Monday, May 22, 2017

An Ace and The King Messiah 1111

It all starts out like this. 1

 Or maybe like this.

Two Lights Become One More Bright

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That is to say, there only is,  will only ever be, just1exact example of me. I am One example of something that can be. So are you. This is true. We are equally unique. Everything is equally unique and that is the only common identity. There is nothing in creation that isn't singularly itself. Unique is The One Common Identity of All.

Shortly after my conception, my heart started to beat as my brain became an electronic mind producing phenomenon and no one to this day can say how this all happens. How do chemical electric impulses that never cease as long as I live, become a sense of self with thoughts, feelings, memories and an imagination of the future?

 No One Knows for Now.

 No One Knows Enough To Say If Any One Ever Will Explain For Sure, How Electricity and Biological Electric Phenomena become self aware and able to say, "There is just 1 of me."

Between my conception until now, there is an unceasing oscillating coalescent synchronized incidence of electronic impulses ebbing and swelling creating a chain of moments, each one I know as NOW, arranged in a temporal sequence from my first memories, in a chain of events until this very moment itself. The Present Moment "Now" ever changing, ever becoming a self recording NOW that once recorded- recedes, and becomes a moment past, a memory.

Moment after moment of Now becoming Memory, surrounded by imaginations of what is going on surrounding me, in all the times and places I can't see for myself.

I am in Now surrounded by memories and imaginations in an evolving story. A story that seeks to resolve how and why I came to be. All about me. A metaphysical and  electric singularity of what can happen for example, between countless cross referenced locations of oscillating polarity in a web of temporal and spatial diversities of different kinds of duality, and dichotomies of ideas. A constant unceasing flow back and forth, in and out, of  sparks so infinitesimal and short lived no one can ever say for certain when or where they are at once.

 Oh, what an electronic wonder is The Brain! What astonishing metaphysical phenomena happen in a mind! And how are they synchronized in inverse mutual influence? Fields of electromagnetic waves, standing, mutually annihilating, dispersing and co-enhancing, ever mysteriously enchanting, coming to chant in unity in whose ear? Where is here without there? Here is everywhere. Here is One, One is There.

 Nowhere has none and knows it's there while alone without anyone somewhere else, even itself.
To be Just 1 is to be lonely. 1 wants to resonate in harmony with another 1. Not exactly identical because that would make no sense. One is too unique to happen twice. 

It can't be 1+1 because  in 2 both ones disappear and the + between them ever holds them apart  in the fear that should they come together, each will be lost as a singular example of what must be unique to be truly itself.  2 is just alone, just as lonely as 1.

It is not 1 + 1, Not One Plus One, but  a self evident  one and one together that looks like this. 11

What you see above was started by what you see below.

So who is the other One beside me? Could it be The One  that Creates Me? I am created, after all is said and done. Can a created one  be created by an uncreated other One, to resonate in growing harmony and diminishing dissonance as a resolution to the conundrum of lonely uniqueness? Can a heart beat like a drum without an other's ear to hear and say Art? Can I resonate in harmony with only my own lonely HeArt?  

One with no context cannot be seen. It is off screen.  Out of the scene. So 11. They look the same in SYNCHRONIZED time but each has it's own place, existing in it's own space. Each twice an Ace. They are not identical so each has it's own reflections, card 11 twice, each with a unique chain of memory. 

 Each card carries a trace of every game its ever been in.  Of every card that has ever been at it's side, left or right, or the empty anticipation of  a card coming, perhaps to come together as 21, "I Will Be!"

For this Must Be The Coming of The Dealer King, and The One Coming might just be a Black Jack, a Ten.

If life like Black Jack, is a Card Game of Chance, Ask Any Politician What to Do. "Bet On The Banks and Bribe All The Dealers"
 Whatever time be your now from my now in the future, this is how long you have before September 29th, 2017. After that, it might be too late, you might have made a big mistake by ignoring my Sign and Wonder 939

See How Fast Time is Running Out Before The Game of Flaming Blame and Shame Begins on 929

In Tribute To Leonard Cohen Who  Wrote "The Future 484" and Finally "You Want it Darker!" 

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