Monday, April 10, 2017

DMT, DNA, PI, God and Beyond The Lie

There is so much going on right now.
How does one begin
when the beginning itself is so elusive?

It's consequences inconclusive.
The narratives all allusive.
And science so collusive.
Human knowledge bundled up
in fabrication and yarn.

How do I start?
Perhaps with an invitation into my heart.
If you are alive, I love you.
Starting from a virus I work my way up,
all the way to the very top.
A rising spiral of DNA.

DNA Logarithms galore manifest as living art
in a gallery of writhing snake skins

enticing you in, with lace fractal dreams,
spinning around conundrums
that always ask   "Why?" before "What?".
"Why don't you eat me?" says the pi to the complete.
"Wrap yourself round me......"says
the circle to it's diameter,
".....and you will never die
for as long as you keep trying."
Stretch your mind around a paradox.
Digest in jest and never die. The funeral is a lie.
Just say good bye and eat.
There's more meat down the street,
Don't take the highway. Life doesn't die,
just says good bye.

Try DMT.
If you dare,  go free.
At the very least, it will teach you-
a little bit,  how your mind comes together.

As I arise there is less of me to see.
Less of me in the way of I.

The higher I rise the more I have eyes 
to look through, ballast be gone.

Faster than the speed of light
in a quantum leap of insight,
here I am, inside your mind,
sharing your view. Inside and out.
Don't be a circle, be a rising bubble.
A growing imperfect sphere of insight.

Let go of math, geometry, science and physics,
they will take care of themselves,
take care of you.

Listen to Revel.

Look for variations on a theme,
narrative and poet, try.

Expand like diameter, chasing a sphere
from the inside, reaching out.
I am there to help you tessellate
the pieces of your puzzle.

To help you coalesce. 
It's all about integrating
the disintegrated
pieces of your mind.
Find, integrated, peaceful, kind.

And now a poem I wrote before DMT....
..... e-l-e-v-e-n Rotating 11:11 is becoming 11 square 11 square e-l-e-v-e-n 

 The nature of the universe
involves an evolving visceral reality,
ever more complex and sophisticated,
always incomplete and of ever greater breadth.
One unending breath.
An ebb and flow, rise and fall, fluctuation,
elevation and descent.
Revelation after reevaluation of discontent.
Discovery and loss of innocence,
ever persistent ignorance
that lessens over time,
while wisdom grows,
yet never fast enough to catch the light.
The visceral knows the limitations of sight.
and Anesthetics

to prolong the game of gain,
there is reason for pain,
not to die of astonishment

I am still processing the experience.
I broke through and into the DMT dimension,
only to discover myself already there waiting for my arrival.
As always I greeted myself with a story or revival and survival
of coming back from the dead and lead to gold.
My soul has not been sold over to the lie that life can ever die.
My trip was very short and very powerful

I did an about face in a fractal lace at a very quick pace,
a spherical loop expanding in temporal space

 I think a lot of what this guy says at the end of the video is nonsense, but what do I know? Both Discretion and an Open Mind have their time and place in the scheme of things. You decide.

 When all things are said and done
one's images are all aligned behind one
so that there is nothing left to see.
Looking back at how one came from A to be
at the end of one's line,
at the completion of time.
Finally, it's not even a lesson learned,
it's poetry. Epic, eccentric,
a voyage wherein everything moves but the seeing I.
A journey to go free
by standing still
until all things pass through.
Until left like a tunnel with a mind,
looking for a train
or waiting for an earthquake.

Now I know, some will say no,
no DMT.
That's perfectly fine,
don't cross that line.
You don't have to be me
for you to go free
Just watch this for as long as you can, 
without averting your eyes

Do you know what a Mandelbrot Set is?
I didn't know I know myself until a few hours ago.
I am no mathematician, just a mystic poet and philosopher.
But look here, there are some very good explanations
and very pretty moving pictures.  
The Math For Those Who Already Know Math and Pictures For Those Who Don't
In my mind on DMT I saw a poem like this.
Look above, look below
Fly like a dove, fall like the snow. 
Learn how science learns what the mind knows.
Now watch this.
This explains why wave functions collapse into form
and the mind comes together like coalescing foam.
 Are there really 11 dimensions, or perhaps 26?

Now read this...........

The Number 11, Sign and Symbol of The Divine

I just completed Westworld, season 1, after my DMT trip,
and wrote this.

 There very well might be an infinity of worlds
spinning around in an infinity of universes,
all for eternity, each with a different story line,
for each one of the countless minds, that come and go.
All in an never ending game of hide and seek,
hold on and let go, prevail and surrender, live and let die,
die and let live, once again, forever moving in and out,
like a needle and a thread, sewing together fabrications,
in a patchwork of possibilities.
It might be a puzzle with multiple answers
or a maze with a single way out.
Contrivance with no real solution,
go back, sleep and dream again different,
or wake up and drink a solution to forget.
However you see it, at any point on any endless line
you will always be confined
by what comes before and what lies behind,
even if you say its all just in your head.
Before all beginnings and beyond every end
is the same circle that surrounds what's within.
The One is bigger than all one contains.
Perfect Cause greater than Perfect Effect
by reason of all The Living One doesn't affect.

A Tunnel With A Mind? 
I have a Funnel Mind.
A Song To My God of Art!
Come in through the ear of my heart,
and Hear The Purpose of Art.


 I have a funnel mind,
a point of inflection and correction,

 an inversal of direction,
you can't come in and leave the same,
a point of reference in a new equation,
no more need for salvation.

 A fulcrum that ends all damnation,
come into my mind......
e-l-e-v-e-n Rotating 11:11 is becoming 11 square 11 square e-l-e-v-e-n 

Now see if you can stretch your mind around this...........

God Drives Me To Abstraction

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