Sunday, July 9, 2017

For Christians Of Any Kind! REPENT 1111

Killing Wandering Jews
Don't take this personally because personally I have nothing against you at all.

You are a Christian and as a Jew, I have every right in the world to not only criticize Christianity,
but condemn it to hell for the pagan idolatry that it is. Christianity created the culture in which Jews were finally seen as wild poisonous weeds, to be ripped out of their homes, gassed and burned to ashes so they could no longer spread. Do you understand that? Christianity did that.

"How to Get Rid of Wandering Jew Weeds The wandering jew weed is a serious problem in Australia, New Zealand, and the southern United States. It is fast growing and rarely propagates by seed. Instead, a new viable plant can grow from a single stem fragment. Because of this, removing wandering jew plants by hand-pulling is only effective if every piece is collected and removed, making killing wandering jew in its entirety difficult. This process ought to work with diligence and persistence, however. The stems float, too, so take extreme care if you are working near water, or your problem will crop up all over again downstream. Killing wandering jew with a strong herbicide may also be effective but should only be used as a last resort.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Killing Wandering Jew Plants: How To Get Rid Of Wandering Jew Weeds In The Garden"

It matters to me not in the least if you condemn the Holocaust and blame the Nazis.  Only full and absolute repentance from any and all Christian dogma and doctrines can begin to cleanse your heart and soul from the damages of hateful pagan idolatry.

Do you consider yourself a Jew loving Christian? FUKK YOU!!!! Are you waiting for your pagan idol to come again and for the Jews to convert by opening their hearts and finally accepting Jesus Christ as their Messiah and Savior? FUKK YOU!!!! Ain't gonna happen. To the contrary, Christians  will abandon Christ and their pagan churches of all denominations and flock to Zion to learn the teachings of The True Jew's Messiah, The Son of David.

Read this. "In Christian Antisemitism: A History of Hate, Professor William Nicholls, a former minister in the Anglican Church and the founder of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of British Columbia, presents his stunning research, stating that Christian teaching is primarily responsible for antisemitism. As Nicholls states, these conclusions 'can now be fully justified by the most up-to-date scholarship, Christian as well as Jewish.' Nicholls writes, 'Many Jewish writers have said, quite simply, that the Nazis chose the Jews as the target of their hate because two thousand years of Christian teaching had accustomed the world to do so. Few Christian historians and theologians have been sufficiently open to the painful truth to accept this explanation without considerable qualification. Nevertheless, it is correct.' Christian Antisemitism traces, over two millennia, the growing domination of Western culture by the Christian 'myth' (as Nicholls calls it) about the Jews, and shows how it still exerts a major influence even on the secularized 'post-Christian world.' Nicholls shows, through scrupulous research and documentation, that the myth of the Jews as Christ-killers has powered anti-Judaism and antisemitism throughout the centuries. Nicholls clearly illustrates that this myth is present in the New Testament and that 'it has not yet died under the impact of modern critical history.' Also included in this remarkable volume is Nicholls' research regarding the Jewishness of Jesus. He writes, 'Historical scholarship now permits us to affirm with confidence that Jesus of Nazareth was a faithful and observant Jew who lived by the Torah and taught nothing against his own people and their faith...the Romans, not the Jews, were the Christ-killers.'

Christians who cling to their crosses, crucifixes and rosaries will burst into flames of shame as events prove them wrong, again and again. The God of Israel, my God, The Only One Creator God, will hold all who pray to Jesus as God or intermediary, responsible for the misery caused the Jews by Christ believers since the beginnings of the catholic church.

As a token of repentance and demonstration of understanding what needs to be done, all male ex-christians are to circumsize themselves  and their sons, immediately. When wives disagree, they are to be divorced promptly. All ex-christians are to keep the Seventh Day, Shabbat as instructed by the most Orthodox Jewish Rabbis.

Expect to see Wandering Jews, everywhere, Teaching Gentiles How to Survive in Times of God's Wrath, as Such is Coming! 1111

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