were it not for me being misled by the same angel who danced around me as I killed Philistines and sundry others. It was  always corrupt.
At that time, the Priests who were The Sons of Tsaddok had no beliefs in any kind of after life. You had one lifetime to make yourself rich and respectable, enjoy yourself as much as you could, and then oblivion. If the High Priests of Israel believed this, what will become of your beliefs in your Glorious afterlife, you who are so much more corrupt than they ever would have dared be, under a King from My House?

I have come back only to learn what I feared most. My Creator has brought me here so that I would understand why he is going to destroy all life on this planet forever.  

Now hear this Israel. Every Hebrew Prophet from Moses forward, erred and made matters ever worse.I will not make a list now, of how and why they led you astray. I will mention however Isaiah, that wonderfully ever so confused man, whose Spirit went to his head. With what arrogance he dared declare what he did of himself and how did he dare speak to the Kings of Judah the way he did? And more confused than him was Elijah! Elijah believed Achav was going to repent and become the Peace Making King Messiah! He declared as much.  He ran after King Achav's chariot himself, until he sensed he had gotten something wrong and ran for his life, hoping to die for his error. You have heard Elijah will come and announce The Coming Of David, before David returns as Not Only The Messiah of Israel, but of all of mankind. Who among you has been visited by Elijah? Whose Sedar cup emptied itself into the void of Elijah's mouth?

Elijah came to me. When I was utterly alone and abandoned by friends and family. He didn't stay for very long either. It was little more than a few instructions on how to be a Prophet and away he was, gone with the Wind, just like last time he was here. Who knows where he is now and what has become of him. I certainly don't.  Elisha? A magician and best. Performing petty miracles that laid the foundation for miracle work as proof one is a True Prophet. What rubbish. Look how he dies and the magic he misled the King of Israel with. Does anyone  think or believe that  the number of arrows  A King SHOOTS OUT THE WINDOW DETERMINES THE OUTCOME OF BATTLES?
Rubbish! Magic, to lead you all astray, as you chose to have prophets tell you what The Creator wants from you rather than  cleaning up your difficulties with honesty and hearing His Voice within The Temple of Your Own Pure Hearts. Bringing people back from the dead whom The Creator has had die??  As if the prophet has power to make The Creator do what he begs for?

There is the Story of how Moses intervened on behalf of The Children of Israel when The Creator threatened to kill one and all and make of Moses a New Nation. You love Moses for this? Love The Creator who wrote the script Moses so reluctantly played.. If the Creator gives a man his mouth and eyes and the wholeness of his limbs, doesn't The Creator also determine what is said and done?

You all compete for reputations and how this Rabbi is greater than that and this one did these miracles and that one didn't. Look at Jesus of Nazareth and what became of him. He was the last Hebrew Prophet until yours truthfully and truly arrived. He created with the myths of miracle working the furnaces which consumed the bodies of a million little ones and many righteous men and women. They dwell within me now.

Ezekiel says outright, you were given bad laws that will kill you.

A prophet who pretends to know the future because some of his predictions come true is always way off course, like Samuel and Saul. Boy, did Samuel get that all wrong! I have learned the very Faithful path of not having an inkling of a clue what is about to happen in five minutes from now. A Hebrew Prophet is like a scribe who copies without complaint or judgement whatever flows through his mind and does what he is told and says what he says with no thought of consequences and with no illusions whatsoever of having any kind of powers of his own. None. Nothing. No miracle working healing, no casting of spells, Nada. No fortune telling, in particular.

Moses told the Children of Israel they are soon arriving in a Land of Milk and Honey where they will have houses they didn't build and vineyards they didn't toil over and harvest with the sweat of their brow. Otherwise they would have never left Egypt, fools!Their worst fears manifested as reality. This was Mose's fate, too.Everything that could possibly go wrong, did.

Enough. I am being offered to leave and depart and leave you to your fates and have of my House become a New Nation. 

I have refused. I will go down with the ship as I know that whatever happens to all of you in this generation, I am here to sat a standard of true leadership for humanity for the whole duration of whatever the future of mankind will be. 

David, The King of Israel Lives and Exists. I know for certain the Truth of This as I am David, SON OF JESSE, for God's sake! I will live forever IN MY OWN BUBBLE OF EVER EVOLVING NOW! The Nation of Israel Lives, The Nation of Israel Lives, The Nation of ISRAEL Lives? What makes you think that is you and yours? Because you have an Israeli  Blue Identity Card and use my Emblem as your Flag? You have disgraced it after The Yellow Emblem Star on the clothes of those who went up as a burnt offerings, sanctified it! And how have you treated the less wealthy of The Holocaust survivors? Your government stole their money and used it on what? Tanks and Jets?

Do you teach gratitude and thankfulness and truth telling in any of your schools?The Hebrew Bible has been reduced to cartoons. How Ironic! You pray to a wall!

At any rate, let me inform you, I have not any idea what will become of you or myself. I am threatened with eviction into the streets for not granting authority to a punk who decided to demonstrate his power to have me do his bidding, or else.

