Saturday, August 12, 2017

To The POTUS From The Messiah 1111

An Ace? How much is an Ace in Blackjack?
Dear Mister President!
As the living truth would have it, I can honestly say you have been on my mind for a very long time.
I first heard about you as a consequence of reading about your success in an article in a magazine.
Must have been TIME or NEWSWEEK. I don't recall. A long time ago, from a 61 year old's point of view.
The first thing that struck me was your smiling self confident countenance in a picture of you on a roof overlooking a New York City skyline.
I thought you looked good. Boyishly charming.
I might have felt some envy.
I have never considered myself physically attractive that way. It can make life easier if you know what you want and how to exploit charm and charisma to get it. You obviously did. You obviously do. When I read this article, I hadn't a clue what I wanted in life other than to be happy without compromising my integrity. I wasn't very happy, at all. And I questioned my integrity because I somehow had come to believe that integrity makes one happy.
Be that as it may be, anyway, I felt admiration for you, too. You were obviously very successful in the game of acquiring worldly assets of all the kinds that you value. I admire anyone who is exceptionally good at the games they play. Whatever the game one plays, to be good at it and thereby acquire assets that enhance the quality of one's life, is certainly a kind of blessing. You are a very Blessed man.
Later on, I read about your casino investments. Now I believed then and still do, that making one's fortune by exploiting human ignorance and wishful thinking, is the pursuit of a man who has not in his heart the same God I have in mine. Not understanding then what I understand today, I was judgemental and wished you failure in that particular pursuit. And you failed, though I have no belief whatsoever that my wish for you in anyway influenced your fortunes or loss thereof. You negotiated against the banks and prevailed. I admired that.
I hate banks.
I saw you in person one time, too.
Your book, "The Art of The Deal!" had just been published and you were signing copies or something in a Grand Manhattan Mall somewhere. I distinctly remember thinking to myself, "Remember this, Jonathan." And I do, very clearly. You were very self possessed and your presence had gravity and attracted attention, remarkably. You had become a self proclaimed and world acclaimed authority in an Art that produces prolonged aesthetic experiences for all involved, for better or for worse.
What human en-devour doesn't involve making deals of some kind?
Civilization is so much about deal making that a Master Artist like yourself can accomplish almost anything he sets his mind upon.
And you have.
Now, you have set your mind upon the goal of making America Great Again and have won the presidency. You are the epitome of fulfilled ambition.
The question is, "What happens, next?"
I have some things to tell you, which will become very relevant in a very short time.
But before that, let me say I am growing in admiration for your management of your affairs as The President of the most dangerous country that has ever existed.
I believe I understand both your strategy and your tactic of unending antics. Divide and conquer. Confuse and control. Distract and be sure to be on every one's mind, for any reason whatsoever as long as you can do so by being true to yourself and your very competitive nature.
You have very healthy instincts, which you have learned to trust more than your intellect. Good choice and not because you lack intellect. Obama had a lot more intellect, however, and a lot more charm and a more universally appealing charisma. Also very ambitious.
But your instincts and intuition, which are your greatest assets, I am sure you agree, are those of a man of great holistic integrity, which Obama and Hillary are so sorely lacking.
You have an idea of how the world works and what motivates human nature that you are completely at peace with.
And you are right. You have and continue to exploit this paradigm of comprehension opportunistically, with great success.
Self interest governs everything.
When offered a choice, people only do what they believe to be in their own self interest, however they define this. Of course, people differ greatly as regards what they believe their true best interests to be.
Sometimes they are dead wrong.
Those who pursue self interest with no understanding of their own deepest nature and who are ignorant of the consequences of what they do when they have a mistaken idea of their own identity, those who do things in conflict with the yet unconscious values of their soul, inevitably fail miserably at some point in their lives.
Some never recover and die, horrified and bitter because they have found life to be unbearably meaningless.
Not you.
You know who you are and are very cognizant of your soul's greatest asset,
that being your complete loyalty to being true to yourself and no other.
You are justly, unapologetic about this.
Your integrity is remarkable.
Integrity doesn't mean by any means being honest with others. It means being honest with yourself about yourself and uncompromisingly true to your own nature, with which you are at peace because you have the wisdom to recognize it as an immutable given.
A true leader is always a man with great instincts, uncanny intuition and integrity as defined above. A true leader most often has great ambition, too, but this is not an essential component.
This is the formula that produces the kind of charisma which causes people to grant authority.
I have it myself, but have always held authority granted me on account of my charisma in disdain. I have no ambition to be anyone's leader.
Anyway, on September 29th, 2017, on the Eve of Yom Kippur, the significance of which I am sure you are well informed, something will happen that will make making America great again, absolutely impossible.
You will still be President of what is left of The United States.
You will then have the opportunity to be the greatest American President of All Time.
In a sense, the same way Gorbachev was the greatest Leader the Soviet Union ever had.
You will have to unravel the web of illicit and covert control the CIA has installed across and all over the globe we all call home.
Now you know well, they don't like you and are no friend of yours.
I am and will be available for consultations concerning how to fix everything
that America has made wrong and pitiable in the world, with it's hypocritical Judeo- Christian moral depravity.

Yours Truthfully,
Jonathan Michael Robbins
The One and Only Little One, The Son,
The Messiah, Son of David,
Corporeal King and President of Israel!
Hallelujah 1111 Very Happy Cool

September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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