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The End of The Beginning of The End 929

September 11. 2001 was the beginning of the end and September 29th,  2017 will mark the end, of the beginning....of the end.

My Experience of September 11th

I had completely run out of money.

Sarah, the exotic dancer from San Fransisco, had moved out of the apartment and left me alone to continue paying rent, something I couldn't do. I still gave a few English lessons every week which earned me enough for food. Instead of concerning myself with getting money somehow for rent, I went on a series of one man demonstrations against Ariel Sharon and his friendly relationship with George W. Bush. With my last hundred shekels I had printed out a 1000 copies of a page condemning Sharon for praising Bush, who I saw as actively complacent in the travesty of  September 11th, 2001. I walked wearing sack cloth, back and forth in front of The Likud headquarters in Tel Aviv. I gave out to the secretaries in the Likud building, free copies of the book I had written on the discrepancies,  contradictions and out right lies in the official version of the events of that infamous day. The book is still sold today in Israel.

A Picture Of The Book I Wrote On September 11

At this time I was getting free internet services from a shop owned by a woman named Dina who had taken a fancy to me and was very helpful. I was relentlessly trying to spread the truth and I told her what I believed about 911 and gave her a copy of my book. Sometimes she would ask me to watch the shop when she went on errands which I readily did. On one such occasion, confused and uncertain if the overwhelming urge I had to protest Sharon and invest my very meager resources was the right thing to do, I accidentally  knocked two cell phones off a shelf above my head, when I got up suddenly from the internet near the cash register to service a customer who needed to pay.  I was very absorbed into what I was writing on the internet and the client surprised me when they raised their voice and asked for service. It was about 10:30 in the morning. I took their money and put it into the cash register and then bent down to pick up the phones. They had both miraculously jumped to 11:11 on their displays.

The site I was writing on was a site of people who keep seeing 11:11 or the number 11.

When I told Dina that I had no place to stay as I had no money to pay rent where I had been staying, she offered me a room in a building of mostly migrant workers from Africa. The room was full of junk and was in serious need of a thorough cleaning, but it was obviously a solution that was part of the Divine Design of my unfolding narrative and when Dina said I could work in the shop to pay the rent I was overjoyed and full of gratitude towards her and to God. She had heard from me my stories about the number 11 and 11:11 and after she offered me the room, her computer suddenly jumped to the date November 11 or11/11 as it appeared on her screen. She started calling me a man of God.

I had a room, as much free access to the internet as I wanted and Dina even agreed to give me some pocket money above the value of the rent for my tending the shop. It was quickly obvious to her that all my attention was on writing on the 11:11 site and despite this, she had me tend shop even as I was mostly oblivious to what was going on when she wasn't there.

I started seeing the number 929 everywhere, first on license plates. Then there was a big sign hanging with a telephone number that had 929  in it. Someone came into the shop with an  address 9/29 on some street somewhere. At the same time, I started to have visions and dreams of a volcanic eruptions and some kind of natural disaster. It came into my mind that September 29th, 2004, would mark the date of some kind of event that would be catastrophic,  particularly as I woke up with the Hebrew Words    אש על צפון מערב which mean "Fire on The Northwest" and I knew it to mean in the USA. The value of these Hebrew Words in Gematria is 939 like the value of my name as well as the phrase from the Book Of Jeremiah which speaks of the True  Prophet sent by God or
 הנביא אשר שלחו יהוה which also equals 939.

In addition to this, the events of 119, as the date is written in Hebrew, were what led mt to believe that God was making of me a prophet in the spirit of the Hebrew Prophets, as I had been aware of this number weeks before the date of the tragedy and it meant for me something catastrophic causing a loss of faith and great weeping. In Hebrew אבדה האמונה  means "faith was lost" and as I understood it later, my faith was lost in government both in the USA and in Israel. 119 also equals ויבכו בכי גדול which means "and they wept greatly" as many did because of all the death and destruction. 119 also equals "Prophet of God" or in Hebrew נביא ליהוה which as I said, I believed I was becoming.

After I began working at Dina's shop, this is what I wrote in response to someone saying 11:11 has nothing to do with what happened on September 11, 2001, which as an event was thick with synchronicity around the number 11.

Jun 23, 2004
What happened on Sept. 11 has everything to do with 11:11 in my
opinion, as had I not investigated the synchronicity of the number
11 and that tragedy, I would never have discovered all I have come
to believe as to what is really going on in the world. If 11:11 is a
wake up call, the first thing one need wake up to is the matrix of
lies promoted by your political leaders. All of them.
If you don't investigate 9-11 and the number 11, you won't have a
solution for the 11 experience. investigate. its all there on the
internet and your life depends on independent thinking.

Don't let go of this one till you know what you think about it, after

Then,  I wrote this.

past, coming, or delusions of reality?

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Jun 29, 2004
This is such a lonely path, sometimes. Were it not for this "living
presence" whispering sweet consolations within me, I might have died
one thousand times. Maybe I did. Yet still I breathe and look out my
eyes at the colors and shapes, seeing the pieces of the world forever
falling into shifting patterns.

