Thursday, March 9, 2017

What is God and What is The Purpose of Creation

 "What?" is the first question of an evolving mind.

Everything starts with the question, "What?". 

"What?" am I sensing. 

Until the question "What?" is asked, there can only be a stream of meaningless sensation. There can be no awareness of "I".  

Perhaps like music, the stream of what is as yet, meaningless sensation, causes ripples of pleasure, in the same way an electric wire with a flow of electrons, has a field around it of something that has apparently different qualities than the flowing electrons.

 Be this as it may be, sensation alone is without meaning until the question  "What is that?" is asked. By asking "What?", distance is created between the sensation and its observer. Any answer to the question must come in the form of symbols that represent the flow of sensations. 

This is the birth of language.

An answer to the question, "What?" can only be given after the recognition of a pattern in the flow of sensation. A pattern means something repeats itself over an extant of time in the mind. Even a two dimensional pattern can only be recognized as such over the interval of the time it takes to recognize the sameness and repetition of the pattern. 

Time is of the mind.

 An impulse of sensation must recur at individuated points in a line of linear time to be recognized as a pattern. Once recognized as a pattern, the sensation gains the significance of a "perception" because it gains the quality of identity as it is individuated in its nature from that which has not yet been recognized as a pattern, and it is  different from other patterns previously recognized and stored as memories.

Memory is of the mind.

Whatever the condition of memory, a mind exists whenever there is perception of one moment becoming another, creating the postulate of the future, the future being the postulated continuation of the patterns coexisting in the present. 

The present is created by the cross referencing of flows of related sensations stretched out in sequences, like the sounds of music and the resultant sensations of pleasure surrounding them. The time between a sensation and its recognition is filled with the question, "What?"

Questions are of the mind.

The fundamental building block of the mind is the recognition of patterns of motion. Motion is the condition of a sequence of change. The most fundamental building blocks of the universe are particles that have distinct patterns of motion, surrounded by fields of influence that have distinct identities defined as wave functions.

Both the universe and the mind are built from the same essentials.

Essentials are of the mind. 

Any answer to the question "What?" evokes the possibility of the question, "How?"
 "How?" is essentially the question, "What brought this about?" or "How did this come to be".

"How?" asks for the identity of a cause of an effect through the delineation and description of the affect that exists between  Cause and it's effect. No description of an affect can be complete before it is determined that the affect originated from a location that is it's cause. A field  of affect and effect without cause is an indeterminable confusion and chaos. Like string theory.

To say that the order and logic of the unfolding comprehension of the universe in the mind, is the effect of chaos, is like saying A=B=C but A doesn't equal C. 

This would be an insoluble paradox and undermine the reality of the most axiomatic and experiential truth, expressed as," I am here, wherever and whenever that is, no matter how or why this has come about."

If A=B=C but A doesn't equal C than I am not here even though I know I am because I perceive myself thinking about it. This undermines all of science, all of thought and is the essence of the paradox of nihilism for if the essential premise of nihilism is true, that nothing is real, one couldn't even think about it.

And it couldn't be true.

  Even a conclusion of  "extreme skepticism maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence." needs A=B=C  to be true or it couldn't be made as a statement that uses linguistic symbols founded as a language, THE SYMBOLS OF THE STATEMENT COULDN'T REPRESENT A REALITY,  as all languages are based on the premise that if A=B=C than A=C.

The seductiveness of nihilistic thought is in the observation, that of course A doesn't equal B.

Look at them. 

In Nihilistic thought patterns, A doesn't equal A,  let alone B.  A never stays the same long enough to be itself for the duration of an observation.

There is a self annihilating truth to this. But just as waves don't define the totality of reality or the sun would disappear in an instant of self propagation, so the instantaneously unsustainable nature of all conceived static states is false and incomplete, because patterns of motion are the essence of endurance and we do observe the endurable. What we call a static state is itself the perpetuation of existence and is contained in the mind with delineations of identity and perpetuated characteristics.

Without the assignment of identity that is self perpetuating, without the creative self perpetuating nature of logic and mathematics, everything dissolves into chaos and a mind overwhelmed by confusion caused by chaos, stagnates, contracts, dissipates and dissolves, itself becoming like the chaos that has overwhelmed it.

