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The Ever Right Decision's Reward

No matter what one believes about freedom of choice, in our conscious minds we experience moments that seem pivotal in regards to how things develop for us. Sometimes it seems as if we are situated at a crossroads, and we linger in indecision, concerning which path to walk down. To help ourselves decide, we might try imagining the consequences of either choice. We try to envision the future and calculate to what degree it will be the realization of what we want for ourselves or what we need, how much pleasure there might be in it for us or how much pain.
It is the experience of these pivotal moments of lingering indecision, where we are as if at rest and calculating how to move on, that gives us the concept of freedom of choice. This moment of lingering indecision is so much a part of the human experience, that despite mounting scientific evidence that the freedom of such a moment is virtual and just an illusion, people are prone to hang on to it and ignore the evidence that challenges their belief.
Such a belief is often fundamental to one's sense of value and self esteem. People pride themselves for their own intelligence and the wisdom and virtue of their choices. Our justice system is founded on the ethics of freedom of choice and punishment is widely deemed to be the proper consequence for whatever any particular society considers to be sinful decisions. Capitalism, which has become popular even in Communist China, and has become the foundation philosophy for global economics, is based on the idea of the economic rewards for intelligent self serving decision making.
On a Global level, freedom of will in the economic arena has become the norm. The free market is the modus operandi of world financial activity. Because of this, international trade in all dimensions of industry and creativity is bringing people together in cooperative efforts to make more money for those involved.
Ever increasing income and the accumulation of wealth as the result of wise business decisions, has become the world's determining factor in the adjudication of a person's real intrinsic value in society. This to such a degree that a relatively successful businessman with no political experience, no military experience, no outstanding intellectual accomplishments worthy of mention, no legal experience except that of one who has been frequently sued and filed for bankruptcy, such a business man has been elected The President of the world's most powerful military political entity, The President of the greatest world economy, elected to be the man with the greatest possible influence over the course of history, for better or for worse.
This is no small indicator of how capital the idea of the virtues of freedom of choice has become.
An examination of the execution of free will and decision making, indicates that one kind of choice seems to prevail and succeed in accomplishing the purpose of overall financial growth. On a personal level, it appears that this same kind of choice is more successful overtime in achieving for those who make it, a harmonious and integrated sense of peace of mind. It makes imminent sense that the same kind of personal choice that leads to personal success also leads to financial success when made as a business decision. It appears that nature prefers and rewards a certain character of choice in all spheres of existence over time.
Of course one would want to know what kind of choice is that, if it truly exists! And it does!
It is the continuing and unmitigated choice to expand, by incorporating into one's self, all one can of one's environment.
The phrase "all one can" needs delineation.
The environment contains various kinds of pathogens and hostile elements, in both economic and personal spheres of activity. Those prone to committing larceny of any kind are to be avoided. When discovered, they are to be removed from any position where they can continue their abuse of one's assets, emotional or financial. What one shouldn't do, after a negative experience with such an element, is allow one's self to remain diminished and close one's self down from continued expansion, out of the fear that one might have more such pain causing encounters. Perhaps it is possible to adopt security measures that identify such potential trouble causers before they do their damage and avoid such situations in the future. But by all means one must determine to continue expansion by incorporating into one's company or one's self, ever more diverse relationships with entities in the environment.
This entails a willingness for change and transformation as one grows. The maintenance of structural integrity and the harmony of one's mind should be the determining factor in whether one slows down or increases the rate of one's exploration and incorporation of what is out there. As long as one maintains the unequivocal decision to grow, on some plane of one's existence, one is guaranteed an ever improving overall sense of accomplishment and well being, as a financial entity or individual human being. The universe seems to quickly rid itself of that which has become stagnant, whether that be a civilization, a culture, a business entity or an individual.
All of nature seems to be driven by an impetus to create ever growing and more sophisticated conglomerates, based on symbiotic relationships between diverse entities.
Now lets go back to the beginning. The sphere in which one experiences what appears to be an option to expand or not, is of course one's conscious mind. A natural result of the passage of time is that a person's mind grows as it stores information and adopts operating procedures for the integration of environmental factors in the realization of its innate nature.
Those whose nature it is to enjoy the company of people will most likely acquire a growing number of diverse friends. Those who enjoy the feelings congruent with the exercise of authority over others, might pursue a military career and rise in the ranks of command. And of course those who seek the feelings experienced by those who command wealth, will seek out and expand business activities or or acquire lucrative professions. as the adage says, to each their own to manifest their own nature and preferences in the field of their activity.
So is this really a matter of free choice, or nature playing itself out as it always does, expanding and growing and adopting to new environments, while those who can't, those who become stagnant, decay and fall apart?

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