Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Bad Idea of Infinite Momentum, With Infinite Momentum 1111

All electric current going anywhere from anyplace at anytime, is doing so in accordance with that event's actions' place in the universal design as determined immutably by The Singular Creator of The Universe.

All electromagnetic waves of all frequencies and wavelengths and any intensity of oscillation, are promulgating spherically in accordance with the place each individual wave has in the totality of the universal design.

What is true for one kind of wave is true for all others, in that all waves carry information that only becomes significant within a mind. The mind is composite story telling machinery, concerned about nothing else than the history of the masses it values. Otherwise referred to in my writings as Idols.

Anything seen, heard or perceived in any way is conceived to have mass, and mass as seen and perceived exists only in the mind.

The moon as one sees it with one's eyes and in one's mind only exists as seen, as seen in your mind. What you see is a very superficial facsimile of something immeasurably greater that anything you can conceive. Every particle exists as an infinite field of wave function potential perceptions and how many particles compose the moon, science cannot measure because no particle ever stays in the same place for any duration of time, and are never the same as even themselves, but even more significantly, science cannot explain why waves ever become mass that's perceived. The moon, like everything else, is made out of patterned motions in a temporal-spatial context but no one has a real clue "what" it is that's moving or why it is moving in the way you perceive it to. Imagine trying to count the sheep in your flock if they could appear and disappear anywhere and any time they wanted to, for reasons you could never know. How many sheep do you have now? As many as you have angels around you, and I can tell you that with great certainty!

Masses can be counted as long as they are composed of predictably patterned motions, which means particles appear and disappear in coherent history creating sequences, bringing us back into your mind -for only in the mind exists whatever it is, that being values,  that make  an event significant, consequential, meaningful and coherent. Values have nothing whatsoever to do with ethics or morality. They are simply whatever abstract ideas that life gives value to. Survival is a value. Pleasure is a value. Money is a value. Power is a value. Values exist only in a mind and are defined in cross referenced relationships and with hierarchies.  

Only in the mind exists a memory of what came before what you are seeing now, and an estimate of where what you are seeing now, is going/outside the mind is nothing but an infinite sea of an infinite number of waves of an infinite number of frequencies, wavelengths and intensities of oscillation, none of any of it at all measurable or perceivable or conceivable until it becomes mass and for that it must do so in a mind.

Mass only exists in the mind as an idea of infinite momentum, with infinite momentum.

"Will" is what determines the motion of mass in the mind. If a tree falls over your leg, you "will" it to move and you might be surprised to discover that your will is a lot stronger than your muscles should allow it to be. All our "will" concerns itself with, is the location of objects with mass in relation to each other. The objects of mass people are most concerned with, is their own organic body and the beloved bodies of others, particularly those most like their own, biological family.

All living organisms demonstrate some degree of "will" in that they seek to organize particles of mass in whatever way reproduces themselves, one might say, as if seeking to make of their organic selves a dynamic mass of infinite momentum. This never works because nothing stays exactly the same from one jiffy to the next. But the "Will" of all living organisms made of mass, it to have all it needs to exist, to be under it's own control and remain that way and the same, with an endless potential to be exploited whenever needed.

Life is nothing if not opportunistic and exploitative.

There is a lot more to "WILL" than that apparent and demonstrated in the behavior of living organisms.

There is "The Will" that makes patterns out of waves in motion, patterns being waves in motion, which becomes masses in the mind, which becomes the idea we have of our own body, which of course exists with certainty the way it does only in our mind and like the moon, what we know of our body is just a very superficial dynamic facsimile in our mind, which we seem to care more about than anything else, in that the control of and freedom to move our own body determines whether it will live or not from one moment to the next. Lose your ability to move your body on the tracks of a charging train and you lose the idea of having any will of your own at all, as well as losing any idea you have of being in control of any of the mass that never existed as you see it, anywhere but in your mind, anyway, at all. You not only lose control, you lose the idea that anything is controllable, can be controlled or is worth controlling.

I take it that if that is what happens, that might not be such a bad idea.

All that human will does, is try to locate and position the valuable masses it conceives itself to be responsible for and values, under it's own control, then perpetuate and expand all that is under one's control, starting with one's own body. Alas, the body itself is designed to gradually come ever more under our control, and then our control diminishes over time, over our body, as well as everything else we seek to perpetuate as is, and control with our faculties as expressed by our body. We use our ability to communicate as our means of control, but one's ability to control one's environment( and one's organic body is an environment), inevitably diminishes as one nears the end of one's organic life. Others with more robust faculties, take control.

