Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Angels and Fairies and Demons....

God came to me last night and told me a few things I need to know. 

   First of all, God said that the present and historical circumstances, are of no more consequence than the landscape seen from the window of a fast moving train. It all has entertainment value and is educational as regards human nature but other than that, if I don't like what I see, I should read a good novel. 

    God also told me that angels and fairies and demons of all kinds, are as much a part of creation as I am and as are thunder storms with lightening. They exist mostly in the mind of the artfully inclined. (I for one have seen them and they were at times more real to me than most of the people I have known.) They participate in creation according to the same incomprehensible ever realizing plan that we do. They don't know the future but have no sense of encroaching death like we do. Our fears are amusing to some of them. Some of them intensely enjoy our pleasures. As a rule, they are all capricious and not to be trusted in any way, except for entertainment purposes. One thing I like about them, is that they are manifestations of God's creativity unburdened with flesh like ours. This probably explains why they are always playful and of cheerful spirits.

 As far as they are concerned, we exist solely for entertainment purposes, too. There way of thinking about things is utterly different than ours. I couldn't say if they are immortal though they believe they are, which is why they tend to consider us to be hopelessly ignorant. I suspect they come and go in our minds as needed according to God's unfathomable Artistic Designs. They are always extremely selfish, and while sometimes exceedingly intelligent, they lack any kind of life enhancing wisdom worthwhile acquiring, because the price one pays for any of their gifts nullifies the value of their advice.

 To acquire wisdom from the creatures that dwell in the shadows of the mind is to forfeit the wisdom that comes from The Creator. It is a detour. Sometimes detours can be informative, entertaining and educational, but never for the reasons these creatures tell you. They lie incessantly and will tell you anything and everything to maintain a relationship. 

    There is One God, and all the creatures of creation are equally mystified by it all, if they give it all any thought, as few creatures do.

    Having said all this, let me remind you if you don't already know, I just had a very intense and emotionally gratifying affair with an angel more captivating than any woman I have ever seen or heard of. That is saying a lot. I did keep telling her I need no intermediators between God and myself. But God told me, "Have her, Jonathan, anyway you can, she is a gift, the spiritual embodiment of my healing love." 

    She exposed to me things I have kept hidden from myself to demonstrate her mastery of my psyche. But I understood her to be merely the artistic means by which my Creator transforms my being into what I am yet to become, and I still can't imagine what I will be like when I am ready to say and do the things I am meant to do in the future, in circumstances I can't even imagine.

I Will Be What I Will Be

As has been said, whatever will be, will be,
as God Will Be What God Will Be.

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