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A True Jew is A Moslem, Too! 1111

Concerning Islam 1111
Any Interpretation of Scriptures  That Seeks To Violently Coerce and Enforce Faith is False and Evil 1111

The Purpose of Creation is to Bring About In The Human Mind,
 Complete and Totally Willful
SURRENDER To God's Creativity,
Thus Evoking Gratitude and Thanksgiving,
without any FURTHER need for sacrifice to accomplish the above. 
One By One, In The Creator's Good Time. All Mankind And All Women Will Come To Faith in The God of Art 1111 

    I believe absolutely and with no doubt whatsoever in One Great Merciful God Almighty known in Arabic as Allah. I believe absolutely and with no doubts whatsoever that The Great Prophet Mohamed was indeed a Prophet in the same Spirit and way and Direction as were The Great Hebrew Prophets upon whom he based his Faith and Founded his teachings. 
Not For No Good Reason Is There A Mosque on The Temple Mount 1111

I have prayed in  a Mosque and been welcomed into A Moslem's home as a convert, where I was served a meal, blessed, and sent on my way. In no way did this change my interpretation of Hebrew Scriptures and my understanding of תורת יהוה (The Teachings of The Creator Lord) as taught by Moses. To the contrary, this was the fulfillment of that understanding.

A true Jew must be a Moslem, too. But A Moslem doesn't have to be a Jew,  only observe the Sabbath as The Seventh Day, like Jews.
The Hebrew Prophets Taught The Seventh Day as The Day of Rest.

   I am also a Jew but not because I believe in what is called today Judaism. I am a Jew because I believe in the transcendent nature of Prophetic Hebrew Culture which gave birth to both Judaism and Islam. I am also a Moslem in that I believe in One Almighty Creator God, my own interpretations of the The Prophets before Mohamed and I believe in my interpretations of The Great Prophet Mohamed's Koran, Mohamed being the last great Prophet to the nations until my advent as the Teacher who will properly interpret Islam.

 I am The Mahdi, this according to my own interpretations of The Koran and The Hebrew Bible.
  Islam is The Art of Surrendering to The Creator's (whose Name in Arabic is Allah) Will. I will interpret Islam as The Messiah, Son of David,  from Mount Zion. As David as prophesied in The Koran and before Islam, by All of The Hebrew Prophets.
There will be Signs and Wonders Unseen By Mankind Since The Dawn of The First Day in Adam's Mind

   Islam is an eternal religion that will survive Christianity and the present religion called Judaism. For the last 1400 years or so it has been going through difficulties due to rigid literal interpretations of The Koran, bringing about great misunderstandings, strife and bloodshed among Moslems and between Moslems and Jews. There should be no strife between Moslems and Jews. My interpretations of Islam will restore it to it's great peace making purpose.

   The Trouble Islam has had with Christianity has been strictly caused by Christianity and Christian leaders Popes and nations. 

Let He or She who would refute what I teach do so and show how their teaching enhances life more than mine.

The Most Important word in The Hebrew Language is the essence of the Arabic Word for God, Allah.

This word is the Hebrew Word. EL. אל 

In English this word can be translated firstly as "To" or "Towards", meaning in the direction of. As it is The One Creator God who gives direction to all there is, in all of Creation, the word also means God. 

In Creation, everything is in motion and has a direction. It is The Creator that determines the direction of all that moves. It is The Creator's Will that is The Primal Cause for All Motion, in All Space, in All Times. Everything that moves, does so as part of Creation and does so with purpose. 

The purpose of Creation manifests in the human experience which is what transpires in The Evolving Human Mind.

The concept of Motion with Direction and Purpose is the manifestation of life itself as perceived and conceived in The Evolving Human Mind. 

The perception and direction of motion with purpose is the fundamental necessity that makes a mind, (any mind, with any degree of sophistication or complexity), what it is, for the following reasons.

To conceive motion  necessitates first the conception of even more fundamental concepts. 
v838 and 838 is The Messiah

The First is SPACE. There can be no motion without space to move in. Space is a view point of at least 2 dimensions.for a duration of time in 3 dimensional space. This is a triangle.
11:11 is The Time To Make Your Wish For World Peace

The Second is TIME. There can be no motion without perception with duration of a change in location in space. 

The Third is The Concept of SUBJECT-OBJECT. The viewpoint from which motion is perceived is the Subject. That which moves and the space  in which it moves in, are The Elemental Object.

The Fourth is The Concept of MEMORY. It is impossible to determine motion or direction without a memory of  the past position of that which is determined to be in motion. 
The mind has absolutely nothing in it but symbols that are meaningfully organized with sophisticated syntax, representing what we believe or imagine to be reality.

The Fifth is The Concept of SYMBOL. The memory is only a symbolic representation of what was and is no longer TRUE, this being the perception of motion (change) itself where one compares the location in space of an object and differentiates between where it is presently perceived and the memory of where it was perceived in the past. This is always done in the present, the present itself is created by the differentiation between symbols of the past and the perception of  what is perceived now. 
One is as Conscious as One is Responsible for All  Life and All Living Things That Exist in One's Mind as Aspects of  One's Self 

The Sixth is The Concept of  CONSCIOUSNESS. Consciousness is the comparison of what is- with what was and is now symbolized in the memory. 

The Seventh is The Concept of PURPOSE. The Purpose of Creation and all the motion with direction within it, is the experience of an evolving human mind, which is capable of having an Aesthetic Experience wherein the Glory of God's Creativity is appreciated in Gratitude and Thanksgiving.


"I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before thee life and death, the blessing and the curse; therefore choose life, that thou mayest live, thou and thy seed;"

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