Any awareness of existence is the consequence of self observation, the observation of sensations in the self. Time and space are stretched out by the act of observing something in motion which has an origin of location in both time and space, a place both in time and space of perceived origin, that being the first moment it is perceived in a sequence of moments, and the first location it is perceived at in a sequence of locations.

Of course this assignment of a point of origin in time and space, to a chain of events characterized by repetitions of patterns of motion, culminating in an event, is perhaps an arbitrary delineation created in a mind for purposes of self creation, harmony and integrated growth.

One can always confuse the issue by asking how did this point of origin come about, what caused it and still causes it, to be what we see it to be. One can also ask why is the effect defined and contained within what must be arbitrary borders as the the effect always is the point of origin of an affect that promulgates itself and sets of further chains of events, extended effects.

To maintain itself from corruption from ever encroaching chaos and the child of chaos, that being confusion, the mind must define and delineate, separate and differentiate. It must create relationships of difference and similarity and finally determine how to facilitate the survival and well being of the body the mind is apparently attached to. A mind doesn't exist in a vacuum and the first thing it perceives is the stream of sensations concerning the body it comes along with.  

To facilitate the well being and quality of it's own experience and the quality of existence of the body it comes along with, the mind must calculate it's body's motion through space and acquire the means of self sustenance. Doing so is the demonstration of intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to cause desired effects by calculating the efforts needed in the affect of a result that serves the needs of the mind and body these calculations take place in. Effects can be the consequence of  unknown and even unknowable causes because their cause can exist outside the realm of perceivable information. For this reason we differentiate between effects and results, results being the consequence of the demonstration of some degree of intelligent effort.

The contemplation of effects without knowable causes, creates a sense of discomfort and possibly the experience of anxiety and fear. The more effects occur and their cause unknown, the universe becomes unpredictable and dangerous to any system that depends on undisturbed repetitive motions- like a mind. 

Hence,  the mind needs arbitrary definitions and delineations, self imposed  limitations and result serving calculations that help maintain its sense of equilibrium and harmonic contemplation of what it perceives.   

A growing mind that strives to comprehend itself and the universe it exists in, must continually reexamine itself and adjust whatever formulas and explanations it has for effects it perceives, so as to  create more comprehensive contexts for conflicting data and by so doing, strive to resolve contradictions. This is an aspect of intelligence.

Intelligence is of the mind. 

The application of intelligence creates solutions that overcome conflicts of interest and contradicting solutions and difficulties in the attainment of valuable assets. If the activity of communication in social cooperation between individuals in mutual and common self interest is an asset, then so is language and the proficiency of its use.

Mathematics is a language that explains everything common to human experience. The creative use of mathematics produces the equations of physics that allow for the creation of  mechanisms that extend the borders of our sphere of influence over ever increasing realms of further and extended creativity. Mathematics enables the creation of logarithms in computer science and the availability of knowledge of every kind imaginable,  to one and all, is becoming an indisputable norm and entitlement.   The borders of the sphere of human knowledge and experience are expanding ever faster, like the universe itself.

We are, however, demonstrating signs of overload. 

Mathematics and scientific theory do not encompass the ever increasing perception of data that conflicts with  existing theories. On the cosmic front of expanding knowledge, the universe keeps proving that the existing formulas and equations upon which are based the most recent theorems and consequent predictions, are incapable of enabling successful forecasts.  The universe keeps surprising the scientists who strive to contain it in formulas, equations and theorems that prove the mind of man is up to the task of comprehending everything there is to perceive.

The expansion of the universe is accelerating at a speed far beyond what the theorems foresaw. Instead of doubting the validity of their human calculations as regards the behavior of the cosmos, they postulated something out of nothing called dark matter and dark energy and then fine tuned the quantity of  these mental creations so that their theories about the nature of matter and energy remain valid. Per theoretical scientists, dark energy and dark matter are no less than 95 per cent of the influencing factors in the universe, 95 percent of all the kinds of matter and energy that might be.
This is no less than a ludicrous solution that serves no other purpose than to save face. It is the product of rapidly expanding hubris to fill in the empty spaces of human knowledge.

The first truly comprehensive and valuable theorems about the mechanics of mass and motion in what was then the perceivable, conceivable and measurable universe, were those of Newton. These postulates explained everything we could perceive with the naked eye aided by what was a  primitive but efficient telescope. The universe then was calculated to be infinitesimal compared to what is thought of it today.

