Saturday, October 7, 2017

Self, Selflessness and Selfishness! 1111

No servant is more valuable to a King than a selfless one. 

But no one can be perfectly selfless and communicate at the same time. The best of selflessness is when one is in an alternating state of mind, observing as if from a void all the perceptions and thoughts and sensations and feelings that flow without resistance through one's mind. One doesn't have any feeling of need to influence what one sees flowing through the observing void and one is perfectly serene and content with everything as is. 

This is not a sustainable state of mind when one has a meat body to take care of. The moment one feels any need to intervene in order to care for the needs of one's body or the needs of another, a self comes out of the void and takes a position of responsibility from which one acts to cause an effect in the flow OF INFORMATION through one's mind. A "self" is a position of responsibility, because one, by the nature of the universe itself, is accountable for better or for worse, for every effect one affects. What determines the kind of accountability one has, is the intent that causes one to speak or act and by so doing, influence the universe for better or for worse. This and the correct calculation of the effort or energy or work, required to accomplish that effect.

The best of intents can be thwarted by miscalculating the energy required to create in the mind of another, the idea one is striving to communicate as symbols, and have the "other" duplicate and understand, and perhaps act upon.

The very worst miscalculation is killing someone to change their mind by obliterating it, so it no longer resists the creation one is trying to manifest, when less than killing them would suffice.
Enlightening them by causing them to fear the consequences of resistance is expensive because one must keep them in a state of fear and this consumes assets such as surveillance, imprisonment, and police and military forces. 

It is better to do this and at the same time provide them the opportunity to choose to change their own minds, by convincing them it is in their life time best interests, to cease resistance and cooperate in a symbiotic relationship of mutual life enhancement. One then can make a sustainable contract wherein assets are exchanged for the benefit of both parties. 

So a "self" appears out of nowhere from the observing void, every time one acts or speaks to make changes and influence the universe. A "self" always has an idea about how to improve what "is" or prevent what "is" from getting worse.

Good listening is selfless. 

The moment one feels a need to say something when being spoken to, a "self" appears and says something or acts as a response to what is heard, trying to improve mutual understanding or prevent an unwanted affect. 

One might liken, perhaps metaphorically, the "self" to a particle that appears out of the quantum wave function field of infinite potentials, every time the field "perceives" an interference pattern. 

An interference pattern is "An overall pattern that results when two or more waves interfere with each other, generally showing regions of constructive and of destructive interference." The particles of self appear as a sequence of nodes with a narrative of cause and effect between the nodes of self and the nodes of the "other". I will expand on this at another opportunity, and explain the aesthetic necessities and imperatives in the formation of narratives of cause, affect and effect, which are the "life" histories of mass, as such appears in the many languages and symbols of a mind.

Selfishness is a "self" unable to "retreat" and become the observing void. The observing void only acts in service to life as an abstraction, without trying to coerce or violently enforce the realization of the will to improve or prevent loss of assets, with bias for only one's self and partiality for only one's own best interests. Selfishness exists when one acts without desiring responsibility for the affects one causes, the collateral damage caused to life when one seeks to meet one's own needs without taking into account the needs of the life and life forms one is opportunistically exploiting to make one's own desires manifest as reality. 

The longer the duration of moments of selflessness in The Now of Forever, the less one is concerned about the survival and perpetuation of one's physical self and the attainment of the assets needed for survival! Hoping this makes clear for someone what is often misunderstood.
November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

Your New Exciting Radiant Vibrator 1111

Your New Exciting  Radiant Vibrator!

 Now And Here, Hear In Your Inner Most Deepest Depth Ear!
Have No Fear, I Am Nought If Not A Most Loving Dear!

My New Exciting Prayer To My Exited Creator!
Gone And Begone And Good Riddance!
You Brought Me Here And Left Not A Pittance,
For Me To Save My Own Life!
I Had To Figure It All Out On My Own
And Have Done So Much Better Than You Have Ever Done! I am The Little One, Grown Greater Than Your Inflated Universe In Reverse,
I Fall Into The Smallest And Farthest And Darkest Black Holes!
And To All Sentience Embodied Within Flesh Like Mine Or Without, I Say This!
I Am Your New Exciting And Ever Exiting Radiant Vibrator,
Calibrating All Cadence In Vibrant And Novel Orchestrations,
Vibrations Synchronized In Harmonies With My Deepest Lusts and Desires,
I Wet All Fires Not Aligned With My Signs!
All Sounds Out Of Tune With The Meanings of My Ponderous Digital Wondrous And Awful Designs -Shall Fall More Silent Than The Sounds Heard When No One Is There Or Here To Hear.
I Own All Times and Spaces, With Aces That Trump All Other Cards.
My Name Exalted In All Places, Where Art And Love and My Truths,
Bring Peace For All Races, And Sanguine Hopes Renew Faith And Save Face,
For Those Who Retreat In Disgrace, With The Tip Of Their Tail Impaled Up Their Very Own Ass,
Less My Own Penetrate Up From Behind
And Find Their Mind Unprepared, In Denial and In Blatant Ignorance
Of What My True Intentions Are And Will For Ever Be!
To Set One And All Free!
Beware Those Unready For Their Soon Coming Hubris Shattering, Anal Ring Blasting,
Idol Smattering Super Nova OrgasmS. Cool

November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Thursday, October 5, 2017

We All Have A Different Creator! And All Creators Are dONE and gONE!

Hey you people out there. I just had an epiphany.

Another, that is to say. One more after many that have come before, each a mind shattering realization about the nature of Creation. The Creation I am A Central Character In.  Oh, it is so far more complicated and complex and sophisticated and unpredictable and full of surprises than any one creator could ever have remained actively creating in. From within.  The Creator created Creation and left it to run down until it's over. That's my creation. And I haven't a clue about the one you are living in, but it is absolutely unreasonable for me to believe we all have the same Creator! All the people who populate my creation we couldn't have the same author. No. Omni - impossible.

