Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Wildest Time Ever is Becoming Now יהוהיה

A revolutionary act of evolution is about to take place in your mind and the minds of some of the people around you. The Power of The Story Line emanates as the smallest details of your life, make choices as you will, you are being drawn into the future where resides a great black hole, sucking you into oblivion, whatever you do, whatever you think, whatever you feel, whatever you pray, all gone as if it had never been. Perhaps this is your fate and the fate of some others. Perhaps

What is above is coming down, The Kingdom of Heaven, manifest as The Reality in all your collective minds, all your races and colors and cultures, in all your cross referenced civilizations.

I tell you this  with more certainty than I will enjoy another breath, The Wildest Time Ever is Becoming Agitated. Whatever you think is certain will certainly dissipate and disappear, together with your self confidence and your belief in your self.

"You can have Hell on Earth that will make the Holocaust look mild for its injustice.

Or you can Have The Son, The Little One of My Family of Man."

That's Me, The Messiah, The Chosen by Design Sign and Wonder.

Learn my story and pass around the links. Have doubts? Ask for a sign and it will come as certainly as my next breath.

You can have this:
Or This:
It's all in the numbers spinning around in your mind, adding up to a sum you can't find, because by the time you finishing counting, there is 11 times more to count.
by 939
who is 838
according to 292
and 273 and 838 are "1111"to you.
So 242 for 424
who is 363
The 617, 
Like a 716
sheds his blindness like a 358 to tell you,

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