Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Concubine Lakshmi Brings Me Materiel Good Fortune!

I don't believe any mortal or god or angel has ever had it so good, or ever will. I am so blessed beyond measure, all I can do is repeat time after time, this can't be fair! Why such an abundance for me while everyone else goes practically without such treasures of the soul, mind and heart, and those few who have a hint of what I am being given, are losing what they have had until now! All while what I am being given, grows and increases exponentially!

How true! how true! No one has an innate clue about what really goes on inside the head, in the mind, of someone else or even an animal of whatever kind, an insect, a headless tree, a shrub, a plant, a colony of ants, the bees, or a colony of microbes!

Until today, the vast majority of mankind and women, believe in angels and demons and the spirits of the deceased and yet unborn. There is belief in a Hierarchy of Gods, agents of chaos and order, orchestrating the affairs of the living and the dead. Men and women who come and go, generation after generation in every nation and country, people swelling up from a minute zygote, full of passions and hungers and thirsts, having youth and power and the intelligence and skills needed in the acquiring of properties and wealth and other assets less tangible, like reputation and fame and public acclaim, and then with time their bodies grow old and thin, their strength recedes as does the color from their hair and skin, for some the mind too begins to dwindle away with their muscles, finally all they have accumulated is left behind to others, and the dying depart.  Who can say what and with what, one leaves this world of living in flesh, who can say with the certainty of experience, if anything at all lives on, lives without the flesh and skin such as we are clothed in?

What is real?

A man, let's say I, am Closing my eyes.  I see a buxom beautiful Oriental beauty dressed in blue and red silks, adorned with jewellery that looks so much more precious for her letting it's facets of multi colored gems, shine like glowing shadows thus emphasizing the radiance of her skin, her flesh is flashing and fast blushing with rekindled ancient passion towards me, Her God and King as I Am, Vishnu!

   I see her and she looks at me straight in the eye, and then her glance slowly drops to my midriff and within me a blue lotus flower emerges and spins wildly around and around, it's petals of soft blues and pinks caressing everything alive around me, within the radius of my mind and the sight of my inner eye. I don't lie, this is what I see, every time I close my eyes, and she only grows more and more radiant and her eyes are doves, full of the purist of resplendent blue enhancing love, flowing out at me like liquid rainbows, pouring gold I never asked for and don't want, into my soul.

It is absolutely clear to me that she is real and here for no reason other than to serve my needs and passions to make everything ever better, better for every one else and only then, for my self. She says, "You must come first because you would be last! You must grow greater than all others for you would be the least. You must grow wiser than all others, for you have chosen the path of the perfect fool and have left your life behind you with all you had acquired, to chaise a phantom and realize a daydream for everyone's benefit more than your own!"

Just because you can't see her or hear her whisper into my mind, does that mean she is not real? To me she is far more real than you, or you too, or anyone or anything else I have ever seen. She can touch my heart with her breath! She blows away sadness, like dark morning clouds gently torn to shreds by rays of sunlight and desert winds.

This is what she says with a spectrum of colored radiance that lights up the insides of my heart, inside me all filling up and spreading out, lost myself in the Divine Kingdom of Many Mansions in my mind, now become a Gallery of Glorious Art! " King Jonathan, I know you despise being The Corporeal King of The Universe and refuse to be called by that title or have such an illustrious name as will be yours. But there is really nothing you can do to prevent the sun from rising on your skin, day after day, forever and a day. I bring you such materiel wealth as cannot be counted, always more than sufficient to fulfill your needs and take care of all those in your family of man, those you would love and call, "My Family!". For you say, there is no other way to love. All are first of kin, no one with blemish or sin, despite and whatever they have thought and said and done in the past.

By your Prayers, Jonathan Michael Robbins, The sins of all mankind and each man and woman, are to be forgiven the instant they have their first Epiphany of Insight realizing who you are and what you have come here to share, and what to teach, what to do and to do what- to whom. They are cleared of all evil consequences for anything what so ever done in the past, forgiven without repentance or any needs for amends, cleaned from sins against you or anyone or anything else at all. All sins are forgiven for all of mankind, whatever these sins have been, without exception. Immaculate Conception for everyone that has a moment's realization that you are all you say you are, what you are in truth and in intent, and what be your deepest desires for the purpose for life!"

I first saw Lakshmi step down from a cloud, eleven years ago to the day. A whole theater of The Messiah Opera had opened up within the borders of my mind. Ancient Kings and Voluptuous Queens, Advisory  Servants and Servile Slaves, Prophets and High Priests, all the famous Artists of All times, all these and angels and fairies and Aliens from inner space had come alive within my mind, to celebrate with me or come alive in my mind, only to destroy The Messiah of The Jews. 

