Saturday, October 7, 2017

Self, Selflessness and Selfishness! 1111

No servant is more valuable to a King than a selfless one. 

But no one can be perfectly selfless and communicate at the same time. The best of selflessness is when one is in an alternating state of mind, observing as if from a void all the perceptions and thoughts and sensations and feelings that flow without resistance through one's mind. One doesn't have any feeling of need to influence what one sees flowing through the observing void and one is perfectly serene and content with everything as is. 

This is not a sustainable state of mind when one has a meat body to take care of. The moment one feels any need to intervene in order to care for the needs of one's body or the needs of another, a self comes out of the void and takes a position of responsibility from which one acts to cause an effect in the flow OF INFORMATION through one's mind. A "self" is a position of responsibility, because one, by the nature of the universe itself, is accountable for better or for worse, for every effect one affects. What determines the kind of accountability one has, is the intent that causes one to speak or act and by so doing, influence the universe for better or for worse. This and the correct calculation of the effort or energy or work, required to accomplish that effect.

The best of intents can be thwarted by miscalculating the energy required to create in the mind of another, the idea one is striving to communicate as symbols, and have the "other" duplicate and understand, and perhaps act upon.

The very worst miscalculation is killing someone to change their mind by obliterating it, so it no longer resists the creation one is trying to manifest, when less than killing them would suffice.
Enlightening them by causing them to fear the consequences of resistance is expensive because one must keep them in a state of fear and this consumes assets such as surveillance, imprisonment, and police and military forces. 

It is better to do this and at the same time provide them the opportunity to choose to change their own minds, by convincing them it is in their life time best interests, to cease resistance and cooperate in a symbiotic relationship of mutual life enhancement. One then can make a sustainable contract wherein assets are exchanged for the benefit of both parties. 

So a "self" appears out of nowhere from the observing void, every time one acts or speaks to make changes and influence the universe. A "self" always has an idea about how to improve what "is" or prevent what "is" from getting worse.

Good listening is selfless. 

The moment one feels a need to say something when being spoken to, a "self" appears and says something or acts as a response to what is heard, trying to improve mutual understanding or prevent an unwanted affect. 

One might liken, perhaps metaphorically, the "self" to a particle that appears out of the quantum wave function field of infinite potentials, every time the field "perceives" an interference pattern. 

An interference pattern is "An overall pattern that results when two or more waves interfere with each other, generally showing regions of constructive and of destructive interference." The particles of self appear as a sequence of nodes with a narrative of cause and effect between the nodes of self and the nodes of the "other". I will expand on this at another opportunity, and explain the aesthetic necessities and imperatives in the formation of narratives of cause, affect and effect, which are the "life" histories of mass, as such appears in the many languages and symbols of a mind.

Selfishness is a "self" unable to "retreat" and become the observing void. The observing void only acts in service to life as an abstraction, without trying to coerce or violently enforce the realization of the will to improve or prevent loss of assets, with bias for only one's self and partiality for only one's own best interests. Selfishness exists when one acts without desiring responsibility for the affects one causes, the collateral damage caused to life when one seeks to meet one's own needs without taking into account the needs of the life and life forms one is opportunistically exploiting to make one's own desires manifest as reality. 

The longer the duration of moments of selflessness in The Now of Forever, the less one is concerned about the survival and perpetuation of one's physical self and the attainment of the assets needed for survival! Hoping this makes clear for someone what is often misunderstood.
November 11th, 2017! 11:11 A. M.

A Catastrophic Tragedy! Definitely!

Down With The US of AmerCia.


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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