The discovery and definition of formula describing electromagnetic phenomena in general and the behavior of the electron in particular lead to the startling discovery that waves of energy and particles that carry energy are one and the same, depending on which you are looking for and how you are looking for it. Experiments exposed the minds of scientists to new data that contradicted everything they had previously thought about the nature of the fundamental elements of creation.

Suddenly the very smallest elements of existence behaved differently than the very largest and everything in between.

Things began to appear as if out of no where and then disappear without a trace. Any particular electron was suddenly all over the universe until it was needed to turn on a light bulb, when it would behave with perfect dinner manners and allow itself to be consumed for mass production. The greater the enigma of consistently predicting how matter and energy would behave in a laboratory or the cosmos, the more technology advanced. New theorems seemed to work in confined contexts, despite the lack of any comprehensive comprehension of the whole. Not that scientists didn't keep trying! 

Along came Einstein and he provided new equations, new calculations and again, in what turned out to be the confines of what is  futured to be recognized as  narrowly defined contexts, there was an integration of conflicting data with accepted theory. 

But he did not by any means close the gap between the mathematics and formulas of quantum mechanics and Newtonian physics. He knew this and was deeply frustrated in his attempts to bridge the gaps in scientific theory and observed phenomena. He even went so far as to invent an arbitrary universal constant that would balance his equations of gravity and the behavior of  galaxies but relinquished this idea himself, calling it his greatest blunder when he discovered how fast the universe is expanding. Some scientists today would salvage Einstein's constant as it seems to coincidentally resonate with the behavior of dark mass and energy. No one can explain how dark mass and energy is compatible with an event like The Big Bang.

The universe is obviously created as a fluctuating and ever growing  collection of cross referenced phenomenon in  our minds. New data makes our ideas of it dynamic. The context of our comprehension is ever expanding but the expansion of the universe is exponentially faster.  The reality of the universe growing in our minds constantly challenges our ideas about it. What is certain is that the universe exists in our minds in what we presume to be a symbolic representation and albeit partial reflection of some truthful reality that transcends our own existence.

 It is widely assumed that somehow the universe comes together in such a way that produces the mind in which we contemplate the universe that creates us. We have established a vast matrix of "What?"  is going on, an expanding sphere of what is at last count two trillion or more galaxies,  but the whole isn't held together by the gravity we thought we understand. The galaxies spin around their centers  against the laws of physics. 

   We still have no answer for why electrons behave how we need them to,  even when we can't say for sure where one is and what it is going to do, where it is going to go, at any particular time.  
   Everything should be completely uncertain and yet it isn't to such a degree, that we can send satellites into space that behave so predictably with electrons, that we are able to manage the motion of  what is ever approaching infinite amounts of information about our own activities and the motion of ever more mass in space. This while the mass itself is composed of  completely incomprehensible fields of  potential manifestation.

How is it that the sequence of manifestation unfolds in a narrative that makes so much sense? It all unfolds with implicit order and in a sequence of ever incomplete yet expanding knowledge.

If time is a duration of the perception of persistent sequence, why do we continue to presume that any time exists out side our minds, where perception takes place? How can we ever know that there is any space outside a mind that holds in place, points of reference as the context that enables the experience of space? How can we presume that quantum particles behave as if they have a memory outside a mind which has a memory to cross reference the behavior of particles?

It is far more certain that our minds exist than it is that anything exists outside them. We will never encounter any information except as such appears by whatever means in our minds.

This is the foundation of logic and math. We discover  how things behave  with logic and math because logic and math describe how our minds work and then how things behave in our minds. Even then, our logic and our math are constantly challenged by the behavior of  ever new information and its affect on our minds. No matter how hard we try to freeze ideas we find valuable in the development of new technologies and call these ideas axiomatic and universal truths, the universe in our minds destroys them with new evidence and new information. Everything that works as an equation in technology, only does so in a context confined  arbitrarily in our mind, to the accomplishment of an intelligent and intended result. While our ability to cause results grows exponentially in all the sciences and The Arts, it becomes ever more evident that all we know better is how our mind works and what its inherent limitations are, regarding the nature of what we presume exists as a  transcendental reality beyond our minds, in time and in space.

