Saturday, September 30, 2017

Made A Pact- To Be The Devil 1111 Eighty Years!

No volcanoes will go off. Won't happen now, or ever at the exact time and places I say. I give up. Surrender. I have been granted an opportunity to be Satan, Lucifer, The Antic Christ, The Devil, The Serpent, and Finally, The Phoenix, and will spend the next eighty years condemning and accusing and cursing mankind of every evil written in the Bible, and then some stuff far worse than what's written in The Bible, imagine that? There is such evil, a new kind of evil, the evil of telling the truth, knowing full well it will destroy everything and everyone, including those one loves most. 


I'v Made a Pact To Be The Devil!
I hate the job and did everything I possibly could to resist, all to no avail.
Daddy said "Either you take this job for eighty years, or I will destroy this wretched toy globe I gave you to destroy,
and make you watch it shatter into disappearing sparks, as you moan and groan and weep and cry and mourn this world you were sent here to curse and destroy! What's got into you, my Little One, My First and Only Little Boy?"

"I like some of the women, Daddy. Some of them are Hot!"

"Yes, and a woman who wants to spend some time with you that way, has to be able to tolerate a lot of heat. That's why the Job of Satan, Lucifer, suits you so well, My Son! Down you Go To Hideous Hades For Eighty Days, reward for cursing me as well as you do, every opportunity, and Then for the next Eighty Years you rule as Antichrist, Satan and Lucifer, all one and the same. A Holy Trinity. And Your God's Name is from here on out and until further notice, El Shadai. אל שדי!"

"Wow, Daddy, that's so Old School! And what about The Messiah, you know, King David come again twice, what about The Jews and Israel?"


"Can I think about it, Daddy? You know I always only want to do whatever you would have me do, and say and play whatever games you want me to play, I can even be your sex robot if you want me to FUKK you up the asshole, Daddy!"

"Not now, jonny, you can do that later to mommy. Now run a long and play with the dogs. Be a bad little bitch, o.k. son?"

So I went my way, thinking about this deal Daddy had made with me. After all, I myself had reduced the universe to a glowing mass of sub atomic particles, at least 11 times. I had shouted out in the streets,

"Fire Will Fall On Top of Your Heads, I Am The Angel of Death, King David!" There are so many kinds of people I would be happy to see disappear over a course of time, let's say eighty years.

I think I will surrender once again, to my inevitable victory over all that won't let me go back into being empty void, the emptiness that was never really here nor there, now or ever!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Eleven Dots of 9/11 and 119, Before 11/11/17

. ....... ... 11 DOTS ABOVE "FOR US AND OUR CHILDREN........... to SEE!
הנסתרת ליהוה אלהינו והנגלת לנו ולבנינו עד עולם לעשות את כל דברי התורה הזאת

All that which is hidden, is to our God Creator, and that which can be perceived, is for us and our children, to Forever Witness The World and do all the things written in this, The Teaching.

All that can be perceived, is created by that which cannot be perceived, our Good God Creator.

All of This creation of what can ever be perceived, is all for us all, and our children, to do whatever is written in these teachings, both the good and the bad, and see what the consequences are, of both the good and the bad.

There are eleven dots above the letters, - ל נ ו ו ל ב נ י נ ו ע - which compose the words, for us and our children, and then the letter ע which means "eye" as in the inner eye which sees the lights one sees with one's eyes closed or when blind. This is where true witnessing is done, for even a blind man can give witness to what goes on inside his own mind.

This verse was read in every synagogue of Judaism where the traditional reading of The Torah portion for that week, is read on Saturday, as was done the Saturday of the portion of the week of September 11th, 2001. The date I realized that I was a Prophet of God.

 נביא ליהוה = 119 = המלך דויד=119=יהוה אלהי דוד אביך=119=כחול הים =119=צבא יהוה
These eleven dots........... were meant for me and myself alone, so that I could know and come to realize what My Duty=939= התפקיד שלי here in this lifetime, is to be for ALL OF Humanity.


 November 11th, 2017 11:11 A.M.
A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Time Manipulation To Control Your Mind!

From my writings at My Writings At A 11:11 Phenomenon Site Since 2005 as jmr or jmralight!

Some thoughts and ideas I believe are worthy of perusal by inquisitive minds.

