Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Conflation, Confabulation, The Coming Conflagration

Let me put it this way. 

Some people know they think. They might not know everything or all of what they think, but some part of whatever they think, they are thinking now and know as much. At any given moment, they know that they are having thoughts. They might now know why they are having the thoughts they have, but they know and can give witness to having thoughts of various kinds and duration. Now just because you know you have thoughts doesn't mean you believe these thoughts to be facts. 

There is a great difference between knowing you think and thinking you know. Conflation between these two attributes of the mind, inevitably leads to confabulation. People talk endlessly and try to define the differences between knowledge and belief, fact and opinion, truth and delusional wishful thinking. This is made even more complicated because there are no universally accepted, clear cut, agreed upon definitions for these fundamentally essential concepts. 

To make things even more complicated than this, people's memories are subject to different degrees of psychiatric confabulation, where they remember things that never happened the way remembered. People also deny their own memories, hide them from the conscious mind, and then fill in the gaps with self serving delusional thoughts believed and presented as facts. All this for peace of mind.

To defend and maintain the all important sense of integrity without which we can have no peace of mind, people forget or deny being victimized by nature being itself, which is often offensively out of our control, as in disease or natural disasters. People sometimes forget or deny being victimized by authoritative others who seek to control us against our natures. We then have thoughts which are delusional and self serving, that these authorities are actually acting in our best interests. This gives us a very myopic peace of mind. It seems to me, most people value peace of mind above all else. 

I disagree. There is no greater wealth in this world than The Conscious Knowledge of God!

People deny information they encounter when it is called "fact" and yet goes against their valued beliefs, particularly when these beliefs are believed to be truth. Without a good and obvious self serving reason, why would anyone ever give up their sacred beliefs of what is knowledge of truth in their own thoughts, for new or different or opposing ideas, that don't bring about increased peace of mind? To convince anyone of anything - is to make them believe that saying to themselves certain beliefs are truthful facts, will eventually bring them increased peace of mind. 

Why believe this building is obviously being exploded from within?

The fact is, you have a thought and whether that thought is a fact or not is a matter of belief. Memory is the linear temporal accumulation of subjective experiences stored as symbols that are meant to represent facts. The only immutable fact that exists is the knowledge of perception, the witnessing of sensations that represent our experience of some greater reality. That greater reality which surrounds us being the presumed context of our own knowledge of self, in whatever context we believe ourselves to be in.

If you don't know what all these pictures have in common, you should find out!

Simply put, all perception and sensation is that of symbols because perceptions and sensations can only represent what is really going on, in and around us.

That which represents something else is a symbol.

Our minds have a very thin and vulnerable narrow string of self determined facts, from the moment our nervous systems begins to register and store sensations as memory, until the present moment. Around this storage and filing system of facts stored as symbols, is a dynamic matrix of symbolic beliefs.  

Our minds are full of nothing but symbols, just as our brain is full of nothing but chemicals. The symbols are kept in dynamic and elaborate, sophisticated cross referenced relationships, all within fluctuating contexts that greatly influence the meaning and value of all the content. The mind grows in elaboration and sophistication, ever seeking a comprehensive all encompassing integrity of what it contains. 

Why a picture of Magic Mushrooms representing Mind Expansion? Take some and find out!

In other words, some people know they think but conflate this with thinking they know what they can only believe to be true.

And this inevitably leads to a mental conflation of things that are different becoming the same. This for the sake of achieving, defending and maintaining what must eventually become a deteriorating even if peaceful, state of mind.

Conflation means diminished differentiation and discretion, which leads to ignorance and foolish stupidity. As differentiation modified by an ability to recognize similarities is the essence of intelligence, and life enhancing intelligence is wisdom, mental peace seeking conflation is stupid and foolish. We do exist in a context of potentially violent conflagrations with both nature and between members of mankind. Becoming more stupid by conflating our beliefs and opinions with the simple and nominal first hand witnessing of our own experiences ( these being our only real facts), by confusing knowledge with belief, by mistaking faith for truth, we inevitably go to war with each other in a maelstrom of conflated thinking. The wisdom of nature has many kinds of heat and fire to reduce conflated fabrication back into the most essential differentiated elements. 

Let's define knowledge from here on out, as only the consciousness of what exists in our own minds. Everything else is belief wrapped around with opinions, held onto with various degrees of certainty and often presented as infallible truth.

Lets know that we think and also recognize that we often think we know -what we don't and what we can't. Let's all recognize that our minds are full of symbols that don't always represent what is really going on, in and around us. Let's recognize that even our memories can be modified and embellished to maintain peace of mind.

Let's know that we think a lot about what we have no way of knowing, unless we define "knowing" as believing with complete certainty.

And thus conflate knowledge with faith. 1111

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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