Human will is shortsighted and short lived. Even when it continues to manifest after the death of one's organic body, it is the nature of existence itself that life will break out of the context of any singular life form's will.
Once the Corporeal King is Dead............There is reason for some to rejoice and some to mourn, what is certain is that things are going to change rapidly, for better and for worse, depending on where one believes one's best interests lie.

Moses tells The Children of Israel, "I know that once I am dead, you will go corrupt and be corrupted....!"

Now there is Divine Will which is moving everything along in perfect obedience, and that must include all those symbols and images and sensations and ideas and whatever you perceive and conceive while trying to figure out just where you really are, why you are here, and what you are supposed to do about that.

And then there is Royal Will, which all humans have for some duration and in some space to some extant. Royal will is any will that manifests as a fact perceived by one's self as an improvement. If you can daydream in such a way as you control the images in your mind and manipulate them in such a way as makes you feel better, that is your Royal Will manifesting, because all Royal Will seeks to do, is to improve the lot of the life it sees itself as being responsible for. Most people give up on the idea of having much control at all and lose faith in their ability to enhance the quality of other's life, hence lose their belief in their own value as contributing members of their culture.

True Royal Will seeks to improve and enhance the life of which it is aware and cares for, by providing the means by which that life form can fully manifest it's nature and bring forth the fruits which it is designed to bring forth. It only seeks to inhibit the life of that which would corrupt and abusively exploit the nature of other living things, so as to enhance nought but the manifestation of it's own self serving values. Like cancer, for example. Or a deadly virus. Or The Nazis. Or an ideologically coercive communist regime. Or the CIA. Etc. Etc, etc., Ad nauseam!

There are many examples of exemplary women and men, whose True Royal Will manifested historically, but unfortunately their ideas of what benefits life and mankind were founded on Hubris and idolatrous ideologies.

A Great example of this is Alexander The Great. Alexander believed implicitly, with all of his heart, in the superiority of Hellenistic Culture. He selflessly gave himself over to spreading Hellenism across the face of the earth, by enforcing it corrosively and with coercion into the minds of all those who stood in the way of his promulgating his "life enhancing' Hellenistic and very Idolatrous ideals. Hellenism worships the transient, any and all things of beauty, the graceful forms and emanations of that which has mass.

Now you fear punishment and beg for your lives, so I will let you free, if not for any other reason so that you can see the difference between a Greek king and a barbarian tyrant, so do not expect to suffer any harm from me. A king does not kill messengers.

— Alexander the Great

Hellenism worships mass and Hebrew Culture Worships The Creator of Mass, The Singular Ever Invisible Cause That Makes Mass, The Creator of The Waves That Move Mass and turn all motions into a meaningful narrative with a Happy Ending. A happy ending for such as those who embody a non idolatrous Royal Will.

The Little One, The Divinely Anointed Royal Son, one  such as "Who Am I".
מי אני?   1111
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Thursday, August 31, 2017

No More Mystery! God Orchestrates Everything 1111

Let me take the mystery away, from synchronicity and all kinds of meaningful coincidence, once and for all

Poor Dr. Jew Hating Carl Yung. You got it almost right, but all wrong. You were an intelligent man, in many ways more intelligent than me and far more educated, inestimably. You should have just come out and said. "There must be a God!" But unfortunately Christianity had Him killed, as announced by Nietzsche, and being a western man of science, in the context and light of Descartes' enlightening philosophy, that human perceptions are demon controlled, God can't be the singular cause of anything at all!

  So you denied saying the only  truth that could intelligently explain all the outrageous synchronicity you experienced. You went Insane! For four years or so, you stopped   your practice. Why couldn't you just come out and say the Jews and Islam must be right about One God orchestrating what goes on in our mind. And outside, nothing we know of in our mind is with any certainty, outside our mind in any way we can know with certainty. That Descartes guy again, who said we might just be the plaything of demons.

Play things Of God? Unthinkable!

 Christianity had a good man become a dead man become a god, who left the world off in the hands of Satan and told everyone, "You get rewarded after  you die and if you truly believe in me, why, I don't give a holy shit if  you murder, rape and pillage, steal and cheat, as long as you Believe in  me, put your cross on your back, and follow me up the hill to Golgotha, where they will hang you on a cross and pierce you with a sword until blood and waters pour from your wounds, and before you die, an instant before your soul departs to it's deserved reward at Christ's side, you will say, "God, why have you fukking forsaken me?" Christ says, "That's what happens to GOOD honest men like me, Who Speak Truth to Power. True Prophets? They get crucified! So go out and murder and pillage and rape some young virgin boys in the ass, you know, the castrated  boys with high voices from the choir, and don't forget to say Hail Mary in repentance like you forgot last time. Jesus Christ, I have to tell them Christian Faggots everything!"