Sweet waves of nameless bliss roll over the island which is me.
Still I remain my self, looking, looking, looking about the ocean
around me, watching for the ship of my missing other.

Where are you, my love? Are you lost at sea? Have you gone down
under the waves into dark silences?

Has this world's shifting current carried you away forever? No, my
heart tells me, your love is mine. But where are you? Why am I alone
in my flesh? And who am I without you? So much silence, but for the
wind's whispering, I cherish my own thoughts as they drift through
me, I look at clouds of ideas like children do at the sky.

How will this story end? I ask myself that again and again as I wait
for the signs that only come when I'm not looking.

In my prayers I call out to the author of all, for how long must I

In my dreams come these visions.

Why the fire, Lord, why the liquid red flames?

Only more visions come.

The earth splitting open from within, swallowing the green living
things, turning bones into diamonds. Cracks across vast distances,
water into steam, birds plummet and mountains go flat like lakes of
black glass in which only nothing reflects.

Is this future or past? Perhaps just the feverish imaginings of a
lonely soul yearning to melt, merge, become part of something? Anger
denied becoming visions of wrath?

You decide.

I wait for my lover and dream of fire, surrounded by horizons of sea.
As it turned out and unknown to me, an asteroid was destined to pass by the earth on September 29th that same year and I was asked if that  is the event I am talking about. This is what I wrote in response.

Aug 24, 2004
--- In 11-11@yahoogroups.com, "Lisa" <dreamktcher1111@y...> wrote:
> Is this what you heard of that you think will happen then?
> http://www.rense.com/general50/sep29th2004.htm
I have heard of this but other than the obvious synchronicity between
this date and event and what I have been saying, I have no reason to
believe this is specifically what I am seeing. We are moving through
a place in outer space full of unknowns, and so we could worry about
something like this, and then a volcanoe will erupt and send lava so
high it falls from the sky someplace else. The solution is to
disregard the specifics of what will happen, and pray for guidance
that tells you the individual what to do and how to behave during
fears and uncertainties. The devil is in the details, its been said. 

Over the course of the next weeks up until September 29th, there was a series of volcanic eruptions leading up towards The Pacific Northwest, culminating in The Eruption of Mount Saint Helen. 
All of these developments are reported on in this 11:11 list and anyone interested can follow the developing drama in the posts. 
When Mount Saint Helens erupted, it was no catastrophe. No one was killed. The official eruption date was September 29th, 2004, as posted here.
 "The Second Anniversary of the 2004 to present eruption of Mount St. Helens
Bullets for Media Briefing, September 29, 2006

Overview of the eruption
Volumes, dimensions and eruption rates
Current conditions
Significance the Mount St. Helens eruption
Some recent investigations
Other Work - New Alert Level Notification System


Following 18 years of eruptive quiescence, Mount St. Helens began showing signs of unrest in late September 2004 and began a sustained dome-building eruption on 11 October 2004. The volcano continues to erupt today.
A series of steam-and-ash explosions began on 1 October through 6 October, followed by the first appearance of hot rock above the glacial surface on 11 October 2004
Since dome growth began, there have been only two explosive events: one in mid-January 2005 and the other early March 2005. Neither event was preceded by precursory activity. Both destroyed numerous instruments within the crater, emplaced small pebbles on the crater rim and resulted in a light dusting of ash on the volcano?s flanks.
Dome growth has been continuous since 11 October 2004. Six of the seven spines to date were extruded during the first year (October 2004-October 2005).
The first of four prominent spines or whalebacks (smooth-sided, elongate extrusions of mostly solid rock) grew southward and to the east, impinging on and greatly deforming the east crater glacier. With the formation of spine 6 at the end of year 1, we saw a redirection in dome growth towards the west and the beginning deformation of the west crater glacier.
Activity over the past year (October 2005-September 2006) has been steadily ongoing but with a slower extrusion rate compared to the past year.
There have been no explosive events over the past year.
Since October 2005, lava dome growth has centered on spine 7. It?s growth has been accompanied by numerous rockfalls The largest rockfall occurred on 29 May 06 that produced an ash plume that rose to at least 16,000 feet and a rock avalanche that swept over the eastern part of the 1980-86 lava dome, damaging two instruments and flowing about � the distance towards the crater mouth. This is the first time that a rock avalanche from a collapse has flowed beyond the margins of the 1980-86 lava dome. ......."

A few days less than three months later, an estimated 280,000 people died as a result of The Boxer Day Tsunami on December 26th, 2004.
There was a change of paradigm in my mind for sure. With everything else that had happened to me until then, I became absolutely certain that I am a True Prophet of  יהוה  God and I am The Messiah of The Jews. It seemed far more reasonable to believe that  the synchronicity I was experiencing was truly a sign that God had a plan for me, than to believe it was all just a meaningless coincidence, a random series of events that I associated together  as a meaningful pattern because I am mentally ill and like many other mentally ill people, I see patterns where none exist. 
September 29th, 2017, will mark closure on the cycle that began on September 11, 2001.
911=Beginning   ראשית
929 will be the end......of the beginning.

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