Friday, February 24, 2017

The Divine Design of The Internet

This happens to me more and more frequently. I wake up at all hours of the night with a stream of thoughts going through my mind. It always has to do with enhancing my knowledge of God. It reminded me of how. with today's communications technology, one can be informed of impending information with vibrations, sounds and lights on ones computer, tablet or cell phone. So it is with me. Something goes on inside me so emphatically that it can awaken me from sleep. It always comes with a sense of urgency pulsating in my consciousness in such a way that grabs my attention and awakens in me a desire to record whatever it is on the internet, because it is valuable for others, too. Connecting to God in one's conscious mind is the most valuable thing anyone can do.
The internet is a perfect metaphor for attaining a knowledge of God.
As in connecting to the internet, there are prerequisites for a connection with the Divine.
One needs three things.
1. Hardware.
2. Software.
3. Information formatted as Electromagnetic energy.
1.The hardware is one's brain. Every human brain is capable of some degree of conscious connection with God. No one who has a normal, run of the mill, undamaged human brain is excluded. Even if one's brain is abnormal by reason of genetic or environmental chemical pathology or imbalance, tumors, or mutations that change its functioning structure such as in Downs Syndrome, by definition, the human brain itself is designed to facilitate this connection and make it available to everyone. Just as modern technology makes the attainment of a mechanical means of internet connection available to human beings all over the world, in ever growing numbers, so evolution has produced a human brain capable of connection with the Divine in its basic operating structure. Every human brain has as parts of its structure a modem
2. As in connecting to the internet, it is not enough to have the appropriate hardware. It isn't enough to have a brain with the potential for a connection to The Divine to have one. Without a browser on one's materiel communication device one cannot access the information on the word wide net. And so it is with the brain. Without certain ideas one cannot achieve a working connection with God. In the past, connection with the internet was accomplished using physical means, electric wire or optic fiber, making it less available to those with no such materiel infrastructure. As regards human spirituality and its evolving, it was once believed that God was only available at certain locations and or under specific spiritual conditions such as those achieved by sacrificial ceremony. These ideas limited man's ability to connect to God, just as today, a lack of internet infrastructure inhibits the availability of connection for people who otherwise might have everything necessary to do so.
But just as technology has greatly increased the availability of ISP services, so new ideas about spirituality provide the mental software necessary to recognize the presence of Divine Design everywhere one is and anytime one chooses to.
One might liken this to the perception of information that there is going to be a party on the internet to celebrate God.
First one must have the means to receive such information as through ones eyes or ears, so one needs a brain, which is the hardware but not necessarily a computer or cell phone. One can hear about the internet without being connected to it. One must believe the internet exists before achieving any kind of understanding about how to use it. So upon hearing there is a party to celebrate God on the internet, one must know what the internet is and believe a connection to it is available in order to make this incoming data valuable. One doesn't necessarily need to believe in God in order to accept that people might want to celebrate His Existence by connecting their minds together on an internet media and exchange with each other celebratory exclamations in what they choose to call a party. Now if one lacks the idea that one wants to find out if this celebrated God exists or not, if one tells one's self that one doesn't care, that its not valuable or even detrimental to contemplate such an option, it can be said that one lacks the software, the browser for connection. Just as one can acquire a browser by purchasing a computer and having one come with it, as what happens when one is born into a family of faith in God that educates and indoctrinates one with the idea that God is available through prayer or otherwise, or just as one can be be given a browser from others, as in being told by friends or acquaintances that there is God and he is available, so today the software, the ideas needed to connect with God are available everywhere one goes, particularly on the internet itself.
In the not so distant past, to acquire new information without moving one's body, one needed to sit still and listen to someone tell a story about some aspect of the world. Knowledge of the world at large and The Divine in particular could only be passed from one to another through oral traditions and cultural legacies. Or one could achieve it by one's self.
This other option, less widely available, was to simply sit still and watch the heavens change. To increase one's knowledge of the environment one had to move around in it when not told about it by others. Only those who were supported by the culture around them could afford the luxury of observing the sky and seeing that natural order that seemed to intimate there is wisdom in the design of things and where there is wisdom there is life and so there might be a Wise Designer or Designers who are alive and somehow approachable. The supplication of the invisible wisdom that seems to manage the affairs of the world is a natural extension of the brains capability of postulating the existence of God and attempting to contact him. This came naturally to all human cultures in all of history and comes naturally even to the most primitive cultures today, that lack even the technology of the written word, but is some how lacking as common knowledge for vast amounts of people.
In other words, today, something is getting in the way of people's acquiring the software necessary for a connection to God. and something inhibits the natural development of such ideas and it is simply the dogma and doctrines that there is no God or that He is unavailable or uncaring and therefor there is no good to come from attempting to connect with Him.
People don't have and can't acquire the browser needed because of malignant programs that corrupt the attainment of a connection with the Divine ISP.
Without workable ideas concerning that nature of God's availability and the benefits of attaining such a connection, it is unlikely to occur, despite the innate tendency of the human mind to seek out and realize such a connection when uninhibited by obstructive ideological programs such as communism or materialism or the inadequacies of scientific methodologies.
3. Today, the technology of the electromagnetic means of  transferring information make an internet connection available every where on earth through satellites. In the same way, a connection with God is possible everywhere and anytime if one has the idea that such a connection is possible. Like electromagnetic waves, God's Presence permeates every space perceived in a human mind, making it possible to set up a connection with Him merely by connecting to the space contained in one's own mind, with the intent to receive some kind of information through perception by means of God's Omnipresence.

Ask and you shall be given. Knock, and the door shall open.

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