Friday, April 21, 2017

Have Faith, Everything Is Art in My Burning Heart

Down With The American Government 
Down With American Intelligence Agencies
Watch the Spontaneous Combustion of  Fractal Fabrication
Burn Away The Digital Cobwebs Of Political Tyranny 
Hiding Behind The Guise of Democracy!

The Words of The God of Art (Everything is Art) to Jonathan Robbins," I will burn the forests of mystery in their minds with flying fire, I will hang fractal flames ablaze in the air. Beware, less you hesitate and deny the fury of my passion to destroy the liar's lairs. I will chase them down with poetic irony that spins their minds backwards in time,

Now ask yourself this. Does it look like this building is collapsing or like it is being blown apart?

Do you believe what you see or what you are told to believe about what you see, even when it makes no sense?

 I will confuse and confound the sly and the cunning with equations of self denial, I will make their own thoughts go round in their heads in unceasing circles of inanity, 

I will explode their habitats of mass deceit, I will chase them down with facts that subtract their most cherished beliefs, until their minds are docile and impotent and empty and insane. 

Does anyone really believe Trump is an improvement?

I am furiously enraged. I am completely engaged. I will destroy the world in their minds and turn it all to black ashes.  

And you, beware and be strong and be fearless and prepare yourself within to stand still in a circle of spin."

A terrible war is about to break out.
"Do not mourn the dead." Says The Lord of Circumstance and Consequence. "Rejoice in the upheaval of barriers, the falling of  walls, the demolishing of obstruction. I make way for My Word to pulse on the web, for My Truth to expand and to spread."  

On September 29th, 2017, American Culture Will Sink Beneath The Threshold of Global Significance


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