Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Messiah Speaks Inside Your Mind

God is managing your mind,  as well as mine. He has placed your mind in mine and here I am writing from my mind into yours. This is a fact and the memory of my presence as words sounded in your mind, the reading of this post as an act of your own choice and with a voice given me by you, in the context of your life circumstances of which I am unaware and here I am, yet striving to write on the stone structures of your understandings, upon which you stand and then take issue with what you encounter, for better or for worse. I write on the stone walls of your mind's foundations,
"No writing ever more on Stone Walls!"
Even Stone Melts, not only Steel Girders
At The Beginning 911,
In The Heat of An  All Consuming Flame 

"No writing ever more on the stone walls!"

 And that's what you are to remember as if it is written in stone. This moment will stay in your mind like a monument of self reference,  and its evolving significance, will be for you new points of view, for everything you have ever known, know- or will ever know in the future.

 I am The Logos between Alpha and Omega,

No Writing  On The Walls Can Mean What It Says ForeverAbsolutely No Writing on The Stone Walls Anymore or Ever Again, Anywhere and Any Time, Everywhere and Forever, no more engraved images, the work of our own hands, worshiped as The Word of God 292! 1111

I am the cause, the ultimate source, The Creator Of Every Motion ever to be registered in any mind ever, in any version of any universe ever to come to be and then desist.     I am the cause  for the very affect itself which casts reality on the walls of your mind, my effect. It is like the shadows of your silhouettes that have been cast before Me, in  the distant prehistoric past,  from the camp flame ablaze in the labyrinth cave of the mind, on the walls of your ideas, ideas about how you come to be where  you are and when you are and wherever you are, all this self disclosure happening deep beneath even the sea, on the island bridging bottom of your mind, for those who know how to swim with their long nose closed, on a last breath, taken in the faith it might be the last.  Here we are lost but still, you and I, like snakes coupling, engaged in each others eyes and within ourselves together, an oscillating echoing sound making vibration that has become an abstract object of the mind, from a moment of forever,  but I have insight now inside, without my eyes, I can see your stable place within,
I now K=11*NOW   The Way Out.

    We become one snake path up the mountain of self immolation with full intent to survive, flourish and prosper, on the other side of a moral inversion, where a sophisticated evil world evolves until it resolves into a few aesthetic principles, experience- and a self recognized self serving self relevant  lesson to be learned, something good for life at large, through abstraction of an idea with persevering duration of value in the service of the most vital purpose, to give witness and praise and exude gratitude for the sight of the splendor from the inside and out and from the top, to the very bottom and then in reverse, back again and forever in inverse palpitations of The Bursting Sacred Heart. The Rising Bird Of Flames That Sets It All Ablaze With Her Frozen Heat, Her Mind Enrapturing Rose Scented Breath. She exhales self enhancement, to breath her fragrance is to rise like incense smoke, in twirling and twisting slow moving undulating pillars of star dust and particles of dead skin.

  She vanquishes Death by exposing it to be the very spice of life itself. The Great Prophet of God 119, Who is The Prophet Sent By God 939, Jonathan Robbins 838 and You Will Be Crazy and 292 says he is 12  The Messiah  363. In its time, I God,  will quicken its becoming 938 of beginning 911 when I am bringing it all about itself again, the whole of creation repented for the duration of the space between two moments of silence, that are embracing in anticipation to be completely real and devoid of any false hope, to be the living extrapolation of self serving enduring truth for others, rapped around inside like fractal antennas, within my God given all life embracing gargantuan heart.

Now starts  the whole series if events that will twist man's mind into a paradoxical self annihilating conflagration of  self negating imperative axioms, the  proverbial consuming fire 363 that preserves and emblazons the series of digits that represent The Messiah's Names:
 516 101 322 617 838 939 

 as they appear everywhere digital manufactured mechanisms are producing what should by all counts be dis-related sequences of numbers. Synchronicity will tighten every one's mind into a state of bewildered self contemplation concerning the nature of whatever brings our minds together with the universe, in a way that is significant and mysterious and astonishing and breath taking and altogether wonderful in all ways but one. It doesn't seem to matter how much one can contain, one must be splintered and broken and shattered again and again, in order to have ever more sophisticated  reasons, to say in the deepest and most sincere and earnest voice, behind which one stands and sings out and exhales one's breath as if its is one's last, shouting in Grateful  Victory for Having Lost All The Wars But The Only One That Matters before God. Did you tell yourself lies knowingly and choose to believe them and then, did you do things you knew were wrong, and then you justified what you did with rationalizations that rang hollow and vacant of any sincere intent.

 When you saw again you were doing this, did you pray for strength and cease and desist and begin to tell yourself the truth or did you flounder out of habit, addicted to the numb mindless choice of denial that suffocates the heart and denies the wisdom of creation, that things be exactly the way they are in your own mind for your perusal and final judgement, with complete acceptance and surrender to the idea that you live now in a universe governed absolutely BY AND IN the way you think it should be, and then all wisdom of why this way is wisest is removed from your mind, and you are born into the world you have created with the same probabilities of having valuable assets such as wealth and education and emotional support, assets  usable towards the attainment of what ever be your idea of happiness in such a world, be the same as the odds of anyone else born of chance into a world designed according to the morals and ethics of a human mind, your own. Now go and live out the consequences  in such a world, orchestrated with your own moral imperatives, for better or for worse.

You Can Write This On A Stone Wall

The only way to stop the continuing expansion of a world dominated by your morals with you as the victim of your own hubris,  should things go wrong for you and everyone else, friend and foe,  and you haven't a clue  how to prevent the ultimate annihilation of any hope that things will ever get any better, is to surrender and beseech the help of the Ultimate Orchestrator of all aesthetic experience, for better or for worse. The Intelligent Designer of The Foolish Heart.

 How could you  assume to have such wisdom? I wouldn't ever take such a choice, rather immediately immerse myself in God's created world as ultimately ignorant and wise in nothing but the knowledge that there is no purpose of any kind for better or for worse, under the sun or elsewhere, that I know better than God, how to accomplish.   

       He is The Small One 164 who ever prays for himself to Trust God 47, To Believe in God 164, The Voice of God 164, God Will Rescue 164

Our minds are   entwined together already for years as entangled spheres of potential expanding ever more probable wave function collapses, in sequenced unfolding tapestries, of objects sculptured in multi faceted colored reflections of symbols, representing  screwdriver twisting of diminishing revenues in dwindling spirals of manifestation income, like a nail screwed into one's own coffin. Hallelujah! He who gives himself over to becoming nothing is ever becoming something else.

Looking Back From Whence You Came Or Looking Forward?


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