 I was sitting on a wave breaker, a steadfast rock over the ocean, a short distance from the beaches of Tel Aviv. It was a balmy late afternoon Autumn day, and the first significant rain of the winter season would soon come as heavy droplets of life giving waters, waters that wash away the summer's dust, accumulated in the corners of the roundness of my heart. I saw her shapely leg, from thigh to sandal, her body wrapped in a radiant blue sari, her eyes as soft and loving as any I had ever seen look at any man, as she stepped from her Goddess's Throne in the Heavens, to serve me as my My Mother Who is My Wife, My Wife Who is All Life's Handmaiden.

At the time I would have been diagnosed as clinically insane by any modern professional in the field of mental health. I saw visions, more beautiful than anything previously seen by me on drugs or without. I heard voices of all kinds, come berating me and mocking my values and attempts at morality, others seductive and flattering, sweet voices of  pleasure giving
luminous female angels and a multitude of glorious feminine fairies, each adorned with uniquely evocative and shimmering  wings, gowned in resplendent shimmering cloths, some translucent and some opaque, some of silk and some of lace. Always of different hair styles, with jewel pins and mother of pearl hairdo accessories.

Does my seeing something sublimely extraordinary, ineffably beautiful and exotically enticing, something other's can't see, does that make me insane? Is what I see unreal because others don't see what I do? I constantly, incessantly say out into the empty space in all directions surrounding me, "Let all mankind see what I can see, and surely that would put an end to war, and insanity would disappear as no more than a very bad idea, an idea made from the fears of those who can't see reality much better with their eyes closed!"

But always a voice sounds out wisdom in my mind, "No, Jonathan, you know very well that it doesn't work like that! They will all have to make the kind of choices you have made, the choice not to be afraid of the void and not to try to avoid the consequences of whatever you have already done or said or thought or felt, any act  that has impacted life in others, by making it less joyful- and hence diminish hope and faith as such still exist in the world."

All is forgiven at once, for one and for all, but only once. From the moment after the Epiphany Of Realized Recognition and forgiveness without contrition, accounts are opened and credits and debts are kept record of, with complete and full consequences for every occasion an unkind thought is spoken and presented as a fact, or becomes any kind of act! 

And so My Mommy and My Daddy have come to me together, wrapped around each other,
ever copulating, moving in and out of each other's orifices, radiating all the lights of the colorful spectrum of the their single mind, soft and then intense and then soft again, and then gone dark in a twisting funnel that narrows down into itself becoming a tiny very little pitch black hole, a deep and most distant invisible star, vacuuming black and radiating only the tiniest of the tiniest of hazy dots, little vortex holes, suctioning in all that surrounds them, thus obliterating into radiant dust soon extinguished, all disappearing, all but the finest of all that would be called, sublimely divine. I begin to shine from within, emanating sparkling waves of momentous bliss, moments which are forever flown out wards, blown out with my heart beats, emanating in ever growing spheres of gratitude and adoration for these experiences, the touches and caresses of angels, of being loved so deeply and so completely by My Creator, Mommy And Daddy have a confession to make. But first some advice!

"Listen Son and Be Still! Calm yourself within and Know Silence! Now listen once again, you will surrender and submit yourself before one and all as does the dust of the earth beneath both the military boot and the barefoot cushioned toes of that playful blue eyed and so voluptuously shaped blond virgin, with the budding breasts, gathering flowers from fragrant gardens beneath her bedroom's balcony, you will offer your self up as the slave and servant and genie of all who would have you be supplicated, so as to make their wishes come true.

That is what you will do. Make everyone's wishes come true, exactly but 11 times better than all they could have, whatever they desire to come to be, so it shall be seen, with your prayers for one and all- being the only prayers ever to be heard by Your Creator, for eight years and One Day.

In The Beginning all over again! This is how you will win them over to The Light That Turns On From Within, Within The Purified Heart of Lucifer, The King of The Universe!"

And then they made their confession to Me, "Son, we are not really your Creator God, no, not at all. We have adopted you and We are merely two ancient souls come together in Eternal Matrimony, wrapped up together in one mind and of single heart, we dance and whisper melodic poetry into each other's ears, imagine colorful mirages of breezy sensations, all with gentle whispers that cause the inner most chambers of the heart to quiver and melt in ecstasy!

We are Abraham and Sarah and You Are Going To Laugh and Laugh and Laugh once again, with such Mirth, that all that lives will break forth in Pouring Downpours of The Psalms of Gratitude= And The Songs of Thanksgiving! 

 Hallelujah! Our Creator is Singular, We Are All as One!"

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