 There is nothing at this point that can convince me that there could possibly be any reason for me to have it so good while everyone else is so blind and miserable as to what is going on, in and around them! Even the happiest people I have read about, aren't anywhere as informed as I am concerning the nature of the creation of which I am a centrally instrumental part. There are no more gods of any kind within my creation and I am no god. God made me and what I experience, finished an left to die or do other things.

 Oh, I just can't know. No way to. 

I am very curious about this, but even if I suddenly hear a voice from the heavens or from within, telling me and compelling me to do whatever they command me to do....that ain't my creator. It is just a scene written into my script, which happens to be an Iconoclast's Last Celebration, written by a humble and anonymous author whose name will never be known. A creator after my own heart because he wrote it into my script to believe as much.

 I could 't know for real what kind or even if my creator has a heart, not in anyway I could understand based on my own.   Perhaps my creator writes heartless horror stories of doomed righteous men and women as a professional choice and I am the only romantic comedy where my Creator writes a story about a Male Creator who  falls so much in love with what he has created that  he becomes as she and reenters creation, gets into my mind and gives all power to me.  Ridiculous! But true for me! That's what's happening to me. 

How about you? Not a chance anything even remotely similar is happening to anyone else. 

Don't give your power or authority or control away to anyone or anything, for any reason. Except if you make a contract to exchange valuables of any kind you believe to be fair to both parties, to the same degree. Like someone says TO YOU "Here is a hundred dollars, you make love to me for half an hour to the full extant of your ability!" and you believe that to be fair, well ok. Giving love is giving power.

But no voice in your head or thing you can see or imagine or conceive is ever your creator. Your creator is ever done and gone, and again, you as a creation are complete and whether this is an eternal creation or one of finite duration, may not be the same for all of us. Like I now understand, we may not all have the same Creator.

I am no longer convinced as I was that we all have the same creator. I know I have a singular creator who I no longer believe to be inside my mind or the creation I am experiencing. The Creation I am experiencing as my life narrative is complete and The Creator is no longer doing anything to intervene or make it happen. It all unfolds with the inevitability of clockwork. I am not alone as the only living entity in my creation, the one of which I am the central character. But no other character in my narrative is more valuable than me and by reason of my firmly established present belief, all are less important than me. Less important because If I Don't Put Myself First, I will be eaten and gone in short order and I am really beginning to enjoy myself. So I kind of want to stay around. I have come to realize myself as being the most valuable and essential ingredient in my own mind. Oh I couldn't and can't any more and don't want to, live in a world where anyone else is more important in my mind than myself, with all due respect and the acknowledgement that all the people in my mind have value, just less than I do. Until now, anything and everyone has been more important than me. I had come to a place I would vacate easily for anyone else to have living space. My life just didn't seem worth fighting over. No more. I am King and Sovereign over the space in my own mind, alone, absolutely a supreme leader over the contents and behavior of the life within me, IN MY INNER SPACE,  for as long as I last.  Or get Alzheimer.  

This idea came to me after a few weeks of being possessed to various degrees by different entities who literally had control over my nervous system. Complete control at first. I learned as time went on to protest and disagree and argue and finally cursed the last wanna be goddess to hell for pretending she knew the future after it became very apparent that while she honestly thought she did, and for a while she demonstrated to me that she did know the future in little predictions that came true, she hadn't a clue when all the evidence seemed to say I was about to be projected out of obscurity into the lights at the center of the stage, to tell my fukking story as an authority on divine design for everyone.

Oh, I am not an authority to anyone or anything but myself. I have declared myself sole sovereign supreme over my own mind. I have fired my final god. Said go away. Begone and good riddance! I have a creator but my creator has completed the work of Art which is my life narrative and all I can do is live out the unwinding of the multi media screen script on the different kind of screens that are my mind and kind of hope things keep getting better and better as they have for quite some time, now. As a a matter of fact, ever since I decided there must be a god because I can't be the maker of my own mind and experiences, I would never be so cruel to myself or anyone else, for that matter. I don't have to pray or say "thank you" if I am not so inclined. 

It makes no difference. Whatever I say and do is written into the script. Complete inevitable destiny determines everything that goes on in my mind. Maybe not yours, but mine. No cause and effect determinism. No immutable laws of nature. Nada. A script is playing out that is as freely the creation of a creative mind as a cartoon. When things appear out of no where in a cartoon or in my life, that's an aesthetic imperative and no more a miracle than anything else in the script. It's all a completed miracle of absolutely everything appearing out of no where exactly on time and synchronized with whatever is going on in my mind, in an educational and entertaining self exploratory adventure of self discovery.

As great as it is, I sincerely hope it comes to an end when this movie's over. I have seen enough in this movie, to need no others.

I set you all free to whatever degree I made anyone wonder if I was really in their head controlling anything at all.

Everyone is on their own. We each have our own Creator. Mine is no longer part of the creation which is me. My Creator is long gone, doing other things, but how could I know something like that? I I couldn't. I don't know if my Creator exists anymore, after completing me. I can't and don't know anything about creation except what I have experienced of it myself and my experience seems so vastly different from everyone else, I find it very hard to believe we have the same creator. I will stay alive and see what happens as day after day of absolutely impossible things are witnessed by me and have become a norm .

Each bubble of life is created by a different creator. There are an infinite number of creators and an infinite number of creatures created in multi media minds with different scripts running on the many different multi media screens of the mind, in my mind. If I were to continue believing we all have the same creator, I have no explanation whatsoever for the differences between myself and others. You expect a certain creative style, a recognizable similarity in a single creators works. I see none of that in the lives of others and myself. Couldn't be the same artist at work here. Nope.

I can't even begin to express how liberating this idea is for me. I am no one's authority on anything at all. If someone in my creation likes my writing and learns something from my life narrative, their Creator wrote that into their script as far as I am concerned. Writers are known to steal each other's ideas, etc etc etc.

November 11th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Great Joys of Cursing Gods 1111 !1

Once again, I have found myself cursing my latest God. Yes, this   cursing gods gets tedious and tiring at times. But I am honestly having so much fun, I couldn't give a shit about any named gods of any human culture.