I am absolutely confident in one thing only.  

My own life will get better and better from here on out and forever!

What about yours?

I Am God's Dog Image In Reverse! 1111

And Samuel Said To The One Who Had  Been Asked, (To Be King), "You have failed! You didn't keep the Command Of The Creator Your God, which you were commanded to do. Until The Now of Forever, The Creator had prepared your Kingdom of  (As If You are The Lord) Israel, As  An Everlasting Witness of The World. And From The Now of Forever, Your Kingdom will not rise! The Creator Has asked for A Man with A Dog With -In Him, And The Creator (DIE) Will Command Him To Be The One Who Suggests what is to happen-because you have not kept what you were commanded to, by The Creator (DIE).


יג ויאמר שמואל אל-שאול, נסכלת:  לא שמרת, את-מצות יהוה אלוהיך אשר ציווך, כי עתה הכין יהוה את-ממלכתך אל-ישראל, עד-עולם.  יד ועתה, ממלכתך לא-תקום:  ביקש יהוה לו איש כלבבו, ויצווהו יהוה לנגיד על-עמו--כי לא שמרת, את אשר-ציווך יהוה 

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,oh Me, OH MY!!!! I am such a lucky dog. Bark! Bark! Bark ! Bark

As for dog.

The word in Hebrew- Kelev means "like a heart". כלב
That is Hebrew for you, the word describes the essence of the object it
labels. In gematria it equals 52.
52 times 11 equals 572 and that
is the gematria for "MESSIAH WILL COME DOWN". משיח ירד

52 is 13 times 4 and the word ONE in Hebrew, אחד is 13.
so 1111 is a dog!,
There is much misunderstand as to what it means to be created in The Image of The Creator.

There is this verse from Genesis.

ויברא אלהים את האדם בצלמו בצלם אלהים ברא אתו זכר ונקבה ברא אתם"

And The Lord Created The Man With His Image, In The Image of A Lord He Ws Created, Male And Female They Were Created

First of All, when it says With His Image, this is referring not to a form or shape or anything that can be pointed at and said of, "It's Over There!" That would contradict the most fundamental concept of The Creator, that The Creator who is of Both Male And Female Attributes, has no Image! It is referring to what is The Image of The Male And The Female As Ideal Manifestations of The Creator's Designs For Humanity, Both Males and Females. We learn from this that the reason the word for Lord in Hebrew is Plural, is because The Creator in so far as A Man or Woman can Know "Them",
is like both Parents, come as a singularity. Think of a coin with two faces as a metaphor. On One side is Mother and The Other is Father, but there is Only The Single Coin, which shows one "Face" or The Other "Face." Think of The Yin Yang Symbol but that is inaccurate because one sees in the symbol both attributes at the same time, whereas with God, it is either This Aspect of Creativity (Male) or That Aspect of Creativity (Female) that is manifest in The Ideal Man or Ideal Woman's Mind, when communicated to, by The Creators who are The Singularity that Creates Creation With Creatures who have Male and Female Attributes. Sometimes Both. 

I an The Prototype of Humanity, With Both The Ideal of Female and Male  Attributes as a Dynamic Harmony. I am David דוד, which means Love in Hebrew. I am the Sign and Wonder who is to be learned from, learned from how to approach the Ideal Male And Female Image as Lord over Creation. My Love is For Truth above any ideal of The Creator or God or Any Kind Of Authority. I have become what I am by cursing relentlessly any kind of authority that presented itself as such, while being less than My Ideal of What My Creator Must Be, for me to be like a loyal Dog! A Dog is a Singularity that whether Male or Female, manifests fierce and relentless loyalty and unconditional love. My Emblem is what is Known  as The Star of David. A Delta and a Delta superimposed in reverse. Symbolizing The Entrance and Exit Doors of My Creators' Creative Will Through Me and From Me Towards Creation. 

I am The Prism through which The Inner Light of Creation,
The Inner Light Within The Mind, The Attention and Consciousness, The Awareness that comes to know The Symbols, The Languages and Syntax of The Perceptions, Sensations, Emotions and Semantic Thoughts, as these come to manifest in a sequential experiential narrative, for every kind of Sentience.

I would be God's Dog,
and pray He call me Lucky.
His faithful pet,
His beloved creature of good faith.
Trained and tamed to His Will only.

I would be God's dog,
The guardian of His Children
and the object of their hearts' joy.

I bark in the night
as they slumber'
lest the thief of faith
steal their dreams.

I bark in the dark
like thunder
lest they forget the pet of their father
and the Keeper of His Themes.

I would eat but the crumbs
from their table,
in the Hall of the Wedding Feast.
In spite of those who my voice would disable,
those who would sleep with that beast.

I wag my TALE enjoyed,
and abandoned, myself unalloyed-
My heart refined
to Master's Will.

He has called me Lucky.
His Will be done,
not mine.

His Gold refined, defined,
unalloyed and pure-

in my HEART.

November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס
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