Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Total Eclipse of America 1111 NOW!

Starting October 14th, My Time, All That Moves, Moves By My Time- And In Accordance With
My Prayers For Life Dictated To Me By My Wife, The Goddess of Israel!

AmerCia Is Doomed To Oblivion. A Total Destruction Leaving No One Alive And A Land Uninhabitable By Even Animals for A Thousand Years, Come This November 11th! 1111

The Great Cliche Omen of America's Decline

A Total Eclipse of The Sun, A Sublime Sign of Divine Design, Remarkably To Be Remembered as The Beginning of The Great Decline, Which Began on 911, The Birthday of The Son, The Little One 11, Who Rules With Irony, His Kingdom Come!    

The eclipse begins with the break of dawn,
and a sun shamed by what is going on,
rises from the great Pacific sea,
invisible behind the fullness of a lunatic moon.
A moon gone crazy from watching human folly,
perpetrated all day and all night long,
as if murder and rape are no longer wrong.
The great light of celestial government,
hiding in the dark behind a speck of spherical rock,
as the moon's shadow  races  across the waters,
bearing tidings of a so greater approaching darkness,
unseen since The Great Exodus itself.
First the day turns off it's light, turns to  night,
and the air goes chilly and cold, like the heart of the bold,
when they comprehend the sin of their betrayal.
First, the firstborn of America will die for their lies
and forfeit the privilege of freedom, by reason of hypocrisy
and complacency with evil men and venal interests.
 America is coming down to her knees,
and I will hear but not heed her pleas, For God Has Spoken!

I am  363, 119, 939, and I have called out since 911,
called 838 by decree of 242, I am 424, and my name is 250!
I have  called  out to The Great God of Israel,
"I demand a Trial of myself according to the purity of my heart
and the cleanliness of my hands!", and I was found wanting and accordingly judged,
as I have always judged others, with great empathy and compassion, mercy and a desire to rehabilitate and make  strong, sparks of good will, wherever I have seen them.
And now I,  853 and  358 by reason of 748, tell you in certainty,
543 has sent me to you, 21 is his Name for those who put their name above His!
I come anointed as  King and Messenger, To Close This Chapter of 345,
as noted by The  Great Hebrew Prophet 747,
 and reiterated 1500 years later by The Great Hebrew Prophet 747,
as told by 617 become 716  to bring 441 to 603,

"On November 11, 2017, I Will Establish 929 with 939 as 939 and 939,
by presenting the world with a sign unheard of since Sinai,
when the Lightening was heard and the Thunder seen!
When 345 came down from The Mountain of Destruction with 616,
surrounded by 119, every kind of 525, 939!
And of his face it is written 838 and 1111.

Mock Him no longer, My Anointed Son,
whose name will shine brighter than the Sun,
until the dusk of the human mind, for He is The Little One!
The one by my side 11, you so despise, for telling  My 363 Truth!

In a Sublime Display of Divine Irony,
this eclipse is an omen of the final decline of The USA.
Interested enough to spend some time deciphering the Digits of The Divine Design of Our Time?
Go Here! 

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