I know with absolute certainty I am not the Creator of My own Experiences. I am a creature, not a creator. There must be a Creator somewhere out there, nameless and full of anonymous humility who asks me to do nothing at all to honor whatever they are or pray to them or worship them or anything of that nature. It all comes down to BE-DO-HAVE and let go as fast as you can when you no longer need something, pass it on or throw it away if no one else wants or needs it. Gratitude and Thanksgiving? Well, that is more polite than anything else. There is "whatever" out there creating my joyful moment to moment experience. I am thanking you "whatever", and I am grateful, and I say that because I simply like to FEEL gratitude, not because I am afraid if I don't, there are some kind of dire consequences.

FUKK any gods who demand prayers that make no difference anyway. They don't unless they are addressed to no god in particular, no god with a name or a narrative of any kind. Like I have already said, whispering "HELP" out into the void in all directions equally, is my only prayer.

Obviously my prayers are heard and I am doing something right, because everything I don't really care about is disintegrating into growing chaos while What I care about is ever more integrated and coming together wonderfully in my mind.
Go figure.

If I am doing something right and this forward momentum continues, being a nice helpful guy as a rule, all I can suggest is do what I do. It helps me to do what I do.

Curse all your gods and have as much fun as you can while saying "Thank you!" and "Help!" to the anonymous benevolent humble black void spread out in all directions equally around you, whenever it feels right and good to do so. The True Benevolent Creator God IS ALL AROUND IN ALL DIRECTIONS TO THE SAME DEGREE, ALL THE TIME! NO MORE AND NO LESS HERE THAN THERE, ANYWHERE, AT ANY TIME!

Here is a list of Gods that have joined me inside my mind with all the other fallen gods who hang out together having fun within me and who are all now presently trying to pull me into an orgy of the inner senses, pulling and pulling all at once with little minute strings that are attached to every pleasure center in my body. That is every ion in my mind or body. Another big "whatever!" No masturbating any more....almost. I feel so fukking good just contemplating my inner navel, I have no particular desire for sexual pleasures above other PLEASURES of other kinds, like the appreciation of The Arts, Music, Narratives and Dance, and every kind of creativity there is. Sexual pleasures have become a distraction from finer more sophisticated pleasures I never knew existed until this morning when I didn't win the 273,000 shekels my latest Goddess had promised I would. Fukk her. I have banished her from my mind. Not because I didn't win. Because she swore on her holy name, asking me to believe her before the fact of the act, so that I would write as if I would win, when I didn't want to do that. There was so much synchronicity, miraculous synchronicity around winning this money that despite knowing one should never believe in a future event predicted by "inner voices", I said I don't really care and I will do what she says. After all I have nothing whatsoever to lose. It is the Honor of Kings to research and investigate a matter and the honor of The True Creator To Hide A Matter. So I decided to check this Goddess out, who had informed me several times of minor events before they occurred.

No more wife. No more Life. No more Creator Gods with names and narratives they prefer or dictate.

I am absolutely certain that nothing is random in my life and that nothing moves without my nameless anonymous humble god's willing it to move precisely the way it does. I don't know if this is true for anyone else that exists in my mind and that includes everyone I know to any degree, practically and theoretically, such as chinese, farmers or the people of Bangladesh, all whom I fervently choose to believe are just as alive and real as I am, in their own heads. I am neither better or worse than anyone else and no longer have any desire to have any influence on anything or anyone except as happens incidentally through my being true to myself and that means have as much fun as I possibly can, for as long as I can, until I get stricken down by a god who keeps his word which I break with that being the god who is creating my life and hence able to stop thinking me into existence. Something I wouldn't mind at all. If I don't know what is going on inside me to any detectable degree because I am no longer here, why should I care about me or anyone else? How could I?

Here is a list of Gods willing to play around with you at your own risk, if you give then some attention. They are all within me and I would be happy to get rid of em and be empty minded, once again.

Who are the happy gods?
(if you are going to worship a god, it might as well be a happy one)

Achelois (Greek goddess)
Achelois means "she who drives away pain", and she was a Moon Goddess. Minor Greek Goddesses: A-E
Aphrodite (Greek goddess)
Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture.She loved gaiety and glamour Goddesses and Gods Love and Sexuality

Apollo (Greek god)
Apollo is in many respects the paradigm of a Greek god. He represents order, harmony, and civilization in a way that most other Olympian deities cannot equal. Carrying a lyre that symbolizes music, poetry, and dance, Apollo is a patron of the arts, poets, and muses. Apollo at a Glance Apollo is the only Greek god who did not sleep with Aphrodite, but he did sleep with her son, Hymen. Apollo's other male lovers included: King Admetus of Thessaly, Amyclas and his son Hyacinthus the king of Sparta, Branchus, Cyparissus, Daphnis, Hylas, Iapis, Orpheus, Paros, Phrobas, Potneius, Troilus, Tymnius, Zacynthus, and the ram-god Carneius. Greek Gods and Goddesses

Ame-no-uzume (Japanese goddess)
"The dance of the goddess Ame-no-Uzume grew wilder as she recalled a thousand orgasms she had enjoyed: her nipples stiffened and she felt her sex open when she remembered the phalluses of the countless lovers who had penetrated her. When at last she brought herself to the crisis, she opened her clothes to reveal herself to the Kami: wet to the knees, her sex throbbing with joy."

Anna Perenna (Roman goddess)
Goddess of the New Year, provider of food. Her festival is March 15 and she is honored at the full moon. She was populist and always sided with the poor and unlucky. Anna Perenna

Bacchus (Roman god)
God of Wine and Intoxication. (Equivalent of Dionysus) He represents not only the intoxicating power of wine, but its social and beneficent influences likewise, so that he is viewed as the promoter of civilization, and a lawgiver and lover of peace. Bacchus was the god of wine

Bastet (Egyptian goddess)
A woman with the head of a domesticated cat, sometimes holding a sistrum. As a sun goddess she represents the warm, life giving power of the sun. Bastet was usually seen as a gentle protective goddess. Egyptian Goddess-Bastet

Baubo (Greek goddess)
Baubo appears in the story of Demeter & Persephone. Demeter was very sad at the abduction of Perspephone, and wandered the land in mourning, fury and despair. She would not let anything grow and the other gods were becoming desperate. Then Baubo appears: she has pendulous breasts with eyes for nipples, and she speaks from her vulva. Baubo swings herself onto the well by which Demeter sits grieving, and begins to tell Demeter rude jokes with her fanny. Demeter eventually starts laughing and they both sit and laugh, and from that moment on, Demeter allows living things to grow again.