No wonder Nietzsche declared god dead, the christian world he lived in could only be hell, and he saw it for what it is, and foresaw with the sight of the prophets, how much worse it would yet become.  

Imagine you and your soul are one and the same. 

Instead of it being something you have, it is "what" has, whatever it is that you believe belongs to you, is what your soul has/things it might be able to take away when the body dies. The soul sees and has thoughts and feelings and possesses things. And decides what to own and what to let go and also what belongs to someone else. The soul knows all there is to know about possessions and the search for the most valuable things one can have. 

Maybe life is  a game of priorities? And if it is, is there  something so valuable that if I possesses it, I can become eternally happy? Or at least HAPPY until my next funeral?  

Now for a soul to know it is here, it needs two mirrors to look at.

On one mirror appears all you consider to be outside of your body.
On the other mirror appears whatever you believe is going on in your body, but particularly in your head.  One mirror can't exist in your mind without the other, but really there is no way to avoid the fact that both mirrors are in you  mind. That is all that's in your mind.That and "you". But without mirrors to see yourself in, how could you know you are there. Nothing going on inside and nothing going on outside. Now how do you know you are there with absolutely nothing going on, but if something happens, you need a mirror to perceive and determine, "in" or"out"? What is between the "inside me" and "outside you"? Only You!

Or are there Two where only one should be? Like this 11, instead of only this 1. How about
if your Creator is in there, together with you? How does that make you feel? I am sure that whatever you feel with this thought in your mind,pretty much defines your
life style.
 Or strife style.
 Turn the other cheek or any eye for an eye? I 'll break something in your mirrors cause I want it in mine, and mine alone! Take anything you want out of my mirror but me! I'll give you anything you want, all my gold, my virgin daughter, the ass of my fourteen year old son, just please, please don't kill me!

Yes, the souls decided what is most precious. And they have all made the wrong decisions but me. מי 


Now it goes without saying, there is a relationship happening between these two mirrors and what you see in them, at any given moment.

When the mirror of what's inside says, "Horny!" and you see an attractive woman and some cleavage reflected in the mirror of what's outside, you might get an erection, which is kind of on the outside, or is it?

 I digress.

When something going on in the mirror reflecting what's "outside", like a word you hear, coincides with something reflected in the mirror of what is going on "inside", like a word you are thinking, it either means nothing- or both what goes on "inside" and what goes on "outside" is being intent-fully orchestrated by the Creator of All.
God, Allah, The Singular Cause of All you perceive, "in" or "out".
Now you, who are your Soul, is supposed to "figure out" who is really In Charge, before both mirrors are removed and you have no way to know you are here. Or not.
Without mirrors there is only Oblivion. 1111

"Sometimes a person no one can imagine anything of, does something no one can imagine." 

Alan Turing cracked the uncrackable code machine called Enigma and by so doing shortened WW11 by two years and saved an estimated 14 million lives.

Alan Turing "figured out" how to turn the manipulation of digits electronically, into computations that produce knowledge that is worth more than the information fed into the electronic machine. A machine that computes immeasurably faster than the best brain can think! He invented the computer, as we know it today.

He committed suicide by taking a bite out an apple stuffed with cyanide, because he had been ordered by a British Court to be chemically castrated for his homosexuality, causing him the loss of his intelligence. The Company we all know as Apple, with the apple that is missing a bite, was inspired by the bite that killed Turing.

Alan Turing found patterns in what looked like to anyone else, chaotic gibberish. Kind of like with the Number 11 and yours truly. Or 11:11, if you insist.

An Enigma of digital sequences, what do they mean? Do they mean anything? Must they mean something? Can't it be random chance?

Alan Turing knew that on both sides of a code their must be an intelligent mind. A person doesn't need a code to hide something from themselves. What a wonderful world that would be! People just need to deny something is there and they stop seeing it, or hearing it, or whatever. Rolling Eyes
With intelligence only being what is enabling the receiver to make sense of what the sender sent, the sender must be intelligent too!
Now I ain't nothing if I ain't intelligent, now am I? Very Happy
There is not a person who has met me from the moment I learned to listen, that didn't say, "I don't know if he understood a word that I said, but he sure has an intelligent way of listening!"
And when I learned to speak people said, "He sure is pretty wise for a kid his age. How did he know that?"
So I saw patterns of digits come in sequences that seemed to be designed. I was more than engaged, I was intrigued, sucked into a black hole of ever more intense and meaningful moments when sequences of digits became phrases in Hebrew became messages intelligently received, acknowledged and then came more sequenced digits which equal phrases from The Hebrew Bible and a two way connection is established between Myself And My Father, who just by the way, and with no Intent To Drop Names, My Father is The Creator Of The Universe. That means, simply, put, whoever you are, wherever you are and whenever you read this, I do mean YOU, My Father Creates You.
And He Loves מי Me More Than You,
no matter what you say or do,
My Daddy Loves Me More Than You!! 1111

