Monday, May 1, 2017

From The Messiah Get Down On Your Knees 1111

It's just OK to strive for perfection,
that's what the universe does.
It strives in us.
Though it is already perfect in all ways, complete and forever, ever changing and the same.
Yes, it's OK to strive for perfection,
knowingly full well that one never arrives.
Striving for perfection is more perfect than arriving,
if in arriving one no longer has anything to strive for.
There are those who are flower lovers that say, "The Rose is Perfection!"
And they are right though no one has ever seen a perfect rose.
That which has in it reek cannot coexist with a Perfect Rose.
It all has the quality of a very long nose. And the Quality of Fragrance.
A long nose smells for a long time until it finally determines
whether it wants to put that which smells in its mouth, in its eye, leave it alone, or cast it aside.
Now I don't want to right these words, I tell you all I swear by The Holy Flame, that I will skin you alive with fires of shame.
I will bring you all to your knees.
Surrender, Now! Get down on your knees!
The End is Coming,
And It Is Fire!

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