We witness effects in our mind coming in a sequence and creating a narrative for every thing we observe that has any significance at all. From the apparently incoherent narrative of a  quantum particle that affects what came before it in time, or the way one particle affects another which is an infinite distance away, faster than the speed of light and without the transference of any detectable information between the two, to a child run over by a car or someone winning a Nobel Prize, everything has  a narrative  and all things make sense in a certain context of explanation.

Obviously, the necessities of a significant narrative are of primal importance to the workings of our mind.

Is it possible that an unfolding narrative in someones mind determines how wave functions collapse as information? Is it possible that the unfolding realization of a metaphysical principle  determines the sequence of registration of photons on a retina and the flow of electricity in the brain?

What is causing the all encompassing potential significance of information that appears in the mind?
Is there a method to the madness in the fluctuations of self content? Is each of us being told a story about our selves and the management of our own minds?

What is being created inside of us? Inside of our minds? Mental  Paradigms of all kinds, in all fields of thought, are constructed like scaffolding, they elevate  us to greater vistas and new points of view, but then the extended context of our vision negates the very scaffolds that enabled us to broaden our horizons.

What is Going On?

Is it our hubris that prevents us from accepting that the nature and substance of our minds is itself the result of intelligent design? That by the very nature of logic, the smaller cannot contain what is greater than it? Can we not accept that our calculations can only measure what exists in the confines of our own nature and that our nature is less comprehensive  than the nature of  that which creates us?

It is far more evident that nature has intelligence than that it hasn't. Yes, the intelligence of nature transcends any idea we have of time and space. Are we jealous and unable to concede there is greater wisdom than our own?

It is time we brought God into our equations.

God is the answer to the question, "What ?"
The answer to "What?" creates any and all manifestations of creation and creativity.

God is not everything. God is The Creator of Everything and is forever superior to and cause over everything God creates. God's existence is independent of creation and God is the cause for all phenomena in the mind and exterior to the mind, that can be perceived and that cannot be perceived. God is The Creator of perception and the mind and all that transpires within the mind. God is the creator of all ideas and cannot be contained by ideas, for God is always infinitely greater than creation, even if creation is infinite.

God is never the answer to "Who" and when I refer to God as "He" that is as if I were to use a ladder to ascend to a height from which can been seen greater vistas of God's creativity, but once having reached a plateau of observation and contemplation, I discard the ladder as a tool no longer needed. God is called "He"as an instrument of ascent, but not "She"- as it is the male that determines the sex of the offspring and therefor the more comprehensive creative potential is in The He of human creation, making the female less suitable to metaphorically represent the all encompassing creativity of God.

God is never a "who" or an "it". He is not an object or a being, He is the creator of beings and objects alike and cannot be contained by the confines of time or space. God is not the universe. God is The Creator of the universe that contains all the universes within itself, and He exists exterior to and in supreme command over all phenomena in and all cross references between all the phenomena in all the  11 dimensions of the time space continuum, the stretching of which creates the mind.

God cannot be contained, by the mathematical formations, that describe the phenomena of creation in the mind.

God is not contained by the mind created by His own creativity. God exists exterior to and independently from any and all phenomena, the creation of which happens within the confines of any kind of mind- or computer extension, in a feedback loop with a mind.

God does not create Himself, as God is never a creation, he is always the Creator.

God  is
never embodied by the limitations of mass or limited to the governs of laws, that dictate the behavior of any and all kinds of energies and mass. God is completely and always the master over all the laws of nature and these are all subject to His Will.

He can and does suspend the laws of nature and causes any kind of manifestation of energies and mass that serves His creative purpose.

God has as attributes, any as He assumes, when communicating with the minds of His Living Creatures, such as that of a man or a woman. There is no adjective that cannot describe His behavior with His creation. There is no attribute that comprehensively describes or defines him and all the adjectives and attributes there are, in all the different kinds of languages that exist, would be insufficient to contain as a description, the realizations of His creative will.

