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God is A Fire and a Corrosive Truth

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God is A Fire and His is a  Corrosive Truth,
which is why I have become who I am.
All the barriers in my mind have been burned away
and I fly like a hot air balloon
over the world of mice and men,
transcendent, ascendant, up up and away,
so high but for the Will of God I would die.
Now let me tell you about The Jews!
Look at them. They embrace to their breast
The Book that condemns them to their death.
They don't understand it, never did.
And the few who do and would explain,
they stone and kill, and treat with disdain.
No wonder I am in so much pain.
They learn and worship the great minds
of many who had not a clue
what it means to stick to God
as if one is covered in His Holy Glue.
Oh these Jews!
They interpret endlessly interpretations
of what was never understood,
for hours and hours without end,
and pray at a wall that they kiss
and stick in it little notes of paper
with sundry lists of requests.
As if it is a mailbox that delivers their messages to heaven.
OH, The Irony of It All.
They talk to The Wall. Brick wall
A people blind to a maelstrom of signs and wonders.
The "People of The Book",
Who God said he would destroy
for not keeping its laws,
and he does so again and again.
The Book of God which Moses spoke of when he said,
"Forgive their sins,
or erase me, Please, from The Book You Have Written!"
What Book?
The Autobiography of יהוה(God)!
AKA "I Will Be What I Will Be!"
And His Prophets and His People
and their history and the History of His Name.
His Everlasting Flame and Its Eternal Fame.
A book of stories about a stiff necked people
and their God, who Glorifies His Name,
by burning them to cinders for their sins.
The sins He carries with Him
from one generation to the next.
The sins as written in The Book
that these same Jews cling to as they die,
just as it says they would, in tortured misery.
They die for the freedom to read it's daily portions,
though they don't understand what it says,
and the Book says "Stay Alive!"
and somehow they survive!
A Book of Stories written by
The Author of The Heavens and The Earth!
These Jews,
to whom Moses said,
"All of this because I have known, after my death,
you will corrode and corrupt (my teachings), and go off the path
which I have commanded you, and evil will befall you in the end of days!
All because you will do that which is evil in the eyes of יהוה (God),
to make Him angry, with the work of your hands!
Generation after generation,
Israel is The Messianic Oil of Anointment in a Lamp,
The Jews burn and the world sees The Light,
their eyes are given sight,
their ears can hear and their heart understand,
"Hearken and Look, the Jews are back in their land."
But the Jews? They still don't know
the author of their own story.
Yes! The Jews are His People,
closer to Him than any other,
of those close to יהוה it is said,
"Among those close to Me I will be sanctified
and in the face of all the people I will be honored!"
He burnt His own Priests at the alter of sacrifice.
And Moses tells the Jews that Their Lord says,
“You will become to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.”!"
Is not The Holocaust a Burnt Offering?
The Burning of The Priests?
And wasn't that the evil of The End of Days?
Or is it yet to come? Is it yet undone?
Why does God tell me not to pray for His people
that I would love to die for?


A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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