Monday, April 17, 2017

Increasingly Astonished Through Self Reflection

"Wisdom increases through persistent self reflection, the cross reference of experiences, and the extrapolation of creative aesthetic  principles." Quotes of the Messiah

I am ever increasingly astonished by the change I am experiencing in the value and significance of  my memories. All of the events that have shaped my life, make more and more sense.  Everything falls into place and nothing is without reason or purpose.

There is absolutely no random motion, all is the product of intent and my mind is intelligently designed in the smallest details of my past and present experience. Every occasion of confusion, caused by what appeared at the time to be chaos, served the purpose of making me let go of preconceptions about the nature of life, this so I could embrace a more encompassing vision.

To understand this picture one must keep in  mind that it was created  itself by an exterior invisible agent as  an act of intelligent design. The picture represents an idea in its creator's mind. One might imagine either side of the picture causing the other side to come into existence. A complex and evolving (perhaps chaotically)  universe creating  Man, or a God Like Man (perhaps chaotically) creating a complex and evolving universe in His Own Mind. Both The Man and the Universe, as Creator and Created, as Cause and Effect, each as  either or both, are created as a static image and placed into our minds, by the Mysterious External and Invisible Artist.

 Reality though, intelligently designed or not, is never static. Hence any static picture might very well be misleading. One cannot comprehend creation unless one sees it over time, just as one cannot understand a chicken unless one sees it emerge from an egg and after coupling with a rooster, lay an egg itself, an egg from which emerges another egg laying chicken.

Roosters, Eggs And Chickens Come Together

The Vision in my mind has everything to do with my comprehension of God and His relationship with me and that of His universe which is reflected into my mind from within me, from my genes and their production of my nervous system, brain and all of my physical body, and that part of His universe which is reflected into my mind through my nervous system from that which surrounds me, the physical universe, which is created around each and every one of us sentient creatures. Created around us and reflected partially into our minds through our nervous systems, no two of which are exactly the same.

God has created me so that my mind would secrete certain ideas into the internet, that are meant to describe a vision I have about the nature of mankind. These ideas have been evolving in my head over the course of the last 25 years, as the vision itself, sophisticated, dynamic and complex, has come together like a four dimensional kaleidoscopic structure in a seven dimensional consciousness.
It extends perpetually growing, like a number of  fractal equations cross referenced spatially and temporally.

 It now revolves around itself in my mind and my life around it. It is many faceted and all its parts are cross referenced in ways possible to Mathematics and Art.  It is ever evolving and growing in scope.  It defines the content and context of all of our lives. It is an experiencing living machinery that has both metaphysical and biological elements, producing ever expanding minds. These minds in turn resonate and cross reference each other,  and integrate each other's mental  products, onward and forever. 

There is no part of what I say, that is not better said by others. It's all there on the internet to be studied. What I write will attain  the value of being authoritative, because the story of my life and the phenomena of my describing it and what goes on in my mind, are meant to become recognized as a miraculous creation of God so that the idea of God can integrate human cultures towards a fellowship of Mankind and a common wealth of Interests.

I am The Final Resolution of The Messiah Mystery.

But what is The Messiah? Certainly it is unlike a tree or a chicken or a mountain in that one cannot point to a Messiah and everyone will then agree, there a Messiah is.

From my recent writings...

The Human Mind is a complex and consistent system that is created by a source outside itself, using certain fundamental equations as defined in math, classical physics, relativity and quantum mechanics. There is no unified field theory that can explain and encompass as a dynamic sophisticated working singularity of knowledge, all the reality of human consciousness. That is what poor old Godel proved with his theorem.

 All is because there is One God, who reserves the right to manifest His Creative and Artistic Will, according to certain aesthetic principles, that break all the rules of math and physics when it serves His Story Telling Intent to do so. All of Creation is about The Living Power of The Singular Creator to Share Creation with Itself, in the Mind of Man, as Art. Art is The Communication of Impression.

                        If I have an authoritative tone, that's because I am The Messiah.

Consistency is determined by the unwavering accomplishment of purpose and the purpose of the human mind is an aesthetic experience, which all humans have, whether they like it or not. As for power of argument, I never have any intent to argue because by definition argument has the intent to persuade whereas my intent is to provoke mind expanding thought or be so provoked, with no regard to the substance of the discussion being accepted by either side. As for Godel, " The first incompleteness theorem states that in any consistent formal system F within which a certain amount of arithmetic can be carried out, there are statements of the language of F which can neither be proved nor disproved in F. According to the second incompleteness theorem, such a formal system
cannot prove that the system itself is consistent (assuming it is indeed consistent)." 

In others words, there is no way to prove anything is completely consistent and that would include Godel's incompleteness theorem, now wouldn't it? 

No matter how you boil away redundancies, you are always left with a choice to believe something and that is an act of faith.

The Messiah is a transcendent mental construct that provokes mind expansion until an independent relationship with The Creator is established. Not every one needs one. 

Life is resolved as a conundrum when a personal relationship with The Creator is Established. Mystery, however remains and it has a lot to do with "What happens next?" 

Mathematics expands the mind through the integrative architecture of logical paradigms. It is like The Tower of Babel in that it fails where language does not suffice to express the space of its potential growth in someone's mind. I am no mathematician. My definition for consistency is from the dictionary. "unchanging in nature, standard, or effect over time." God's nature is consistently able to contain paradox, whereas math is not- and man's mind abhors paradox and seeks but never finds persistent consistency- except as an act of faith, because once you draw a larger circle around an inconsistency to resolve it, you need to make assumptions you must have faith in, to accept the harmonizing mathematical conclusion of the larger circle. 

 Poetry creates space for leaps of intuition that allow for encompassing mathematical insight. Without a sense of poetry and literature, as had Godel and Einstein and Newton and Bohm, and all great contributors to the accumulation of human knowledge, great leaps of insight don't happen. 

A messiah is not a tree or a mountain or a chicken so that you can point at one and say, "That's A Messiah." A messiah is anyone outside your own mind (circle), that is reflected into your mind- as a dynamic construct, the communication with whom enables you to have a transcendent experience of your own, whereby you achieve intercourse with The Great God of Art and no longer need messiahs, prophets or spiritual authorities of any kind. 

You are free from the spiritual government of this world. Once you become your own messiah, you own one. 

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