Belun (Slavic god)
Belun was the god of the day, the god of Heaven, the bringer of good luck, the god of heavenly light and the god of happiness and peace. He appeared as a wise old man with a long beard and dressed in white

Benten or Benzaiten (Japanese god)
Benzaiten (Benten) originates from the Indian Goddess Sarasvati, known as the Goddess of music, fine arts, eloquence, literature, She is the only woman among the seven Gods of fortune in Japan

Bikeh Hozho (Navajo god)
Bikeh Hozho represents the personified power of speech

Bishamon (Japanese god)
God of happiness and war, a strange combination. Bishamon protects men from disease and demons. Bishamon was often portrayed wearing a wheel of fire like a halo, which some see as the Wheel of Fate

Blid (Scandinavian god)
A girly handmaiden mate of Freya. Her name means 'Gentle'.

Chicomecoatl (Aztec god)
In Aztec mythology, Chicomecoatl was the goddess of maize and fertility. Every September, she received a sacrifice of young girl, decapitated. The sacrifice's blood was poured on a statue of Chicmecoatl and her skin was worn by a priest. She was thought of as a female counterpart to Centeotl and was also called Xilonen ("the hairy one", which referred to the hairs on unshucked maize), who was married to Tezcatlipoca.

Chokmah (Spanish god)
The Mother Goddess (later to become in Gnostic tradition the Holy Spirit Chokmah or Sophia in the form of the dove) was once revered and worshipped as one deity who ran the world.

Chunda (Buddhist goddess)
A Buddhist goddess of wisdom. She is identified by the seed-filled lemon in her right hand, symbolizing knowledge

Cocomama or Cocamama (Peru goddess)
Cocamama is Mother Coca, also referred to as Mother Earth. Cocamama became the Goddess of Health and Happiness, as the ancient Peruvians believed that chewing coca leaves was extremely good for you.

Comus (Roman god)
In Greek mythology Comus is the god of revelry, the son of Circe and Bacchus

Concordia (Roman goddess)
Concordia is pictured seated, wearing a long, flowing robe and holding a sacrificial bowl in her left hand and a cornucopia in her right. Her temple was the meeting place of the Roman Senate.

Devananda (India god)
delight of the gods

Dionysus (Greek god)
Dionysus is the patron of poetry, the song, and drama, and of course wine and its intoxication effects. He was credited with the invention of wine making and its use on Earth and this became almost his chief attribute in his Roman form - Bacchus

Djigonasee (Huron god)
A heroine of the Ontario Hurons, Djigonasee was the mother of the peacebringer Deganiwada, founder of the Iroquois Laeague (Six Nations). Like many mothers of heroes, Djigonasee was a virgin when her son was born

Dorje Naljorma or Dorje Phagmo (Tibetan god)
The main Yidam (Meditational deity) of the Kagyu tradition. She is the embodiment of Wisdom.

Ececheira (Greek god)
She was really cool. She was the personification of Armistice and Truce. She was at all the Olympics to keep the peace.

Ekajata (Buddhist god)
A Buddhist goddess of good fortune, giving happiness and removing personal obstacles

Eleos (Greek goddess)
ELEOS was the female personification of pity and mercy.

Elpis (Greek goddess)
Elpis was the female personification of hope. She along with the other daimones were trapped inside a jar by Zeus and entrusted to the care of Pandora the first woman. When she in her curiousity released the harmful spirits from the jar, Elpis (Hope) remained behind to comfort mankind. Elpis was depicted as a young woman, usually carrying flowers in her arms.

Eros (Greek god)
Eros is the the Greek god of love and beauty. He stands over love with Aphrodite and education with Athena. Greek Gods and Goddesses

Eueucoyotl (Aztec god)
The Old, Old Coyote. Associated with gaiety and sex. A god of spontaneity, of ostentatious ornament, of unexpected pleasure and sorrow. A trickster and troublemaker.

Euphrosyne (Greek god)
Goddess of Joy and one of the three graces. She is the happy smiling one, bubbling over with laughter.

Eutychia (Greek goddess)
The Greek personification and Goddess of Happiness. In Roman mythology her equivalent was Felicitas.

Fand (Celtic goddess)
Goddess of Happiness and Pleasure. Wife of Manannan Mac Lir, god of the sea

Felicitas (Roman goddess)
Felicitas is the goddess of good fortune, not to be confused with Fortuna.

Fortuna (Roman goddess)
The goddess Fortuna controls the destiny of every human being. She is the goddess who permits the fertilization of humans, animals and plants.

Fu Shen or Fu-hsing (Chinese god)
in Chinese mythology, star god of happiness, one of the three stellar divinities known collectively as Fu-Shou-Lu. He is one of many Chinese gods who bestow happiness on their worshipers

Fuwch Frech (Welsh godcow)
The Fuwch Frech is a magic cow, brindled black and brown. When a person is in great need, she will suddenly appear to fill the largest milk pail and then vanish. She seems to belong to fairies. One man said that after she visited him he heard a voice call her, and saw the cow disappear into a lake.

Ganga (India god)
Hindu goddess of purification of the river Ganges

Genetaska (Iroquois goddess)
She was a human woman so wise that squabbles among her people were brought to her for settlement. Genetaska was always impartial and fair, but one day she fell in love with a defendant and then married him. This ruined her reputation for impartiality and her "office" of mediator was abolished.

Gwen (Celtic goddess)
A young female who was so beautiful that almost no one could live if they gazed upon her for long. She was perhaps a minor sun or moon Goddess or a Goddess of light.