First, we might consider that God can create whole universes in which there is no evidence of his existence but existence itself, universes full of living beings like ourselves, whose minds are embedded in a universe that is subject to entropy, a universe that has no comprehensible beginning, yet has an end as everything returns to an equilibrium of non vibrating absence, sans even wave functions. A universe with rigid laws that dictate its unwinding like a clock with a ghost trapped inside it, a ghost that has nothing to do but watch the clock unwind with no one there to rewind it once it comes to its inevitable chronological demise. What is the ghost to do then? Perhaps we should ask Steven Hawking? He seems as if he is cruelly trapped in his own unwinding body. There is no wonder in me for his denial of intelligent design of the universe. Perhaps he asks how his own predicament could be the consequence of benevolent intelligent design? If the designer is so virtually malignant as to trap a mind like Stephan Hawking's in a body so crippled, better there be no designer at all and we each do the best we can, he might think. And who can blame him?

Secondly, let us consider that God can create a universe that has a beginning and despite the dictates of entropy, emerges and expands forever, growing ever more sophisticated and complex in the cross influences of all its ever increasing components. A universe of eternal transcendence and ascendance. Transcendence being the ability of the living entities within such a universe to move beyond the confines of their own minds by exercising a freedom of choice given to those of them who are willing to sacrifice everything they possess to attain it.

Ascendance being the attainment of ever higher vistas of observation and contemplation of God's Creation so as to experience the awe and gratitude and wonder of being one, with whom God shares Himself in Love and Mutual Respect. One thing can be said about God as an attribute that is forever true. God is Alive. His Life is unlimited and unconfined by space or time. This relationship between God and Man is represented in the Hebrew Narrative of creation, by the number 11

Lets hope we live in the second option and not the first.

Certainly the second option is one of faith and belief that whatever be God's Ultimate and Unknowable Nature, as regards our own experience of His Nature, we choose to believe Him to be ultimately and completely benevolent as regards our own transcendence and ascendance. We choose to have Faith in His Creativity and Supremacy over The Laws of Nature, The Laws that our bodies are subject to, and our minds are confined by.

The research, examination and exploration of the universe in all its manifestations, as such is realized in our own minds, is done through the facility of our senses- and what we sense is going on in our consciousness. Not long ago at all, man had nothing but his eyes and their sight, his ears and his hearing, his nose and his sense of smell, his mouth and his sense of taste and his skin and its sensations of heat and cold, pressure and texture, to gain knowledge of what was going on outside himself. His perceptions of what he believed was going on outside his body were processed in his brain, along with information about the condition of his body and its hunger and thirst, his tiredness and curiosity, his imagination and his sexual desires and urges. He moved forward in time with the appearance of a spiritual inertia that propelled him from one moment to the next, as he moved about in an unceasing attempt to attain and maintain a harmony of well being.

In this we haven't changed at all.

What has changed very dramatically is that our senses are now extended through technology so that we can explore the farthest reaches of the ever expanding perceivable cosmos as well as the most infinitesimal demonstrations of the properties of the most exotic and fundamental particles. We can make measurements and we have the formulas to make accurate predictions. We can send out into space exploratory vehicles that increase exponentially our knowledge of the nature and behavior of celestial objects at vast distances. We can accurately predict what happens when subatomic particles collide at nearly the speed of light and disintegrate into the most fleeting and elemental manifestations of quantum theories concerning the nature of energy and mass.

In addition to this, we have the means to store and process information as an extension of our brain, increasing exponentially the ability of our minds to manifest their as yet immeasurable potential.

It is a natural quality of the imaginative and non defensive mind that it seeks to create equilibrium and harmony in a dynamic cross reference of all the data it contains. It is the nature of existence that an unending flow of data arrives into the mind and to maintain harmony and equilibrium, the mind must reassess and expand the context of all it contains when it appears to perceive that which is contradictory.

It is a flagrant fact that not only has the scientific community discovered and measured phenomena that conflict with its most recent and modern premises, the universe gets more and more complicated and sophisticated. Just decades more than a century ago, it appeared as if science had resolved all perceived phenomena with ever more simple theories. It was believed that the truth was represented by ever more simple and elegant equations and the ideal of Occam's razor cast doubt on any philosophy or theory that was deemed not to be based on the most elementary observations.

Now everything is as if we have gone through a reversing vortex, a fulcrum, and ever growing simplicity has become ever growing complexity as fewer and fewer minds are capable of postulating an all embracing hypothesis that isn't contradicted in short order with new observations.

The more we extend our senses and the quicker our processing of information, it seems the farther away we are from understanding what is really going on.

