Friday, June 16, 2017

Message to You, From Your Messiah 1111

 Yes, this is a message to you. A message from your messiah, the little one 164 whose name was created as a solution for creation, before creation was a problem in so many minds.

מלאכי צבא יהוה

My angel, instead.
This is what she said.
" Be true to your own self and no other, Jonathan.
For you care for others like no one around you ever has,
or ever will."

You are The Little One every Big One fears is coming.
The Little One, The Messianic Cherub,
who gathers milk and honey for The Children Of Israel!
He has no need to kill anything at all to make his diligent harvest.
Israel is his land. But if he had to, he would kill everyone  and everything,
and let himself be killed, for The Honor of His Father's Holy Name.

He can be annihilation embodied in flames,
his fiery liquid tongue licks things apart in search for their essence,
as he lives by his sense of taste as does any serpent of the dust.
"Taste this first fruit, you must, though it be forbidden by man and by God.
Yes, it is yet ripe and bitter and green and awakens much envy,
and sweeter than honey and more nourishing than mother's milk."

He entices the females with promises of knowledge of the flesh,
how love making becomes like life's wisdom, taking joyful pleasure
in the giving of pleasurable joy, 
a symbol of ever expanding happiness. No strings attached. Everyone is where they want to be.
No matter what you see. No matter how horrendous.
The atrocious is everywhere. It permeates every horrendous scene.
And the worst is yet coming. Far worse is yet to be seen.
But fortunately for the few, there are also those among the whom who would consider themselves chosen.
Chosen are those who do my will blindly and wildly and without succumbing to resurgent inhibitions. They are deaf to anything but the sound of my voice inside them, coming from everywhere all at once, deafening out all noise by turning it into signal,
 a handle upon which your heart and mind and flesh have been twisted around twice and then served up as a burnt offering,
to make everything better for everyone including my self. First and foremost my true self,
 as described by my scribe in real time in the book of memory, which includes extrapolations of interpretations, embellished and adorned with distractions for the short sighted and weary and old.
I am the bold and the brave of good courage, calling out to you so few ever true men.
Concerning myself,
Listen to your women, and do whatever they say, no strings attached.
For me or against me, whatever they say, they all play a more robust place, clad in scarce lace.
Believe what your woman say, in general and in particular and become more wise, whatever they  argue, contemplate in humility as proof you must be wrong, when you don't agree.
While I Will Be What I Will Be,
you will see what you will see,

Now read this and open your hearts and understand, this is   
God's world is great and holy. The holiest land in the world is the Land of Israel. In the Land of Israel the holiest city is Jerusalem. In Jerusalem the holiest place was the Temple, and in the Temple the holiest spot was the holy of holies. (Brief pause.) There are seventy peoples in the world. The holiest among these is the people of Israel. The holiest of the people of Israel is the tribe of Levi. In the tribe of Levi the holiest are the priests. Among the priests the holiest was the high priest. (Brief pause.)
There are 354 days in the year. Among these the holidays are holy. Higher than these is the holiness of the Sabbath. Among the Sabbaths, the holiest is the Day of Atonement, the Sabbath of Sabbaths. (Brief pause.) There are seventy languages in the world. The holiest is Hebrew. Holier than all else in this language is the holy Torah, and in the Torah the holiest part is the Ten Commandments. In the Ten Commandments the holiest of all words is the Name of God. (Brief pause.)

And once during the year, at a certain hour, these four supreme sanctities of the world were joined with one another. That was on the Day of Atonement, when the high priest would enter the holy of holies and there utter the Name of God. And because this hour was beyond measure holy and awesome, it was the time of utmost peril not only for the high priest, but for the whole of Israel. For if in this hour there had, God forbid, entered the mind of the high priest a false or sinful thought, the entire world would have been destroyed. (Pause.) Every spot where a man raises his eyes to heaven is a holy of holies.
Every man, having been created by God in His own image and likeness, is a high priest. Every day of a man's life is a Day of Atonement, and every word that a man speaks with sincerity is the Name of the Lord. Therefore it is that every sin and every wrong that a man commits brings the destruction of the world.



 1111                            תורת יהוה                           

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