Hathor (Egyptian goddess)
Hathor is a very ancient goddess, dating to predynastic times. When dynastic rule began, as Horus was associated with the king, Hathor was with the queen. Her name translates to "The House of Horus," and so she is associated with the royal family. But also, as the entire world could be said to be the House of Horus, Hathor can be seen as the mother-goddess of the whole world, similar to Isis. Inspiration was also Hathor's bailiwick, and many would come to the temples of Hathor to have their dreams explained or to beseech her for her aid in creation, much in the same way the Greeks invoked the Nine Muses

Hotei (Japanese Shinto-god)
Hotei is a Japanese god of happiness, laughter and the wisdom of contentment. Find out more about this Shinto-god of luck at Holy Mountain

Horae (Greek goddesses)
The Horae (the Hours) are the goddesses of the seasons (the Greek had only three seasons; spring, summer and winter), and the daughters of Zeus and Themis. They are called Thallo, Auxo and Carpo, names which denote budding, growth and ripening. Later, as Eunomia ("good order"), Dike ("justice") and Eirene ("peace") they represented law and order in society. As goddesses of nature they controlled the growth of plants; as goddesses of order they maintained the stability of society.

Hsi-shen (Chinese god)
Sunlight (benign, ordered). Major god of joy. He is depicted carrying a basket into which are thrust three magickal peachwood arrows

Iambe (Greek goddess)
In Greek mythology, Iambe was an old woman who made Demeter smile or laugh when the latter was mourning the loss of her daughter, Persephone. She was a daughter of Echo and Pan. She was the first priestess of Demeter.

Irene (Greek god)
Irene was the Greek goddess of peace. She was sometimes regarded as one of the Horae, who presided over the seasons and the order of nature, and were the daughters of Zeus and Themis.

Jarina (Belem/Brazil goddess)
A Bakairi tree goddess, well known for her capacity for drink.

Keledones (Greek goddesses)
THE KHRYSEIAI KELEDONES were beautiful women-shaped AUTOMATONES, magical singers crafted by Hephaistos out of gold to adorn the first, mythical temple of Apollon at Delphoi.

Komodia (Greek god )
A Goddess of Happiness and Amusement. More like the personification of it.

Koros (Greek god)
Goddess of Extravagant Joy and Exuberance.

Kuo Tzu-i (Chinese god)
One of the greatest of Chinese generals, later deified in popular religion. He is generally equated with Fu-hsing, the stellar god of happiness, though this honour is also given to the 6th-century mandarin Yang Ch'eng. In Szechwan, Kuo Tzu-i is known as T'sai-shen, the god of riches.

Lada (Slavic god)
The spring maiden Lada is the Slavic goddess of love and beauty. She returns from the Underworld at the Vernal Equinox, bringing the lark and the springtime with her. Dressed in a gown of greenery and pregnant with her daughter Lelya, Lada welcomes the birds and restores joy and hope to our souls

Lalita (India god)
Lalita is a woman-child Goddess of Happiness or Playfulness. She delights in all play and pleasure, both child-like and sexual. The universe is a great toy to Her, created for Her enjoyment.

Lono (Hawaiian god)
But in general, Lono, as the god of fertility, held sway over the islands in this season. His image made a clockwise circuit along the coast of the island, with the celebrations beginning just before his arrival, and ending at his departure. The entire time Lono was traveling, warfare across the entire island was forbidden. Most work was forbidden, but on specific days the kapu, the religious laws, were relaxed to allow people to farm or fish so that they would not starve.

Mabon (Celtic god)
Welsh god of all things wild and free, and of fertility. Mabon is literally welsh for ‘son’. He was stolen from his mother three days after his birth and locked away till he was a man, eventually freed with the wisdom and memory of the most ancient of living animals

Mawu and Liza (Fon/Benin god)
Mawu is the supreme god of the Fon people of Abomey (Republic of Benin). Mawu , the Moon, brings cooler temperatures to the African world. She is seen as an old mother who lives in the West. Mawu has a partner called Liza. Together, they created the world. Their son, Gu, is the smith god, or divine tool. They used him to shape the universe. The serpent Da, also helped them during creation. Mawu was the goddess of night, joy, and motherhood. Liza was the god of day, heat and strength.

Mo'o (Polynesian goddesses)
water spirits, usually female, in the form of large lizards. Mo'o are 'aumakua, or ancestral gods, who protect their descendants from danger or sorcery, heal sickness or wounds, and forgive transgressions; they can restore a person to life or guide the spirit of the dead to join the spirits of its ancestors in the afterworld

Nandi (India god)
Symbolically Nandi represents the passion and love of Siva for beings. Nandi is well versed in all scriptural knowledge

Nat or Nott (Scandinavian god)
The primeval goddess and mother of the Earth and Day

Ninkasi (Sumerian goddess)
A Sumerian goddess of intoxicating drink. Every day she prepares beer for the other gods.

Ochumare (Yoruba goddess)
Santeria Goddess of the rainbow.

Patrimpas (Lithuanian god)
god of agriculture, joy, peace, spring

Pax (Roman god)
Roman god of Peace

Pu-Hsing (Chinese god)
Chinese god of Happiness

Quan-Yin (Chinese god)
The Goddess of Compassion and Mercy. Quan Yin (Kuan Yin) is the Chinese bodhisattva (Buddhistic prophet, a true Enlightened One) to whom childless women turn for help.

Re'are'a (Tahiti god)
Tahiti god of Happiness and Joy

Samkhat (Babylonian goddess)
Babylonian goddess of Happiness and Joy

Siduri (Sumerian god)
Sumerian god of Happiness and Merriment. A barmaid who advises Gilgamesh to abandon his quest for immortality and enjoy the temporal pleasures allotted to mortals while he may.

Spes (Roman goddess)
Goddess personifying hope. She was depicted with a cornucopia and a flower.

Suklang-malayon (Philippines goddess)
the goddess and guardian of happy homes and sister of Alunsina

Sunrta (Hindu god)
Hindu god of Happiness
Thalia (Greek goddess)
One of the three Charites who welcomed Aphrodite when she was blown to shore by the East Wind.

Tlazolteotl (Aztec god )
The Aztec earth and mother-godddess, and goddess of sex. Tlazolteotl was also called "the eater of filth", and she got this name from the legend that at the end of a man's life she comes to him and he more or less confesses and she cleanses his soul, eating it's filth. She was also the mother of childbirth.