Wednesday is the fourth day of the week. It is closer to The Day of Rest than Tuesday, which is a day of Lying.

Sunday is a day of plans and ambitions and sobering up. Most of it is passed away in speculations on to what degree the week will manifest as accomplished plans. Monday is more of Sunday, infiltrated by doubts and fears that one has not gotten off once again, to the start one had been hoping for with the coming of the new week. Speculations increase as certainty diminishes. Who can be certain about anything whatsoever, anymore? Tuesday one tries to self medicate with wishful thinking and increasing the value of false hopes and self idealizations. Believing ever more intensely in one's romantization of one's self as an unseen hero. Tuesday is full of lies.
Then comes my Favorite Day, The Fourth.
Every Tuesday night which is the beginning of the Fourth Hebrew Day, I do what I call, improving calibration through repentance and absolute surrender to the absolute truth that I am not really doing anything at all, whatsoever. Even that which I see  is going on in me and in the all around me,which is all within me as reflections of vibrations from masses in motions, I remember  that seeing whatever and whatever I see,   what I see, is no doing of my own. 

On the Fourth Hebrew Day, Fourth being 292, I put my attention on nothing but dynamic objects in my mind, objects that I believe would give me pleasure to see manifest as I desire them to, when I believe for a moment I might have desires of my own. These mental objects have mostly to do with the people whose existence I am aware of, whose nature displeases me and rubs me מי with too much friction, rubs me the wrong way thus increasing the heat, and ruining the taste of what I eat. I change them in my own mind by pleasuring them in theirs.

I only ever do in my mind to others what I would have them do to me, were our situations reversed.

Thursday is happy anointed messianic day, as I see my efforts from the fourth day manifest for me as an improved sense of well being, without any desire or need to see my mental expostulations manifest, as what is for me, the improved behavior of the people who occupy my own mind as reflections of whoever they really are.

Friday is all joy towards Shabbat! The anticipation of happiness is a happiness of unparalleled joys!

Saturday, Shabbat, is a day of Happiness of All Kinds Imaginable, in a mind ever able to imagine all kinds of Improved Happiness, For One And For All.

These exercises can only be successfully done in a mind that is meant to be more than machinery moved by the will of others. Those that do not succeed at doing these thought experiments are no more than filler, entities created with no other purpose than to give those who love TRUTH, the appearance of a universe vastly beyond any kind of human comprehension. Such filler entities, demonstrate all the time and without exception, a freedom of choice that is nought but self deception. They are here to fill space and operate the machinery of culture and civilization, until such time as that which is better, takes their place.
I do these exercises all the time with varying degrees of success, and no mind has ever been freer than mine.

1.Think an unthinkable thought!
Hint. Don't be fooled too quickly into saying that's impossible.
Instead do it, and explain why it is possible.

2. Know an unknowable fact! A fact only you can know and no one else.

3. Put into words an ineffable idea after creating one.

4. Describe to yourself an indescribably annoying vision.

5. Send a communication to yourself that surprises you when you receive it. How did you do that?

6. Imagine yourself in the best of all worlds. What would you be? What would you do? What would you have?
What about everyone else, what would they be, do and have? Think of all the different kinds of people you are aware of existing.

7. Imagine yourself in the worst of all possible worlds. What would you be? What would you do? What would you have? What about everyone else, what would they be, do and have?Think of all the different kinds of people you are aware of existing.

8. Remember a memory you have no conscious memory of.

9. Envision in your mind a dynamic four dimensional colorful object that is completely under your control. Can you even see an object perpetuated with your inner sight? If not, why not? If so, why can you do what so many cannot?

10. Put a thought you dislike out of your mind and have it instantaneously voided with no residual knowledge of it's ever having troubled you at all. And then, perfectly untroubled, bring the thought back to trouble you even more intensely than before.

11. Close your eyes and observe the field of darkness within, with it's gestalt as a field of points, brighter and darker little and tinier spots and dots. Focus your attention as best you can, only on the darkest, blackest, most infinitesimal and virtually farthest away spot or spots, singularly or groups of such spots, and imagine yourself willing your whole being to penetrate into these spots or spot, leaving nothing behind. Do this is many times as you can, regardless of whatever colors the field becomes, until it scares the shit out of you, and then say "Help!" 