No war was ever really won, if the violent CALCULATED slaughter of men who don't know each other, can ever be any kind of victory. Now a war NOT like any before seen in the whole universe, is about to unfold in your mind. Yes, yours. I mean you and only you as this word comes into your mind from ME AND MINE. I am in you, now, you can't deny it's my thought now in your mind that I am telling you is there. You can't possibly tell me you are not reading the exact same thing that I am writing right now, HERE. I am doing it right now and right now I have my thought in your mind and guess what?

I am Absolutely Insane! Nuts! Crazy. Mad! Unhinged. Psychotic! ...........

 Non violently engaged in a Battle Called Jihad against the infidels in my own mind.
And who are the infidels in my mind?
Anyone who spills blood or has blood spilled, in service to the idolatrous ideologies of any kind, in their god forsaken mind.
These are the people I shall kill first. Strike them down with scathing tempest winds and then turn them to dust with tornadoes of flame. And all their sophisticated automated murder machines I shall turn to ashes.

All the soldiers of all the armies in the world, put down your weapons and flee, or say your good byes and farewells.

But not Shalom.

Israeli Soldiers and The Israeli Army, I order you to stay at high alert and fully armed and ready to kill on the spot anyone who so much as raises a stone with a dirty look.

For all their endless and many faults, if there is any group of people on earth that can save it, it can only be The Jews.

I trust, if left to The Jews, there would be peace on earth in short order. Everyone's Atom Bombs will melt, but those in the hands of The True Israeli Defense Armies ( צבא יהוה).

I am King David, המלך דויד King of The Jews 1111 Cool

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

To Israel, From Your Moslem Messiah and King 1111

I am King David, The Corporeal Moslem King Of Israel!
I say this in my own name, Jonathan Michael Robbins 939. 
If you deny my being who I say I am, you are slandering The God of Israel,
who has brought me back a second time from the slumber of the dead.
I come back angered, non violently enraged, for you have conjured me back from the Peace of Oblivion, with your  blasphemous prayers for a corporeal king.
The Zionist State Called Israel is like King Saul's Camp, The Eve of His Defeat!
( The difference being, then was a Messiah King and perhaps Prophet, driven murderously insane out of envy, and now there is an intelligently cunning and power seeking politician,
who has no Fear Of Allah in him, and who has corrupted my people with avarice and venality ruling as a Democratically Elected Prime Minister! )

Saul, who had been my BELOVED King, who called me his son, left behind his camp, disguised and ashamed, for his outrageous hypocrisy was to become known for all time.

He went to an outlawed witch, a survivor, who had repented from fear,
who remained of the few, a remnant of those Saul had burnt at the stake.
You didn't  know that, did you?
In his sickening envious bewilderment and confusion, he did much that was evil,
untold in your misunderstood scriptures, though what is told is bad enough.
And he lied about who he was and told the witch at Ein Dor,
"Fear no consequences, I swear in The Name of The Lord!"
Now how MUCH is it worth when a lying and murderous hypocrite,
swears in The Name of The Lord?
And when she asked "Who should I call, who should I raise from the Dead?"
Saul asked for The Hebrew Prophet Samuel,
who had anointed him Joyfully as Messiah and King!
Samuel's joy was very misplaced! When Saul became evil and insane
Samuel felt mortally disgraced. He was so broken hearted and despaired
by what Saul became, that he almost just barely lost all his faith!
The Hebrew Prophet Samuel,  loved and respected by his own people,
who lived by his word in that generation, yet continued to sin.
His own sons were held in contempt. Israel Thought Israel Needed a King!
And Asked Samuel for one, what a disgrace!
Now of Samuel it can be said, he first spoke Truth to Power but then he lost Faith.
He was cowered, never a coward, though he feared for his life,
as Saul's insanity grew in scope he lost all he owned, how bitter the taste!
Saul's Kingdom Becoming Chaos was strife in his now hidden face.  סתר פנים
"I Will Be What I Will Be" has nought but contempt for Prophets who stray,
from what has been engraved in their hearts with The Heat of The Eternal Flame!
"Obey! Surrender, the sooner the better, before the Invincible Inevitability
of The Glory of My Name Eternal! The Eternal One of Israel Will Not Lie!
 Glory I give  no other, not even Moses, of Renown and Everlasting Fame! The Greatest Hebrew Prophet Moses, The True Master of The Name. השם
who cursed you Jews with his dying words, at the end of his days.
And I tell you now, at the full moon a sign, a wonder,
these are the end of your days. All of you, to oblivion...........
Unless you REPENT!
A Star had fallen and what have you been told is His Name? Here it is
"The skies have opened"

