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Some Simple Self Evident Mind Blowing Truths

No one would argue against the fact that an IPhone demonstrates intelligent design. Its design is intelligent because the IPhone serves the purpose of facilitating communication and it does so by managing and making information available to the user. Intelligence itself always has to do with the efficiency of communication and its enhancement.

An IPhone is created by people's hands and hands are controlled by the brain. Just as the IPhone demonstrates intelligent design, so does the brain and hand relationship that creates it.

The brain and the hand are created through a process whereby the genes of an individual act as a symbolic blueprint for their creation. The brain and the bodies sensory organs such as the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin, as well as the hands and the feet all facilitate communication and demonstrate intelligent design. The human body demonstrates intelligent design because it facilitates communication between one human and another as well as between a human and the environment.

The human body is created by the forces of nature around it environmentally as well as temporally. It is the end product of a chain of biological and physical mechanical events that go back beyond the beginning of the galaxy. This chain of events demonstrates intelligent design because it creates the human brain which is the receiving terminal of communications coming from other brains as well as information from the environment. The brain is intelligently designed by nature and therefor nature itself must be intelligent, because it is the ultimate source of all the information received, stored and processed in the brain as well as the brain itself.

Intelligence is self evident in design and the accomplishment of purpose, whereas the lack of intelligence is self evident in chaos and the incapability to accomplish purpose. Without a knowledge of purpose one cannot determine intelligence. The creation of chaos can be itself intelligently designed during conflict to convince one's enemy how hopelessly stupid he is, in that he cannot prevent his designs from decaying into chaos. Once one's enemy is convinced he is too stupid to win the war, he surrenders to his victors higher intelligence so that his chaos be restored to designed order.

The information arriving into the brain comes from the temporal development of the organic body that composes and contains it, as such is stimulated by vibrations occasioned by the flow of information in the temporal and spacial environment. All the mechanical and chemical stimulation of the central nervous system registers as electronic activity, all of which is processed and some of which becomes a conscious flow of perception, sensation, feeling and emotion as well as the different kinds of thought, all of which have in common the use of symbols arranged according to the dictates of some kind of language, as a sequence of some degree of significance. Everything that goes on in the flow of that which is conscious activity represents some kind of postulated reality about that which is going on, in and around and about the organic body.

If an IPhone is A and a human brain is B and the natural environment that creates the human brain is C,
then A=B=C as regards the quality of intelligent design. A and B and C do not look like each other in any way, shape or form except that they are all composed of matter and conduct electric activity to facilitate communication and are equally endowed with the the quality of demonstrating intelligent design. They all are intricate and sophisticated and complex and dynamic though on vastly different scales.

A and B and C all contain components that can only be understood in the context of other components that surround them, the surrounding components also only to be completely understood in the context of their greater environment.

The final significance of any component of a creation intelligently designed, can only be determined by a full knowledge of that which proceeded it in the chain of creation, a full knowledge of that which influences it and it influences in present time, and that which follows it as a chain of consequence, spatially and temporally.

Because we have no coherent means of perceiving the future, the past prior to the keeping of physical records, or the environment beyond our instruments of perception, one can safely say that the final significance of any part of intelligent creation cannot be fully known, only speculated on.

These speculations are based on the assumption that the continuous perception of repetitive patterns of motion in the behavior of mass that registers as information in the brain, indicates the existence of persistent universal laws. In other words, the very existence of a pattern of motion that registers on the nervous system and is processed by the brain is indicative of an intelligent design that uses laws and creates objects the final significance of, cannot be completely determined.

The most fundamental definition of communication is an intelligent cause affecting through the use of law, an effect which duplicates the intent of the cause.

A law is a principle that governs the behavior of mass. An effect is a circumstance of mass. An affect is the means of the creation of an effect. Intelligence is that which determines the efficiency of the utilization of the components of the affect, in the creation of an effect that duplicates the intent of cause.

All effects are transient as the circumstance of mass is ever dynamic.

A complete knowledge of cause is unattainable as by its nature and definition it exists outside the shifting dynamic confines of the effects it creates and it can only be known through the limitations of the perceptions of its created effects.

The brain's processing of information always perceives a temporal and spatial difference between the location of an origin of a chain of consequences, the components of that chain and its final event. No part of the chain of consequence can be finally appreciated for its significance until the chain is complete.

One cannot know the full potential and significance of the seed of a tree until one takes into account every tree ever reproduced from that seed and the consequence of every one of those trees' fruits eaten as well as the meaning of the shade of those trees for those who took shelter in it from the sun and the rain.

All of this is self evidently the product of intelligent design.

WARNING The implications of the written above are counter intuitive

 and can cause cognitive dissonance. Cool

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