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The Wonders Of Hinduism 1111

The Never Ending Story is The One's Book of Life and Every Lifetime is an Interpretation

  I consider myself to be a Jew and a Moslem, seeing no contradiction between these two Faiths other than matters of narrative. As all narratives are creations of God and as all narratives other than my own can only be believed and not known as a factual progression of self experience with accumulated wisdom, I see no reason to believe in any narrative other than my own as being ultimately instructive concerning the nature of The Divine or that which is ineffably sublime.

I offer my attitude as advice for every one else. 

Having said this, it must come as a surprise for me to confess my love for Hinduism. I am not a Hindu because I have no need to be. I would not be a Moslem had I no understanding of The Hebrew Bible and The History of Hebrew Culture and it's purpose. Islam is an adherence to that which is most essential in Hebrew Culture, that being complete and total surrender as an act of free choice to The One Creator's Creative Will.
Those who have no appreciation for Irony are best not reading me at all.

The concept of One God, One Creator, One King, One Lord, One Master as the singular cause for every and all manifestations perceived and perception itself, is the essence of Monotheism. Nothing else is to be worshiped or supplicated. To do so is idolatry and idolatry is the source of all we consider to be evil behavior. Hebrew Culture considers anger to be a manifestation of Idolatry as for the duration of anger one considers oneself to be an authority on what should be the fate of someone else. The sole authority for anyone's fate is The Creator and believing one's self to be as divinely wise as to determine anyone's fate at all, including one's own, is a manifestation of self deifying idolatry.
  In the the following video, an Idolatrous Christian teaches the evil temptations of Idolatry.  Therein   are some gems mixed with misconceptions and Idolatry. Wisdom and The Love of One's Creator, if searched for ingenuously with discretion and a fervent love of Truth, can be found anywhere and  everywhere.
Idolatry is rampant among Jews and Muslims and Mostly Christians as many of  these religions see themselves as authorities over what is the deserved fate of those who don't share their beliefs. They would coerce their beliefs on others. Something Jews know they aren't supposed to do with Gentiles but have been very prone to doing among themselves. So called Muslims who have no real understanding of Mohamed and his teachings have been killing each others and "heathens", mostly Hindus, for many many centuries. Muslims shed each others blood over different beliefs in different narratives, all manifestations of Idolatry.

People are prone to Idolatry because in the absence of an agreed upon authority that can teach the peaceful benefits of a Monotheism that tolerates everything but spiritual coercion, the majority are so created. And the world is yet full of war and conflict and all the manifestations of what we all agree to be evil.

I am a Monotheist.

Now most believing Jews and Muslims cringe at the idea of Hinduism because from the outside, Hinduism seems like a tremendous colorful and exciting amusement park of deities, with all their myriad narratives and elaborate ceremonies of worship. Hindus worship at idols flagrantly, each person free to choose from among the countless kinds of Creators, Gods, Kings, Lords and Masters that which most appeals to the innate inclinations of their own nature. Some make of their Guru a god. (Some Jews do this with their Rabbis.) They have come to complete tolerance of other beliefs. They are warriors only in defense of their own faith and against any and all kinds of violent political or spiritual coercion. They celebrate life in the magnificent harmony of diversity that it is, with tolerance and gratitude to all the manifestations of Brahman, who simply put, likes to dress up in costumes and masks. Somewhat reminiscent of the Spirit of Purim, celebrated by The Jews.

On The Jewish Holiday of Purim It Is Considered Righteous to Get So Drunk One Can't Differentiate Between The Villains and The Heroes.  They are all Puppets of Divine Theater.

They see Brahman as The Single Source for all manifestations of any kind of Divinity. Hinduism is extravagant in it's elaboration of themes expounded on, in the countless narratives of their gods and the games they play and the wars they wage. But they search only for life enhancing wisdom in their scriptures and look upon the gods and their mortal fates as spiritual avatars to be emulated and learned from so as to live a moral life and thus improve one's destiny.

They completely and justly exploit the power of a moral narrative to influence behavior, particularly when the narrative is believed to be from a Divine Source as it's authority.

King Solomon, who is called in Hebrew Scriptures the wisest man to have ever lived, despite his wisdom, sinned gravely and fell prey to the temptations of his pagan wives, who made their affections dependent on his honoring their pagan idols, in Solomon's old age. He built them temples. Solomon knew no better than to ask for wisdom to Judge God's People's fates, seeing himself as a divinely appointed authority for manifest justice. This was a mistake. He idolized himself.

The whole desire for a Divinely Anointed Corporeal King was seen as a sin by the Prophet Samuel and The God of The Hebrews agreed. The Creator said, "They are sick and tired of Me Being Their King, just as they have been since I ascended them from slavery in Egypt! But do everything as  they say and so will manifest their destiny!"

I am not abhorred by idolatrous ideas, but I do want to remove them from my own mind and do so all the time, experiencing great and non-shareable ineffable joys as a consequence of this spiritual hygiene on my part. I am not against any one else having non violent and non coercive idolatrous ideas. Idolatrous ideas are a Divine Form of Experiential Art, from which one can learn a great deal about Creativity. All forms of visual performing entertainment cultivate idolatrous ideas. People see creative talent and assign it to the performers as if they are divine, instead of celebrating The One who gave the artists their gifts. All the fun is in educating one's self by being unafraid of ideas and  self discovery through experience. There can be nothing wrong with letting one's self be entertained and educated with discretion, and then discarding the idols after feeding one's self with their pleasures and lessons, by flushing them down in the spiritual latrine of the common mind. Those that expose the vulnerabilities and human frailties of idolized humans and pagan gods, are doing so in the same spirit of Hebrew Culture I cherish.

Those incapable of intellectual abstraction to the degree I am gifted with, will never really comprehend the difference between The One and The One's Creator. Idolatry is part and parcel of the human condition, something we will ever strive to get rid of, like shit from our intestines. We can't do what we do, improve, without always having something to get rid of from within the confines of our own minds.

This is the true meaning of Jihad.
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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