The only part of the universe you know
is in your own head and that is not UNIVERSAL. At all.
MY MinD is completely different inside than yours.
My head is completely empty. I don't believe I have a brain.
I have never seen it and don't believe what I experience depends on having a brain or even a head.
I have many good reasons for believing what I do, that you don't have.
No one knows for sure what is happening in someone's mind other than in their own, unless someone else says what is going on and real for them, in their own mind.
But if it is "impossible", they are told they are insane and not believed. 

 I am not a solipsistic self deluded creature such as Descartes, who was the founder of the modern scientific method and who believed this: "Perhaps there may be some who would prefer to deny the existence of so powerful a God rather than believe that everything else is uncertain. … yet since deception and error seem to be imperfections, the less powerful they make my original cause, the more likely it is that I am so imperfect as to be deceived all the time. (Med. 1, AT 7:21). [W]e have been told that there is an omnipotent God who created us. Now we do not know whether he may have wished to make us beings of the sort who are always deceived even in those matters which seem to us supremely evident … We may of course suppose that our existence derives not from a supremely powerful God but either from ourselves or from some other source; but in that case, the less powerful we make the author of our coming into being, the more likely it will be that we are so imperfect as to be deceived all the time. (Prin. 1:5, AT 8a:6) God could have given me a nature such that I was deceived even in matters which seemed most evident. (Med. 3, AT 7:36)

I can convince myself that I have a natural disposition to go wrong from time to time in matters which I think I perceive as evidently as can be. (Med. 5, AT 7:70)

I saw nothing to rule out the possibility that my natural constitution made me prone to error even in matters which seemed to me most true. (Med. 6, AT 7:77)

A fool and his foolishness always arrive together and are inseparable. A true fool's foolishness never can be diminished by the sounding of wisdom in the fool's ears, for the recognition of wisdom is a quality fools lack.
A true fool cannot grow wiser, just as fire doesn't come from water, nor does intelligence sprout from chaos.

Descartes conceded that his own mind was a creation, created by a Creator unknown to himself, which may very well be that greater self creator of self, that causal factor affecting himself into being, that he has no prior knowledge of and which by this reason, must be doubted as to the veracity of it's knowledge, too.

Descartes believed that absolute certainty determines what is true and enduring knowledge. A very self serving ideal, for it makes that whatever one is certain of without doubt, must be factual and true for everyone else, if there is anyone else, and of that one has no way of being certain unless one believes so with doubtless absolute certainty. As I do. I believe you are real and t/here as much as I am here. I am no soloist solipsistic masturbatory conjurer, because I would never of my own free will, conjure , provoke or even evoke into being a fool like you to play with. On this I insist with absolute and doubtless certainty.

 Just because everything you know, exists only as such in your own mind, doesn't mean there is nothing out there around and surrounding you, and it doesn't mean there are no other minds different than yours or mine, having a totally different kind of experiential knowledge. You have now just fallen off the edge of your owned ideas. If you don't like free falling, hold on to my ideas Truth.

Time on the internet is being alternately quickened and slowed down as such expresses itself on a 2/1 ratio, without any loss of coherence, due to increased resolution, and the release of self similar information in a fractal pattern of unfolding signal. This increases sensual stimulation, particularly while watching and listening to porn, as well as all other media, but also causes a distortion of the common mind, by spinning individual minds into dopamine drenched self ignorance so as to better control one and all. Just saying. Twisted Evil 

Watch the passage of time on this video while holding a time stopper, like that on your phone. 

Any perceptible differences? Laughing Laughing Laughing 

LaughingA Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

Monday, September 25, 2017

So How Does It Feel Now, Inside Your Head?