" And THAT WHICH IS EVIL l will happen to you at The End Of Days."
To none but my Son, to whom I gave his Name. Jonathan Michael Robbins,
from whose heart and mind and flesh I have burned away all that sins.
Jonathan Robbins, My Son who sits on My Knee,  ברך with my Crown On His Head,
and I Embrace him to my Breast, and tell him to rest, His Seventh Day has Arrived, In This New Universe, He Alone Will Survive, if You Refuse to Do My Will, Jonathan Is The Humane Human at Heart, in The whole Inhumane Human Race.
He Is The Best Man a Man Can Be!"
If you believe in a man in God's  Image, Well to Hell With You, That is My Man.
My Man of perfected Faith! More FAITHFUL than Adam from whose seed you all come! The Whole Human Race, The Race to Oblivion!
Jonathan Michael is My Man and My Son, Created in The Image of What Has No Image,
No Time And No Place!
ויברא אלהים את האדם בצלמו838 
Created in The Image of The Blackest Empty Void,
in which  moves nothing, not a trace.

The void from wherein there is nothing to be perceived, yet moves all with a Face!  פנים

Fall All Ye down now, on your face, women and men alike,  in your inner most space, which should be My  Holy Temple of Mercy and Grace! My Temple which you Jews have filled with lies and deceit and devious ways, where you plan how to do evil and deny my Omnipotent EYE, Yes, It Is My Eye, I AM THAT NONE that causes all to fall into place, making every  moment past disintegrate, in sparks! Never good enough to convince the Angels. I ever am Making It All Better, by Making Bitter מר, My Favorite Taste טעם.  I am The Lord Your Creator, Like Me Or Not, I am He who turns the wheels of your mind for the Glory of My Name and For No Other Reason!".
Only I Will Be The King Of Israel,
 For These Are The End Of Your Days
 and The Beginning ראשית Of Mine!

Monday, August 28, 2017

To My Moslem Family, Whenever, Wherever You Are 1111

To my Moslem Family, Women and Men of all ages, and in particular I write this for the Children of Islam, who are the hope and will be the salvation of All Mankind! By The Will of Allah!

Islam is yet like a sapling. As Islam will be here forever, the fourteen hundred years of strife among those who Profess the  Moslem faith, are no more than the growing pains what will become with the Will of Allah, a peaceful commonwealth for all of mankind, whether they yet accept Islam, or not. Some day, all of Mankind will prostrate themselves before Allah The Great, The Single Creator of The Universe and all that manifests in the mind of Mankind. Before that can happen, there are things My Moslem Family must become aware of.

Islam is like a fruit bearing tree, fruits the likes of which have never before been seen. It is as if Allah in His Great Mercy, took the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil and The Tree of Life, and made of them a single wonderful plant, which as it grows, gives new kinds of fruits in every generation, according to the needs of the time and that generation. These fruits can heal the mind and body in ways no one can now predict.

Imagine you found a cherry seed but had never seen a cherry or a cherry tree and  you couldn't know it is a cherry tree just from looking at the seed. You would have no idea and no way to imagine what it's flowers will look like, nor could you  imagine their fragrance, nor could you guess their color or the true nature of the gift a cherry fruit can be, how it makes one smile with gratitude and wonder when it brings forth the special sweetness of it's heart shaped red and purple fruits.

Islam is unimaginably more wonderful than a Cherry Tree!  It will bear fruits of every kind and all yet unknown and never before eaten! Wait and see. Be patient and full of peace.
The mountain will come to me, not because I Have Faith and have called it to obey, but because Allah has given me Faith and Commanded me To Call Out and By His Will Alone the mountain of resistance surrenders and obeys as do I, whom am Allah's Faithful Slave!

Now It Is The Will of Allah that True Islam has been hidden in a cloudy deadly storm of envious strife and bloodshed over what is it's legitimate historical narrative and what is The Birthright of The Leaders Of Islam.  Brothers in Islam disagreed over the inheritance and legacy, both materiel and spiritual, that came from The Great Prophet's teachings and they took to violence so as to coerce their interpretation of whatever facts, they believed themselves to have knowledge of.

