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The Invisible Essence of Christianity-Exposed

    The invisible essence of Christianity is simplicity itself. Christianity is a manifestation that emanates from two primal human instincts. The first is the human mind's desire to witness justice. Justice being whatever and however any particular mind defines it. The desire to witness justice is the desire to see the world make sense, from the point of view of whatever makes sense to the one observing the world. All humans share this quality.

   What makes humans differ is not that some instinctively seek justice and some don't, it is in the beliefs people have about what makes sense and what doesn't. To be human is to want the world to make sense. An animal doesn't need the world to make sense. It's sense of self isn't centered around semantics. It doesn't need to explain to itself why and how things come to be in order for it to maintain it's own sense of mental equilibrium. Semantics and all the manifestations thereof, are the means by which we strive to make sense of the world we perceive around us. Semantics allow us the contemplation of why and how things come to be and to the degree we are correct in our contemplation, we can also imagine through the use of semantics, how to alleviate suffering and also enhance our ability to improve the conditions of life we experience.

  Semantics is the study of symbols and their meanings as well as the influence these have over states of mind. Math is a form of semantics as well as all verbal and non verbal languages.
   When life seems to make no sense, loses it's meaning, when we have no viable explanations for why and how intense suffering comes to be perpetuated in the human experience, when pain and death encroach suddenly and senselessly, we strive to make sense of it all by imagining how and why all this misery comes about. We strive to imagine our way out of the injustice we witness all around us, all the time. We do this instinctively, by using semantics. It is a human quality.

All human philosophy, spirituality, religions and all kinds of secular doctrines, such as communism and capitalism, seek to alleviate the psychic pain caused by the witnessing of that which appears unjust. One solution is to say that there is no such thing as any kind of idealized justice and righteousness is proven by nothing else than in the survival of the fittest. This was Nazism. Ironically, like Christianity, Nazism saw the solution to this conundrum in the killing of The Jew who taught Justice as a Divine Imperative and a consequence of the freedom to make moral choices based on     Law and Order as dictated by The Creator of our experiences.

   Ironically, Christianity evolved out of the great Jewish disillusionment with Divine Justice under the brutal spiritual coercion of The Roman Empire. The Jews considered themselves to be in possession of the very Divinely Delivered Moral Laws of Moses, the keeping of which should guarantee perpetual personal and national well being and thus the world makes perfect sense. They had their Temple and made their sacrifices and celebrated their holidays and kept laws of diet and ritual purity, circumcising their sons, mostly keeping the Sabbath, fervent in prayer and ever striving for righteousness in the maintenance of The Law.

   Finally, and not for the first time, it did them no good. Many Jews lost their mental equilibrium. They needed justice because the state of affairs they were witnessing all around them, where Jews were hung from crosses along the roads and highways for rebelling in any way against Roman Imperial Paganism, simply made no sense.
The First Instinct of Justice is to get even.

    They wanted God to experience the same senseless suffering they imagined Him to be inflicting on them and their beloved children. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. The Hebrew Bible tells the Children of Israel that they are like The First Born Son to The Lord, their God. Yet here He is, forcing them to bow down to pagan images or be crucified for not worshiping Caesar as Divine. The Hebrew Bible describes God as having comprehensible human emotions. He gets pained and angered when His Will is deterred through evil human choices. He punishes wrong doers.

    Yet many of them considered themselves to be rigorously and righteously zealous in their pursuit of being instruments of the manifestation of Divine Will. All to no avail. Things just got worse and worse and made less and less sense. The cognitive dissonance of Jews and their attempts to restore mental equilibrium has been the source of much of Western spiritual, scientific and philosophical creativity, starting with Christianity.