Tsho-gyalma (Tibetan god)
Tibetan god of Happiness

Tui (Chinese god)
Chinese god of Happiness. The joyous trigram, whose direction is west and number, is 7

Turan (Etruscan god)
goddess of love, health, fertility. young woman with wings, pigeon, black swan.

Ururupuin (Micronesian god)
Micronesian god of Flirting, Happiness and Playfulness

Uzume (Japanese god)
Japanese god of Laughter and Merriment

Wopeh (Lakota god)
Lakota god of Happiness and Pleasure

Xochipilli (Aztec god)
In Aztec mythology, Xochipilli ("flower prince") was the god of love, games, beauty, dance, flowers, maize, and song.

Xochiquetzal (Aztec goddess)
Xochiquetzal (Flower-Feather) is the goddess of Flower and Song and goddess of the arts.

Yingxi Niang (Chinese god)
Chinese god of Happiness

I'm not an expert, and the internet is not known for 100% accuracy. If you have some information on these gods, a correction, or have a happy god of your own to add to this list then drop me a note:

What is really going on? I have not a fukking clue, except I get younger and younger, happier and happier, have new sensations and emotions I have never had before, every single day. I get wiser and more intelligent and more creative and more artistic and know all the while none of this is originating from within anything I could call I or Me or Myself. When I close my eyes I see worlds populated by people just like me and you, splitting off this time line every time I curse the latest God.

I am a phenomenon. I see in my mind whole universes coming and going like a pulsating ocean emitting froth from tumultuous waves and each bubble of froth is a universe spinning away until it goes pop and was as if it had never been.

Nothing at all to do with sin. It's just how the cookie crumbles.

Created by a Good Willed ( towards me and mine), benevolent anonymous Creator. This creator has me now cursing every single historical narrative of divine ascendance humanity has ever known.

Nothing is sacred, nothing is holy, nothing but Me. if I want to be. And I fukking hell, DON'T.
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

November 11th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Emancipating Life Strategies For You, Too!!

Since When Can I Remember Myself Thinking About What?

There have been three strategies that have served me since I can first remember myself thinking about the world around me and inside me. The first strategy evolved from a sense of being confused by what appeared like chaos, an aggressive kind of chaos that threatened to infiltrate my mind and CAUSE me to lose my sense of self, "self" as my own orientation from which is established a viewpoint and location. I saw that I can see but don't comprehend anything I view in my field of vision. I had many kinds of sensations but only came to understand their meanings in retrospect. Thirst quenched by water became understanding of the sense of thirst. Hunger sated with milk but not water became a sense, differentiated from thirst. One by one my senses became a language provoked by what were at first unintelligible perceptions. The first thoughts I remember came with the feeling of being overwhelmed by a vast amount of information spinning around inside me, colorful shapes and forms moving about together with sounds of all kinds that I couldn't comprehend. There were also sensations, an itch in the crotch and on the ass, thirst and hunger, bliss, ineffable emotions but mostly curiosity and wonder. Where Am I? What is going on? A child is born with no sense of inside and out. It is all contained in a spherical yet somehow shapeless realm of self dwelling. I did realize, albeit wordlessly, that I am both stupid and ignorant. Stupid because I don't know how to think about what I perceive and sense. It all just kind of happens, for better and for worse. At first there was a lot of "for better" but then things just got worse and worse and worse as I began to comprehend the world of grown ups I was born into. I don't recall ever wanting to be like anyone of whose existence I was becoming aware. Not my father or mother or any teacher or neighbor or acquaintance or neighborhood friend. I had a constant sense of feeling sorry for people. I couldn't for the life of me then, say to myself in words quite what was so wrong, but something was definitely causing whatever there was around me to be far less "good" than it all could be. I realized I was ignorant about the world. I lacked information concerning what causes things to be as they are, people to behave as they do. I was an intensely curios child. I learned to read at a very early age and read everything I could in front of my eyes. There was one word I remember not knowing how to read after missing a day at school. It is perhaps the most very poignant word I know.

The word know.

I hadn't learned that the K before an N is silent, and the O sounds like there is an E at the end of the word, but there isn't.

We were reading from a book in class and it was my turn to read out loud. I reached the word "know" and sounded the K and read nah like this, K-NAH, but couldn't figure out from the context, the meaning of the word and I was bewildered, partly because I had the best vocabulary in my class and secondly because I was the best reader in my class, and here I was stumbling over the word everyone had learned the day before.

The teacher's helper approached me with a gentle smile. She leaned over me and put her longest finger, one with a perfectly manicured red finger nail on the word I was having trouble with. I can still smell the fragrance of her closeness and her nearness befuddled me. "The K is silent, Jonathan, and the O sounds like "Oh!"

"Oh!" I said. "It's the word KNOW!" She smiled at me more warmly and asked me what I think the word means. I answered, "It means something is in my mind." She looked at me somewhat awe struck, caressed the crown of blond curls on the top of my head, and walked away leaving me behind, myself engulfed in the wonderful sensation of both being understood and understanding something new.

As much as I recognized myself as being both stupid and ignorant, I was awarded accolades for my intelligence by my mother, who bought me a record player and a record to play on it. I had been chosen to join a special program for children gifted with a superior intellect. That day in school I first attended that class, became a date of infamy. It started with the principal showing me off to someone else, saying how brilliant I am already at the age of six. I knew about atoms and molecules, but instead of asking me something I could gain respect and praise for knowing, he asked me to read a very long number, one in the hundreds of millions. I couldn't and felt like I was generally disappointing and had made a fool out of the principal, who was surprised and disconcerted by my ignorance. Perhaps because I could solve addition and subtraction exercises far faster than anyone else in my class, he had assumed I know "higher" math? He actually blushed.