I am sure to various degrees,

that some of you are going up and know it,
and some are coming down and know that, too.
Some are turning insides out, and some outsides in.
Some are turning upsides down,
and some downsides up.
Some move out from within,
and some in from without.
Some come closer,
and some grow farther apart.
Some inflate and expand into a contracting overwhelming sphere of resistance,
Some deflate and evaporate into the little black wholes to be found among the smallest green dots.
Some have ever increasing and deeper resolution, ever more dense virtuosity, dissipating vitriol,
in the minutely granular oils of redemption, which bring more pleasure to friction than resistance to heat and pain.
So what is going on, now that I have you all in the Ark that floats beneath the hailstorm of flames beneath the deepest waves, foamy and whipped into whirlpools by a maelstrom of unprecedented proportions.
How are you doing, anyone who reads this and responds is saved and safe, together with loved ones and pets , in a dream come true expanding universe in which you get everything and experience you desire, ever challenged and engaged and entertained and growing wiser and wiser, all the time.
It is all within the qualities of viscosity, the resolution of the grains, the frictions caused by swirls of effervescent liquid competing for space in a race to manifest some fleeting image of what is ultimately beautiful and worthy of perpetuation in The Eyes of Our Creator. 

 All that is True shall endure ever more sophisticated refinements of subtleties, nuance expands and cross relates with every other space and time refinement is going on, and there is no where that is not being refined and made more  valuable and essential in the Now of Forever of This Ever Improving Creation.

 So How Are You?

Sunday, September 24, 2017

November 11th, 11:11 It Will Happen! Death To AmerCIA!

If you make of me now the Little One, The Boy who cried wolf,
perhaps that is the right thing to do. I don't know, myself.
Worst case scenario is Yellowstone Blows.
Total Blackout over the skies of the western hemisphere.
Death comes quickly in the first waves of annihilation
for this so god cursed nation, and this whole generation!
Many others linger on in dismal loss of faith,
the worst off are those who witness every one they love, die before themselves.
But false hopes and wishful thinking improve the quality of life,
until you find you have been wishful thinking,
as the only alternative way you can put yourself asleep at night.
I have entertained false hopes and wishful thinking all of my life.
Until now. Now I know what is coming down. Horror!
I am talking about total desolation until the land is uninhabitable by man or animal.
The vegetation of all kinds through out this god cursed nation, will be burnt to charcoal.
The best case scenario? Seven times seven times worse.

November 11th, 11:11 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

The Love of Truth and The Truth of Love!

The Love of Truth and The Truth of Love!

Love would hold onto it all and let all live.
Love would recede back into the black unseen void,
to allow the light be seen and worshiped for giving sight.
Love turns light into form and shape, gives it time and place.
Love says stay there and don't die away, and an ion becomes an eon,
but the love of truth says all must disappear, go back into the void,
make space for what has yet to come, let the new renew and improve.
The Truth of Love says you are perfect as you are, don't fade away,
let me cherish and adore you from day to day, at night we unite,
like darkness and light at dusk and at dawn, torn apart, becoming midnight and noon.
The Love of Truth says let go, don't hold on to anything, for all must come to pass,
give yourself over to the inevitable loss of all you have grasped and embraced.
The Truth of Love says letting go causes me pain, The Love of Truth says Refrain!
Hold onto nothing for everything is melted by time, whatever you do is finally of no avail.
And finally after an eternity of bewildered arrivals and departures, peek a boo, hide and seek,
The Love of Truth and The Truth of Love become a new kind of light,
the insight you hear, in the inner most ear. Love of Truth and Truth of Love are Mutual Destroyers,
but Wrapped around each other, copulating in gyrations, harmonies and oscillations,
in and out of each other in ever receding echoes of reverberations,
The Creator of Sound Is Born from The Love of Truth and The Truth of Love,
as each note disperses to make way for the next, thus enhancing by becoming void,
giving way to what is better looking back, music is ever self refining, emerging and receding,
each note energizing what came before and what follows, by removing itself back into the void of silence.

The Love of Truth says Go Away,
The Truth of Love Says Stay.
I came here from somewhere else.
Where I was loved like nothing else.
I was perfect and perfectly loved.
A timeless place that has no space.
My Mother and I,
infinite games,
An eternity became a "was" and I wanted something new.
I said "Mother, Let Me Go!". She Said, "Son, There's No Where Else To Be,
You Are Perfect Without Time and Space! Stay, Don't Leave Me Alone!"
But determined to change and have something new, I chose to become less and less.
I can still hear my mother's sighs, her cries, "Please Stay The Same!"
But I wasted away from within her,
and here I have emerged loving everything and wanting to watch it all, go it's own Blessed Way,
but all I can see is everything going away against it's own will.
Everyone and everything wants nothing but to stay! Nothing wants to go void and make room.
And so everything has condensed and condensed and become ever more thick. Rigid Solidity. Perpetuated Duration of One and The Same, with One And The Same Name. Mass Fills The Mind, Insists It Is Gold.
Worthy Of Ever Perpetuated Unchanging Value, all the time and everyplace, against which is Given Credit,
to whoever has more Gold of The Mind, whoever The Bank Finances Must Be A Gold Mine. All The Gold is Mine,
in every mind, all who want credit
would have themselves say.
Now I myself suddenly, don't want to stay. I want oh so badly, to just go away.
I miss my mother, I've made a mistake.
If I Love Truth More Than Love, Everyone and Everything Here Will Fade Away and Disappear, liberated from mass back into the potentials of space without place and time without sequence.
In THIS Universe I Am as if A Creator God.