   So there were Jews who resolved this need for justice by imagining Man doing to God what God incessantly did to man. They sublimated their angers against God for being so apparently full of contradiction and incomprehensible in the management of their affairs, as anger against God is itself a sin. Their anger reemerged creatively as sublimated pain  and anger are want to do. They created a story in which God Himself suffers the consequences for His decision to create mankind with such a flawed and corrupt nature, such that justifies Mankind's constant misery. God turns Himself into His Own Son, in a Virgin's womb, and so comes to mankind as perfection, immaculate conception, embodied Righteousness without flaw or sin, guiltless and undeserving of any kind of punishment. The Divine Son teaches, Pure and All Forgiving, Benevolent Divine Intent, will restore your mental equilibrium, if only you have faith the size of a mustard seed and believe this ridiculous Hebrew narrative about The Jews as God's Chosen, which makes no sense, which is why faith is such a necessity. Chosen for what reason? Moses curses the Children of Israel himself, saying evil will befall them at The End of Days, and all the Hebrew Prophets are united in condemning their sinning ungrateful natures. So, Chosen for what, exactly?
    And so God as His Own Son, impregnates a Virgin to be born as The Holy Ghost manifest in The Flesh. His mission? To properly interpret The Laws of Moses and offer a way back to where everything makes sense and Justice is The Law of The Land. His Kingdom Come.

    And what does Mankind do to this perfect manifestation of Divine Will? Falsely accuse Him of crimes He didn't intend to commit, try him unjustly, torture him and finally crucify him like all the other Jewish children whose bodies were rotting, left hanging as reminders of the consequent Justice to breaking The Roman Rule of The Sword.

    Christianity evolved from the cognitive dissonance of Jew's witnessing what they considered to be undeserved divine injustice and who then expanded their narrative out of the context of The Hebrew Bible in such a way as to restore their mental equilibrium. For in addition to their invention of a sensible and just narrative whereby man does to God what God does to man, they give it all a happy ending through the auspices of wishful thinking. Those who have faith in a ridiculous nonsensical narrative as told by The Father about His Son, have deservedly now won their place of Eternity in The Kingdom of Heaven, besides Jesus Christ who rules supreme now as Both Father and Son and whose Spirit is The Impregnating Holy Ghost.

   Now, let me make it perfectly clear. I believe absolutely and without any doubt whatsoever in events orchestrated by The Creator that completely defy any capacity of semantics to describe manifest reality. Miracles happen. I have experienced myself events that completely and absolutely make no logical sense. Events that are neither just or wicked. Occurrences that are simply impossible according to logic and the laws of cause and effect or science. I have resolved any cognitive dissonance thus experienced by adopting the belief that My Creator desired to manifest to me God's Absolute Control over the Laws of Nature and that all of Creation is Subject to The Creative Will of The One Creator. My Lord, The Artist!.

    So a desire for justice and wishful thinking brought about the solution some Jews had for their cognitive dissonance. These Jews invented a very powerful myth that was so potent, those who fell under it's spell experienced visceral emotional epiphanies of spiritual conflict resolution. Christianity has brought into the minds of its billions of sincere believers peace of mind and a world that makes sense. All the injustice works itself out in the after life because this world is innately corrupt and under the influence of that other of God's disobedient creations, Satan. But even this world will be corrected with The Coming of The Son of Man after great tribulations and trials of faith.
   So Christianity would have you believe.
But Christianity is Idolatry and it is Idolatry of any and all kinds, that enslaves mankind to authoritative materialism or spiritual dogma. All Idolatry stems from wishful thinking and   wishful thinking leads to idolatry. The removal of idols from the mind is never ending spiritual hygiene. Any Idea of God can become an Idol, except "I Will Be What I Will Be!" which means, No Idea of God Can Contain The Creator's Creativity!
Now let me say this.

I am The Messiah of The Hebrew Bible, awaited for the duration of Hebrew Culture until these end of days.

   It is the narrative of my life and my teachings that complete the Narrative of The Hebrew Bible. I don't expect anyone to believe this merely for my saying it is true.

Events will prove me true -for you, or I am not true. For you. 1111

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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