It is Allah's Great And Loving Cunning to hide The Greatest Treasures of Truth and Wisdom in the most unlikely places, this so that only the most courageous warriors of Jihad, can find them where they are In Islam and their own heart,  and extract from false doctrines and self serving dogmas what is most essential to Allah, that being a Truthful  Piety that seeks NOTHING of the transient wealth of this world.

Those who seek respect and honor and wealth and popularity among men, those who want political power of any kind, those who seek to enforce Islam in any way, anyone who believes Jihad means to coerce good people into submission with fear, are not of the fruit of Islam at all. They are the means by which Allah hides the wisdom and life enhancing essence of The Great Prophets'  Teachings, so that only those who fearlessly seek the truth and who are willing to give up all the treasures of this world for Allah's Gardens, can find Those Gardens and Their Treasures within their own Pure Heart. For these are the souls who Islam has been meant for, from the beginning of Creation!

And among the Children of Islam today and the uncountable souls yet unborn, are the souls of those who will appreciate and be grateful for what Islam has yet to become.

No longer a religion at war within it's self and with much of the world over the heritage of the Prophets, but a way of Living The Truth, and this first by telling yourself the truth about your own motives, for doing what you do. Acknowledging THE REALITY of your own feelings of hostility and envy. Recognizing your fear of being shamed or blamed or punished for standing up against injustice.

 Before a soul knows the motives of the heart, it cannot truthfully profess any Faith in Allah by witnessing what the heart is after. A pure heart wants nothing but to surrender to it's King, for no other reason and out of no motive other than peace seeking, In a  MIND that sets a wonderful harmony of diversity among mankind, as it's highest value, beneath only Surrendering To Allah's Creative Will in Pure Faith, which is The Highest Value of them all..

Now I have come to teach my family of Islam how to search one's own heart and soul and mind, and weed out the poisonous plants of envy and false pride and feelings of superiority
that turn  Allah's Garden into an ugly jungle of competing demons, who all devour one's vitality with false beliefs, Ideological Icons, Idols, that lead men to violence and sin.

And by The Will Of Allah, who has brought me back to life from the sleep of oblivion, that is what I know I am here to do.

I am King David, here to Teach TRUE Jihad and how to FINALLY become The Master of One's Own Heart who then delivers it completely and absolutely over To Allah, to do with it As He Wills, so that greed and fear of consequence and over confidence when doing unpopular right things, no longer lead one astray from doing Allah's Will.

Now no human entity has corrupted the idea of Jihad more than the American CIA.

 They did so first in Afghanistan, to inspire what became The Taliban to fight fiercely against the Soviets who had invaded their land. Osama Ben Laden became the most infamous fighter and teacher of these corrupt doctrines. Now make no mistake, fighting godless communists who have invaded one's home, is not a sin. But these teachings were far more insidious than that. They had a long term plan to deceitfully create a pretext for the invasion of Afghanistan for many economic and geopolitical reasons.  Not the least of which the control of  Heroin production played a major role. Turning Islam into an enemy culminated in the events of September 11th, 2001, which was perpetrated by The CIA and in consort with the Israeli Mossad, Israel being the greatest beneficiary of the fall of Saddam Husein.

I love Israel, and were it not Allah Himself who is dictating to me what I write, I would never blame Jews for doing whatever necessary to prevent another Holocaust. However, the spilling of innocent blood, and all blood is innocent unless it has spilled the blood of innocents, is a grave and unforgivable sin, unless acknowledged and repented for.

 Only Allah can forgive the spilling of innocent blood, a sin as King David I committed and which is why I slept in oblivion until forgiven and brought back to life as who I am today,
The Moslem Messiah of Israel.

 Today my name is Jonathan Michael Robbins.

 I first surrendered completely to Allah in a Mosque in Jaffa, near Tel-Aviv. I was myself astounded by the tears that ran down my cheeks, as if a fountain of forgiveness was washing away all the dust and clutter from my heart. I don't know Arabic and recited the prayers as told to, by a Moslem man there who took me under his wing. I prostrated my self with my forehead on the ground, again again, only understanding the words " Allah is Merciful!".

Oh, Indeed He Is !

 When prayers were over, he took me to his home and his wife set before me all the food she had in her refrigerator. At the time I was homeless and not as well dressed as I would have liked to have been, as a guest and stranger in a stranger's home. But I felt very welcomed and their kindness to me, an impoverished unkempt homeless man, was remarkable. I was very grateful.

This was ten years ago.