Our knowledge of the universe is becoming a conglomerate of paradoxes. Mathematics falls short of describing new observations in physics on both ends of the scales of magnitude.

Scientists insist that all must be reducible to mathematically conceivable formulas that will enable us to finally predict the future of the universe. Will it expand forever until all mass dissipates and disintegrates or will it reach some full enactment of the energy released at the hypothesized big bang and then contract back into itself as a victim of gravity instead of entropy?

I tell you all, none of the above. There is no purpose to an ever expanding and contracting universe, just as there is no purpose to breathing without the enjoyment of one's thoughts and a reason for one's experiences.

The purpose of creation is the possibility for experiences it provides the mind. God creates the mind and produces within its shifting confines, experiences that become narratives about the nature of the universe and He that creates it. God also creates the mind that perceives His creation. He is the author of the postulated narrative about His Creation and the mind acts as a multi dimensional mirror which contains an ever dissipating and emerging continuance that represents possibilities of what is ever going on in Truth. But the nature of any ultimate truth is evasive and beyond attainment for were it attained, the game would be over and any other game of equal interest is impossible for me to imagine.

All I say above is based on the narratives of The Hebrew Bible. In The Hebrew Bible we are told that God is One. Not The One, but One. The One suggests there are other ones, a one here and a one there, but that is not the case.

God is One and His Name One.

Now in Hebrew there are two words that most often are used to represent God. I will present these in the order of their appearance in The Hebrew Scriptures.

The First is Elohim, The Creator of The Heavens and The Earth. אלהים The word is composed of what could be read as "TO The Sea." The word for TO is also the word for "a" god and that is because the word, in its meaning of TO, indicates direction and a single direction is the opposite of chaos. God, any god, has a direction towards which he would manage his affairs. The word TO meaning direction necessitates the creation of what can only exist in a mind, this because TO must have something to move- between one position and another and a duration of time in which the the moving something moves, as well as space between the point of departure and the intended direction towards the point of arrival, as well as a memory to hold all the "something"s different positions in a context of cross reference. All this is contained in the word TO.

The word TO necessitates logic and Law for in order for whatever is moving to maintain its direction, we need Newton's first Law of Motion for the duration of the motion or the word TO no longer applies to the same extant.

The words "TO The Sea" have even deeper significance when considered that the Hebrew word for "water" מים can be read ""from a sea" and the Hebrew word for Heavens can be read "as water". Water moves in the direction of the earth from the heavens and to the seas, in rivers on the earth. Water manifests waves and can be likened to the fundamental property of space in which waves propagate.

So ELOHIM can be likened to GOD who contains all the laws that determine the motions of all things and there is just One Elohim and finally, just one direction, which we hope is UP.

In accordance with these Laws, The Lord, who is One God, manifests Creation through Law and Order by declaring "There Will Be Light!" and there is Light. Light's significance is that it carries information and information is nothing unless contained in a mind. So Elohim is The Lord God whose Will it is to manifest the promulgation of information through the space contained as an idea in a mind, according to Laws and Logic. Whether space exists outside a mind, only God Knows. I don't know why it should as God doesn't need any space to exist, nor a mind. But what do I know, after all?

All of creation in The Hebrew Bible is performed by Elohim, The Lord, in the appropriately called book of Genesis. Finally, according to His Laws and their manifestation, The Lord created Man with a mind that mirrors The Laws of creation. But the difference between the mind God created to create the world with, The Mind of Elohim, and the mind of man created by Him, is the difference between an object and its reflection in a mirror. That is why it says The Lord created man in His Image. The aspect of God that creates The Mind of The Lord of Law and Order and Logic is reflected as the mind of man which is governed by laws of order and strives for logic. It is a universe of straight lines from cause to effect and the motion of that which moves between two points is governed by Law.

All of this is fine in theory but we are now informed that it is all potential and hasn't manifested yet in action. And for the first time The God that actually makes things happen appears and causes things to actually start moving according to all these Laws of Order and Motion, with a new ingredient, and that is Narratives.

God is called now יהוה אלהים The Lord God and this is the verse.

"These are The Narratives of The Heavens and The Earth as They are Created (from nothing) on The Day The Lord God made Earth and Sky."

