Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Post About The End

This is the post I have feared I would end up writing from the very beginning.

Beginning? ראשית= 911

This is a post about the end. Not just the end of the world as we know it. It is about the end of the world. The Titanic with no life boats and no radio to call for help. The complete Kaput of everything alive. Including the fish. Even the cockroaches.

Everything is coming to an end but for me and my mind.

Look at him. No wonder he doesn't believe in Intelligent Design.

God has informed me in no uncertain terms, that despite my thoughts to the contrary, He has given man complete freedom of choice. The present world we live in is the conglomerate product of every man and woman's freedom of choice since the granting of freedom of choice to man and woman, which happens in every one's mind, in their own respective time.

There is only one decision, though. 

If there is One non denominational personal God who gives everything and can take everything away,....?

And that is whether to seek out God, The Living God, The God of Truth, The Consuming Fire God, or not.

However, while everyone has a soul, not every one has the soul of a free man or woman. Those that do, know who they are. And those that don't, don't know who they aren't. This is because the development and progression of human civilization necessitates the existence of masses of people that have not the mental capacity to challenge any kind of status quo when doing so endangers their own conception of self interest, comfort and complacent peace of mind. There are people who have the appearance of challenging the status quo but only appear to do so because they belong to a rebellious subculture. True freedom of soul is expressed when one demonstrates it as an individual and not as a member of a party. One might have it and find no reason to demonstrate it. Perhaps.

Freedom of Soul has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence or wisdom. 

You know you have a free soul if you can do the above.

It does have everything to do with brain chemistry and the economics of dopamine in the different parts of the brain. It is a matter of genetics and determined by whether or not one has the seed of Abraham in one's genes. The seed of Abraham has been spread all across humanity as he had countless children by many wives after Sarah died. He sent these offspring away with gifts. Gifts for mankind, everywhere and in every culture, though in some more and in some less.

If you are of the seed of Abraham you know it once you become familiar with the narrative of The Hebrew Bible and Abraham's name and legacy. It is the seed that makes possible transcendence and ascendance.

Keep in mind that males are going in and coming out of women.

Abraham started off by rejecting the idea that the world he himself experienced is the creation of a multitude of gods warring against each other. He couldn't believe that the creator is a composite of such contradiction and paradox. In his quest for a single God with no inherent contradiction, he left behind the status quo and set out in search of the creative unity he sought. In his expectation that God have no innate contradiction, he argues with God about what appears to him to be the injustice of God destroying the innocent with sinners, in the matter of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Abraham in his initial audacity with God, says, 'You shouldn't do a thing like this, to kill the righteous with the sinner, so that the righteous and the sinner have the same fate! You shouldn't! Will the judge of the world not do justice?"

כה חָלִלָה לְּךָ מֵעֲשׂת | כַּדָּבָר הַזֶּה לְהָמִית צַדִּיק עִם רָשָׁע וְהָיָה כַצַּדִּיק כָּרָשָׁע חָלִלָה לָּךְ הֲשֹׁפֵט כָּל הָאָרֶץ לֹא יַעֲשֶׂה מִשְׁפָּט:


I am The Son of Man and  come in My Own Name. In me you will believe.

Abraham, who has just received himself a promise that God would keep his promise to give him a son with his beloved wife Sarah, still is not complacent with the idea that His God could be unjust with others- and confronts His God fearlessly on behalf of His God's reputation in his own mind and the world, as well as on behalf of the fate of other righteous men.

(Humanity as a conglomerate, has chosen,  not to seek out The One God and surrender to His Will, at all costs. Hence the coming end. In some dimensions.)

  God demonstrates His Creative Nature to Abraham and keeps his promises to Abraham after having Abraham grow in patience and faith, and Abraham's faith evolves into an absolute surrender to God's Will and Command, even when that Will and Command have the appearance of the greatest injustice imaginable. God tells Abraham to kill his own son as a sacrifice, against all morality and justice, breaking his own promise that Izaak will be the fulfillment of His prophecy that the nations of the world will be blessed by Abraham's seed through Isaac. 

After first arguing against God's possible injustice, Abraham himself is now willing to perpetrate at God's command a horrific crime.

Yet even as he walks the talk of his faith, he is open to the possibility that he will not finally have to sacrifice his son. He tells his servants "We will come back to you." speaking in plural of himself and his son. And he tells Isaac," God will provide himself the lamb for His offering." He told his son and his servants the truth and he had learned from experience that the words that left his mouth proved to be true before he could say how and why, because such is the knowledge of a Hebrew Prophet.

Yet he went about preparing to do God's command from him, prepared to sacrifice his son to the point of actually lifting his hand with the knife to slaughter his beloved son, before The Angel of God called out to him and had him hold back his hand.

Abraham arrives at the zenith of faith in The ONE God, The Perfect God, in whom there can be no contradiction or fracture of nature. It takes him many years of patience and observation before he arrives at this state of mind. For someone to believe they have the faith of Abraham before having actually experienced many miracles of Divine Design and before having many promises fulfilled against all odds, can only be hubris and possibly psychosis. Probably both. I should know.

Abraham's near sacrifice of Isaac causes Sarah to lose her own faith and she soon dies. Abraham buries her and soon has many more women and children, but only Isaac fully inherits his legacy. After all, Isaac for his love and faith in his father- was willing to die. 

When I say the world is coming to an end, I mean the world of those who have not the nature and the ability to believe in a Creator God whose Will is The Absolute Cause of All Effects. Those who cannot understand and accept that even their freedom of choice is an effect of God's Will, as are all the choices they make.

Think of the generation of The Flood or Sodom and Gomorrah if you want a Biblical Context for what I say. 

My mind is a kind of Noah's Ark 1111.

