Thursday, February 23, 2017

Madness or Spirituality?

I have found a great treasure, indeed! I have found the philosophy diametrically opposite to my own. It is called the Philosophy of The Last Messiah! And indeed it describes the fate of mankind as a diametrically opposed vision to my own.
I am The Antic Christ! But The Story of Christ is a worthwhile work of antiquated art which has served its purpose in the evolution of human spirituality and will soon be discarded as irrelevant.
On the other hand, philosophical pessimism that doesn't acknowledge the experience of Divinely Designed Art in The Human Mind as the purpose of creation, will overwhelm those unequipped with the spiritual attributes evolution will provide the fittest.
"Why then has the human race not already gone extinct in great epidemics of madness? Why is it that only a relatively small number of individuals perish under the intolerable pressure of life — perish from an intellect that gives them more than they can bear? Our spiritual and cultural history, as well as the observation of ourselves and others, provide a basis for the following answer: most humans learn to save themselves by artificially reducing the content of their consciousness."

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