Thursday, October 5, 2017

We All Have A Different Creator! And All Creators Are dONE and gONE!

Hey you people out there. I just had an epiphany.

Another, that is to say. One more after many that have come before, each a mind shattering realization about the nature of Creation. The Creation I am A Central Character In.  Oh, it is so far more complicated and complex and sophisticated and unpredictable and full of surprises than any one creator could ever have remained actively creating in. From within.  The Creator created Creation and left it to run down until it's over. That's my creation. And I haven't a clue about the one you are living in, but it is absolutely unreasonable for me to believe we all have the same Creator! All the people who populate my creation we couldn't have the same author. No. Omni - impossible.

 There is nothing at this point that can convince me that there could possibly be any reason for me to have it so good while everyone else is so blind and miserable as to what is going on, in and around them! Even the happiest people I have read about, aren't anywhere as informed as I am concerning the nature of the creation of which I am a centrally instrumental part. There are no more gods of any kind within my creation and I am no god. God made me and what I experience, finished an left to die or do other things.

 Oh, I just can't know. No way to. 

I am very curious about this, but even if I suddenly hear a voice from the heavens or from within, telling me and compelling me to do whatever they command me to do....that ain't my creator. It is just a scene written into my script, which happens to be an Iconoclast's Last Celebration, written by a humble and anonymous author whose name will never be known. A creator after my own heart because he wrote it into my script to believe as much.

 I could 't know for real what kind or even if my creator has a heart, not in anyway I could understand based on my own.   Perhaps my creator writes heartless horror stories of doomed righteous men and women as a professional choice and I am the only romantic comedy where my Creator writes a story about a Male Creator who  falls so much in love with what he has created that  he becomes as she and reenters creation, gets into my mind and gives all power to me.  Ridiculous! But true for me! That's what's happening to me. 

How about you? Not a chance anything even remotely similar is happening to anyone else. 

Don't give your power or authority or control away to anyone or anything, for any reason. Except if you make a contract to exchange valuables of any kind you believe to be fair to both parties, to the same degree. Like someone says TO YOU "Here is a hundred dollars, you make love to me for half an hour to the full extant of your ability!" and you believe that to be fair, well ok. Giving love is giving power.

But no voice in your head or thing you can see or imagine or conceive is ever your creator. Your creator is ever done and gone, and again, you as a creation are complete and whether this is an eternal creation or one of finite duration, may not be the same for all of us. Like I now understand, we may not all have the same Creator.

I am no longer convinced as I was that we all have the same creator. I know I have a singular creator who I no longer believe to be inside my mind or the creation I am experiencing. The Creation I am experiencing as my life narrative is complete and The Creator is no longer doing anything to intervene or make it happen. It all unfolds with the inevitability of clockwork. I am not alone as the only living entity in my creation, the one of which I am the central character. But no other character in my narrative is more valuable than me and by reason of my firmly established present belief, all are less important than me. Less important because If I Don't Put Myself First, I will be eaten and gone in short order and I am really beginning to enjoy myself. So I kind of want to stay around. I have come to realize myself as being the most valuable and essential ingredient in my own mind. Oh I couldn't and can't any more and don't want to, live in a world where anyone else is more important in my mind than myself, with all due respect and the acknowledgement that all the people in my mind have value, just less than I do. Until now, anything and everyone has been more important than me. I had come to a place I would vacate easily for anyone else to have living space. My life just didn't seem worth fighting over. No more. I am King and Sovereign over the space in my own mind, alone, absolutely a supreme leader over the contents and behavior of the life within me, IN MY INNER SPACE,  for as long as I last.  Or get Alzheimer.  

This idea came to me after a few weeks of being possessed to various degrees by different entities who literally had control over my nervous system. Complete control at first. I learned as time went on to protest and disagree and argue and finally cursed the last wanna be goddess to hell for pretending she knew the future after it became very apparent that while she honestly thought she did, and for a while she demonstrated to me that she did know the future in little predictions that came true, she hadn't a clue when all the evidence seemed to say I was about to be projected out of obscurity into the lights at the center of the stage, to tell my fukking story as an authority on divine design for everyone.

Oh, I am not an authority to anyone or anything but myself. I have declared myself sole sovereign supreme over my own mind. I have fired my final god. Said go away. Begone and good riddance! I have a creator but my creator has completed the work of Art which is my life narrative and all I can do is live out the unwinding of the multi media screen script on the different kind of screens that are my mind and kind of hope things keep getting better and better as they have for quite some time, now. As a a matter of fact, ever since I decided there must be a god because I can't be the maker of my own mind and experiences, I would never be so cruel to myself or anyone else, for that matter. I don't have to pray or say "thank you" if I am not so inclined. 

It makes no difference. Whatever I say and do is written into the script. Complete inevitable destiny determines everything that goes on in my mind. Maybe not yours, but mine. No cause and effect determinism. No immutable laws of nature. Nada. A script is playing out that is as freely the creation of a creative mind as a cartoon. When things appear out of no where in a cartoon or in my life, that's an aesthetic imperative and no more a miracle than anything else in the script. It's all a completed miracle of absolutely everything appearing out of no where exactly on time and synchronized with whatever is going on in my mind, in an educational and entertaining self exploratory adventure of self discovery.

As great as it is, I sincerely hope it comes to an end when this movie's over. I have seen enough in this movie, to need no others.

I set you all free to whatever degree I made anyone wonder if I was really in their head controlling anything at all.

Everyone is on their own. We each have our own Creator. Mine is no longer part of the creation which is me. My Creator is long gone, doing other things, but how could I know something like that? I I couldn't. I don't know if my Creator exists anymore, after completing me. I can't and don't know anything about creation except what I have experienced of it myself and my experience seems so vastly different from everyone else, I find it very hard to believe we have the same creator. I will stay alive and see what happens as day after day of absolutely impossible things are witnessed by me and have become a norm .

Each bubble of life is created by a different creator. There are an infinite number of creators and an infinite number of creatures created in multi media minds with different scripts running on the many different multi media screens of the mind, in my mind. If I were to continue believing we all have the same creator, I have no explanation whatsoever for the differences between myself and others. You expect a certain creative style, a recognizable similarity in a single creators works. I see none of that in the lives of others and myself. Couldn't be the same artist at work here. Nope.

I can't even begin to express how liberating this idea is for me. I am no one's authority on anything at all. If someone in my creation likes my writing and learns something from my life narrative, their Creator wrote that into their script as far as I am concerned. Writers are known to steal each other's ideas, etc etc etc.

November 11th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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