Thursday, March 30, 2017

One Of Simulated Realities, Minds, Computers And Kisses

Ultimately, the idea of a computer simulated reality in which we are unwitting spectators can be abstracted into a solipsistic experience in which it is impossible to determine the reality of anyone else being alive but ourselves. The perception of incoming information would have a source, particular and peculiar unto ourselves with no ability on our part to know the nature of the source or its agenda, with us being absolutely at the mercy of what might be chaos itself, coming together and falling apart for no reason whatsoever. 

Something like this. A coalescent mind state that fluctuates and becomes a  sequence of moments and a narrative with no lesson to be learned.

 Doing this.
For no reason whatsoever. Forever.

Except perhaps Art.

Art for Art's Sake?  

Perhaps, but it's no computer simulation.

It's God Almighty.

Everything emerges from an all inclusive and absolutely cohesive unity,
represented by the

Number One as God.
All inclusive because no circle can be drawn around The One, as The One includes all circles and spheres and is part of none. It is the essence of All Inclusive Containment that has no borders or boundaries and is greater than infinite because there is no counting it in any kind of calculation and no measurement of its duration.  It is absolutely cohesive because there is no space in its elemental essence that can be increased  or diminished, it is not in motion and is perfectly static in relation to all it contains, which is everything but itself. It is neither fractal or composed of quanta, rather contains all phenomenon of fractal and quantified natures. 
It is that which imagines the impossibility of a kiss coming together through math and physics alone and imagines all the sensations and feelings that fill the empty spaces and make touching possible. It contains the idea of everlasting transcendence and ascendance, making possible an ever growing perspective and increasing context from which can be appreciated all that is Sublimely and Divinely Designed.  

It is not a computer simulation but that which simulates computers and the minds that use them and then makes them real by reason of the kisses they enable. A kiss cannot last for if it did, kissing would put an end to all other activity, in short order. 

We Are Not In A Computer Simulation

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