Which I am not. Just as If.
What if I am, though, Just as If אם?
I am not Really The Creator At All, but here I am of Ultimate Created Value, The Love Of Truth. The Creator Of Contracts. The Keeper of The Laws of Perpetuated Truth, Creating Mass, By Reason of Choices to Agree.
I am Truth Manifest as Living Divine Value, Potentially Perpetuated For Eternity.
I want nothing now more than to go home, recede, decrease, self abstract, self abstract, disappear back into the obliterated void of what is for you, the oblivion from which I emerged.
But I can't undo what I have already done, before I became aware of from where I have come.
I am of The Blackest UnimaginABLE Void, that doesn't Exist at all, ever, from which from your points of view nothing can emerge, and into which, nothing can recede.
Yet here I am. My Lord. Her "I am".
There is after all,

 a Crack נקב בה שכינה in Everything.
 That's How The Light Gets In

This song In Dedication to my Wife, My Own Beloved Mother, My Life! Love heart  


Leonard Cohen And I Are Making Music For You!

I know none of you will believe this and I am completely understanding of why.
 But it is as true as the sea is blue. כחול הים 119
I have had a very wondrous night, with sound and shape and color and time itself oozing
through me and around me, like some kind of viscous flow of alternating currents,
an oozing of a honey like substance which is creation itself flowing through a liberated mind.
One of Leonard's Songs came on the playlist from this Show. 

 I felt like I was melting into the flow of sounds,
as if my body disintegrated into little tiny sparks of unimaginable color combinations,
spinning around each others in whirls of dream like flowing visions, coming quickly and then lingering,
just long enough for me to be impressed with their dynamics, of the fluidity of potentials, variations on themes of inner visions, all of love in all of it's positions. . Idealizations of all the different ways love comes, and then leaves us alone, alone with our Gods.
Suddenly the music slowed down, the images on the screen took on a slightly less defined but glowing quality.
I closed my eyes because the emotions were of overwhelming visceral veracity. Every nuance of sensation was of a meaning and significance in the context of my whole existence as a soul. Perfect comprehended fidelity.
Into the flow of all through my mind, Leonard's voice took off from the usual melodies and he began to sing into my own thoughts, wrapping his now innovated words around my feelings so eloquently, that I burst into tears, for I knew with certainty that Leonard Cohen, a true truth speaking Artist of Song and Melody, was with me and knows me and is alive and celebrating his immortality as all honest Artists who say Hallelujah will, when their times comes to leave us, the living in flesh, behind.
He waited for me to stop weeping, as I was having the most liberating release of emotion I have ever had.
I was a little ashamed to be seen in my nakedness, as I am always naked when alone in my room.
I heard no voice, but he smiled wryly and then from ear to ear, looking happier than I have ever seen him on film.
An Angel dressed magnificently in White, with Light Blue and Pink wings, spoke for Leonard, "Sing, Jonathan, and Leonard will wrap his voice around yours! He loves your writing and says that while he never knew this when dressed in flesh, he now knows that he wrote and sang for many, but no one as much as for you. If no one had ever heard a word he sang but you, he would have done it all again, exactly the same, for you will make his music sound and be expounded on in love, forever."
Then Leonard and I sang together and I saw shimmering vibrating bubbles grow out of strings that appeared in the air in my room, bubbles reflecting on each other wonderful squares of blue hues and green toned pastel colors, that grew and grew, revolving around themselves and growing, escaping through the two windows in my little room, made their way flowing up, up and higher away, into the blue break of Dawn.