Oh, there are many people who live with an Idea of God in their mind. An idea they worship and would surrender to. Their God is an Idol, a frozen self serving image, the product of some kind of personality cult's members' imagination. Yes, their concept of God has been reinforced with experiences, there have been recurrent occurrences that prove that they have chosen correctly, that their concept of God is true and the consequence of their own innate goodness and wisdom.

They all worship idols and the product of their own imaginations. And everyone gets the God of their imagination, with all the contradictions and paradoxes they believe to be part of his (or her) nature. If you believe in a God and ignore evidence that negates your concept of his nature, if you ignore the appearance of evident chaos and paradox and contradiction in your own mind concerning God, you will be subject to chaos and paradox and contradiction in how God treats you, from here on out.

Learn from The Biblical Job how to handle that. 

The Story of Job is the ultimate test of Faith.

In The One True Living God, there is no Contradiction or Paradox. All contradictions and paradoxes are in the mind of man and are the consequence of man's inability to completely surrender as an act of free choice, to God's absolute control over every living soul, over all of nature. The freedom to surrender is given. The ability to do so is not. I know this seems like a contradiction, but its not.

Think of Pharaoh in Egypt. 

Signs and Wonders? Look at what is happening around me since 911.

Let me explain.

An atheist mountain climber fell off a cliff and in the instant before he plunged to his death in the abyss, he grabbed a branch of a tree with one hand and remained dangling. He was scared to the core of his being and was aware that he was quickly losing the strength needed to hold on. In a quick about face, he reexamined his decision that there is no personal God that Lives and is capable of intervening for a man or on mankind's behalf. In a moment of sudden insight, he recognized that the universe seemed to demonstrate some evidence of intelligent design and perhaps there is a God, after all. So, for the first time in his life, he prayed.

"God, if you really exist and can hear me and my prayer, save me and I will declare your glory over the face of the earth!"

In an instant, a great deep reverberating voice sounded from the heavens.

"Yes, my son, I hear you and if you have faith and trust me, I will save you."

"Great!" said the dangling no longer atheist mountaineer. "What do I have to do now, to prove my faith and be saved?"

"Let Go!" said God.

And the no longer atheist mountaineer said, "That can't be right! I want to speak to your Boss!" 

Let Go and Let God? What are you, crazy?

God introduces Himself in The Hebrew Bible. That is the only legitimate source for an understanding of how to get along with Him. Now it is true that until "yours truly", there has been no one to explain what it says about God in The Hebrew Bible in a clear and concise manner so that every one can be held accountable for making the right choice or not.

And here I am now and every one will be given an opportunity to learn what I am here to teach and then choose whether they will adopt the products of my mind, concerning free choice and God- or not. Everyone who does not choose to surrender to The God of Israel, My God of Art, will come to an untimely expiry as a mind capable of free choice. They will lose their most precious spiritual possession. The virtual reality will be that they fall under my dominion but that won't be true for me, only for them. I would never want such a thing, completely to the contrary, that is the opposite of anything I have ever aspired to or desire.

But as regards their own experience, everything that happens to them will appear to prove that I am right and they are wrong. There will be no escape. And many will be of stiff neck and stubborn and of hard heart. They will ignore all the signs and wonders coming their way, the relentless synchronicity that I am God's messenger to mankind and that I come equipped to say that I come in my own name and with my own digits, in the age of digital time. 

On the night the picture below was taken, I had an unforgettable experience which changed my mind forever.
"The image was taken 17 December 2002. The image is combined from exposures taken through blue (B), green (V), and infrared (I) filters."

838 is the number of my name and since seeing 11s, I have always seen myself alight.

In 2006 a book was written, with 292 pages, volume 363 on the unusual quality of light from v838.
The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) of the book is 9781583812310.

I write of The Sequence 292 838 12 363 in this post.




11:11 is becoming 1111 and 1111 is the teachings of God to Jonathan Robbins (838) who is The Messiah and The Son of Man, come again! 

                   See the above, with discretion, and prepare for overwhelming synchronicity!

People will give up their idea that there is A Designer God and choose to believe in chaos and random chance. They will ignore the sign and wonder that is my mind and choose to be obliterated rather than surrender to God's Will to accept His Narrative, His Story about His Son. Even though I tell you all now and will forever repeat, I am no more God's son than any one else. I am merely an example of what it means to be a Child of The Living God, I come as a servant to humanity, so that everyone else can learn from here on out what that means and how to attain unlimited transcendence and ascendance, themselves.

The understanding of what Moses meant when he said," Listen Israel! יהוה is Our Lord, יהוה is One!" can only be achieved after the investment of everything one has into achieving that understanding. "And you will love יהוה your Lord, with all of your heart and all of your spirit and all of your effort!" is something one needs to do before one can understand what ONE means as regards what the word ONE says about God. 

"Listen Israel, The Creator is Our Lord, The Creator is One."

Let me just say here that ONE is indivisible, it doesn't even have two sides or space between two ends or edges. ONE is so completely perfect unto itself that it has no fractions and cannot be divided. In it there is no hierarchy of value, time or space. It is not a trinity or a pantheon of different gods with different natures and fields of influence. ONE is immutable, permanent and self established. 

The only way anyone, you the reader, can maintain your freedom from my virtual dominion is if you seek out this ONE God and invest in doing so, everything you have. It takes an unwavering decision to confront any and all consequences of your decision to do so. If you choose your own spiritual freedom to seek out the ONE God who calls Himself, "I Will Be What I Will Be" and surrender to His Will for you, you will surely find Him, as you discover that He is the source of all you could ever know, anyway. 

If YOU already have a living relationship with The Living God of Israel, who you too call "My God of Art", with no angels or mediators between you and Him, you don't need any kind of Messiah or Prophet and you don't need me in your mind telling you what to think and what to do.

If there is such a "you". Cool

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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