Monday, March 27, 2017

How To Confront Your Own Imminent Death 1111

 See the picture above? It is a symbol of your own home town. Don't just frown and turn your mind away. Seoul will be the first city to be blown to smithereens, On September 11, 2017. That's Fucking Soon, now isn't it?

  Seoul In Just A Few Days- on 9/11. Familiar Date? 

Very soon a lot of people are going to die.
People die every day, you might say.
But I mean many all at once
when a city turns to dust.
There will be explosions and billowing grey smoke.
The sky will go dark.
Buildings will collapse unlike 911.
So to those who care I say this,
and would have you keep this in mind.
Death is life's way of removing barriers
to an improved perspective.
It increases context
and allows for a reevaluation of content
by life itself.
Life is always learning,
learning so fast!
Ever more sophisticated and complex,
rearranging itself through every kind of sex.
Life never dies, all that die are lies
and fabrications of the mind.
Life loves killing itself
because it can never die,
but it loves the drama of the sigh.
It loves shedding skin to be reborn
like a little girl playing with her mother's wardrobe.
All departures create new space
both for the departed and those left behind.
So when death becomes rampant and evident
and on an unprecedented scale,
don't be fooled by the melodrama
of the means of destruction
and the politics of mutually inflicted chaos
by those who voice reasons for despair.
Life is learning lessons on the fields of mayhem
that human bodies are too narrow to define.
When there are people
dying in the streets around you,
prepare yourself to die.
Let go of the intent to inflict death
and instead embrace it for yourself.
Choose the perspective of an opportunity
to grow beyond the confines of narrow ideas
that justified coercion of the mind.
Live and let live is no idle cliche,
in the void there is room for everyone.

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