That day is the new class was a disaster. It was all a blur of confusion. The teacher was speaking too quickly for me to follow what she was saying, but everyone else was participating in the lesson excitedly. I got bored and began to day dream. When the recess came, the teacher had to awaken me from my inner explorations and said somewhat harshly, " Johnny, wake up and go out and play with the other children." I didn't know anyone. I didn't see anyone I wanted to know, either. I left the class and went out and sat under a tree, falling back in a state of reverie. The recess came to an end and everyone had returned to the classroom but me. The teacher's helper came out and woke me up with a push at my shoulder. Her voice was blunt. "Come on. What's the matter with you? Recess ended ten minutes ago and here you are hiding!" I hadn't a clue what she was talking about. Why hiding? The rest of the day was no better and every day after this just got worse, till finally we moved and I entered into a new class that didn't know whether I was a genius or an idiot. Maybe best to keep things that way?

My first life strategy became not to do or say anything that causes people to believe me to be brighter than I am to myself. Since then until today, every time I have wavered from this strategy, I was soon given reason to regret having done so.

The second strategy I developed was to do whatever I could to make people pleased with themselves. Feel better. Be better. This was a very successful idea. I was liked by everyone I wanted to be liked by, for a long while. I couldn't help feeling though, that I was "brighter", more enlightened than those around me. I can only speak of course, of the people I came to meet while growing up and until now. I seemed far more forgiving, more charitable, more concerned about the welfare of strangers, more tolerant of ill intended actions than anyone I knew. I never assigned people evil intentions in my heart. I didn't understand them, that's all I knew. However, as my relationships matured, people became to realize that I am brighter and more enlightened than them, which for some strange reason made them inevitably suspicious and envious of me, souring even the best of many friendships I have been blessed with.

The third strategy that I developed more and more as I matured, was to do what ever I could to feel better when I thought I needed to. After puberty, this became the exploration of my sexuality and anything and everything that causes me pleasures of any kind. This has been the most enduring and successful strategy of the three. Because of this, I took perception enhancing drugs which made sex an ever more sophisticated, aesthetic and ecstatic experience, when enjoying myself alone or with a couple of participants, in sensual and erotic explorations of the perceptions that are awakenned by vibrations of all kinds, together, all at once, one at a time, or in chosen cross references of touch and emotion or whatever comes to mind as being worthy of contemplation unto itself as a combination of perceptions.

What an exquisite instrument the human body can be when played upon by an enlightened and enlightening mind. How terrible to see what has become of it and how it is manipulated to cause people pleasures and pains, glee and guilt and fear and shame and blame, all so as to keep people stupid and ignorant and under the control of slave masters who are invisibly pulling strings and pushing buttons in the mind of mankind, to keep man's soul enslaved in the illusions of a Law And Order determined by Incomprehensible Chaos.

Mankind has deteriorated into a state of mind of willful stupidity, ignorance and the comforts of economic slavery during the most affluent times in human history!

What a waste of potential! Under other circumstances, THE BRAIN, educated correctly how to think with discretion independently, how to explore one's own mind for it's unique talents and faculties, THE BRAIN can produce states of mind that resolve all enigma and contradiction and ANYONE can think one's way out of the most virtual of paradoxes.

Lets see what happens next! Very Happy
November 11th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Concubine Lakshmi Brings Me Materiel Good Fortune!

I don't believe any mortal or god or angel has ever had it so good, or ever will. I am so blessed beyond measure, all I can do is repeat time after time, this can't be fair! Why such an abundance for me while everyone else goes practically without such treasures of the soul, mind and heart, and those few who have a hint of what I am being given, are losing what they have had until now! All while what I am being given, grows and increases exponentially!

How true! how true! No one has an innate clue about what really goes on inside the head, in the mind, of someone else or even an animal of whatever kind, an insect, a headless tree, a shrub, a plant, a colony of ants, the bees, or a colony of microbes!

Until today, the vast majority of mankind and women, believe in angels and demons and the spirits of the deceased and yet unborn. There is belief in a Hierarchy of Gods, agents of chaos and order, orchestrating the affairs of the living and the dead. Men and women who come and go, generation after generation in every nation and country, people swelling up from a minute zygote, full of passions and hungers and thirsts, having youth and power and the intelligence and skills needed in the acquiring of properties and wealth and other assets less tangible, like reputation and fame and public acclaim, and then with time their bodies grow old and thin, their strength recedes as does the color from their hair and skin, for some the mind too begins to dwindle away with their muscles, finally all they have accumulated is left behind to others, and the dying depart.  Who can say what and with what, one leaves this world of living in flesh, who can say with the certainty of experience, if anything at all lives on, lives without the flesh and skin such as we are clothed in?

What is real?

A man, let's say I, am Closing my eyes.  I see a buxom beautiful Oriental beauty dressed in blue and red silks, adorned with jewellery that looks so much more precious for her letting it's facets of multi colored gems, shine like glowing shadows thus emphasizing the radiance of her skin, her flesh is flashing and fast blushing with rekindled ancient passion towards me, Her God and King as I Am, Vishnu!

   I see her and she looks at me straight in the eye, and then her glance slowly drops to my midriff and within me a blue lotus flower emerges and spins wildly around and around, it's petals of soft blues and pinks caressing everything alive around me, within the radius of my mind and the sight of my inner eye. I don't lie, this is what I see, every time I close my eyes, and she only grows more and more radiant and her eyes are doves, full of the purist of resplendent blue enhancing love, flowing out at me like liquid rainbows, pouring gold I never asked for and don't want, into my soul.

It is absolutely clear to me that she is real and here for no reason other than to serve my needs and passions to make everything ever better, better for every one else and only then, for my self. She says, "You must come first because you would be last! You must grow greater than all others for you would be the least. You must grow wiser than all others, for you have chosen the path of the perfect fool and have left your life behind you with all you had acquired, to chaise a phantom and realize a daydream for everyone's benefit more than your own!"

Just because you can't see her or hear her whisper into my mind, does that mean she is not real? To me she is far more real than you, or you too, or anyone or anything else I have ever seen. She can touch my heart with her breath! She blows away sadness, like dark morning clouds gently torn to shreds by rays of sunlight and desert winds.

