Saturday, April 22, 2017

Aaron Swartz, an Internet Messiah 1111

 This Post is inspired by Aaron Swartz, who saved the Internet from Corporate Greed and died so we could be free.

This Young Jew Embodied Everything Admirable About Hebrew Culture

What he says here is a statement of the fundamental Hebrew Principle, "Do all you can to make things better!"
Recently I discovered that I have been very ignorant of  just how monumentally important the internet is. The sorry truth is that I had become very pessimistic of the future of mankind after 911. That so many people could see with their own eyes how three buildings were systematically blown up... (including the 47 stories of building 7)

It takes a tremendous amount of explosive energy to  pulverize so much concrete in a 110 story building and then eject it in what looks like pyroclastic flows. A very simple knowledge of physics and common sense should suffice to defend one's mind from the outrageously unfeasible explanation of the Bush Administration.

 And there is 47 story building number 7.

If this information is new to you, all you have to do is some internet research on your own. I strongly suggest you do so.

 ...and then believe an outrageous explanation for the collapse, caused me to lose faith in humanity's ability to self govern democratically. The draconian laws called so cynically the Patriot Act, seemed to doom the wondrous potentials of the internet for self education, innovation and enterprise- and turn it into the means for mass surveillance and population control. That there was so much information available about what had actually happened on 911 and that if made so little difference, disillusioned me of my previous faith in the power of the truth to cause rebellion against oppression. I detached myself from the world and used the internet solely to post chapters of my own evolving narrative, in the belief that my own story was so incredible, one day attention would be brought to it as a result of a correct prediction I would make concerning a calamitous event, such as will occur this September 29th, 2017.

To see how this prediction developed, start here. And if still interested...its all in my blog.

How I came to believe in the internet as The Biblical Book of Memory.

Today I saw a documentary on Aaron Swartz and strongly suggest that anyone interested in freedom of mind and man's rights to the fruits of civilization, see it and self educate by using The Internet.

It is my sincere belief that Aaron's contribution to the freedom of access to information on the Internet will be remembered forever.

The full potential of the Internet to Advance and Improve the condition of mankind all across the globe, can only be realized if All have access to All Academic Research!



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