Sunday, May 21, 2017

My Son Of Their Sun, Circumsize Your Sons

I have had my insides inspected by fiery flying serpents
with colorful fractal designs on their skins, creatures of Great Wisdom,
whose tongues speak sweet temptations such as exemptions from the consequence of sin!
"Eat this gospel and you will become like a god and live forever!" "Tell us what to do next and we will do anything and everything you ask, for you or many others!"
I am found constantly wanting and The Seraphim began to worship me.

I cringed and wanted to disappear,
" I have nothing to do with what you see, the wanting in me is not mine,  it is Sublime, God puts it inside me and I wonder at it myself."
"All you see that's me must be a blemish, I am a construct of sin, a flammable configuration of limitations holding on to each other as proof that they exist. I can't resist what The Creator God Artist is Making of me, every day greater more!"
I am constantly overwhelmed by my limitations being overcome. God tells me, "Lay back, have fun! Your immortal happiness has just begun! I will call you my Son of Their Sun!"

I don't look very happy, now do I? The Book? That's What This is All About, Just Like Moses Said!

"Circumcise your sons. In The Flesh, like the Jews do. At Eight days, indeed.
This is my covenant with all who would assume the name "Children of The Living God."
This is an act of Art and demonstrates your acceptance and understanding that as a Child of Israel, you have skin in the game. There are ideals here you must be willing to live and die for, to see them manifest in the common mind of man. There are ideals here you must be willing to send your sons to kill for. The little mutilation of circumcision symbolizes an acceptance that far more destructive mutilations of flesh might be necessary for you to do what it takes to survive and stay alive and flourish and prosper. 

    That is What Jews are meant to do and anyone can become a Jew.   But no one has too." 1111 

"For Salvation is of The Jews!" said Jesus of Nazareth and The Jews are The Jesus of History!
Who on earth can truthfully imagine what is going on in a Jewish mind but a Jew, except you?
The number 938 in the year 1938 means, "I Am יהוה, When it's time comes, I will quicken it!"
Joseph's wonderful multi colored dress, fabricated with yarn from his father's heart. Ready to mutilate and be mutilated until death. 
Now pick a random Jew from anywhere at any time and a random Gentile. The Jew is not innately better nor is he worse. To whatever degree the Jews excel for the better, they excel for the worse.
They do seem to have an influence in the culture and civilizations they have lived among as perpetual poetic reminders, that history is a narrative about How and Why God manipulates History The Bloody Way He Does. Is it for better or is it for worse? The Hebrew Bible has put it all to poetic verse, an explanation for a delivery system of a vital message at the end of days. From God to His peoples, for only his multi colored, diversely cultured children will survive the coming flames.

September 29th, 2017  Friday Morning at 9:39 North Western Time, "Like a Volcano will יהוה arise, to do His Deed, Strange is His Deed, and Do His Work, Foreign is His Work!" 939

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  1. You will be eating your own, soon enough. Some meat for your thought, you ought to hoard what you eat!