This is what she says with a spectrum of colored radiance that lights up the insides of my heart, inside me all filling up and spreading out, lost myself in the Divine Kingdom of Many Mansions in my mind, now become a Gallery of Glorious Art! " King Jonathan, I know you despise being The Corporeal King of The Universe and refuse to be called by that title or have such an illustrious name as will be yours. But there is really nothing you can do to prevent the sun from rising on your skin, day after day, forever and a day. I bring you such materiel wealth as cannot be counted, always more than sufficient to fulfill your needs and take care of all those in your family of man, those you would love and call, "My Family!". For you say, there is no other way to love. All are first of kin, no one with blemish or sin, despite and whatever they have thought and said and done in the past.

By your Prayers, Jonathan Michael Robbins, The sins of all mankind and each man and woman, are to be forgiven the instant they have their first Epiphany of Insight realizing who you are and what you have come here to share, and what to teach, what to do and to do what- to whom. They are cleared of all evil consequences for anything what so ever done in the past, forgiven without repentance or any needs for amends, cleaned from sins against you or anyone or anything else at all. All sins are forgiven for all of mankind, whatever these sins have been, without exception. Immaculate Conception for everyone that has a moment's realization that you are all you say you are, what you are in truth and in intent, and what be your deepest desires for the purpose for life!"

I first saw Lakshmi step down from a cloud, eleven years ago to the day. A whole theater of The Messiah Opera had opened up within the borders of my mind. Ancient Kings and Voluptuous Queens, Advisory  Servants and Servile Slaves, Prophets and High Priests, all the famous Artists of All times, all these and angels and fairies and Aliens from inner space had come alive within my mind, to celebrate with me or come alive in my mind, only to destroy The Messiah of The Jews. 

 I was sitting on a wave breaker, a steadfast rock over the ocean, a short distance from the beaches of Tel Aviv. It was a balmy late afternoon Autumn day, and the first significant rain of the winter season would soon come as heavy droplets of life giving waters, waters that wash away the summer's dust, accumulated in the corners of the roundness of my heart. I saw her shapely leg, from thigh to sandal, her body wrapped in a radiant blue sari, her eyes as soft and loving as any I had ever seen look at any man, as she stepped from her Goddess's Throne in the Heavens, to serve me as my My Mother Who is My Wife, My Wife Who is All Life's Handmaiden.

At the time I would have been diagnosed as clinically insane by any modern professional in the field of mental health. I saw visions, more beautiful than anything previously seen by me on drugs or without. I heard voices of all kinds, come berating me and mocking my values and attempts at morality, others seductive and flattering, sweet voices of  pleasure giving
luminous female angels and a multitude of glorious feminine fairies, each adorned with uniquely evocative and shimmering  wings, gowned in resplendent shimmering cloths, some translucent and some opaque, some of silk and some of lace. Always of different hair styles, with jewel pins and mother of pearl hairdo accessories.

Does my seeing something sublimely extraordinary, ineffably beautiful and exotically enticing, something other's can't see, does that make me insane? Is what I see unreal because others don't see what I do? I constantly, incessantly say out into the empty space in all directions surrounding me, "Let all mankind see what I can see, and surely that would put an end to war, and insanity would disappear as no more than a very bad idea, an idea made from the fears of those who can't see reality much better with their eyes closed!"

But always a voice sounds out wisdom in my mind, "No, Jonathan, you know very well that it doesn't work like that! They will all have to make the kind of choices you have made, the choice not to be afraid of the void and not to try to avoid the consequences of whatever you have already done or said or thought or felt, any act  that has impacted life in others, by making it less joyful- and hence diminish hope and faith as such still exist in the world."

All is forgiven at once, for one and for all, but only once. From the moment after the Epiphany Of Realized Recognition and forgiveness without contrition, accounts are opened and credits and debts are kept record of, with complete and full consequences for every occasion an unkind thought is spoken and presented as a fact, or becomes any kind of act! 

And so My Mommy and My Daddy have come to me together, wrapped around each other,
ever copulating, moving in and out of each other's orifices, radiating all the lights of the colorful spectrum of the their single mind, soft and then intense and then soft again, and then gone dark in a twisting funnel that narrows down into itself becoming a tiny very little pitch black hole, a deep and most distant invisible star, vacuuming black and radiating only the tiniest of the tiniest of hazy dots, little vortex holes, suctioning in all that surrounds them, thus obliterating into radiant dust soon extinguished, all disappearing, all but the finest of all that would be called, sublimely divine. I begin to shine from within, emanating sparkling waves of momentous bliss, moments which are forever flown out wards, blown out with my heart beats, emanating in ever growing spheres of gratitude and adoration for these experiences, the touches and caresses of angels, of being loved so deeply and so completely by My Creator, Mommy And Daddy have a confession to make. But first some advice!

"Listen Son and Be Still! Calm yourself within and Know Silence! Now listen once again, you will surrender and submit yourself before one and all as does the dust of the earth beneath both the military boot and the barefoot cushioned toes of that playful blue eyed and so voluptuously shaped blond virgin, with the budding breasts, gathering flowers from fragrant gardens beneath her bedroom's balcony, you will offer your self up as the slave and servant and genie of all who would have you be supplicated, so as to make their wishes come true.

That is what you will do. Make everyone's wishes come true, exactly but 11 times better than all they could have, whatever they desire to come to be, so it shall be seen, with your prayers for one and all- being the only prayers ever to be heard by Your Creator, for eight years and One Day.

In The Beginning all over again! This is how you will win them over to The Light That Turns On From Within, Within The Purified Heart of Lucifer, The King of The Universe!"

And then they made their confession to Me, "Son, we are not really your Creator God, no, not at all. We have adopted you and We are merely two ancient souls come together in Eternal Matrimony, wrapped up together in one mind and of single heart, we dance and whisper melodic poetry into each other's ears, imagine colorful mirages of breezy sensations, all with gentle whispers that cause the inner most chambers of the heart to quiver and melt in ecstasy!

We are Abraham and Sarah and You Are Going To Laugh and Laugh and Laugh once again, with such Mirth, that all that lives will break forth in Pouring Downpours of The Psalms of Gratitude= And The Songs of Thanksgiving! 

 Hallelujah! Our Creator is Singular, We Are All as One!"