אֵלֶּה תוֹלְדוֹת הַשָּׁמַיִם וְהָאָרֶץ בְּהִבָּרְאָם בְּיוֹם עֲשׂוֹת יְהֹוָה אֱלֹהִים אֶרֶץ וְשָׁמָיִם

It is the appearance of יהוה who's name means "will make the present into the future" or " Past, Present and Future" or "I Will Be What I Will Be" that makes things begin to unfold as a narrative in a Creative Divine Mind of Design. We are told that rain has not began to fall and that nothing yet grows because man himself has not yet been created and Man 's Mind is the purpose of creation. It is The God of Narratives, יהוה that actually realizes the Potentials of The Divine Mind by beginning to unfold the narratives that define God's relationships with various kinds of men and their offspring.

Now the use of the word Elohim actually means Lord in the sense that anyone who can cause another to have punishing experiences is a Lord over them. A Lord is a Master to be obeyed. It is The Master of The Household who is The Lord, The One who makes the rules that when not followed, elicit punishment.

God tells Moses that he is to be as Elohim to Pharaoh and Aaron is to be his prophet. 

This is why in the discussion between Eve and the snake, God is referred to as Elohim אלהים alone and the Name יהוה is not used. אלהים has given commands and warned of the consequences of disobedience, which is death. But the snake and Eve and her husband all rebel against these Laws and are unafraid of the consequences, believing they will acquire God like qualities themselves.

When they are all confronted, it is by their actual creator יהוה אלהים The Lord God and He doesn't carry out the punishment the woman Eve thought he would. There is a twist in the narrative away from relentless Law and Order, away from circumstance and predictable consequence, for The God of Narrative creates unexpected twists and turns in the Plot, that expose ever more of God's Nature as regards Mankind.

And we might understand that Eve has gratitude to יהוה despite the harshness of her punishment because after all, יהוה modified the punishment of אלהים in that He did not kill her and her husband as she feared He would if they transgressed against His Law. She calls her first born son, "Acquisition" as if to say, I have acquired through יהוה a man. Not only is she and her husband not dead, she has a son. She mentions only the name יהוה and not אלהים as if to say her gratitude is to He who kept her alive by commuting the sentence of The Lord of Consequence, and also gave her a son, allowing her so to acquire a man of her own, to raise as she sees fitת with a belief in יהוה. It is the name יהוה alone that appears in conversations with Eve's sons.

יהוה The God of Narrative determines the unfolding of events according to the ascetic principles of artful narrative rendition and not just the laws of nature. יהוה brings to the stories told the appearance of contradiction and paradox, a possibility to escape the dire deadly consequences of sin. We see this again after Cain murders his brother Abel and יהוה initially spares his life, allowing him to have many children before he finally comes to an untimely death himself, as The Laws of אלהים would have it. Justice did catch up with him and there was a finality of consequence for his actions, after a reprieve.

At the death of Abel, Adam finds the justice of The Lord, אלהים in the birth of his new son, whom he calls "Foundation", for by giving Adam a new son, The Foundation of Justice is set with mercy, too.

Never the less, the son of "Foundation" is born, his name is "Human", as if to say Humanity can survive on Justice tempered with Mercy, and then began the calling on The Name of יהוה.

Now why does everyone suddenly begin to call on the name of יהוה one might ask, keeping in mind that everyone born will have offspring that will also call on יהוה and they will all (but Noah, his wife, sons and wives) die in the flood, anyway?

Everyone is living out the self serving narrative in their own mind, calling on God יהוה to manifest their own narrative and to obstruct the narrative of their enemies. Suddenly it appears as if there are many Gods, because one man's fortune goes up and then down and another man the same thing, and no one can be sure why or what it takes to buy God's favor.

And as יהוה is also The God of Art, everything is surprising and confusing and flowing in all directions like a fickle wind, like a great tempest.

On the other hand, Hanoch, whose name means "Education" walks with The Lord אלהים and is mysteriously taken, and does not die like everyone else. Perhaps narratives of obedience to The Laws of The Lord God are meant as "Entertaining Artful Education" and the means to Transcendence and Ascendance?

When God sees what has become of man and how his mind is corrupted by confusions caused by things flowing in all directions as there is no belief in One God, the Name יהוהis used as He who first regrets having created man as He did, but it is The Lord אלהים who carries out the consequences. After all יהוה and אלהים are One and The Same, playing good cop, bad cop for the same purpose.

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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