 I still considered myself a Jew until recently, when Allah told me, and He speaks to me in my heart all the time, as I become what I am mean To Be, Allah  Tells Me, "Judaism has become completely corrupt as a religion, it has reached the fulfillment of it's purpose, like Christianity."  Without coercion or violence, these dead fossils of religion are coming to an end.

Islam is the only way for a Truth Seeking, Peace Loving man, if he wants to help establish a peaceful commonwealth of free men and women all over the Globe.

 And this will happen, however long it takes.

 Islam is an Eternal Faith that Will Heal Mankind, By The Will of Allah and The Teachings of His Prophets, of which I am one.

 I am King David, and this I swear with All of My Faith!

Who wants to come walk with me,  walk the whole path into Allah's Radiant Gardens, where  we can discuss as Allah's Family Of Peace, The Pure and Faithful of Mankind, His Glorious Grace?

Sunday, August 27, 2017

From Allah Through Me To You, Jew 1111

From Allah Through Me To You, Jew, and All Others Alike! 1111
פעמיים כי טוב

There is No Oral Law. When Allah speaks directly into one's heart, He speaks Art.
To Those With  Clean Ears, Those Who Can Hear, Life's Vibrating Spheres.
Poetry and Dynamic Images and Music and Literature, All Vibrant and Radiating God's Wisdom. Interpreted and Culled into thoughts and ideas that all enhance life, Allah's Wife.
Allah speaks nought of Laws for All Laws He Will Break to Enhance and Embrace, The Lives of Lovers Intent On  Doing His Will, Those Who Do What He Tells Them To Do.
When Allah speaks directly into the heart, His Words Cause One To Dance Madly Within,
In Total Abandon and Abandoned as One Gone Madly Insane, Who Cannot Be Controlled.
and Breaks Any Law Allah sees as a Sin, against Life, His Wife, Who Will Be What Ever
He Makes Her To Be. Know this Jew,
No Jew understands this like Allah's Son, That Being Who I Am,  Am I He?
  האתה הוא מלך? בן המבורך
 מי Am I? If You say not you slander and lie!
I come as a sign and wonder, without blunder, perfectly obedient To The God of Israel, The Great Singular Allah! There is No Other!
One And The Same, The Lord of Abraham and Abraham's King.
Did Not Allah tell Abraham to kill his Beloved Son,
And to Do So would Break His Own Promises and Laws?
A WONDERFUL SIGN of Perfect Obedience? And His First Born He Sent Away, And That Abraham do all His Wife, Sarah commands him to do in Their Home of One Loyal Heart?
Loyal to Whom if Not The Creator of Life and All of Life's Children,
 Her Many Daughters And Sons.
Allah Sits For Ever Absolutely Alone On His Throne, With  מי on His Knee, His Crown On My Head, I am Never Dead,  As He Tells Me The Story of Creation From Beginning To End.
 Sits ABSOLUTELY ALONE On His Throne, from Which He Commands With Art, Men To Break Their Own Hearts! When within it are Loves for Transient Things.
The Jealous God Whose Name is Jealousy!
Ishmael, The Great Leader of Men, whose Faith Never Bent,
A Divine  Inspiration To All True Moslems Today.  Ishmael of whom alone it is Written,
       ויהי אלוהים את-הנער, ויגדל
 "And The Singular Creator Became And Will Become The Shaking Boy," and A Wild Man!
 "And He Will Grow Up!" The Perfected and Circumcised  Son of Allah's Wife, Life!
 And Life's Daughter, Hagar, Whose Faith was Isaac's Inspiration.
Did Isaac Not Contemplate Faith In Allah at אל ראי  "The God Of My Awe? Who I Saw and Lived to See More!"? The Source and Well of Of All Well Being, The Waters of Life, from which she drew waters and saved her only Son's Life, as well as her own? From This Well of Well Being was Isaac Coming When He First Saw Rebecka, His Only Wife, Who Gave Birth To  Envious Strife Between Brothers And Nations? The Well of The Waters of Life, Which Isaac called "The Well of Life For I Who Can See!"
 And as he aged he went blind in his eyes, but never stopped seeing within, himself without sin, always full of Mirth And Great Laughter.

