Saturday, April 29, 2017

You, Yes You, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! You are an Idiot!

Messiah My Son, Let The Truth Be Like a Mosquito In Your Ear, Like The One That Drove Titus Crazy
 Speaking from by rape, באונס 119
I can tell you from experience,
it can hurt to be taken from behind suddenly,
and completely by surprise, 

There is a seed of rape in all true Faith.
with lots of mustard-242- so it burns, too.

times 11 is 2662 
26 God 62 Causes It To Be יהוה סב
838  that's me, first name and last, if "You will go crazy!"
12 that's He Is
363 The Messiah.

838 12 363

  I understand, completely.
Now listen to me, carefully....
there is nothing I can do.
They are out to get you
and they have passed out the door and are on their own,
flying blind in the night
but they hear shapes and space is made of returning sound.
by echo. For them. For me.
I am the master of all wings.
Half a
mosquito , a flying fiery snake,

entwined with itelf
as reflection in mind. 
Guess who is coming to dinner tonight?
Messiah now add The THE.
He Is The!
Who? Me.
Why me?
Lucky Me.
confusion begets confusion
and order begets order
and not confusion begets order
and order, confusion.
Here Is Me
and I Come Sent From The One Above
to speak Truth, Peace and Love!
In That Holy Sequence, Right There!
Now, turn this moment over and examine it for flaws
Integrate all things by allowing everything to be itself,
but first yourself be true to. Cool

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

There is no other way to put this.
If you don't believe in God, you are an idiot.
You can't think for yourself, you can't follow a line of thought to its logical conclusion.
If you think you can think something intelligent by being intelligent about thinking,
who is making you intelligent?
Answer me that.
Whatever it is, it must be more intelligent than you are,
because you can't do that, can you?
You can't create and activate a living intelligent mind.
If you don't see intelligent design,
in you and around you, spinning together moments, one after another, for you to say,
"I do it all on my own. I am a winner, a self made man!"
You are about to shit on the fan, with your kind of intelligence.
So while I was being intelligently designed by a story telling God of Israel, the real one and only creator God, who has created me to say it is my job to pave the way,
and turn on the throbbing rights, so you all can see the lights, watch the flashing sights,
there is a universe spinning all around you which you are the center of,
and some of it is spinning inside you, its your mind.
 I am knocking at the door, a poor homeless man, crazy and hungry and dirty,
"Can I have a cup of tea?"
Forget your evil eye, as if I'm a spy,
come to gather intelligence where there is no wisdom,
I cannot be very intelligent then, can I ?
How do I arrive in a place I despise that I can't leave,
intelligently or is it random chance?
They would make of me the one who is pierced,
tho one with holes in his hands,
but that is so much not me,
I am what I am and that is so much not he.
I will be no ones victim,
 and no one's guilt will be forgiven,
 if they are guilty
of having believed,
 that all has been forgiven
and then continued to sin.
Justice will burst into their lives
and the God of Circumstance and Consequence
will teach them all lessons, with pain as a paddle
to an incurious ass. Look around you, see no signs?
What does the 11:11 phenomenon mean?
I am on the scene, the prayed for one, who has arrived-
who has survived against all the odds.
The one made crazy out of love,
never lost, open handed and ever letting go,
praying for all, all the time, God Forgive them, they know not what they do!
But they do! They have it all figured out, using their numbers, their digits,
they manipulate information to say chaos from damnation, "There is no God"
Those that say there is no God are the dammed, the dry weeds of the next  Holocaust.
I have already said, "I will burn them with fire! From calculations come the flames,
I will torch you from within your writhing snakes, your guessing guts,
from that aching place of uncertainty that doesn't go away,
"Do people really die suddenly and without warning every day? Murdered and raped? Yes, of course, read the news."
By whose design?
I create evil with my will to see things go the way they shouldn't
in the minds of those that strive to fix my universe with their lying minds
and ingrate heart.
Pay attention to what you do with your mind.
I am right there besides you every single moment you are aware of being there,
here where we are now in this moment together with me,
in your mind, lying down deeper than ever, beneath the bottom of the sea.
I am completely taken by surprise by the audacious power of the moment.

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