Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pearls For The Ox of Job

The Littlest Mouse has The Biggest Mind

Pearls for the Ox of Job and not the Christian Swine.

My Paternal Grandfather, The Mystical Rabbi, Shmuel Abraham

Pearls? Don't be swine.
Chew your cud like the great Ox for Job. My Job.
A thought that comes four times is completely contemplated.

Pearls of Wisdom come from an oyster's irritation and pain

Solid knowledge of a vision prevents wisdom's flowing.
The King's Mind is oiled with the oil of anointment.
A righteous man lives by his faith.

Making marijuana illegal is a grave spiritual crime against humanity.

 God creates noise for foolish men to turn into meaning,
as they invent mythologies with gods and demons that embody their fears, lusts and foolish passions

Any thing cannot become everything,
without losing it's identity.
Everything can become any thing,
and certainly will,
yet remain what it is.

Whatever everything is, you are part of it.

Ever strive for perfection, knowing you'll never arrive.
For if you did, what would you do then?
Making it better would make it worse.

Strive to stay alive, making every moment shine brighter. In an absolute sense, nothing equals anything else and everything we know exists in our minds as a symbolic representation of realities believed in or denied, speculated or completely imagined. Meanings always depend on context and purpose of use, and these are malleable qualities that are always subjective, leading to the same symbol having many possible meanings, particularly in the mind of the poetically inclined and schizophrenics. All  symbols known in any language of the mind, are connected in a matrix of definitive relationships. Every language has pattern creating laws known as grammar which also determine definition. The universe is made of information in motion, forming an ever changing narrative about the value, meaning, significance and purpose, of the symbols (graven images) in our consciousness. 

Symbols can be valuable but never holy. Only Life is Sacred.

Art for Art’s Sake 1111

Art For Art's Sake, No Art? No Life!  

 Intelligent people cannot help but recognize intelligent design. Recognizing intelligence is a quality of intelligence. When intelligent people refuse to believe in God, it is for no other reason than that they hate the idea their true thoughts and feelings and hidden deeds might have moral consequences.

 Man's great shortsightedness is in his crediting man for man's creativity. 

 We are told the universe began in the past. The truth is, it is created one moment after another and nothing exists but  everything that was, is or will be, coexists, synchronized into this moment. Which is not to say there are not consequences both for what we remember having done wrong, and what we don't remember having done wrong. 

Not only deeds have consequences, so do thoughts, dreams and fantasies.

 Knowledge accumulates through knowing what one perceives and becomes a growing memory. Knowledge is surrounded by beliefs and beliefs believed to be ineffable truth are immutable convictions. Such convictions cause wars. 

 Enlightenment comes
in lightening like flashes of intuition,
creating an ever expanding vision
of the infinitesimal fraction of The One,
which is your human mind. 


 And within,
the thunder of Divine Wisdom,
reverberates in echoes,
shattering the idols of false gods.
Ever dispelling the ignorance,
that comes from fearful clinging
to what is of no avail. 

Reverberating Thunder

 OK God, Do with me whatever you will.
Make me big or make me small.
Give me all or take all away.
I only want you, anyway.
Break me and make me and shatter the fragments.....
...... set my dust on fire.
May all of my sparks Be, Come, and Become Your Fulfilled Desire.
I will only ever be what you will make of me.
I want nothing else. 

The greatest of Galaxies is nothing but sparks within sparks, seen from a distance.

World beware and be warned.
When a Jew loves God as much as I do, the way that I do,
with such an intensity and expansion of heart,
My God, I will blow this Fukking world apart,
and in the void will come something old and new,
the same as before but different in times,
a fulcrum inversal of infinite History  lines. 

It goes on and on.
Getting closer and farther apart, at once.
Growing and getting smaller. 





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