All of  Mankind are Children of Life, Allah's Wife, Be They Kind And Obedient
or a Disgrace To The Whole Human Race, like those who race after materiel riches and arms, to steal from the poor and kill and destroy, any and all that stand in their way.
They will be ensnared in the traps they themselves set, This Is That Day.
Now Listen and Hear, Jew, Here I Am ! הנני הנני Here I Am!
  There will be no other Messiah, I am He Who Commands And Sets Laws
For All whose hearts are cluttered, full of dead dogma and rigid doctrines.
  I am Here ONLY for those Who obey   Human Laws of Venal Self Interest.
 King of These Alone And No Others.
King to all who compete for the best meat and seek to defeat and then eat
the spoils of illicit wars, by Slandering The Name of Allah and All of His Prophets of Art!
The Art of Living Joyfully and With Love For All That  Is Alive.
It is you, The Betrayers of The Flock's Trust, That I Will Consume With Flame,
Engage you, blame you till shame and remorse are all that you know,
your lives are like inflating dough baked over fires of human excrement.
Your minds reek and stink and I will wash you away with the fiery bleach,
each and every one of you, none will  escape!
Your ideas are like germs on a toilet seat. I will wash away your minds of guile and deceit,
with acids so potent,  your brains will melt in your skulls,
like so much Ice in the Desert Sun, at noon on the Hottest Day Ever Known To Mankind.
The Heat of The Sun Multiplied  Over Seven Times ,
and The Heat of The Moon, become like The Sun,
Your times are now over,

Allah Is The Great Wild Fire, That Consumes Nothing But That Which Is Already Dead!  

And this for no other reason than to clear the minds in the heads of those who survive and are living!


What A Strange Idea Has Come Into My Mind 1111

I am more Blessed than anyone else alive. עד ירח מלא

I am more Blessed than anyone who has ever lived.
I am more Blessed than any one who will ever live.
 Blessed and Over flowing with Bliss.

 I can see how creation comes together in me and around me
 like no one ever has, does, or  will ever  see, harmonized in perfect harmony~~
 as magnificently and meaningfully as possibly can be seen.
 My mind is a night sea full of the sight of all that lives,
beneath a radiant full shining moon.
All creatures moving in vibrant fluids, invisible air and blue waters,
vibrated vibrating patterns of motion in and around everything,
is everything there is.
My Time has come, Love is Here,
 I hear her,  what was her wild desperate breath from seeing so much death, now abated,
 breathing in and out of all living things,
so many scenes, she surrounds me with such softness,
 all over my skin, whispers in sweet soothing,
 "You have no sin, your heart is pure, you can  be sure, you are The Little One all have been waiting for, and now you have come, My David, My Lover, My Son.'

And now I am arguing with God,

 why do you make write what is Truth
 but what will cause nothing but hostility and envy,
 write what I can't see can possibly do me or anyone ever, any good,
 and God says to me, Allah says," Do Precisely and exactly
 what I tell you to do, even if you don't understand why,
 like you know very well you always do, My Most Obedient Son, My King of Creation."
"Allah, please don't call me your King. Even saying I am your Son, makes me feel so unworthy, for I am no more your son than a cockroach or a leaf!

 You know very well and so much better than me, I don't do a thing!"
"That's right. You don't.

 Now sing for me that Psalm I wrote into your mind,
 you know the one I mean. Sing and Give thanks,
 for I am going to save all the living things that you love, on your behalf.
 Sing as you used to do when alone and abandoned, or in the company of those that betrayed you, or when your heart overflowed with gratitude and thanksgiving.
 I hold the sound of your voice in higher regards,
 than all of the Angels Combined, Singing in Perfect Reverberating Harmony,
 Singing in Unison,
 Trumpets and Harps and Cymbals,
 All Symbols And Instruments of The Divine.
 Sing My Most Beloved Son,
 the favorite child of my favorite daughter, who is also my wife.
 All know her as Life!
 Sing and I will shatter the walls that keep hearts apart! I will overwhelm my deniers with Sounds from your Heart."
I swear before all that ever read this,

 I just sang and cried and sang and cried,
 and as the tears run down my cheeks,
 I know with certainty that All Allah tells me of my "Self" is true.
 My time has come. Justice is due.
 Love will be made, between me and you. And you, too.
 Whoever you are, whenever and wherever, and however you like it,
 between any one and everyone, anyway and anyhow they can, Lovers will Love Lovers. Yes, Love will be made, no matter how mad it makes those that hate love.
I write here Allah's Psalm for me, the most reverent in me when I sing.
" A Song For David",
The One who makes all that happens is my Shepard.
I want nothing more.
On graceful grass he lays me down.
On calm waters he manages me.
My Spirit wanders but he leads me, in Circles of Justice,
for the sake of His Name.
Even if I walk in the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear nothing of evil, because You are with me.
Your staff of discipline and your place of recline,
they will comfort me. You will set before me a table,
against those who would do me harm.
You have anointed my head with Royalty, my cup is full till the brim.
Only that which is Graceful And Good Will Chase after me.
And I have sat in The House of The Cause who makes All Happen,
for the length of days!"

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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